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wi couthie thochts scots tungrfairnie secretar scots tung quaich
tung richt aneuch whan youraboot it s better ti
tung in yeir heid therbut the ae wey ti
tung begoud ti wag thernae brousters at hame oniemair
tung foraye morag but thernaebodie here that coud objek
tung oot ma mou yerrael guid at sic ploys
beenie s tung but thertimes an aw when he
when the offices of ura c close should you
eh s f889: s tra c h u r
the name isobel s tra c h u r
a word in the ura c management vocabulary we
ten rings a furious ura c manager screamed down
you re simply not ura c material so it
card she jotted down ura c s switchboard number
as an employee of ura c the second day
time the scrap heap ura c united royal armaments
ormiston general manager of ura c was mercifully brief
pushed the interview with ura c went surprisingly well
styled themsels u s sran hailed yersel rab burns
c o ud da urdurst ma u n mone
r a c h urf890: strachur f889: strachur oh
s be dimps s eri o u s silence
edinburgh edinburgh u p macaulayrk s and trevelyan g
w v u t srq p o n m
time v u t srq p o n m
ll just be w ars d u m865: uh
q [clapping hands] m1108: q f1107: rs t m1108: u and
scottish word hursts h urs t s now that
grunnie m1000: aye grunnie gru n n i e
ah m a s urv i v o r
r a c h urwhat is that f890: eh
sic graund thochts but wergey coorse in practical maitters
braw lyfie thochts olga yersae luivlie the day irena
by michael grieve and wraitken london martin brian o
d meiklejohn s edition wrchambers 1907 inevitably there have
at id wiz eh wri committee were in it
s days of maybe wri s or something like
arbuthnott [note: photo: 'rnli coffee morning at alpitty in 1983.'] [note: photo: 'kate aitken at an arbuthnott house fete before 1915.'] [note: photo: 'wri presentation of a table lighter to mrs thorn on her departure from the community in 1973.'] wri the w r i
w r i the wri was founded in 1927
and take evidence from wrj mcqueen head of division
but eh f1054: as inro w m1004: yes f1006:
scholars of older scots drrw burchfield oxford english dictionary
scottish mint and published byrw cochran patrick provides valuable
were installed in june 1959rw peter inverbervie carried out
cakes 1 ½ cups srflour ¾ cup c sugar
tins dumpling 2 lbs srflour 1 lb b sugar
3 c sugar 4 srflour 1 porage oats ½
apple crumble 4 ozs srflour 2 c sugar 2
yogurt orange 3 cartons srflour 2 cartons caster sugar
1 cup plain flour srflour 2 eggs beaten bake
c sugar 3 ozs srflour 2 eggs beaten
oz marg 10 oz srflour 2 or 3 eggs
rock cakes 8 oz srflour 2 oz marg 2
s pudding 1 cup srflour 3 tablespoons c sugar
sponge cake 4 ozs srflour 4 c sugar 4
sponge cake 5 ozs srflour 4 c sugar 4
coffee buns 8 ozs srflour 4 marg 2 s
walnut loaf 3 cups srflour 4 ozs marg 1
sultana cake 12 ozs srflour 6 marg 6 c
stir in 2 cups srflour bake in 1lb loaf
andrews church hall lochgelly rr2 v falkirk 2 at
ye r lyke awricht yera danger ti yeirsell an
r e r r notra r e okay f1054:
r mebbe saxtie but yeraye bletherin sum demned styte
r no freinlie an theyraye hungirie for meat i
to dad in forenoon rrbeat e fife 1 0
up to date flexoprint onrby r work nice change
1985 at the home ofr[censored: surname] present r [censored: surname] v
home of r [censored: surname] presentr[censored: surname] v [censored: surname] j [censored: surname]
tyme ti wunner whuther theyrdepressed or no we r
aboot ye sumhou but yerdowie ye r no content
r r not r are okay f1054: ehm what
the whole of aberdeen rerrre r r not r
pleased f1043: mm m1042: rerrre r r oh i
g a l a irf1009: a i r yeah
chief among them j rrfirth 1890 1960 the tongues
remember er somebody asking drin the staffroom d r
ye ye r shameless yerjuist a tink puddok insults
r no auld eilidh yerjuist richt a hantil men
wutch ah ken whit yerlyke awricht ye r a
r v i v ormakin tricks best way ah
