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s [inaudible] f1095: [computer printer] dinnapullit no dinna do that
[computer printer] [censored: forename] watch [computer printer] dinnapullit now [computer printer] go and
ploum n plum pou vpullpou v pull praisent a
pou v pull pou vpullpraisent a n present puddok
yin in hawick yow llpullmei an i ll pull
pull yow aye yow llpullmei an i ll pull
[laugh] an an i llpullyow aye yow ll pull
pull mei an i llpullyow f1011: uh huh f1054:
pull mei an i llpullyow [laugh] [inaudible] [laugh] an
i m [inaudible] thunderbirds f1105: pullthe plug a wee bittie
s good a- did youpullthe plug m1106: yes yeah
flair and aathing come onpullthe plug m1108: boing eh
in the bath f1105: urghpullthe plug out and come
pull it out when youpulldown your trousers you ll
no cause you ll maybepullit out when you pull
you pull my finger youpullmy finger f1115: where s
hurt your finger f1116: youpullmy finger you pull my
ve two again f1113: youpullone then you pull out
you pull one then youpullout another stick oh nearly
do you pull that onepullthat one and if you
toilet what way do youpullthat one pull that one
your trousers you ll maybepullit off f1112: i want
f1089: come here till ipullup your trousers m1090: if
in you abound she llpullyour trousers to the ground
feel starts crying tries topullaway from jilly jilly sings
facin yursell pat tries topullbj to the mirror pat
s this he tries topullout the needle but it
a rest pompitie tries topullthe needle from his coat
between the forces of marketpulland government push the bill
of the market that pushpullbalance is the basis of
push him f1091: thomas llpullhim back to the station
the executive to match thepullof the market that push
the chair in can youpullmy chair in f1121: can
you manage f1122: can youpullmy chair in f1121: yes
can we get can youpullmy chair over to the
wait a second i llpullthe chair in can you
we do you want topullup a chair and help
right do you want topullyour chair over to the
eh careful in case youpullit oot right are we
but i was careful topullmy skirt over my knees
careful chum in case youpullthe mic off m1092: een
rule of the fish housepullyour weight be careful when
a little bits mam f1109: pullit up a little bit
blind wait an mam llpullit up at this side
dae yer windows m1110: [inaudible]pullup my blinds mam f1109:
mam f1109: okay we llpullup your blinds now m1110:
cut it into bits firstpullit into bits f1112: but
a wee christmas bush m1110: pullit up a little bits
look on the window m1110: pullit up f1109: oh no
a smashing help m1110: ipullit up now i can
puirtith n poverty pul vpullputten v put pyne n
puil n pool pul vpullpyot n magpie quut v
we will be able topullall that together and arrive
that we could begin topullit together straight away the
convener i would like topullthe discussion together we take
only do our best topullthis together and we will
been taken throughout scotland topulltogether drug action teams that
move into private session topulltogether our report joint future
of this remit is topulltogether the interests of other
me wait a minutie oopspullit over then put it
st- wait a minute justpulloot your airms that s
off your mic now dinnapullit out darlin f1112: [inaudible]
she is she [inaudible] dinnapullit over noo do you
need you to f1095: dinnapullit well i ve telt
do to your hair dinnapullthat noo fitt one s
doon there you d betterpullyour seat over dinna play
you s-s- squeeze the restpullit apart into little squares
it s either that orpullpints for the rest of
enough ti say starts topullhis coat over his head
that one go there f1125: pullit over a bit over
chasing the t- f1111: wellpullit over a wee bit
should have made the taxipullover carolanne and then she
[censored: familiar form of forename] eh you re gonnapullthat out now come over
but it doesn t ipullthe covers over him and
that no minister dared topullthe wool over the sharp
away we need [inaudible] f1093: pullyour seat over a bit
beastie are you ready topullcome awa than and try
then fall down crawl awaypullhimself up and try again
wiped out to try andpullhis arms away too exhausted
fir afore tae try anpullit wis surprisin thays got
i clip this off rightpulloff your jumper then f1102:
he s not going topullout your teeth why would
your teeth why would hepullout your teeth you ve
in your eyes and youpullthe visor down and this
of your taxi when youpullup outside and the special
your neck and tried topullyour head on to my
can you get it betterpullyour oh look your telescope
that wants to secede orpullaway from membership of the
f1112: no th- he willpullout the new ones coming
a leer but couldn tpullit off and explored thrusting
broken broken let me seepullthat off mm put on
lacy bonnet she could almostpullthe look off though smirking
like see smokers and likepulltheir fags off them or
m1096: aye f1095: no [laugh]pullit down this way noo
there f1095: right and thenpullit that way m1096: i
an he ll have taepullhis weight or else the
