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[inaudible] well that was aquitea big eh eh quite
we do m815: mm m816: quitea bit do quite a
m816: quite a bit doquitea bit o hill walking
trolley it s quite aquitea common one m1015: [inaudible]
your glaswegian s quite aquitea distinct one i think
quite a few there squitea few [censored: forename] m1110: one
we d quite we dquitea few eh midge ure
but already i ve seenquitea few erm quite a
across yeah quite a fewquitea few mmhm m1016: everyone
quite a big eh ehquitea few planes there too
married f1054: come across yeahquitea few quite a few
boats f1109: but there squitea few there s quite
quite worked f66: [tut] ohquitea few things mmhm mmhm
seen quite a few ermquitea few things that w-
years of ploddin on becamequitea good skater certainly quite
quite a good skater certainlyquitea good speed skater erm
was quite good it wasquitea good wee shop that
right i ve actually metquitea l- quite a number
that s used quite qui-quitea lot now particularly in
eh f641: quite a lotquitea lot of of work
year [laugh] f643: eh f641: quitea lot quite a lot
actually met quite a l-quitea number of english people
off yer trolley it squitea quite a common one
i suppose your glaswegian squitea quite a distinct one
dear it was it wasquitea strange job but quite
of scotland and she squitea zealot for gaelic quite
a mod it was quitequitean early revelation for me
quite history it s notquiteautobiography f606: mmhm m954: erm
quite bad [inhale] that isquitebad actually yeah f1038: school
home from f1037: that squitebad [inhale] that is quite
thirteen and she still getsquitebored f1148: yeah f1149: quite
buttons they are quite hardquitebrazen one button shone from
an he s really quitequitebroad an a lot o
tuesday wednesdays quite screw youquitebusy and then f1155: i
thank you again i feelquitecheered really quite cheerful wednesday
i feel quite cheered reallyquitecheerful wednesday eleven a m
really was quite it wasquitecivilised fighting f963: mmhm f965:
quite warm here it squiteclement and you think it
sean- seanair seems to bequitecommon eh in quite common
s quite is it notquitecommon or quite well known
be quite common eh inquitecommon usage it s the
sound of scots it squitedark and quite hard my
people would understand you quitequiteeasily f1009: i hope so
quite bored f1148: yeah f1149: quiteeasily so f1148: uh huh
think it s sound isquiteeh quite important m1055: yeah
quite a strange job butquiteenjoyable and it was nice
quite a zealot for gaelicquiteenthusiastic and my second f606:
as scots it really soundedquiteer in a sense quite
quite surprised that they seemedquitefar back compared to the
it s quite it squitefunny cause erm when er
that was raised that wasquitefunny well it was quite
f948: that s quite goodquitegood [cough] efternuin that s
quite yeah that ll bequitegood f1037: and we ve
f689: but no it wasquitegood it was quite a
they re they re quitequitegood news i would like
yeah good f948: that squitegood quite good [cough] efternuin
huh f823: oh they werequitegood quite happy to stay
quite happy f1142: i mquitehappy f1141: leave him [censored: forename]
now leave him he squitehappy f1142: i m quite
oh they were quite goodquitehappy to stay m824: yeah
it s quite dark andquitehard my friend lives on
manner of buttons they arequitehard quite brazen one button
m954: travel it s notquitehistory it s not quite
know kirsten you know quitequitehonestly you could actually be
how quite to put itquitehow to put it but
m842: but ye know iquitei qu- i quite like
s sound is quite ehquiteimportant m1055: yeah m1008: in
i think it s quitequiteinappropriate i think that they
uh huh m1048: that wasquiteinterestin i was quite into
it was quite it wasquiteinteresting ehm so i enjoyed
it s q- it squiteinteresting i haven t quite
no it sounds quite soundsquiteinteresting like it definitely wasn
was quite interestin i wasquiteinto that f1049: yeah m1048:
t f718: but it squiteis it not quite common
generally m819: absolutely it squiteit s quite funny cause
i just i find itquiteit s quite sad when
m605: mmhm m741: it squiteit s quite weird that
mmhm f965: it really wasquiteit was quite civilised fighting
so it was it wasquiteit was quite interesting ehm
aye uh huh m842: wasquiteit was quite tough i
that all charities are notquitekosher and are not quite
m815: i quite like itquitelike it here m816: cause
i quite i qu- iquitelike it i speak be
ll i ll m815: iquitelike it quite like it
s very good mmhm f1149: quitelike she s quite nervous
i quite you know iquiteliked old english literature i
quite er in a sensequitelofty f718: mmhm mmhm mmhm
f1149: quite like she squitenervous though she s only
matilde s brother was quitequitenice f835: quite what was
quite what was that [censored: forename]quitenice [laugh] f833: no of
was quite okay it wasquitenormal [inhale] f1023: but it
that she thought it wasquiteokay it was quite normal
s eh that s usedquitequi- quite a lot now
be a mod it wasquitequite an early revelation for
f948: an he s reallyquitequite broad an a lot
and people would understand youquitequite easily f1009: i hope
think they re they requitequite good news i would
you know kirsten you knowquitequite honestly you could actually
f1009: i think it squitequite inappropriate i think that
eh matilde s brother wasquitequite nice f835: quite what
i know yeah she squitequite skinny yeah [exhale] f806:
the accent has always beenquitequite straightforward and i think
the music jenny she squitequite sure the usual no
s it s huge m608: quitequite yeah yeah have you
f1054: [inaudible] f1023: quite rightquiteright f1027: [laugh] f1025: aye
huh [?]we sold them all.[/?] f1054: [inaudible] f1023: quiteright quite right f1027: [laugh]
quite funny well it wasquitesad really is that aberdeenshire
find it quite it squitesad when erm cause i
i have monday tuesday wednesdaysquitescrew you quite busy and
know yeah she s quitequiteskinny yeah [exhale] f806: but
[laugh] no no it soundsquitesounds quite interesting like it
accent has always been quitequitestraightforward and i think when
music jenny she s quitequitesure the usual no she
quite unwell we re notquitesure what s going on
i thought yeah i wasquitesurprised that they seemed quite
of that i don tquiteth- i don t quite
quite th- i don tquitethink that the executive have
i don t know howquiteto put it quite how
m842: was quite it wasquitetough i mean the kids
the the powers that bequiteunderstand quite understand the potential
powers that be quite understandquiteunderstand the potential of scots
know now mrs ower squiteunwell we re not quite
days and [inhale] it squitewarm here it s quite
