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likely rin contrair ti thepureordinances it s ma earnest
rinnin clean contrair ti thepureordinances tae an a d
wullcat at sae distrouble thepureordinances tho the r a
miles till he fand onypurecrystal fountain ava bit spy
that an sae wis thepurecrystal fountain he tuik us
with my love to thepurecrystal fountain that stands in
f1006: ugly ugly ehm m1004: purerotten [laugh] f1054: that s
s a good one f1005: purerotten m1004: [laugh] [laugh] f1054:
[laugh] f1054: when you saypurerotten m1004: yes but i
draw with them it wispurebrilliant so it wis there
square glasgow can still flourishpuredead brilliant archie thought walking
idiom in the english wordspuredead brilliant there hunders mair
cupped from a mountain streampureas a dove pure as
stream pure as a dovepureas the first snow of
cried jinty ma feet therpuredead white jinty with s
f814: [music] there s apuref813: i know f814: ned
m811: [laugh] f812: [laugh] f814: purem811: [laugh] f814: who are
i saw a lot f814: pureold but like forty year
look at you now f814: purestraight a student i was
they had these evil impulsespureand simple and turned them
by the element of waterpureand simple it was inside
scares me i just getpureterrified m811: it s really
and laura was sitting herepuref812: [laugh] f813: oh no
things and i used topuref812: so was your mum
said to him once cleanpurelines no mess it s
gigantic great upward curving wallpurewhite spotlessly clean flowing very
out when eye seducing coollypurestartling white against the blue
as she enters she ispurewhite and very shaky mercy
commands a fabulous view ofpurewhite rocks embedded in viridian
she would never be trulypureagain but sometimes rituals made
and she d never bepureagain never never never never
up because she wasn tpurenow and she d never
never never she wasn tpurenow because now she was
like a runawa peenie onpuremental feet wee quine faain
of the sun to bepureflame once more in a
goes direct inti the ironpuregenius that dey huv ti
gobbs goes yez ur talkinpuremince wher wis this an
a canon an aw apureminter ah goes spencer how
we had to obviously keep-pureurdu is actually very hard
few people can actually understandpureurdu th-th- they spoke say
sound now nasal now poignantlypureand strong seared the psyches
associated with filth dear withpureunadulterated filth now what do
baxter excitedly very pretty childpurepale skin very slender neck
but it s like apureromance novel though great gatsby
this isnae deconstructionism it spureanorak class obsessiveness aw the
muckle it cannae be criedpureenglish ony mair aw languages
aw right sir towels arepurepish man ye know m818:
at a peep an thepurescots idiom in the english
we must keep our communitypureladies we must hold back
[laugh] we just had apurelaugh and they must have
o scots in his poempureborder scots in his case
pat tae mak up thepureborder scots it stertit wi
read and re read thesepurescottish folk idylls when in
our tent there was likepuretumbleweeds floatin about all these
that nae language ever bidespurefor langer nor a wee
to fifth year there waspurewee neds in like first
we maybe and they werepurena [laugh] i was like
an ale mixter wis apurenorth east invention it seems
shaeves lookin back hit wispuresong o songs up da
in 1879 uncovered a vastpurewater reserve that still provides
her purr f1143: mima spurestirling she should have been
the first snow of winterpureas i do wish you
would you say i mpureshiverin f1006: er no i
ll win throu ti thepurecleansin at lang an at
a moment simply make believepurepretence a momentary step back
empties its moods into itspureface no one thinks of
time far the lotus growespurefae its birthbed o slime
is good an love ispurewhy s it pit in
oniething ither as clear anpureanelie at the springheid o
it was purity itself aspureas god as free from
such as her head waspureconcrete we are focusing not
probably one of the lastpurelallans speakers so i was
this was the thoom piecepuremanna for a hungry loon
regret the film was excellentpurenonsense winningly and brilliantly executed
the paust thair ert wespurean fu o patients the
should shakk an fowk mistakkpurecauld fur signs o fear
queerest thing a laidder opurelicht that raxxed frae the
o hou byordinary perfeck anpurethe son o gud can
ah think his work ispureatrocious but ah ll no
can legally sell honey andpurepollen products where some of
a cannae tell ye wirpuregold wi nae alloy ye
mantelpiece cumin up ye wurpureparalytic so ye wur stotious
yer sure the linguistics arepurean they cam fae a
abune ay tovin slaw ridinpurebraith see caain yin an
at the academy wi apurefite powe the ill vrocht
it were written in thepuredialect with all the correct
fit he seyd wiz apurebred zulu noo dan he
in the dark be apurebuzz that anyway danny boy
is a danger that thepuremechanics and procedures of sexual
of a cigarette is taxpuretax the cost of production
purity the state of beingpurecleanness freedom from pollution moral
pollution moral cleanliness innocence chastitypurefree from defilement guiltless unsullied
gaps that need bridged bypurefaith then then that s
arrival in the town arepureconjecture on the part of
in multitudes and that thepurescottish blood would be contaminated
bud on the trees irpurelik this deid littil bairn
true story pause story ofpurefact not fiction della drops
to pour horizontal rays ofpuretangerine through the kitchen window

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