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the less able evidence ofpupilattainment in s1 2 increasingly
start in life by maximisingpupilattainment welcomes the provision of
start in life by maximisingpupilattainment welcomes the provision of
attainment and which tracks apupils progress in a subject
with monolingual pupils the bilingualpupilhas to cope with the
we talk of the bilingualpupilsuch pupils in fact have
fostered through encouraging the bilingualpupilto use his home language
grouping which allows the bilingualpupilto work with pupils who
own words so the bilingualpupilwill benefit from discussing concepts
exam as long as apupilhad completed the unit assessments
external exam mr macintosh apupilmust pass the internal assessments
that the mark for apupilwho does three unit assessments
mainly relevant when teacher andpupildiscuss the pupil s writing
a pupil may direct thepupilfor example to change some
to his writing with apupilmay direct the pupil for
teacher and pupil discuss thepupils writing these terms are
related criteria being applied muchpupiland teacher effort in s4
be limited only to whatpupiland teacher require grammatical concepts
only be limited to whatpupiland teacher require the 5
particular section to allow thepupiland teacher to understand the
by which the teacher andpupildiscuss such matters yet many
texts other than through teacherpupildiscussion position paper 5 how
can tell which teacher apupilhas by some of the
4 head master mr grantpupilteacher or assistant ms frobisher
class sizes and to improvepupilteacher ratios at critical stages
of over 50 years aspupilteacher teacher trainer and hmi
more classroom assistants a betterpupilto teacher ratio and a
the teacher suggest that thepupiluse the past tense rather
gave in response to thepupilquestionnaire which was designed to
was designed to elicit thepupils identification details the scores
was designed to establish thepupils name age gender father
promote equality an help ilkapupilbenefit fae education wi particular
promote equality and help everypupilbenefit from education with particular
promote equality and help everypupilbenefit from education with particular
school should ensure that everypupilhas equality of opportunity and
classroom interaction with a particularpupilaimed at improving performance in
there are question marks overpupilperformance against predicted performance there
factors to have impinged onpupilperformance is the truncation of
sometimes using video tapes ofpupilperformance to help clarify skills
throughout ayrshire as a formerpupilof an ayrshire school i
an older girl a formerpupilof the school who has
one written by a formerpupilor be an extract from
is to develop in thepupilcommunicative competence which will enable
language which will enable thepupilto survive in real situations
so as to enable thepupilto work on the same
in an incoherent way cpupilcollaboration on writing planning or
writing in collaboration with anotherpupilfocuses the pupils attention on
frames writing frames support thepupilin writing in a given
was hard earned a brilliantpupilwith a flair for writing
text or a piece ofpupilwriting and in groups re
can use examples of previouspupilwriting from other classes for
children wrote their recipes independentlypupilwriting how to make a
to be altered and anypupilcan challenge a bad sentence
is to be altered anypupilcan challenge a bad sentence
sentence perspective his most romanticpupilprince nikolai sergeyevick trubetskoy 1890
work and enterprise for everypupilat every stage of school
work and enterprise for everypupilat every stage of school
jude s insisted that everypupilhad a stint on the
authorities to ensure that everypupilhas access to at least
has to ensure that everypupilin primary education has access
fruit to every primary schoolpupilin scotland after debate the
standard for each and everypupilinvestment must be made across
standard for each and everypupilinvestment must be made across
by the time the schoolpupilcomes to learn the words
this is vital if thepupilis to learn a second
which is required if thepupilis to learn a second
singers only one primary 7pupila girl was available for
1998 113 one primary sevenpupilat aboyne primary a recent
is the average cost perpupilfor primary school pupils attending
into net current expenditure perpupilin a primary b secondary
given on total expenditure perpupilby each local authority can
the real terms expenditure perpupilwas in i 1979 ii
note as one example apupilfrom a school in airdrie
in school 3 23 eachpupilis this according to our
way of contrast the schoolpupillearning a modern language will
buns was provided for eachpupil[note: photo: 'kathleen stewart, around 1920.'] an annual school party
a prize to the duxpupilof the school it was
volunteered to serve as schoolpupilrepresentatives 12 date of the
torry school tae tell apupiltae speak proper english is
the school situation will thepupilwho feels secure in school
to a deserving upper schoolpupilwho found that inclusion in
particular seahorses written by thepupilherself or with a partner
all dialect forms both thepupils local dialect and standard
into pattern is getting thepupilto transact real speech acts
clause for example from apupils explanation of the water
they made notes example ofpupils note taking magical creatures
written by a very brightpupilwho also had in george
from conscientious attempts to trackpupilprogress across the whole range
sentences as they can thepupilwith least on each round
did it take place eachpupilwrites a suitable word or
centrality of language in apupils education how essential it
s main heirs included hispupiledward sapir 1884 1939 who
best wishes to the lunnastingpupilstephanie wiseman who will represent
his individual potential than thepupilwho may feel he is
68 robert louis stevenson apupilwho regarded the physical laboratory
deaf sign reading sixth yearpupilwho was going to a
attention of a day dreamingpupilanother punishment was to be
on unseen to the nextpupilto write another word or
today language 1921 sapir spupilwas benjamin lee whorf 1897
secondary schoolmistress is correcting herpupils work standing or walking
tomintoul which only affects onepupilthis year will remain financially
on the assumption that thepupilhas to be taught the
for third world countries thispupilbelieved that the uk should
abolished cannabis should be legalisedpupilcouncils should be more influential
that the more able apupilis to understand how they
much as breathe on apupilnow but you re accused
extensive noun phrases thus thepupilis having to identify these
mix i recall as apupilgot involved in as a
schoolgirl a st margaret spupilin grey blazer and black
him you at s apupilin the lord s faith
native speakers slips where apupilmoving towards an unfamiliar expression
a wis born ane expupilo at schuil ae wuman
in in schools if apupilor whatever was to have
ticket the mark that apupilreceived was decided entirely by
an essential element of apupils educational experience and that
spot a louse on apupils head at a hundred
text a factual explanation apupils imaginative story based on
gulls above a terne spupilwavering on the blink tableau
is at an end thepupilwill then revert to a
so the earliest that apupilwould be assessed against a
2 just as the monolingualpupilwill develop and deepen his
come together in that thepupileventually learns to read like
and ure 1993 found positivepupilreaction to the kinds of
positive context of enabling thepupilto create an appropriate response
contracted [inaudible] the iris [inaudible]pupilf940: an then we went

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