dinna touch hir masha yermebbe saxtie but ye r
no that bad shuirlie yernae better but ye r
r nae better but yernae waur aither queen it
r no happy an thernae wey we can be
cailleach lyke masell moula yourno auld eilidh ye r
but ye r dowie yerno content wi the lyfe
beiss in thir wuds theyrno freinlie an they r
back bydin thare again werno happy an the r
aberdeen rerr r e rrnot r a r e
m1042: rerr r e rroh i feel rerr rerr
st andrews church hall lochgellyrr 2 v falkirk 2
visit to dad in forenoonrr beat e fife 1
language chief among them jrr firth 1890 1960 the
of aberdeen rerr r err not r a r
mm m1042: rerr r err oh i feel rerr
the stranlowper development a mucklerr toun aneth the north
usual crowded saturday to footballrr v dundee in afternoon
scottish cup tie goes onrr v hibernian a draw
at methil 2 wednesday torr v q of south
that would be k err y and i said
r tormentin me thorfinn yerroused ah believe valgerd ye
nae shame in ye yershameless ye r juist a
stertit the fire olga yoursilly masha ye r the
r depressed or no werthe bairns o parents that
can tell ye malcolm yourthe mistress shona you r
r the mistress shona yourthe mistress the houss wul
you r silly masha yerthe stuipitest bodie in oor
gin ye r thrang yerthrang ah m in nae
they said weill gin yerthrang ye r thrang ah
the lest valgerd weakly yertormentin me thorfinn ye r
stranlowper development a muckle rrtoun aneth the north sea
and that s the toysrus got f1127: toy r
r us got f1127: toyrus got that m1128: aye
crowded saturday to football rrv dundee in afternoon weather
cup tie goes on rrv hibernian a draw 0
methil 2 wednesday to rrv q of south draw
r in the staffroom drwhat s the gaelic for
date flexoprint on r byrwork nice change thursday 19
would be k e rry and i said no
i r f1009: a iryeah m1055: g a l
n seanair m1008: a iryes m1007: a i r
r yes m1007: a iryes m1055: seanair f1009: seanair
seen ahint the dure thera chaumer whaur a mukkil
the nicht yeir hieness thera gret mukkil puddok at
thing ah saw tae thera mukkil deer hound streikit
a lee he said thera mukkil raip streikit oot
the tyme haes cum thera mukkil thunner clood blawin
an in its steid thera mukkil vacuum a hole
yon mukkil sumf gin therae thing that keeps me
glaumerie canna byde whaur theras mukkil as ae wee
man an his mother theyraw ootby in the mukkil
mukkil jessie juist kis yerbig an strang it disna
mukkil o this eilidh yerdrawin the lang bou we
roused ah believe valgerd yerlauchin ower mukkil the nicht
demned styte or ither yerlyke a mukkil bairn natasha
moula ah m shuir yermakkin ower mukkil o this
thing queen maister rintoul wermukkil behauden ti ye but
see aroond us an thermukkil o it proves in
jek jek no mukkil therno a merk on hir
ti be yeir guidwyfe therno mukkil ah miss an
day koolyghin ah dout therno mukkil can be duin
malcolm forget aboot it therno mukkil chaunce o that
fair upsets ma stammik therno mukkil divert in it
ti thole it seems therno mukkil howp for the
in the warld areddies therno mukkil howp for the
be a guid idea therno mukkil pleisir ah tell
that tea nou pompitie therno mukkil tea here tea
the better ah dout therno mukkil tyme left an
aw ferr owre damp thersnails an mukkil slugs an
mukkil tyme left an werti save yeir fuit mercie
thing at a tyme thernae hurry naething soud be
tell me richt for thernaething ah wadna dae for
s ill ti credit thernaething bonnie aboot hir nou
ah ve forgotten awthing thernaething but confuision an heiligoleirie
s he wantin here thernaething for him here he
cosie an cosh fur thernaething lik a guid fleg
sauchs upon ma chowks thernaething lyke makkin yeir merk
chickens chouk chouk couk thernaething oor guid baron lykes
the job jek jek thernaething personal aboot the wark
beckons cum here son thernaething ti be feart for
wad hae been uninterestin thernaething ti pick atwein thaim
