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to hit hard pagger topunchhard that s pagger and
what s that one m805: punchpunching m804: punch that s
one m805: punch punching m804: punchthat s cool and so
boxing gloves starts hitting thepunchbag exit cammy dimps hitting
exit cammy dimps hitting thepunchbag if love is good
on boxing gloves starts hittingpunchbag long silence cammy wanti
garbage dimps goes to thepunchbag starts hitting it silence
chart stands in one cornerpunchbag boxing gloves some weights
ironing dimps goes to thepunchbag puts on the boxing
makes his way to thepunchbag puts on the boxing
on boxing gloves goes topunchbag starts boxing lee ah
at lee bj goes topunchbag starts boxing lee this
boxing gloves on hits thepunchbag stew last couple o
neist door bring on thepunchan the ho ho ho
m1004: stotter f1005: stotter [laugh]punch[laugh] f1054: ba- how would
oh i ve got punchpunchm1013: mmhm f1054: yeah i
f1011: oh i ve gotpunchpunch m1013: mmhm f1054: yeah
muscles [inhale] he s gonnapunchyou f1089: has [censored: forename] got
muscles m1090: he s gonnapunchyou f1089: oh that s
fear fear fear hits thepunchbag very hard dimps falls
then start work on thepunchbag dimps need ti gee
starts to lightly tap thepunchbag dimps stew man cannnae
o it pat moves topunchbag spars with bag bj
up carries doll to thepunchbag then starts pushing the
by a quick car apunchbag thudded onto the cat
faimly hames breed hairm apunchbag whiles is the face
up pushing the glass ofpunchaway from him seconds later
jug was almost empty ofpunchand most of it was
porter a jug of ginpunchwith three glasses and the
enter jilly pat makes topunchbj bj holds pat steady
embossed granda s drunk thepunchevery drop and here s
hag della nae show athootpunchshe s sooy drunk she
upsettin oor group makes topunched silence cammy need a
runs toward cammy tries topunchhim steve grabs dimp s
noh a thing noh apuncha word a soddin word
it m1090: i m gonnapunchyou [child noise] [child noise] f1089: no
black wm morgan j morganpunchcampbell d devlin a ralston
hug he saw angus spunchcoming almost in slow motion
most people simply and dutifullypunchtheir own tickets bought beforehand
wis sadie nae show withootpuncheh except fur the nicht
stiff breeze off newhaven thepunchcoming on top of the
redeemin features face you couldpunchaw night shoosh keep your
hostel i came upon apuncharticle called the tourists karamazov
biff she landed a gothpunchto the side of his
yer freens a solar plexuspunchbelieve us that s whit
ye know ye d probablypunchhim i think in if
in navy blue shouldered herpunchas if it was a
in order to deliver apunchto his companion s chest
waited for 30 minutes readingpunchon the edinburgh festival and
have neglected to buy andpuncha ticket are unceremoniously hauled
all the zest of apunchfrom a fist of clover
are as breathtaking as apunchi ll pay the bill
the ass and a munsterpunchto the neck there was

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