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discrete distinct eh the forehanndpynta wis for makan at
juist ablow it an thepynto a rod wavin abune
quick smert efter yon naepynthingin aff nae divorces nor
descreivit aye frae archie spynto view as like tae
altho archie awns at anepynttae quite enjoyin the war
the watter there wis naepyntin blawin oor cover as
the bairns wi her naepyntin cryin on the polis
cowks ower a bleepin cashpynta twa fauld bodach neb
wirk tae the maid naepyntin haein a dog an
ick waitter an it atpyntthar yaised tae bei ae
til a committee giein yerpynto view anent an issue
needle that is no thepyntthis is for tellin the
dinna seem ti tak mapynttry this than the needle
lane mynd ye frae anitherpynto view it disna maitter
fyfe alane nou the lestpyntat awnsers maistres stein s
fae a male author spynto view faber his researched
wus aa richt frae mapynto view it s juist
ae scottis border s kulterpynto view tae tent the
is yid expoondit his poleeticalpynto view yin cuid sei
wis a clean shot atpyntblank range the bawd lowpit
ain door as weel naepyntneither in clypin tae the
of wheat bread and anepyntof aile in the day
this toune to sell anepyntof aill and ane baick
bit coorse an tae thepyntbot guid hertit an forstaundin
brocht up on tatties anpyntaince a year their faither
the reimin tap o zpyntit wes rare guid the
hazel atween his hauns taepyntit oot he d let
siller flappin on the gaffpyntthis is it i thocht
ae bit i took epynto ma knife an scrapit
tried it wis the fykiestpynto the operation jist ae
forms o scots haes apyntan we tak a stick
a seturday tammas sinkit hizpyntwi ill wul an keikit
faister girned mither at thispyntsae faither pit his fit
whan the laberleithen raxed thepyntwhaur ruth wuidna brak hir
at a level nearaboot thepyntwhaur they will hae an
gart me haud the shotgunpyntit at a rubbit pu
turnin as he gaed tipyntat flesher zheng s cauld
wis gey near at epynto drappin er calf e
til the end o thepyntwhyle the tyde attends the
aw i winna labour thepyntbut greig is weel awaur
zig zag o a snakepyntan coonterpynt first choleric then
uisses o leiterature at thispynti wahnt tae step back
a permanent dreep at thepynto his snoot bit he
world city of literature thepynto t wad be tae
m he hed a callerpynto yill afoir m an
made o the language yepyntoot that the north east
o fashion leirit fowk noopyntoot the psychological skaith that
yairn is mair ti thepyntdis yae favor no deserr
ye lairnt astronomie ah lpyntandromeda an ye can lean

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