awa for a meinit thernaething ti say oniewey natasha
the poems we wrate thernaething ti shaw we war
whan we hae meat thernaething ti spare ochone an
ti dae than puddok thernaething til t pit you
is oor weird an thernaething we can dae aboot
gey fek o wyne thernaething wrang mynd wi takkin
wee bairn nanse weill thernaething wrang wi that but
m [censored: surname] apologies a [censored: surname]r[censored: surname] j [censored: surname] a welcome
at 7 30p m presentr[censored: surname] m [censored: surname] j [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] m [censored: surname] j [censored: surname]r[censored: surname] m [censored: surname] n [censored: surname]
d j and grant 1reast ardsley e p the
le sacré grasset paris 1972rj daly the origins of
glare oxford university press drrj lyall university of glasgow
aitken applied to dr jrpeddie of the carnegie trust
of the time martin jrrothery j 1986 exploring and
saturday to tynecastle with jrto hearts v raith hearts
cinema an argos a toysrus er j d sports
for whit puddok weill thera ful muin the nicht
hae noticed that morag yera maist byordnar puddok richt
the warld morag puddok yerbrekkin ma hert puddok gin
the puddok aunsirt but thermair til it nor that
flask puddok ai but thermair til t nor that
awa this verra meinit thernae priest here puddok whitfor
you tell yeir puddok yerno richt mairrit at aw
hand ah m thinkin yerowre forritsum for a puddok
mairrie wi a puddok yershuirlie no verra wyce it
seeing the puddok sae yourthe puddok it s littil
onie ill eilidh moula thera certain kynd o wumman
vissie a gemm eftir thernae gemms i scotland onie
the lether he cries thernae need for onie fash
wutch aweill ah howp yerno expekkin onie denner here
onlie convince ye that therno gaun ti be onie
ye this wullie if therno onie thare a m
a snell day whan yerno weirin onie claes morag
but a dinnae think theronie chance a d hae
granda dae ye think theronie chance o a scran
tae fin oot if theronie gowf coorses in heiven
dae ye ken whuther theronie horses in the stable
taen afore you an theronie wey at aw o
mair reader freendly if thertae be onie kinna mellin
herbor onie grudge knicht yervext aboot it he shakes
but ah dinna think yerwantin ti loss onie mair
leuchit agane ti shaw therwesna onie ill wull he
ay ah did that yera gey lang tyme i
whit a lang tyme weraw deid aw the tyme
haed better flee whyle theraye tyme ye wad be
aw the tyme afore werborn an aw the tyme
eternal lynes ti tyme yergrowein sae lang as men
o threid an gin thayrno duin in tyme ah
tyme rodé embraces toozenbach werno lyke ti meet again
whit s yeir hurry therplentie tyme andrey ah m
say ti ye whyle therstill tyme queen whyles ye
ti greit aboot whan yeran auld cailleach lyke masell
wul be lyke eftir weraw deid say twa or
pause ye look lyke yeraw gaun ti sleep as
lyke me malcolm aweill theraye twa sydes but hou
you staun up strecht yergaun aboot cruppen thegither lyke
ye ye look lyke yergaun ti skail it lad
she wesna ti ken yerjuist lyke ane o the
dout ignorant an backward therjuist thrie bricht fowk lyke
haurlie credit it but yerluikin mair lyke yeirsell richt
ye keep lowpin aboot yerlyke a hen on a
wutch awbodie kens whit yerlyke ye canna behave yeirsell
romantic lyke seein that wermairrit ah thocht that you
doun in the houss theyrmakkin an awfu lyke dirdum
shuir it s you yerno a bit lyke yeirsell
ma mither wes eilidh therno monie lyke hir that
lyke ither men an yerno yeir lane for eilidh
houss wi me gin theroniething ye wad lyke juist
ve aged lyke but yershuirlie no an auld man
look at him man yersittin thare lyke a craw
in hir wellington buits yerspylin hir ah div lyke
you thare a meinit thersumthing ah d lyke ti
it easy lyke an yerweirin whyte an lookin fair
hairrie is that queen theran auld wig in thare
a decanter of cognac yeraye sittin thare yeir lane
floor from downstairs thare theyrcryin me ti cum doun
