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been launched recently maccallum andpurves1995 constitute a valuable archive
unpublished paper maccallum n andpurvesd eds 1995 mak it
gushetneuk eeses a w drpurvesin his blad anent orthographie
the tragedie o macbeth davidpurvesa rendering into scots of
no 9 pp 61 76purvesdavid 1992 the tragedie o
papers no 4 edinburgh chamberspurvesd 1979 a scots orthography
on scots orthography by davidpurvesthe system of spelling scots
of all ages by davidpurvesadapted from a story by
were published by the authorpurves1979 following support for reform
translator s note by davidpurvesthis translation and adaptation of
ae leuk it dr davidpurvesobservations anenst the psychological eftercast
translation of macbeth into scotspurves1992 the following is a
rendered in scots by davidpurvescharacters in the play prozorov
and the princess by davidpurvescharacters nanse the prood auldest
ancient chinese poems by davidpurvesgean blossoms contents 1 mulberry
ancient chinese poems by davidpurvesnote the poems in this
the scots crulge as davidpurvescries it eh whaur fowk
familiar with literary scots davidpurvesedinburgh august 2004 ane auld
shakespeare s play dr davidpurvess translation into modern scots
in two acts by davidpurvessynopsis the ill guidmither black
george philp and and davidpurvesthat have kept wi the
owerset intil scots bi davidpurvesthe ootlaw 1 scene a
cover both permission and possibilitypurves1997 26 baith can an

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