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was good other stuff holespunchedin card glasnost sprayed over
he punched oak m1048: hepunchedoak [laugh] f1049: uh huh
all his wrist cause hepunchedoak m1048: he punched oak
i like gettin ma facepunchedin or that i deserved
taking the piss slapped mepunchedme grabbed me by the
aneath its gapin jaw anpunchedit on the snoot an
by ma hair kicked andpunchedme fae wan end ae
says she s got holespunchedin it f632: [laugh] f646:
a car with its lightspunchedout lies upside down in
flat the first ticket ipunchedeasily but the second gadget
wet nails my ticket spunchedone way the train chinks
[tut] [inhale] and and hepunchedthe guard m804: [laugh] m805:
c m804: [laugh] m805: hepunchedhim back there m804: in
the parsnips grew angry andpunchedthe courgette the potato made
they described it the shippunchedforward by the force of
a courtroom it would bepunchedhim to the face to
i think he full onpunchedit so he didn t

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