aye aye supertramp we dquitewe d quite a few
it s quite it squiteweird that it s easier
it not quite common orquitewell known as a scottish
quite kosher and are notquitewhat they claim to be
was quite quite nice f835: quitewhat was that [censored: forename] quite
over and it hasn tquiteworked f66: [tut] oh quite
quite interesting i haven tquiteworked out why so i
er f1038: yeah that squiteyeah that ll be quite
it s huge m608: quitequiteyeah yeah have you been
or f745: erm well iquiteyou know i quite liked
tall red haired man hadquitean interesting face curious features
mm f978: well lerwick isquitean interesting place too you
of thing i found itquitef746: mm f745: interesting but
f963: it was interesting f965: quiteideal f963: mmhm yeah mmhm
find the studies like reallyquiteinteresting as well do- f745:
s yeah f1037: that squiteinteresting cause we re selling
do bad things that wasquiteinteresting coming from dennis we
and the response was wasquiteinteresting erm apparently [laugh] apparently
s actually fine it squiteinteresting f745: right i didn
in glaswegian which would bequiteinteresting hopefully i ll look
which i thought would bequiteinteresting i found that american
people in she- that squiteinteresting i mean do people
gosh [audience laugh] m954: which wasquiteinteresting in itself i took
i find i find thatquiteinteresting it s strange though
i ve often found thatquiteinteresting m1008: mm m1007: an
arse m741: mm that squiteinteresting m605: so the concept
glasgow but f1037: that squiteinteresting mm but no yeah
writing and eh it squiteinteresting that some people and
f978: eh but it squiteinteresting there are so many
f746: that must make itquiteinteresting though [inaudible] f745: yeah
bilingual so f746: that squiteinteresting though that the teenagers
s b- it would bequiteinteresting to actually look at
in the tutorial it isquiteinteresting to take a look
that one f746: might bequiteinteresting yeah aye i think
things and and i f1037: quiteinteresting yeah f1038: got the
lot but i ve gotquitea few friends help me
do with clothing animals sizequitea lot 1 2 quotes
rugged cross the vicar talkedquitea lot about her lifetime
eh used tae be usedquitea lot actually but i
do we play [laugh] f1024: quitea lot actually f1025: [laugh]
but we ve talked aboutquitea lot already henry was
and robert has done itquitea lot bringing some stuff
zealous and and do workquitea lot but you know
just use it a lo-quitea lot drizzle m1014: yeah
case such situations probably arisequitea lot due to resource
i think he has beenquitea lot f1149: oh really
i ve heard that storyquitea lot f1150: unpleasant erm
it kind of frustrated mequitea lot f718: mmhm m734:
them at home get homequitea lot f746: right f947:
and then ehm f641: soundsquitea lot for two thousand
the scheme has come onquitea lot further at the
f1121: aye you ve donequitea lot haven t you
m815: a bit o photographyquitea lot i ve always
small beginnings we have achievedquitea lot in fact it
a word that was usedquitea lot in my young
war has been bandied aboutquitea lot in the past
okay that s like seemsquitea lot [laugh] cause we
must have be- have beenquitea lot like here f746:
oh right oh well f958: quitea lot like it s
on these kind of questionsquitea lot m741: aye m605:
they were fae north anquitea lot o folk at
f902: i mean there wasquitea lot o folk at
that were left they gotquitea lot o money because
that s right we vequitea lot o pends in
f643: but th- there wasquitea lot of a- amusement
m827: [inhale] f826: they havequitea lot of after taste
ve my mum s gotquitea lot of brothers and
which i represent i hearquitea lot of complaints from
the first year there wasquitea lot of conflict between
the sunday post you findquitea lot of dialect and
would present local authorities withquitea lot of difficulties iain
f963: you know we playedquitea lot of energetic games
so far i have gleanedquitea lot of examples of
so you could actually getquitea lot of experience in
yeah so do you havequitea lot of family get
voucher f809: yeah she boughtquitea lot of food [laugh]
that many neds there squitea lot of i saw
kind of review and providedquitea lot of information however
some headlines suggest we handlequitea lot of inquiries from
my f718: cause there squitea lot of irish in
number of local authorities didquitea lot of local consultation
the figures that you mentionedquitea lot of mediation and
cause this they re buildingquitea lot of new houses
huh m1161: pint i hadquitea lot of [?]orange[/?] cause
think that s true ofquitea lot of other languages
learning to drive there wasquitea lot of people er
jane and i ve gotquitea lot of people i
in the exam f746: yeahquitea lot of people said
been have you been toquitea lot of places in
ehm well we ve gotquitea lot of poetry we
intermediate one intermediate two andquitea lot of schools have
people the executive has takenquitea lot of steps on
they both do do ehmquitea lot of teaching and
2 november by aea technologyquitea lot of the information
coming through the exercise whereasquitea lot of the kids
f963: [laugh] well i usedquitea lot of the phone
and f1151: yeah i thinkquitea lot of the sort
and stuff you o- likequitea lot of the time
f963: mm mmhm yeah m762: quitea lot of the time
the development phase there squitea lot of things i
so they did there wasquitea lot of things went
in wales as well asquitea lot of time in
darling cause th- there squitea lot of water in
the years it has includedquitea lot of what i
suppose that s true ofquitea lot of writers that
do we do used chuffedquitea lot oh aye if
i'm- i ve used nutsquitea lot oh he s
we tended to move togetherquitea lot on such matters
[laugh] so have you travelledquitea lot on the islands
which caused me to dwellquitea lot on what constitutes
s the word she usesquitea lot so that s
confess to muttering to myselfquitea lot that although i
up [inhale] if it squitea lot then you can
yeah like thirty five degreesquitea lot this summer f1149:
spending review cbi scotland hadquitea lot to say about
ve heard that one usedquitea lot towtie f1143: mm
by the doctor about itquitea lot whenever he gets
mmhm f1067: they re doingquitea lot whereas i don
true her accent s changedquitea lot yeah you listen
fae but that was saidquitea lot youse are sleepin
lot of that just seemsquiteclich├ęd now and you think
lot of our boys werequitef965: but that may have
t know [inaudible] f814: iquitelike a lot of them
we talk about would bequitelurid there s a lot
a lot of i sawquitem811: yeah f814: a lot
a lot o folk arequitetickled at him ye ken
[cough] i thought it wasquitea nice expression m1008: [cough]
s okay cause it squitea nice green colour isn