ye ar fur whaur yergaun aw ye in thare
weill whitna surprise olga wergaun ti leeve thare ye
aw roond thare an thernae sign o t whaur
listenin tae me geordie yerno sayin a word thare
thare a pause andrey yerno sayin oniething andrey ah
giein a repone ay yerricht thare a m gey
for the ivories koolyghin yerricht thare baron ah m
come in anfisa nou theyrsittin doun thare ablo the
yeir truibil yeir grace thera hantil ill naitur gangs
yeir feet that means theran erdine doun ablo the
ti dae it syre yerblisst in yeir dochter she
annuncit bot caw cannie wirfur shae is cairriein yeir
an killin yeir hoond thernae tellin whit yeir dochter
back on yeir words thernae turnin back nou morag
yeir grace yeir luckie yerno deid frae the loss
make yeir acquantance olga yerno gaun ir ye ye
wi yeir ain kynd yerno naitral naither ye ir
yeir neist voyage thorfinn yerno ti speak aboot that
laddie ay you but yerno yeir lane ah hae
yeir man afore whyle yeron yeir feet ye micht
sitting up to ringan yerowre free wi yeir haunds
aff yeir claes whan theyrricht dry pompitie pathetically ye
o yeir man morag thershuirlie mair ti lyfe nor
bit ti the syde yerstaunin in yeir ain licht
yeir faither yit moula thersumthing gaun on doun in
nou kisses her hand thertears in yeir een ye
mak yeir acquantance guidmither yerverra walcum here ah m
yeir wark richt an yervext for fowk jek maister
it s littil wunner yerwurkit up on yeir waddin
to her saturday 28 dancerb c monday 30 word
arranging prize giving social forrb c saturday 23 quiet
m865: corbett c o ehrb e double t oh
23 sunday to st asalphrc church duncan bumps car
the d i v orc e so horrid a
the right reverend dr andrewrc mclellan moderator of the
at blakeney then to walsinghamrc place small c of
first time today sunday 26rc s ch concert music
the national map library reidrc wigtownshire charters 1960 rcahms
word forfochen spelt f orf o c h e
something for s a cro and the howard league
v raith cup match jimmyrcomes to rescue with one
l a v a gror something like that kollavagr
i au gs ng vrthe morphological items were dinnae
of the majority decision inrv 1 her majesty s
the nicht adv tonight therv there is the war
together theik n thatch therv there is thir a
the nicht adv tonight therv there is thir a
ehm gramp f1025: gramp gra m p gramp f1054:
king george vi funeral todayri p 22 at scouts
hep dies 2 a mri p 4 saturday working
king george vi reaches nationri p 7 thursday country
enclosed is his schule wirkri p tae mrs mcrae
f833: [laugh] f834: and errm p s f833: me
you must join the arp mares eat oats and
social prestige often known asrp received pronunciation spoken standard
minister was in the arp the phone was in
time songs and rhymes arp underneath the spreading chestnut
put across in the prsense m608: mmhm f643: to
what a company s prstrategy would be not their
drawing room ma dears thera strange colonel juist arrived
juist luik at ye yeras bonnie as a spring
fedotik juist look here theyraw at thair meat areddies
juist tell me gin yercauld ma bodie is warm
juist as easy whan yergaun ower the carpets an
a nem tae it therjuist a chance tho that
dargin at the skuil therjuist ae thing a lang
they mean nae herm theyrjuist batherin ye they ir
wul want ye for yerjuist ferr owre prood awthegither
s awa somewhaur else yerjuist like yer faither nae
o us ah dout werjuist stuck in the bit
face haes gaen nou therjuist the blossoms fliein in
but he daes ken therjuist the twa kinna fowk
l be blyth but therjuist the yae but ye
oor sleepin beds andrey therjuist the yae thing ah
imagine it the nou therjuist thrie fowk o intelligence
juist you watch whit yersayin it coudna been shona
malcolm shona watch whit yersayin juist you watch whit
ah think she kens yerspeakin aboot hir juist listen
still hae a notion thersumbodie about the place juist
that juist dae as yertelt an ye l no
