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tae lovies quarry for apucklemair chuckies only thing at
thing or onybody efter apucklequarrels an argy bargy things
gabbin is talking gossipping apuckleand a curn are a
the nicht ere s apucklemair sna bonny sky up
the mornin ere s apucklemair sna is it fresh
grun is covered wi ferpucklesna an a cauld north
i m mair than teenpucklesna bonny sky up abeen
be richt ere s apucklesna nae a welcome sicht
did expect tae see apucklesna rain of coorse sees
rise ere s a ferpucklesna roch north win the
in the mornin tae apucklesna spleetry shoors nae a
tell gweed pints there apuckleaye aye bit nithin that
quintia formosast pints are pointspuckleis a few beezer is
me da len o apucklea ll gie it back
s a len o apuckletae says lu da ti
afore he splattert a weepucklesugar ower his flakes an
cauld yer weemin feech apucklepeintit hoors ower prood tae
first he d fusper apucklesweet lees weemin likit things
this time he spotted apucklestrainer posts noo the posts
lugs an scabby knees apucklepence bocht cowboy fantasies as
line she had a gweedpucklewidden pegs bocht fae haakers
a wee an spend apuckletwa three meenits thinkin on
an roost an pit apucklesigns on it the signs
the squeel maisters an apuckleo his fellow scholars forby
identified forby hoo there apuckleo whit the report cries
a fer chauve an apuckleblue words jonsar hid tae
an mair bit a gweedpuckleo the clachans war tamil
her ain front door apucklehelpers rinnin back an fore
ma plaisters an gotten apucklesiller an a ll come
enthusiasm and maybe a weepucklesiller tae this end ah
the feck o the weepucklesiller we tak in a
wis gien ower tae apucklegamies in tied hooses spirkit
wis hopin tae get apuckleextra loads o firewid fae
eneuch tae hae seen apuckleo yallowin boys own papers
ago aiberdeen angus got apucklebits o broken bits o
got his wak efter apuckledrams he set oot for
o that auld peter apuckleyears efter i mairriet a
they wid achieve a guidpucklefor social inclusion an wid
neist i tuik oot apucklenovels bi the loon hissel
in the toun thae lastpuckleweeks ye nae suiner git
ordinances tho the r apucklefie gae to afore our
roup yestreen ay an apucklemair loons frae ootbye the
fermers nooadays grumph fin apuckledoos land in een o
chiel eence screived me apuckleo letters tae fin oot
funny thing wis the lastpuckleyears fin she wis dottlit
an his been back apuckletimes since bobby dazler broon
his been sent aff apuckletimes this season i dinna
its forvie nature reserve apuckleyears back noo thon fairly
singapore an khatmandhu an apucklekilted incas wannered ower frae
wis switched aff an apucklestories were aye telt larry
flooer she asked him apucklequestions an the twa o
aboot the back o apucklecases gin we wish tae
tae schule northies keepit apuckleyowes at the back o
wipp the tyres tae apuckletimmer planks an jed raiked
it wis surrounded wi apucklelittle haggis a notice said
the cars a peelie walliepuckleo fite faced office deems
an e dykes an apuckleall cloots an wi es
shandy fish fingers an apucklechips sweeled doon wi typhoo
of oat husks and mealpucklequantity quarterer a tramp given
hunner sae they fired apucklesquibs a collie dug got

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