your eyes look at youquitea nice mix this time
maybe like although it squitea nice place f1151: mmhm
way he was a nicequitecivil man and had a
och he was really nicequitedifferent from headmasters now you
s nice i ve alwaysquitei think it s cause
not as nice f1149: iquitelike getting snow at christmas
i ve seen it squitemilitary cut ye ken nice
nice chap it was aquitenaive just a wee tate
stewed fruit which was reallyquitenice and f718: mm mmhm
at her and she wasquitenice and i was like
f978: like that it squitenice and they ehm the
i thought yeah it squitenice but nothing too special
from seed and they lookquitenice but they will be
i think the garden isquitenice but we are plagued
so i mean it wasquitenice cause she used to
fridge has evaporated back toquitenice cream cheese cheese dip
i suppose it must bequitenice doing something that s
are okay and it squitenice each house being different
across from us who arequitenice erm the guy upstairs
yeah uh huh it squitenice erm well it s
pudding with f718: that soundsquitenice f1077: rosehip syrup f718:
huh good f209: it squitenice f606: [tut] thank you
[audience laugh] m954: so that wasquitenice f606: yeah m954: and
i think that would bequitenice f810: yeah yeah that
mm mmhm f965: which soundsquitenice for a minute or
m959: [inhale] ach it squitenice here in a way
aye [inaudible] m818: it squitenice i m not i
uh huh f951: it squitenice i think it i
nice erm well it squitenice in some ways but
pronounce that wrong which isquitenice it means they ve
by my subject which isquitenice [laugh] like did you
[laugh] mmhm m1007: [laugh] f1009: quitenice [laugh] m1055: one i
on again f958: they seemquitenice m959: yeah i think
like driving and it squitenice scenery so sod it
does but she s actuallyquitenice she was kind of
uh huh f606: that squitenice that makes you a
true and they were reallyquitenice though short fur i
matter it s sort ofquitenice to be snowed in
f209: and eh it squitenice to go down there
said that it d bequitenice to have the chance
f689: but ah they werequitenice wee paper roses and
stuff but it all looksquitenice well that s about
f1129: so that would bequitenice wouldn t it and
f814: yeah f813: it wasquitenot as nice weather last
f810: it was it wasquitesunny yesterday it was nice
we had m608: mm m194: quitea few ack ack guns
also raised that last pointquitea few arguments have been
birthday card i ve receivedquitea few cards from aunties
the accused i ve hadquitea few days in bed
and everybody dies donald gorriequitea few do but they
but eh aye there werequitea few eh m608: mm
and there was there wasquitea few ehm aspiring bohemians
some bridge i have hadquitea few games recently just
put forth print gey wheenquitea few graith equip make
hill names are however differentquitea few have changed unlike
there were there there wasquitea few i can remember
f122: i suppose that squitea few i want i
yes austria brussels drumnadrochit andquitea few in australia recently
a bit i ve gotquitea few m1013: isn t
ye d so ye hadquitea few m608: mm m194:
know we ve had aquitea few meetings and moved
s the emporium they employedquitea few men and so
m816: there seems to bequitea few o them around
m1048: right no there wasquitea few o us i
will at least be vocationalquitea few of the courses
m1163: that you know andquitea few of them are
tae cairnryan m608: mmhm m194: quitea few of them didnae
so i mean there squitea few of them in
uses a building that isquitea few of us as
s- i ve used itquitea few or you d
was other ah they hadquitea few others f640: do
my gran had brought broughtquitea few people you know
m1002: mmhm m999: there squitea few sna words i
and members wanted to askquitea few supplementary questions petitions
well i think there squitea few that i would
old men i dinnae kenquitea few they re sayin
er windows panned in [laugh]quitea few times [laugh] f1150:
that i ve heard usedquitea few times out an
the poorly lit streets andquitea few windows were lit
interestin cause you gave mequitea few words for attractive
hear scots yes i knowquitea few words there s
to benefit there is nowquitea few years experience of
was fun and i didquitewell scoring a few runs
daein that we should bequitebe happy tae have ither
gey full an i mquitehappy and i m gaun
those points i would bequitehappy euan robson we are
table the unambitious unionists arequitehappy for us to be
where actually you d bequitehappy if your children didn
f1148: like i m actuallyquitehappy now sort of to
it cause erm i wasquitehappy ploddin along but we
i says listen i mquitehappy that it s workin
the minister is tricia marwickquitehappy that we write a
some organic farmers would bequitehappy to bargain for a
[audience laugh] m954: and and isquitehappy to be a loner
speak at hame i amquitehappy to dae that it
you are an i mquitehappy to listen to you
a smiling lady who seemedquitehappy to see us pull
persuades me itherwise i amquitehappy to speak in scots
f606: so you d bequitehappy to stay here or
to confirm that i amquitehappy to support moves to
colours but they ll bequitehappy to try and fool
don t know she seemsquitehappy to work it so
understand that they would bequitehappy to work with us
huh f965: so i wasquitehappy when it was me
the lead committee i wasquitehappy with getting the spreadable
a guy and they requitehappy with him but then
f958: oh m959: i wasquitehappy with it f958: i
m1163: so if you requitehappy with that that s
right the organics sector isquitehappy with the idea of
point and that he wasquitehappy with the outcome the
the whole atmosphere has becomequiterelaxed and happy first i
silly acquired happy but notquiteyou know fully normal being
is often not you knowquiteas firm as as as
is not eh is oftenquitedifferent from the the english
often m964: mm f965: andquiteerm ritualised f963: mm mmhm
being neglected in the processquiteoften a social or personal
doctor said he said itsquiteoften associated with filth dear
ale honey ale was madequiteoften at brownhill and it
lots of notes fairly quickquiteoften but it doesn t
go and see big bandsquiteoften but m959: mmhm f958:
live in scotland it squiteoften cold [inaudible] [laugh] m941:
sunday afternoon walkin ye goquiteoften eh the m608: [cough]
f1001: i would use thatquiteoften for somebody that was
common clootie dumplins were madequiteoften for supper or for
ye the day they dquiteoften get the answer ee
you need them whereas youquiteoften hear me like using
ither m1002: ditches burns f1001: quiteoften here ye ll find
m1008: that s right andquiteoften husbands m1007: yep m1008:
different if you had f1025: quiteoften i think it s
[throat] m1007: it s usedquiteoften in english now m1008:
