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whit dae ye mean shoutitpuggiean whit are ye daein
t listen tae him shoutitpuggieawa ye go c moan
stuid up shoutit c moanpuggiejump an wi that ran
his innocence in sic maitterspuggieproceedit tae gie us chapter
o innocence collapsed at thatpuggies brither wis still haudin
ither than oor auld freenpuggiehe didnae ken neil nor
doun nae dout belanged taepuggiehou s it gaun freen
as i cam up onpuggieocht daein naethin yet freen
straucht face amangst us hawpuggieare ye comin no me
steamin straucht for us hullopuggiesaid the heid byllie we
roun the corner tae finpuggiean his brither fishin blithely
bush telegraph brocht word thatpuggiean his brither had bocht
time for aboot five meenitspuggies brither had been gaun
abune the thorntree tae seepuggies brither in the ruch
daein tae ma wee britherpuggies wee brither stuid hauf
hae a word wi yepuggiewhuspert his brither an they
that he kent us ayepuggieis that you et it
mean et it again criedpuggienear lossin the heid ah
turnt roun in dismay hawpuggiehe wailed up tae his
wi that he glowert atpuggieturnt his back on us
at the auld cemetery gatespuggies on the watter wi
tae pit the likes opuggieaff the watter for haein
the watter keepin as nearpuggieas we cuid till he
o watter no bad saidpuggieluikin up curiously hae ye
kent by the likes opuggiesae yae setterday in july
ye comin no me saidpuggieah ran frae the bliddy
bit frae here doun saidpuggiesmertly keen tae get us
the hinner en he tuikpuggies advice afore mine an
alder trees no faur fraepuggies puil aa o a
fined a score mair norpuggiean held on tae his
it ower tae us butpuggietae oor surprise an mebbe
s in the motor protestitpuggiean whaur s yet worms
tae watch that yin saidpuggiejerkin his thoum at the
juist in time tae seepuggieup tae his wader taps
wee shrug o disappyntment ahintpuggies back an whae are

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