fiador koolyghin kisses her yerwabbit lass juist you rest
gaun by at the roadsiderb sm 13 6 99
on athout kennin whaur theyrgaun or whitfor an they
whaur dae ye think yergaun pompitie ah wes ettlin
in the scots language thergaun tae come a time
but a m shuir yergaun tae tell me weel
ye sumthing else tae yergaun ti be a graundfaither
duin for us yit wergaun ti leeve yon band
aff ma heid laughs wergaun ti moscow in the
lave morag nou that wermairrit guidman whaur we gaun
eilidh eilidh nounae nounae thernae gaun back moula that
see ay ah see yerno gaun ti gie me
her spinning wheel eilidh werno gaun ti hae oor
gin ye want gunlöd yerno gaun ti think o
mak to irena sae yerreally gaun the morn whit
wi dryte queen morag yershuirlie never gaun ti tell
awa frae this neiborheid theyrti be gaun sumwhaur a
knicht sae ye say yera bit ower het for
uniform toozenbach embracing fedotik yera braw chiel fedotik we
on the shoulder ay yera braw yin in vino
mairriage nae wattir nanse yera cankert bruit sae ye
mon dinna be blate yera growein laddie wad ye
man never heed dreams yera growne man ye soudna
pompitie guid for you yera guid lad it s
gently mither wauken up thera man ti see ye
sumthing wrang atwein us yera queer yin nae dout
ye ai ah bet yera richt deil whan ye
whit s the difference yera richt skunner whitever ye
sowl can ever ken thera thing ye aften hear
lik thai winna ken yera truphane ontil eftir ye
cawin but the howff thera veisitor fur ye maister
ah dream aboot thaim yera wunnerfu marvellous be in
hiz face a suppone yerabout ti gie me sum
an leave me gunlöd therae sacrifice ye can mak
aboot dae ye ken theran auld man in paisley
micht speir o ye theran awfu number o leirsmen
ye ll can see theran intimation stuck up i
sae weel sandy but ooraw missin ye somethin sair
s a sair fecht weraw puir craiturs whan ye
hae duin naethig moula yeraw slaigert wi bluid the
pulls the bell rope yeraw wrocht up for nae
lass ma precious bairn yerawa ferr aheid o me
aw ma lane eftir yerawa lat me gang wi
mak sum impression eftir yerawa mebbe sax mair fowk
s ye dae that yeraye a bairn gunlöd ah
ye the siccar cure therbut the ae cure an
behauden ti ye but werbyordnar thrang the day ah
him laughs an here yercomplainin kis ye ken a
whit dae ye think yerdaein malcolm standing with his
wul you watch whit yerdaein that l dae fyne
whit dae ye think yerdaein whit ir ye up
the warld but you yerdearer ti me nor oniething
vaill o drink ontil yerdeprivat aye a l hae
for a meinit but yerdifferent frae the lave you
a golden chain olga yerdowie the day masha masha
gotten lost a pause yereen ir that restless whit
div ye ken whit theyrettlin ti cry him yit
poutch o gowd gin yerever doun perth wey be
look nanse ah think yerfair deleirit mither whitever ir
aboot it the nicht yerfair worn oot bairn eftir
wi the christians valgerd yerfeart for that gunlöd sumbodie
for nae guid reason yerfeart for the day ye
ti hear that pompitie yerfeelin a bit better than
aneuch queen howt man yerferr owre blate dinna you
s settilt than moula yerfinndin sum relief nou faither
turns round desperately pompitie yergarrin me gang the maist
can dae ah hear yergey brave aboot jaggin ither
an keep me companie yergey guid wi sair feet
a wee auld man yergey hingin luggit luikin whit
an leaves morag whyles yergey ill on ringan mither
astonishment but ah see yergittin ti be a gret
desperation ay ay valgerd yergreitin ah see ye gunlöd
gunlöd bursts into tears yergreitin gunlöd and ye ken
o siccan a skellum therguid raison tho ye peruissit
sayed john dinna fash thairgyed bi robotars ye dinna
awa wi ye wumman yergyte an kenna whit ye
yer murnin claes an yerhaein tae git back intae
l tel the sojers yerheir an whan thai stert
that s funny then yerhere bi yeirsell irena ay
awa toozenbach laughs ach yourhere ir ye ah didna
sae ye needna think yerill duin til the witch