to him how i thoughtquiteoften in in gaelic before
we did have good weatherquiteoften in the summertime f641:
re using it to themquiteoften m1055: seo being here
f606: but you go backquiteoften m830: no f829: no
having a scrap f965: veryquiteoften m964: mm f965: and
technical language and moderating termsquiteoften mainly to avoid sweeping
know john corbett works throughquiteoften makes use of powerpoint
i ve heard qu- usedquiteoften not so much tired
guys come back cause theyquiteoften now get the the
i ve heard my sisterquiteoften saying that her children
unusual or major cases whichquiteoften seem to occur in
my mother used to sayquiteoften she never really felt
shak doon for the nightquiteoften spare bedding or even
is a word that isquiteoften used in the highlands
coming back from i iquiteoften used to go from
f641: [laugh] f639: [laugh] f640: quiteoften we bought new cushion
f1143: pals or cronies anquiteoften wi the kids i
walk f638: the wireless f637: quiteoften ye d things tae
in scotland eh were oftenquiteradical about the church that
stages a fox is oftenquiteunconcerned that it is being
ago there s row squitea common glasgow name for
[inaudible] m1014: [inaudible] mmhm m1016: quitea common one tae be
that s a that squitea common one we use
i never saw this thoughquitea common sight in the
fae north an coaties wasquitea common thing but it
f1054: an is a tricklequitea common word or is
like yours apparently it squitecommon and seldom serious keep
then a steam pudding wasquitecommon at one time but
mmhm m999: used tae bequitecommon aye mmhm f1001: aye
leadership indeed wartime analogies werequitecommon despite the fact that
much now but it wasquitecommon f1054: a click f1145:
doin or kids which isquitecommon f1054: at the school
such repetition is i thinkquitecommon in conversation or a
but rather a gaelic soundquitecommon in inverey glen ey
not good oh it wasquitecommon in loanheid m1022: it
words such errors are nowquitecommon in stage productions of
currency bars and it wasquitecommon in the evening to
were homemade from wood andquitecommon jigsaws were only remembered
i think [inaudible] tain onquitecommon yes m1012: it s
e an we used themquitea bit actually m1017: much
[throat] it s actually grownquitea bit f943: what m944:
i think it actually isquitea fluid f963: mmhm yeah
that it s actually inquitea good corner [inhale] f958:
partner m1007: bidie in m1008: quitea handy term actually if
m818: but is leith notquitea i ve never actually
ac- actually realise this forquitea long time [tut] [inhale]
actually lived in france forquitea long time yeah m954:
looking back that was actuallyquitea stimulating atmosphere for a
actually i watched you forquitea while i couldn t
oh sorry callum f812: actuallyquitean expe- was it not
to be brought up inquitean unusual atmosphere actually you
but [laugh] f1037: it squitebad actually do you know
i can tell you beingquitecompetitive they are actually jealous
[laugh] f746: no it wasquitecool actually it was really
speakers so i was actuallyquitefortunate that i was influenced
alright it was it wasquitefun actually cause there was
result of that period actuallyquitefundamentally f963: yeah yeah m762:
primary ehm it was actuallyquitefunny because i ve my
stage which i think isquitegood actually l- in retrospect
but that must have beenquitegood actually when you think
m762: fashion but actually iquitelike the f963: mm m762:
the windows actually came downquitelow so that the the
forth so i was actuallyquitepleased when they said i
it s actually it squitestrange for me as well
f1149: [laugh] it was actuallyquitestressful [laugh] but yeah [laugh]
mmhm m017: i am actuallyquitethankful for the existence of
pictures and it was actuallyquitetherapeutic said ricky she picked
situation will settle down actuallyquitewell although with israel anything
actually for us is workingquitewell the higher still development
same time it was actuallyquitewonderful because i mean several
s good that it squitea big city coming like
petition helen eadie there wasquitea good article in holyrood
end of byres road wellquitea good bus service apart
arbroath 19 tuesday to greenockquitea good day see eds
or whatever was to havequitea good idea the teacher
independent schools erm and againquitea good mix of people
exist in local authorities arequitea good model because they
all tend to be inquitea good mood on new
for ma blood that wasquitea good night m816: [laugh]
dad easier 24 at troopquitea good night youngsters keen
anger bilin wi anger isquitea good one but also
start wi mither that squitea good one f1041: mmhm
yeah f809: [click] that wasquitea good place to stand
i think they did havequitea good time but newcastle
with it but it squitea good tourist attraction but
hasn t arrived i hadquitea good weekend i went
i don t think werequiteas good erm but they
oh oh that s goodquitecause most f745: [laugh] f746:
must be good it isquitedaunting for me to sit
good news and it contrastsquitedistinctly with the years of
the sunday so it squitef606: uh huh good f209:
s something there s somethingquitegood about that though that
were so were you knowquitegood and then other ones
on the interim arrangements isquitegood and worth exploring two
at drawin m1070: you requitegood aren t you f1071:
s called yeah that squitegood as well f1149: but
you f1071: yes i amquitegood at drawing because i
the oldest seems to bequitegood at football and his
the first term i wasquitegood at forcing myself to
like decided that i mquitegood at tidying that aisle
f940: [laugh] [laugh] that wasquitegood aye [laugh] m942: [laugh]
[laugh] f1148: in a wayquitegood but then you know
the staff take up wasquitegood but we should try
in some ways it squitegood cause it s kind
my local community which isquitegood cause obviously i knew
m819: which is which isquitegood cause we got we
just 10 days ago gotquitegood coverage we have also
m815: oh buddhist meditation m816: quitegood er very good for
exactly [laugh] excellent that squitegood f1038: oh oh so
then it finished wi f606: quitegood f1039: on the saturday
last year [laugh] which wasquitegood f1149: aw [laugh] f1148:
[laugh] but yeah that wasquitegood f1149: [laugh] cool f1148:
one class today it wasquitegood f1155: so have i
f812: so spaghetti that squitegood f813: [laugh] m811: yeah
haircut now so that squitegood f943: good stuff i
uh huh dat s probablyquitegood f961: it s aaright
mm f643: so it wasquitegood from that point of
in england which was wasquitegood fun and then in
a t shirt it wasquitegood fun held in the
mm f963: erm it wasquitegood fun okay there was
develop but it could bequitegood fun to get something
