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it s a ci- apurplea pur- f1113: purple oh
no purple patches it spurpleall the way through yet
one m1094: but i needspurplecan you put another purple
s he f1114: it spurplef1113: purple f1114: oh and
purple mum that ain spurplef1113: purple that s right
f1114: it s purple f1113: purplef1114: oh and that that
got there f1124: i wantpurplef1123: take some purple for
f1126: ooh what s thatpurplef1125: green f1126: no purple
want purple f1123: take somepurplefor painting today f1124: uh
purple f1125: green f1126: nopurpleit s purple [laugh] f1125:
f1126: no purple it spurple[laugh] f1125: mmhm f1126: put
colour purple oan a wreathpurplemournin colour fur royalty krista
smartie f1122: erm purple purplepurplemum purple purple purple purple
yeah f1114: that ain ispurplemum that ain s purple
purple mum purple purple purplepurplemy turn my turn my
bonny thistles sich a colourpurpleoan a wreath purple mournin
a purple a pur- f1113: purpleoh oh stuck sorry f1114:
purple can you put anotherpurpleone orange one f1093: now
of course there are nopurplepatches it s purple all
o smartie f1122: erm purplepurplepurple mum purple purple purple
purple purple mum purple purplepurplepurple my turn my turn
colour o smartie f1122: ermpurplepurple purple mum purple purple
purple purple purple mum purplepurplepurple purple my turn my
erm purple purple purple mumpurplepurple purple purple my turn
that ain s purple f1113: purplethat s right and what
re her dressing gown spurpleand you d just be
s dressing bein- gown beinpurplethey re her dressing gown
and we are suspicious ofpurplepatches with urquhart of course
sails of the barge werepurplelike the colour of aroused
in barge wi gowden sternpurplesails by her broon quines
stern and outspread sails ofpurplewhile oars of silver beat
ve seen her eye thepurpleand crimson and yellow now
want your yellow or yourpurpleone f1122: yellow f1121: mm
of coloured fabrics acid greenpurpleorange yellow and black a
town wearing track suits inpurplepink yellow and blue like
green pink green orange greypurplered yellow and blue f1121:
is his red orange andpurplebrigadier medal and a certificate
m805: [tut] eh pink bluepurpleand green m804: right that
f1118: pink f1117: pink andpurpleblue aye f1118: oh it
[exhale] f1113: no it spurplef1114: that s blue f1113:
red and blue make f1122: purplef1121: good girl [toy says 'well done'] what
s milo hm f1122: bluepurplef1121: he s got a
f1121: blue f1122: no f1121: purplef1122: no no no f1121:
f1121: he s got apurpleface and a blue jacket
blue bit gey hazy wipurpleintil it as weel an
o smirr an haar thonpurplesmog that drappit blue green
mmhm mmhm f1114: that spurplethat s blue f1113: uh
colour of aroused erectile tissuepurplein those days could also
i m nae got apurpletrolley f1127: fitt colour s
my odd hockey stockings onepurpleand one red so i
that bruise there are darkpurplered knuckle marks on her
old woman i shall wearpurplewith a red hat which
cause he s green andpurplefa is it then m1128:
glue thursell oan his fatpurpleneck see these hands squeeze
the ground was peppered withpurpleblack olives it was the
hunting ground steer clear ofpurplesports jackets though libra sept
f1121: leaf very good f1122: purplea flower f1121: mmhm f1122:
would f1122: er f1121: likepurplebecause that s her favourite
aye f1114: [inaudible] that spurplef1113: mmhm f1114: that ain
what s this that spurplef1113: that s right f1114:
six clocks f1114: that spurplef1113: uh huh uh huh
huh f1114: no that spurplethat s the ice cream
uh huh f1114: that spurplethat s what s this
our gate his face ispurpleand he is stiff all
her tears streaming down hispurpleface and his nose running
his face was really reallypurplei am very very unhappy
his face more and morepurpleif he does have convulsions
cowboy boots he s gotpurpleboots f1116: i ll press
it f1115: fitt else ispurplef1116: i ll press it
against it a filigree ofpurpleblack marks the gentlest tinkling
prie v taste purpie apurplequyne n lass raen v
are wearing a rather fetchingpurpletie rather like hibernian football
s got a bit ofpurpleso that goes is that
nope f1117: she s gotpurplethis one s got short
note a kind of rhetoricalpurplepatch [inhale] so i want
i can t see thepurplef1111: oh no that s
a wee bit kind ofpurplelike what does [censored: forename] think
her mouth was a vividpurpleslash tricky to make such
dolly had encountered in herpurpleuniform the hro looked like
despite her urban european gearpurplevelour monogrammed blouson leotard and
dip my fingers in thepurplemud and paint it onto
f1103: look that s apurplebackground that s snow white
mmhm f1104: but she spurplef1103: well i no ken
cause the other one spurplef1112: i can t see
knee deep in sheep thickpurpleheather but sweetie it s
the heather wi it spurplehue friday 11th temp 10
what s [inaudible] that spurplethat s his treasure chest
[inaudible] it is a bitpurplef1155: it looks a wee
the bog i am thepurpleheath i am the royal
wipes the blood from hispurpleknuckle tightens a notch on
glittered like fish scales thepurpleof his off the peg
you off stand on thepurpletowel [censored: forename] f1112: mm f1111:
wound and climbed up thepurplehighland hills like a tendril
snaw flakes birlin oot thepurplelift like the whirlin spume
at f1127: there see thatpurplebutton and it says let
nearly i know he waspurplebecause i saw him you
overall putty with weird crimsonpurpleblotches your unsteady breathing filled
only the plants with thepurpleflowers before 1939 some farmers
him and that screaming withpurplefaced rage is simply not
this stunning lei braided withpurpleorchids creamy tuberoses and mauve
hair dye and dyed itpurplem944: and when did who
shakin me by the throatpurplei hink aye i squeaked
on this luvers day apurplecrocus blinks an ee at
scraun fur pollen frae thepurpleling a pugglit bumbee zigzagged
along the coast where softpurplemud oozes into a clay
heeze o peas an apurplepudden a fooshty orral hytered
buttons minnie noticed three roonpurplemerks at the tap o
in british supermarkets small shinypurpleaubergines artichokes costing next to

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