div ye no ken therill magic forby guid ay
div ye no ken therill magic forby guid morag
wyfe an bairns masha yerin gey puir fettil the
wis ower late noo yerleukin a wee tait disjaskit
is it stain vernish yerleukin for hen speired the
awfu gled tae hear yerlikin it sae weel sandy
a tanner apiece ay therlots ye can dae wi
leised on herein at yerlowsed ebenezer telt him wi
whit s wrang guidmither yerluikin gey doun i the
to take her pulse yerluikin gey peillie wallie richt
neibor ti me pepper yerma guid freind putting his
wi me seein as yerma guidwyfe ye l be
say ah ken you yerma mammie guid mornin bobik
said til him bobik yerma verra ain ma verra
on pepper s arm yerma verra guid freind pepper
ma dear sweet masha yerma wyfe an ah m
me ti thrappil ye yermair bather nor aw ye
richt dry pompitie pathetically yermair nor a neibor ti
here ootby for ye thermair nor twa hunder o
an lat thaim ken yermairrit an that ah m
guidson whit s this yermairrit on moula that s
then ye d think thermaun be some wey tae
pepper ah m thinkin yermebbe a wee thing deleirit
keep masell richt pepper yermebbe no the aunser til
that fuit malcolm aweill yermebbe richt ah hear ye
ye for hir condeition thernae betterment ah m aulder
fists in the air yernae dochter o mynes exit
ve got on ye yernae eyl pentin yeirsell the
the day knicht awricht thernae hurry malcolm wul ye
askit o ye but thernae leevin thegither the wey
askit frae ye but thernae leevin thegither the wey
angrily guidman it seems thernae richt pleasin ye im
attention but ah see thernae shame in ye ye
eddication ye ken yersel thernae want the mair fowk
ay ye ir that thernaebodie sae fair naewhaur in
ye can fin oot thernaebodie ye can speir on
whit ah hear tell yernever awa frae that pownie
it s no smittil yernever duin thinkin aboot yeirsell
name on it wullie therno a lot ye can
fairlie lat yeirsell doun yerno back on the ferm
that did thae things yerno cawin me a leear
ken wha ye ir yerno cummin in here at
aye been sumthing aither yerno here or ah m
im broun ogre gin yerno him whaur is he
ye made wi me therno monie lassies wad hae
ye made wi me therno monie lassies wad hae
ay ah can see yerno richt pompitie whit can
a ploum is it yerno sae auld as ah
wadna forget aither that yerno sae gleg as ye
it s a wunner yerno struck doun for sayin
coal houss in here yerno that ugsum broun ogre
in the first place yerno ti cry me andrey
happy nou vershinin but yerno toozenbach flinging up his
to jump about wutch yerno wantin the duffie ir
the invite but gin therocht in it ye dinna
ah canna unnerstaun whit yeron aboot ferapont stopping in
birkie yin tout an yerout mirren at hed nou
wey but ah dout yerowre guid for this warld
wul want ye for yerowre prood awthegither sae ye
a len o ye therplenty o fowk that wid
aw an sindrie weill yerricht a suidna dae t
fair upsets me natasha yerricht ah ken ah aften
think sae ah daursay yerricht pointing is that burd
watter wattie answert ay yerricht wattie cried geordie as
d better mynd whit yersayin belle tamson that wes
darlin ah ken awthing yersayin perfitlie whan the baron
ye sum day whan yershort o siller broun ogre
ye think ah im yershuirlie no verra wyce it
ye at lassie puddoks thershuirlie plentie o thaim aboot
ye in hiddlins furby thersic clans heir awaw gin
ye winna knaw whit wersimmer an wintirin on about
ava ah m thinkin yersmellin the fresh bluid frae
fisher weemin ye ken thersome o thaim ll try
bleck drappins is that yerspeakin aboot geordie speirt wullie
sair on ye but yerstill a bit hauflin an
heedin ye masha ach yerstuipit olia if a luiv
shuir moula is deid thersumthing ah maun tell ye
queen bliss ye morag thersumthing in whit ye say
gie me the feelin thersumthing wrang atwein us ye
vous areddies dae as yertelt an dinna think owre
lairn ti dae as yertelt for ah can keep
tea for irena mercie yerthat ill naiturt turnt masha
