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impidence tae net the tidalpuilat the mooth o the
brig juist abune the tidalpuilit wis a still bleck
ye were nettin the tidalpuilwi that sanny kent fine
bein liftit oot the tidalpuilyae week in the middle
yon nicht at the tidalpuilyer big mistake wis walkin
occasion tae check the dampuilanent charlesmount hoose it wis
byllie tae gaird the dampuilbig john set himsel doun
come up frae the dampuiljimpy mcginty s there fishin
on ropes ower the dampuilon het simmer days whan
grilse tae rin denholm dampuilwis yin o the main
gaed doun tae the laundrypuilan we micht nab him
tap en o the laundrypuilbut no eneuch tae lae
d lowp heich oot thepuilarch ower it s surface
basho the auld pypar spuillowp plowter lowp plowter a
an flew frae puil taepuilan stane chippers chakkt atap
tae heidit doun the watterpuilefter puil that fish breenged
the burn an flew fraepuiltae puil an stane chippers
doun the watter puil efterpuilthat fish breenged through while
his flee move through thepuilan wroucht it roun wi
flee ower fell flee owerpuiland rinnin well flee ower
no faur frae puggie spuilaa o a sudden we
blaw whan sudden across thepuilhe saw dert an hover
fuit tae tap o thepuilan then disappear ahint some
at the fuit o thepuiltwa nichts later the heid
the fuit o the tappuilwi jim an hughie lyin
drawin a net doun apuilbut only the scum o
been hauf wey doun thepuiljuist whaur a gill net
concrete blocks richt doun thepuilan efter three or fower
torches doun an up thepuilbut cuid see neither corks
ian were watchin the kirkpuildoun by the auld airn
stalkin a fish doun thepuilstill luikin the ither wey
intae the heid o thepuiltae fricht the fish doun
threshin up an doun thepuilthere wis nae playin o
move abreist smertly doun thepuilwi us creepin quaitly doun
went up tae the tappuilan wee alec an franco
hound lyin deid in apuilo bluid this made him
in a brent new indoorpuilwi heich gless waas an
in the neck o thepuila grand nicht for the
across the neck o thepuiltae oor side wi anither
wi lowpin fish the bluepuilis rowth wi liltin maivises
rinnin is that a guidpuiltae fish i continued tae
went tae fish the gairdenpuiltae hell they hadnae been
whan intae his wee bitpuilthere splashed a fish whase
oor tae check the gairdenpuilfor it had shown signs
his lane tae try thepuilbelow the linn whaur big
said at his side thispuilis whaur we baith maun
there s a deep darkpuilon bonny doon whaur the
o corks streitcht across thepuilupstream o whaur we were
big john tae the bottompuilwhaur we plowtert aboot for
the banks o the rockypuilwhaur wearit wi ower much
ah cuid hae nettit thatpuilfower times while ye aa
had been cowpt intae thepuilaboot five year back by
wad pit cyanide intae apuilkillin everything in the river
saumon had cam intae thepuilmind ye we had pit
see ower tae the kirkpuilwhan this caur comes alang
re niver wantit by thepuilat deid o nicht when
tho i maun staun apuilwi deid leaves fillin my
n cupboard pudden n puddingpuiln pool puir a poor
n present puddok n frogpuiln pool pul v pull
were at the bylie spuilwhan i got tae it
at the heid o thepuilwhan we heard the splash
gill nets streitcht across thepuilin the gaps atween the
the rhododendron busses anent thepuilbein october we were weel
it wis a weel kentpuilan close tae the village
bed o a wee shallapuilwe kent wis aye hotchin
his howkit oot a dubbypuilfar jeelin dyews o nicht
in at the denholm bigpuilon oor road hame there
d lippen on a likelypuilpou aff oor socks an
his feet a troot ringedpuilwhile by his side tae
blithely awa at the cornerpuilwhile twa ither chiels fishin
o the stair abuin thepuilo bluid a saw you
eyns tae paiddle in thepuilat the boddom o t
tae blaw the bylie spuilour negative replies gave him
droothy ettle tae reach thepuiltae lick it up like
as saumon thresh aboot thepuilthen faa tae graspin haun
fence atween me an thepuilweel hiawatha here we go
2006 blithefou skirls frae thepuilthe mither s tirr owre
hauds its braith the meadowpuilis clear s a windae
wi pearly run an crystalpuilit wimpled quately clear an
the deepest bit o thepuilan followed jock up the
the back o rogie spuilfar the littlins war still
by the tail o thepuilhauf hid by the feathery
the south bank o thepuili fand the gress had
o the brae owerluikin thepuilneist the hoosin estate it
a coo stauns in apuilo its ain shadda the
lauchter tassies fleet i thepuilsaiklessness o a new muin
o the schule an thepuilthe wids o pitrasherty raise
by the edge o thatpuilwaitin for some unsuspectin wee
o the schule the glaurypuilwas a sottar o kirned
an wis aff up thatpuillike a whuppet an splairgin
did slacken then up thepuilagain he surged wi thochts
it dwaums in a derksomepuilup it gaithers wi breenge
katy lowped in the junglepuilthere wis nae room left
leid gin i drank yerpuilin delhi i d be
ed he never blew anitherpuilan whit s mair he
never see by stream orpuilmair diverse friens than tam
d stamp them standard issuepuilin a hotel complex the
an doukt in sun kisstpuilwon campin competitions an district
at gloamin bi a lownpuilah licht upon a hunkert

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