uh huh f1054: you llpullme an m1012: [inaudible] m1010:
mm f1097: now we llpullthe blinds m1098: after f1097:
butter says he ll nivverpullthe burds if he s
but you ll hae topullyersel thegither deil tak it
and is just about topullher backwards out through it
his big brother reaches topullhim out but he screams
plastic potty and trying topullit out of mother s
you want to go andpullout a jigsaw or do
and that the executive willpullout all the stops to
quite happy to see uspullout bread and cheese apples
likely to cause it topullout it is interesting to
equipment of multinational companies thatpullout of scotland in search
much hundreds f1113: right youpullout that stickie f1114: i
that if we wanted topullout the figures on the
the high mountain village wouldpulltheir primitive craft out of
will get them he willpullthem out f1111: he will
the pair of them ipulldown the velux window blind
outstretched as if struggling topullme down down into a
felt released from the magneticpullof the mountains down the
he uses both hands topullthe handle down and watches
proper like lie in itpullthe lid down job it
ones little marbles don tpullit like that darlin you
d go oot they dpullit up tae the next
em oot wi a sidewyespullo e heid bit e
that s dipped in paraffinpulloot my granny s blanket
three mum f1113: right youpulloot the last ones we
right you coming oot thenpullthe chain m1106: twinkle twinkle
whit wis in it ipullthe note oot ma pooch
yes f1113: right f1114: ipulltwo hey f1113: wey that
my mind i managed topullmy haversack towards me found
waste it s cold ipullmy jacket close and shiver
my other one did youpullmy other one f1093: no
point soon i may justpullof my cyber disappearing act
seemed to resound to mypullon the bell i remember
ah a brolly you alwayspulla rabbit from the hat
and they go ready steadypulland do you think they
it s [censored: forename] s youpullhim up ah f1089: [laugh]
in f1121: yes i canpullit in do you want
in right you watching youpullit quick f1118: uh huh
roon it but he cannapullit so fitt do you
you do f1100: stop f1099: pullthem both back wahey well
the back where you couldpullthem on and they were
open it now you onlypullthis handle then it opens
you think erm [censored: companyname] willpullus up for the discount
stairs fitt ain would youpullyay f1100: that way f1099:
a job getting them topullyou know and that s
f963: yeah f965: who wouldpullyou up if you i
mak s you maudlin jistpullyoursel thegither quine she stands
we re nae need topullit up can ye nae
ah [inhale] [inhale] [exhale] f1089: pullthat troosers up that s
legs an he had topullthem up i came back
the members of iva topullup their nylons and stop
non operational the pump cannotpullup water from the cisterna
someone who just happens topullback a lace curtain or
hand tell a project topullback from puk support mr
room with one hand ipullback the bedclothes in his
him f1091: thomas going topullhim back to the station
lazarus only a god couldpulla stunt like that like
it but it wis apulldu could feel trow dy
mouth so that i couldpullhim faster he is walking
aulder horse an he couldpullthe fower wheeler fur the
daddy horse s coat andpullhim along the street to
eh which one will ipullokay this one right f1114:
put it on there andpullit again the oven s
on the mouth so ipullhis face round a bit
action man wi a ringpullcan she s at hame
tormentil tae girse thyme poopullgeng go sochs sighs deeply
o e ootside edges anpulle wheels till em it
please f1141: okay here f1142: pullit doon f1141: there mmhm
sheet an whan ye suidpullit gin we rolled aff
and fin or shall ipullit in stephen spender lang
it s viva glas vegaspullon that afro wig light
how hard it was topullthe old style had big
cud e en allan massiepullthon aff the r nae
he lauched aff the hamewartpulla luve bed in his
a nod he proceeded topullthe sleeves of his hairy
is from dutch trekken topulldraw make tea not surprisingly
finance and were having topullin the necessary expertise from
s happened get an ambulancepullyoursel thegether an rin loon
with the breem dog topullbreem but that s just
follows too neil beginning topullbessie towards the door which
weel i m gan topullmysel thegether toots an mak
pyock bag sack poo topullpooch pocket pooer puller pottich
a fork was used topullthe loops of rags or
were actually too cold topullthe trigger lord arbuthnott i
the morning and having topullturnips and spread manure after
loaded question enters should wordspullthe trigger would their aim
relieve myself but when ipullthe ancient chain the sound
afore she hid tried taepullem ower her black stockings
neater job than fiona ipullon the plastic pants and
beth s man kin stillpullher strings pause oneywey wan
exercises a sort of centrifugalpulland islands with different dialects
necropolis four whisk tailed horsespulla glory box a blood
wing four whisk tailed horsespulla glory box a leaping
oil companies are a bigpullfactor those are the words

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