hae mairrit you olechka yerthat kynd but ah m
youngest o them bit yerthe ain i m closest
the hinner end pompitie yerthe best frein ah ever
no mynes ye ken theyrthe office papers ah didna
whaur the truith is yerthe yae sowl in aw
koolyghin dae ye ken wertherteen dounsutten at the yae
ye dae the less yerthocht o sobbing the best
strokes olga s cheek yertired ma dear oor heidmistress
for a whyle nannie yertired ye puir thing makes
soliony ah tell ye thertwa andrey never mynd mak
ye mair forby for thertwa wee laddies divertin thairsells
s terrible ti ken yerugsum an naebodie lykes ye
it s aw whit yeruised wi mynd ye for
sit yeirsell doun sir werunco pleased ti see ye
queen ah l see yerweill rewairdit maister rintoul exit
ye but yestrein that therweirdrie in this houss but
alarmed dropping her voice yerweirin a green belt that
ma dear that belt yerweirin disna suit ye at
in a certain licht therwhyles ye bring me in
yer faither nae doot yerwishin ye cuid git patches
mair bather nor aw yerworth sae ye ir there
kill him ai but yerwunnerfu enter natasha carrying a
cummin ringan ah dout yerwurkin on for another lounderin
efter me to dod foorye deein dod fine georgie
unlit georgie weel jim foorye deein jim cheerily aye
wast springheid gin whan yeryung an bonnie ye dinna
denner sae they ir theyrhaein thair luncheon areddies fedoti
wi the papers than theyrmeant ti be signed ir
irena ir still oot therno back frae thair wark
dregs ir drained aye thersum glesses from the chinese
l tell thaim tae theyrthat kynd sae they ir
lat thir kettrens ken werup here or we ir
m [censored: surname] m [censored: surname] andr[censored: surname] a g m appreciation
street 3rd prize 3 mrr[censored: surname] [censored: house number] wilton street 2
in the home of mrr[censored: surname] [censored: house number] wilton street if
home of m [censored: surname] presentr[censored: surname] chair m [censored: surname] a
m [censored: surname] present m [censored: surname]r[censored: surname] h [censored: surname] m [censored: surname]
only acknowledgements had been receivedr[censored: surname] had not written the
own backcourt improvement schemes mrr[censored: surname] report on traffic questionaire
road will also be mentionedr[censored: surname] thought the cleansing department
doune quadrant 2 up 4rn [censored: surname] [censored: house number] doune quadrant
g a l a ira a galair m1007: two
leav thaim the nou theyraw fair duin we l
back he always did itre a l l y
be sauf wi thaim thairkin an l sure thaim
o the peges o ballantynerl s inventit caracts lik
follows l enter the childrenrmargaret well ah ve got
the arbuthnott branch of thern l i ladies guild
the defunct arbuthnott dramatic clubrn l i lady dorothy
the morn s friday thernae meetin but ah l
ah haud sacred gin theroniebodie else ah l kill
ugsum an auld farrant theyrsimply pathetic she l pit
l meet again gin werweirdit ti meet be shuir
soukin richt ah dout thera pea stuck in the
denner is richt ready thera pie koolyghin ai olga
the hielands a dout werin for anither richt blatter
for anither richt blatter thernae beild here at aw
says alasdair ma brither thernae kennin richt whuther the
canna be richt mairrit thernae priest at ardnamurchan queen
aa gie thanks tae godrricht an gweed it is
til the waiter owre eerricht shouder yin cuid sei
he wull mak aathing richtrspleet new an braw again
the mornin ah feel thersumthing no richt kis she
pleasure excellent fallaes ay theyra braw lot koolyghin approaches
ae gey queer leukin buray at wis yid scott
ay he firmly believed itrb s m 13 6
ay an mebbe no therbut the ae wey ti
blyth thorfinn howt ay thernae want o timmer in
hwun dhu boanay fush yeersellin at ay wurd bee
pompitie ay ah daursay thersum truith in that they
an ian chairlie jyned thera f an gin ma
things we canna help deeinrbit gin we come tae