[tut] ehm but it wasquitegood fun we had lots
left f1155: but it looksquitegood i know i remember
funny face m1070: you arequitegood i know you can
it s supposed to bequitegood i suppose i should
f1149: so tha- it squitegood i think if that
m804: so it d bequitegood if there wasn t
or something f813: that squitegood isn t it especially
it s f1037: it squitegood it s like being
f1148: so yeah it squitegood [laugh] f1149: [laugh] does
wee bit but it squitegood like bus service between
sulkin sulkin f1054: that squitegood m1004: in the sulk
too efternuin yes that squitegood m865: [laugh] f948: [inaudible]
s f958: yeah he isquitegood m959: is he not
okay m1163: and it squitegood overtime he s getting
be f813: but it squitegood see when you see
eh och it s usuallyquitegood they don t get
yeah mmhm m762: it squitegood to be a generalist
you know what would bequitegood to go s- like
in a way it wasquitegood to have such a
f813: i suppose it squitegood to see right down
northern territories m815: mmhm m816: quitegood watchin them work and
s ch concert music hallquitegood we enjoy the show
but i mean he wasquitegood with his hands you
f746: that person that squitegood yeah i just interviewed
off collect glen he isquitepleased monday 7 bowling good
good thing fiona hyslop isquiteright i look forward to
something i think scunnered isquitesuitable f1054: good do you
good m865: [laugh] f948: [inaudible]quitetickled at that m865: mmhm
her constituency members no notquiteapparently i am sure that
mellow fur sure mellow yellowquiterightly mind that donovan song
all visits we are neverquitesure about the extent to
yes you- you re notquitesure are you and that
you [inaudible] i m notquitesure but erm they seem
with urquhart you re neverquitesure certainly as with many
have gone we re notquitesure erm tesco s have
giraffe so easily i mquitesure he ll pass your
lupins man i am notquitesure how he would get
again you know i wasnaequitesure how things were gonna
hear my granny warning iquitesure i ve heard fiona
and so i m notquitesure i was trying to
fits so they weren tquitesure if the fits would
type of study i mquitesure into the future doing
i think i m notquitesure maybe i m just
muggy dictionary folk are notquitesure of its origin though
ms curran i am notquitesure of the area to
of subjects and i amquitesure that he will produce
a profit and i amquitesure that we will find
windcheater and mum was likequitesure that we would find
alongside buildings m1008: wasn tquitesure what that meant er
m1008: if you re notquitesure what the relationship is
m1008: yeah i wasn tquitesure what was being asked
their heads with stress notquitesure what was going to
very well and i mquitesure when they were at
know you- you re notquitesure where you re going
yeah i m still notquitesure why i thought engineering
er the-the- we re notquitesure why not erm because
for what i m notquitesure yet but it is
f606: mmhm you come fromquitea big family you said
f606: mm m1036: it wasquitea natural thing for me
f606: mm f823: it squitea strain watchin where they
f606: yeah so you werequiteaware of the the language
five years f606: that squitechallenging i should think m845:
f606: yeah it must bequitedifficult when you re a
they ve got her homequiteearly f606: yeah f889: he
aye f606: yeah they mightquiteenjoy doin that f1039: oh
odd hybrid it s notquitef606: mm m954: travel it
department there is is growingquitefast and f606: mmhm f1067:
i look back at itquitefondly f606: mmhm so what
old graveyard was [laugh] wasquitefrightenin at times f606: [laugh]
yeah f890: he s reallyquitefunny f606: yeah f889: aye
environments f606: yes m1036: livingquitehappily most of the time
isn t er doesn tquitehave the same resonance f606:
aye f606: yeah it squitem822: he was [?]there[/?] but
um a- f606: it squitem845: and i remember s-
up f606: yes it squitemm f1067: gradually moving apart
have had so i wasquitepleased f606: yeah m954: to
some ways for them wasquitespecial f606: mmhm m1036: erm
sixty f606: yeah i wasquitesurprised to read i think
f606: yeah but i wasquitesurprised when i read in
scotland mainly so she squiteyou know able f606: yeah
to pollockshaws road which isquitea busy road f746: yeah
yeah your dad s gotquitea cool accent f1155: mm
used to build them onquitea grand scale yeah one
aye aye yeah helensburgh squitea mixture o people there
yeah i think it squitea modern sort of expression
it f1054: that must bequitea skill f1024: [tut] yeah
i don t know f745: quitea small class yeah i
it s yeah it squitea small sort of area
but i believe it squitea strong m865,: yeah yeah
so yeah m762: right andquitea strong so i i
yeah f951: no it squiteaccessible though like i think
yeah f961: yeah hit squitean honour really to get
yeah i think it squitean m605: [inaudible] m741: uncomfortable
so erm yeah i wasquiteannoyed about that catherine was
f1037: yeah no it squitebad f1038: that s oh
yeah she was she wasquitebossy wasn t she that
same yeah f1037: so evenquitebroad scots and and erm
f1144: yeah well they requiteconfident [laugh] about the way
what f1150: yeah you requiteconstrained f1151: whereas i thought
about m741: yeah that looksquitecool m605: ehm so when
not yeah so it squitecrap and they re not
not f963: yeah yeah m762: quitecross that boundary i i
there f963: mm mmhm bequitedangerous now yeah mm mmhm
s true yeah it wasquitedifferent f965: and there was
f639: mmhm f641: it squitedifferent from now f639: yeah
made it f1150: yeah f1151: quitedifficult erm cause i i
t f1150: yeah it isquitedifficult to to challenge it
then it s it squitedifficult yeah f1151: yeah it
mmhm f1024: yeah which isquiteeh when you think about
f1148: i think she squiteexcited about it yeah but
student budget so it squitef1151: yeah i know no
yeah yes ha- she squitef1159: yeah uh huh f947:
like sciency background thing iquitef745: yeah f746: like that
yeah f746: and i justquitefancied well first of all
what i i regard asquitefine poetry f718: yeah m017:
did my best it wasquitehard f631: yeah f689: tryin
suggest it s coming downquiteheavily i would say yeah
all the shops to bequitehonest f807: [inhale] yeah i
but er yeah i wasquiteimpressed they were a tenner
word we said tae themquiteincredible f1054: yeah gie me
yeah f1038: cause he wasquiteinterested he was oh go
these friends and they werequiteinto buddhism an m815: yeah
subject i think i mquiteinto that [laugh] f745: yeah
m762: yeah yeah f963: notquiteknowing where she is or
students are a bit yeahquitelazy and don t really
yeah but i have hadquitelike some really horrendous trips
[laugh] [exhale] yeah i dquitelike to see more of
right yeah f965: and iquiteliked being an ender f963:
so yeah i suppose iquiteliked that and grammar that
about bombs right yeah f965: quitelikely to be bombed f963:
m741: yeah oh that soundsquitem605: so i keep i
it uh huh it squitem811: yeah f812: it s
it f1150: yeah it squitenearby f1151: yeah f1150: er
it s not but notquitenot f963: yeah yeah m762:
yeah my brother erm isquitepassionate about these things [laugh]
mmhm yeah and she squitepowerful in that yeah mm
ended up free i wasquiteprepared to pay my yeah
she started having a familyquitequickly and f639: yeah she
accent are supposed to bequitesimilar yes mmhm mmhm yeah
weeks [laugh] f1148: that squitesoon yeah [laugh] in two
f963: yeah yeah he squitesort of porous in that
yeah m964: [cough] f965: butquitespicy f963: uh huh f965:
that m959: yeah it squitestrange so friendly compared to
mmhm m1007: seems to bequiteuniversal round here m1008: yeah
yeah aye f1054: that squiteunusual is it gordon m1015:
[cough] yeah it s gotquiteupmarket there eh f689: ach
her f746: aye she squitewee but f745: yeah [laugh]
them not having that isquiteyou know f1154: yeah f1155:
lived like f1037: yeah f1038: quiteyou know i lived i
memories yeah you d bequiteyoung at that time mmhm
that s true yeah f1149: quiteyoung to be away from
know did you find likequitea different culture though in
my second point relates toquitea different matter faith based
no it s probably gotquitea different origin [inaudible] mm
early seventies so it squitea different place now with
so the complex period isquitea different thing from the
ours so that was reallyquitedifferent and my mother f641:
ross finnie i have twoquitedifferent answers the answer to
right that s they requitedifferent colours aren t they
speculative and imaginative tendencies werequitedifferent from any possible to
it mmhm f1149: it wasquitedifferent from copenhagen not really
gaelic is spoken which isquitedifferent from english i m
i m writing now isquitedifferent from psychoraag and it
free personal care would bequitedifferent from the free personal
we are going on isquitedifferent from the journey south
their own guidelines that arequitedifferent from the legislation we
be somewhat suspect that isquitedifferent from the position of
of the imagination that isquitedifferent from the transcendental model
always theorized but in formsquitedifferent from the western form
always theorized but in formsquitedifferent from the western form
model for scots prose wasquitedifferent it came from the
an the franklin div tellquitedifferent kinds o tale ou
my lord it ll bequitedifferent [laugh] f960: so hit
of view and it squitedifferent slow pace different f963:
capital our moral standpoint isquitedifferent take our great shipyards
no said boswell he isquitedifferent there simple farmer s
care as such are howeverquitedifferent these are the costs
employed scots in their workquitedifferently eh with different intents
different dialects mmhm it squiteimportant to have that within
different they can they requitethey re free now to
erm f746: maybe you hadquitea big class in first
huge country but it squitea large country so erm
[inhale] erm m818: is itquitea left wing tutorial you
i wrote erm wr- wrotequitea long time ago erm
hours so erm that isquitea long time f806: mm
thirty odd years erm soquitea long time there f1038:
erm i would say forquitea long while as part
the sixth years that squitean interestin erm thing we
like boxin gloves i wasquiteannoyed but erm i seen
alle- erm er er yesquitearguably [laugh] f718: [laugh] f1077:
had alzheimer s she wasquitebatty but erm f1038: [laugh]
by mr roald dahl whoquiteconveniently erm would have had
london but erm but noquitedifficult ch- i didn t
a group with erm somequitedifficult text that i had
mean if you they werequitedistinctive erm the further north
erm i thought it wasquitedry and didn t really
s the story m1078: [laugh]quiteer alle- erm er er
huh m1174: so it squiteerm strict erm sometimes difficult
f1148: erm no i mquiteexcited to see nick again
wee prompt erm i becamequitefluent in it i could
last year which erm wasquitefun until it got to
f1049: i know it squitefunny but erm i was
rely on erm it squitehard to i mean my
i think that s ofquitehigh-high- high enough quality erm
erm but er i dquitelike her to get married
projects and er he squitemad but erm a f-
it is they transfer themquitereadily erm we have children
f1037: erm they don tquiterun around shouting och aye
first prose one that squiteso explicit erm and it
i mean is it justquitesoon since you f1148: erm
m762: erm though it squiteunusual perhaps to get someone
all the time erm becomingquiteused to them it may
m954: erm and that wasquiteuseful in fact the the
caught with another an e-quitewell connected aristocrat erm but
i started to get reallyquitewell erm and of course
ah oh f1103: that squitea hard ain cause it
cause loaded to me soundsquitea modern one an i
at f1151: cause he squiteactive f1150: it used to
huh f1143: i ve gotquitean unusual one cause my
being for the first timequitecompos mentis cause i was
i would imagine must bequitedamp cause you would hardly
mmhm f689: but it wasquitedauntin cause you sit in
out sort o gettin upquiteearly cause we had to
i think it should bequiteeasy cause i know f1151:
s sunny then i llquiteenjoy it cause i ll
m1008: mmhm m1007: uses itquitefreely m1008: mmhm m1007: cause
a sitootery an it squitefunny cause a- ye know
er mornin and it wasquitefunny cause th- the bbc
m819: er but it isquitefunny though cause i mean
for the pension to bequitehonest wi you ehm cause
somewhat cause there was somequitehorrified looking people [laugh] in
a shame cause obviously iquitelike languages and f1148: uh
[laugh] f1150: [laugh] i wasquitelucky cause i did politics
have done aye i wasquitelucky cause i played an
like that cause she squitenervous about things like that
ga- m819: well it isquitepopular cause the food isn
thing right i find glasgowquitestrange cause what you ve
at the time i hadquitea bad neck it really
f1149: mm f1148: which isquitea long time really uh
hoose and it really wisquitean owld hoose because de
was really f1025: aye f1023: quiteangry about it but i
f1150: [laugh] f1151: i mquitebad with money and really
masel that i was reallyquitebroad to start wi then
in too f746: it soundsquitecosmopolitan really just with all
embarrassed about you responded reallyquiteeagerly and after a while
i think that s reallyquitef807: for eight years f806:
magazine i think is reallyquiteimportant because f718: mm m017:
m811: mm that s reallyquite[inaudible] we had some weird
thought that s i reallyquitelike that that would be
i ve always like reallyquiteliked snow but [laugh] f978:
opened up my eyes reallyquitem1163: aye it s it-it-
i w- i was reallyquitepleased when they said no
know if we re reallyquiteready for it yet but
him that er is reallyquiteremarkable f718: hm mmhm mmhm
grounding being a rolling pinquiterhythmic oceanic really like driftwood
i did i was reallyquiteshocked and i seen them
ewing my point is reallyquitesimple there is grave concern
m really confused is itquitesing songy jimmy m1020: eh
she strokes my face reallyquitetenderly i suppose a fella
i had but it squitevague i really don t
f963: i thought it workedquitewell really in in the
efter f785: mmhm this isquitea big question ehm who
i come at things fromquitea kind of ehm politically
now ehm you ve gotquitea number of languages and
ways like nuts to bequiteaffectionate and ehm totally no
[laugh] f1024: ehm it wasquiteamazing ehm bu- bu- it
you think it [inaudible] wellquiteanyway ehm mmhm m017: well
hoping to get it squiteattractive is it m827: ehm
accent is ehm can bequitebroad it isn t always
parade and all that squiteehm m819: aye aye [inaudible]
to do but ehm iquiteenjoyed it but my main
ehm an but it wasquitef832: [?]this is me.[/?] f834: year it
the time so it squitefar but ehm i mean
f689: ehm but it wasquitehorrendous tryin to find like
imagine that i can tquiteimagine that ehm but one
crocodile rock [sniff] m815: iquitelike millport that s ehm
studied any but i dquitelike tae ehm learn norwegian
had a bothy which wasquiteseparate m1002: aye m1000: ehm
m1048: ehm so i wasquitesurprised and then he said
i mean he he wasquitetraumatised when i got ehm
went ehm well i thinkquitewell because we did we
then ehm like i didquitewell in school and that
but then we were ehmquitewell padded f1009: [laugh] m1007:
and ehm where it squitewide and they do what
as well eh it coversquitea a wide spectrum o
cost f889: well it squitea big a- it cost
[inhale] well it s inlandquitea bit from there mmhm
well i suppose there isquitea strong accent we we
i think that s beenquitea well used word though
here some o them arequitealike as well kinda similar
well so it has beenquitean ordeal for them to
they could teach the coursesquiteas well as they do
arthur well is the thumbquitebetter now love from madge
f1109: well it s naequiteblue that oh it s
ve got chuck as wellquiteborin cannae think m1014: trust
pence oh well that isquitecheap maybe i will come
no mm well that soundsquitecheerful [laugh] f1067: well i
know [laugh] well it squitedifficult to aim sometimes you
the line well it squiteeasy to find examples of
m1008: this month well notquitef1009: yes i i had
mmhm f1149: because i mquitefair skinned as well like
some of them can bequitefunny as well [inaudible] m608:
m819: er well it squitefunny there s a there
next monday night and iquitelike the pogues well all
view it might well sitquitelow in the level of
s what it s likequitenear the back as well
are they not they arequiteobtrusive oh well i mean
then that d probably bequitepleasant too m941: well that
bare as well is isquiterefreshing in a way i
as well though it squitescary as well m608: you
mm f639: and i wasquiteshy as well f640: because
sentences which do not workquiteso well can still be
but all did not endquiteso well with hobie as
huff well it s noquitethat disnae maybe need to
choir perth kessock we doquitewell 82 and 86 168
think that that has workedquitewell and that s part
d leavers coffee morning althoughquitewell attended mrs [censored: surname] reported
auction lots were coming inquitewell but more were required
carrying capacity is carried outquitewell by the scottish environment
more er you re doingquitewell er so i think
maw paw al settling inquitewell here after initial homesickness
then anyway i m feelingquitewell i ll let you
i m beginning to succeedquitewell orientation began today which
we in scotland could bequitewell prepared if we take
in all things are goingquitewell so far term proper
at all is it u-quitewell used or is it
was still young scrubbed upquitewell when she made the
[laugh] f1150: which went downquitewell with the department but
s dealin wi his issuesquitewell yi noh think si
think themselves i d sayquitea bit norse f746: oh
think about it it squitea complex word for for
i think there s aquitea varied accent goin about
m762: i think i havequitean original voice f963: mm
i think that it wasquiteappropriate for tricia marwick to
think i used to speakquitebroad and then i moved
you sung them mary maryquitecontrary f1112: you think they
think about them it squitedifficult but [cough] excuse me
of that you think arequitedistinctive f1005: er gies a
i think it would bequitedisturbing to find that there
think my own judgement isquiteduff for these things [laugh]
and i think it squiteeasy to just you know
will go thro i mquiteexcited about it i think
i think the people werequitefriendly but it they took
i think the- theses soundsquitefunny you know [laugh] m741:
service charges will work outquitehigh we think about 17
love of of scottish literaturequitehonestly i think i have
i think which are stillquiteirish in a way i
i think my dad wouldquitelike to after he came
was going to say iquiteliked it but i think
och i think so hequitelikes going up to uist
would think that gaelic squitenicey language i suppose er
which i think makes herquiteold so why should people
it is it it squitepatronising basically i think there
6 335 billion elaine thomsonquitepossibly the convener i think
not think that he hasquitereached the stage of being
and i think it squiterelevant to what our proposals
don t think it squitescots but anyway i was
don t think it workedquiteso much with adults but
i think it took usquitesome time to realise wur
[laugh] f812: [laugh] that isquitestrange you don t think
don t think this isquitethe atmosphere for further work
don t think sectarian isquitethe right word but i
don t think you simpletonsquiteunderstand pause my son robby
mmhm m605: qu- i thinkquiteunhelpful in terms of reading
know i think that squiteunusual but at the same
er somerset maugham used itquitea bit in his er
above me er there werequitea number of of people
m964: then i discovered erquiteby surprise when we brought
things we set up erquitecheap and it was m608:
gaelic because i was erquitefond of gaelic and particularly
s er and it wasquitefun but no scottish lit
aw you know what squitefunny right em er when
do some work er neverquitegot round to it er
ve always kind of beenquitemusical er so f- for
aye i hea- i heardquiterecently in fact er just
er some o them werequitesmart at it but they
city eh er f718: yesquiteuh huh m017: that that
was ugly because it squitea a strong she would
