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you had to murl aquartero breid that is oatcakes
especially in combination with aquarterof new baked oatcakes it
with meal cast in korterquarterof oatcakes kye cattle laigh
slice of bread or aquarterof oatcakes this job was
ye say it wes aquarterpast echt ah dout ma
gang sunday morn in atquarterpast echt jonsar eck wis
andrey glances at his watchquarterpast echt natasha an olga
arrived at auchter glen abootquartertae echt expectin tae see
watch an noticed it wisquartertae echt och aye he
years and lay only aquartermile across the moss fae
a while sledgin doon thequartermile they were the ploys
doon e road a gweedquartero a mile till a
we actually walked for aboutquarterof a mile at one
o the product at aquartero the price we cud
was 22 per cent aquarterof the product is declared
1998 to the most recentquarterfor which figures are available
1998 to the most recentquarterfor which figures are available
physiotherapists were employed in eachquarterfrom 1 april 1998 to
nurses were employed in eachquarterfrom 1 april 1998 to
modernisation initiatives was in eachquarterfrom november 1998 to date
spending there were in eachquarterfrom november 1998 to date
available to it in eachquarterfrom november 1998 to date
nurses were employed in eachquarterfrom 1 april 1996 to
is refreshed after spending aquarterof a century as the
work of his contemporaries aboutquarterof a century later george
of the country in thisquarterof the century he obviously
were born in the lastquarterof the nineteenth century f606:
to do with the lastquarterof the nineteenth century the
about 1500 by the thirdquarterof the sixteenth century drink
writers working in the lastquarterof the sixteenth century round
literary scots in the lastquarterof this century nevertheless we
taking questions at about aquarterpast 12 mr monteith i
and then a c- aquarterpast eight m608: mmhm m194:
[inaudible] f940: [laugh] [laugh] m941: quarterpast nine a d v
okay and erm anyway aboutquarterpast nine he wandered into
test the appaintment caird saidquarterpast one he d got
cause originally we finished atquarterpast three and then they
four f814: you finished atquarterpast three we used to
past big ben at aquartertae ten wi a wife
with diabetes nurses in eachquarterbroken down by health board
nurses in the uk aquarterof nursing students will not
smites windows in the oldquarteraround eight o clock an
probably start at half sevenquarterto eight so i d
fae the lavvy somewye abootquartertae nine meg appeared nae
1996 to the most recentquarterfor which figures are available
reception into prison in eachquarterin each of the last
prison at kilmarnock for eachquarterof operation of the contract
hm prison kilmarnock in eachquartersince the prison came into
appointments with physiotherapists in eachquarterbroken down by health board
the first day of eachquarterneither subject to negotiation watch
16 ten year olds aquarterof each age group were
offenders were held in eachquarterof each year since 1
the houses of the oldquarterbelow were built along the
on end the old arabquarterclings just as intensely down
loosely around the old scottishquarterdays representing the fourfold vision
simple church in the oldquartermarks the spot at the
in the port s oldquartermy first outing with salvador
through the port s oldquarteropening the cages of the
my neighbour in the oldquarterputs on a favourite record
and grocery store the oldquarterseveral streets of artisan and
insisted that they lowse aquartera oor early tae gie
kitchen clock wis kept aquartero an oor ahead o
hir whyles dae this aquartero an oor at a
short turn juist for aquartero an oor lyke ah
clunk till it stuck thequarteroor an a wee bit
fifth a third and aquarterof great britain s population
civil service share is aquarterfour times our civil service
and four in the secondquarterof the tigers huskers game
really [laugh] f1155: it squarterto four mmhm f1154: when
was usually weighed in halfquarterbags of 168lbs or 4
picked up until half fivequarterto six at night and
leaves for work at aroundquarterto 9 at night and
blaa fae for the followinquarteran fit aboot the prophecy
and a firlot was aquarterof a boll fae this
last a got here atquartertae fower an noo it
season to the next thequarterdays were also the dates
[blow] nobody asks for aquarterof edinburgh rock these days
days they fought and noquarterthey gave and most ended
with agreed reporting procedures inquarter1 of performance year 4
indiscipline in quarter 1 andquarter2 of performance year 4
local authorities in the finalquarterof financial year 1999 2000
arbuthnott for example for thequarteryear ending august 1845 there
ken eet doon i thisquarteroo hae ae wheen o
incidents of concerted indiscipline inquarter1 and quarter 2 of
iv of scotland and aquarterof the scots army were
the benchmarking question only aquarterof projects will in due
all households is only aquarterthirteen per cent of over
sort of at least aquarterof my life fighting it
the executive is about aquarterof the uk total the
inc in respect of thequarterending 31 july 2001 and
however results for the firstquarterof 1999 for the whole
correspondence was in the fourthquarterof 2002 s1w 34750δ robert
kind of worsted firlot aquarterof a bow c 35lbs
who had had perhaps onequarterof a glass of sherry
been no more than aquarterof a pint of petrol
rood an area of aquarterof an acre apparently used
etc market in the italianquarterof philadelphia that was really
could see the television aquarterof suicides occur in older
didn t get through aquarterof that museum i did
make up less than aquarterof the general population ninety
which swallow up almost aquarterof the grant are not
thousand and it s aquarterof the size of skye
deal but it is aquarterof the tayside university hospitals
and that they form aquarterof the voters on the
state benefit unfortunately almost aquarterof those who are eligible
the oven until soft aquarterpound of butter throw away
as the word means aquarterit presumably meant much the
was paid oot once aquarterm608: mmhm f637: so when
been played flat oot naequarterasked neen given it wis
we ve got like thequarterbottles or the litre bottles
express his concerns in thatquarterbecause it is its responsibility
the cities but some individualquartercasks or firkins had been
french and the mutchkin orquarterpint low german the administration
it f718: uh huh f1077: quarterpound or something er shovel
city international inc for thequarterto 31 july 2002 whether
10 minutes part cook potsquarterplace on buttered tray sprinkle

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