was forty so there wasquitea big age gap between
f812: so if it wasquitea big mushroom you d
and he was subjected toquitea bit of bullying because
even in glasgow there wasquitea bit of narcotic activity
was pulled up for itquitea bit some f1054: like
know sport and games wasquitea broad general subject and
was a relatively you knowquitea broad term for a
that so that that wasquitea but there s a
in the registers it wasquitea challenging task to prove
terribly long ago it wasquitea dangerous journey by that
cows which was in torryquitea derogative m1042: terrible f1043:
mm f1023: an it wasquitea hike if you had
a long way that wasquitea long way but there
christine grahame it was givenquitea low number pe13 so
or slacks that was anotherquitea modern name slacks f1026:
original meaning of villain wasquitea neutral word meaning a
individual voice being valuable wasquitea new one in 16th
because i was in withquitea number of other pattern
exhausted said ricky it wasquitea psychological ordeal and i
fine i was i w-quitea relaxing day today though
modern people and it wasquitea relief to leave lovely
drugs i thought it wasquitea slap in the face
fact that she was fromquitea small village outside aberdeen
pitch an putt it wasquitea trek but eh gradually
knitted by itself but forquitea while when i was
and she stayed on forquitea while whether it was
m afraid the woman wasquiteabominable her leathery skin was
lanarkshire lass that was allquitealien to me people s
s the whole expedition wasquitean adventure as we had
world and fortunately it wasquitean easy birth you know
barrister in london which wasquitean extraordinary concept we could
the names question that wasquitean m816: mmhm m815: easy
puzzled that it was notquiteas she remembered but the
grassmarket when it was notquiteas sophisticated as it is
company employees that option wasquiteattractive for some of them
at the registrar she wasquiteaustere an sort of mm
be born again he wasquiteaware of how a man
i wasn t i wasquitebad f813: aw i was
in first year it wasquitebad with sort of heating
recent arrival from england wasquitebemused by the thought of
easter egg when i wasquitebig when i say that
and went home yesterday wasquitebusy i finished preparing a
cat i heard about gaiaquiteby chance when lovelock was
was high and the seaquitechoppy and they made a
davidson s speech he wasquitecircumspect perhaps he is deferring
about one episode it isquiteclear that there was a
own for the voice wasquiteclearly coming from behind her
train which was older butquitecomfortable although we were travelling
from viewpoint so she wasquiteconfused m608: ah right f643:
[laugh] f812: was your mumquiteconscious of like what she
[laugh] m811: they weren tquitecool enough when i was
at the uni that wasquitecool f745: oh right f746:
sutherland mary scanlon i wasquitedisappointed in the joint future
in legal documents it wasquitedistinct from the english of
dinner we came back homequiteearly because i was tired
sight the market place wasquiteemptied and antony at last
thought because her cups werequiteempty a looker she was
the doctor s which wasquitef718: uh huh m734: close
money makin idea that wasquitefantastic for a pound ye
rider s face had beenquitefeatureless a blank she was
gaelic speaking teacher i wasquitefortunate i am delighted that
evidence from historic scotland wasquitefrankly farcical until there is
of view might indeed provequitefruitful mine was a symptomatic
film victor victoria which wasquitefunny don t take dad
[laugh] f689: so that wasquitefunny that was a wee
something that i couldn tquitehear but there was no
f641: [laugh] f643: which wasquitehilarious because there was lots
it i don t knowquitehow long i was in
so drunk as to bequiteincoherent but there was no
else s language it wasquiteincredible that how ye changed
the fire f643: it wasquiteinterestin ye know and eh
garden i can remember thatquiteit was the cludgie i
went twice so i wasquitejealous when she said that
one woman and she wasquitelarge as it was but
planned better i was informedquitelate about the problems with
but no city relished sinquitelike edinburgh maconochie was still
you m1078: there was nobodyquitelike it f718: [laugh] f1077:
modernist mould but he wasquitem741: mmhm m605: kind of
mm [inaudible] f1053: was itquitem999: no m1000: wasnae very
was most impressed i becamequitemesmerised following your progress round
evening tink s lounge wasquitenear a neon owl blinked
was that when they werequitenew i haven t a
as we know it wasquiteotherwise in smith s case
in the playhouse it wasquitepleasant and the playhouse inside
know what her service wasquitepossible she kept the little
him beer barrel he wasquiteproud o that by the
dad he rushed me downquitequickly though [laugh] he was
which was very influential untilquiterecently if it was a
was this was this wasquiterecently m608: this was after
europe two ordinary scots werequiteremarkable one was margaret dryden
people are colin campbell wasquiteright it all depends on
figures and his point wasquiteright it is a bit
mait wi em helen wasquiteright most visitors were very
liked about it she wasquiteright too in fact i
drown [laugh] f1149: i wasquitescared when i was younger
his chewing gum that wasquiteserious f631: [inaudible] f634: that
the interview and i wasquiteshocked to get the job
stock housing associations were generallyquitesmall and specialised it was
was a handsome knuckly handquitesmall of course its whiteness
lived our living room wasquitesmall so we only had
i shoot it was notquiteso easy in times gone
know they were they werequitespecial and everybody was kind
a ford car he wasquitespecific about the make i
f122: aw f010: who wasquitesplendid and a horse called
and grandparents it was alsoquitestriking that children born locally
turkish cypriot troubles she wasquitestruck by his eyes they
couldn t move i wasquitesurprised he s a physical
in the bookshop i wasquitesurprised tae get it but
was looking for i wasquitesurprised to read some of
went from home she wasquitethe lady with button up
mm f643: so it wasquitethe most peculiar experience i
my mum [laugh] i wasquitetraumatised so she bought me
get a life it wasquitetrue fairberry s was convenient
skin mr morrison however wasquiteunable to do so his
granting authorisations the committee wasquiteunited on that phil gallie
i realised that it wasquiteunlike any prison with a
all his skill and remainingquiteunnoticed he was a trifle
a stone the shopkeeper wasquiteupset i ll gie ye
johann lamont that is notquitewhat i was asking you
be encouraged more it wasquitewrong for gaelic grannies such

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