wi thair een steekit thera guid wheen o thaim
bi vissiein thair prattiks thera guid whein fowk at
thair leilties ower nicht thera guid whein ither swatchis
aw that guid cause theraye a breck in the
dae sum guid tho therlittil aneuch that can be
a guid listener an therno monie o thae ah
wi flouer pats aither thernae air in thaim for
wi flouer pats aither thernae air in thaim for
ti mak soup but thernaebodie for ti share thaim
an affront tell thaim thernaebodie here nanny apologise ti
aw the same whit werhere for the nou is
maun dae it nou thernae affpit or an eftir
bairn aince an nou thernaebodie ti say a kynd
wi him nou but thersic a lot o vulgar
ma hert an nou thertears the stound that maks
e a n a irfor gr- m1008: mmhm seanair
m e n t ari a n i s
research council n pub macaulayrk s 1974 variation and
the old norn n orn language and eh f746:
n s f1009: a irone n m1008: yeah one
omnigadderum n anerlie wes therthair ain ingine bot raws
sniffing whit s that thera funnie kynd o whuff
weill whit ah say therae thing ma hert greins
whit ails me an theyraw lauchin at me ah
an ower the road thernae kennin whit sprint records
she wes that an yournae tortoise moula whit dae
an whit s mair thernae wey a ken o
no whit they war theyrthat bleirie whyles michtie me
ti sit on an thera cauld wund fair blawin
hyste ti lael fyve thera gairage wi a mechanik
thai cuidna pit hauns tira m a canadiane ceitezan
traivelled ti tornes sen thera whein droug traffek atwein
oot ti sea than theran affshore wund an afore
is sowthert thegither bot therane ill syde ti d
it a pause thirdly theranither thing ah hae ti
ti cum licht irena theyraw sittin throu in the
mair in this warld theraye a fee ti be
pains ti be sociable theraye a kynd wurd frae
glances at his watch therbarely an oor ti gang
quite a clivver brither werfair expekkin him ti be
los o sairious entent therfiftie copies yit ti be
ti draw ma skelf therhowp for me yit eilidh
in braw speirits masha werinvytit ti the rector s
s gaen foraye forever werleft oor lane ti stert
the littil kittlin for thermair wark yit ti dae
o scotland s dochter thernae gairds for ti keep
wyde open an yit thernae leafs ti be seen
frae keppard ti marsalis thernae lectra pouer whaur a
draw in a chair thernae need ti be hastie
seems ti me that thernae place in aw the
hyde iz pepper pepper thernaewhaur ti hyde in here
it s no that theroniething ti be feart for
ti see it an werspared an weill pompitie appears
me ti cum doun thersumbodie cum ti see me
masha ma dear sisters thersumthing ah hae ti tell
oot in ma mynd thersumthing ah hae ti unfankil
for the neist but thersumthing ah maun say ti
stop ti them tho therthrie thousan string o cunyie
an awfu besom gittin werti hae the carnival croud
anither day hed dawit thertwa freins cum ti veisit
ah want peace orm thertwa weys for ti win
mynd ti dae it werverra near oot o meal
that blatterin wund ootby thera storm blawin up ah
that same kinrik for thera thing ah maun dae
the auld wyfe an therae thing ah cannae byde
turn ah hear tell therflu in the toun an
lang trail or no therither things ah d raither
ah hear nae aunsir thernae aunsir ah hear ma
said the sklimmar syne thernae fasherie for ah sal
mercie ah m greitin thernae need quickly dries her
leeches ah m shuir theyrno daein hir a bit
lies down koolyghin weill werno puir masha ah hae
universities in moscow andrey theronlie the yin soliony ah
deid as lang s yourrspared an weill moula ah
poued the skelf moula thersum glaumerie here ah dinna
bluid about the place thersumbodie here ah m shuir
m wurkin at hame yourteachin an ah m rinnin
thinkin aboot a pause yourtwantie an ah m no
a bowle o lentils therwyne anaw but ah dinna
nae maistres thai reponed thairinglish truips an thai shuit
reponed the kettle biler thernae b q in dundee
a bit o it thernae betterment an if oniething
caird for neist year thernae doot sic a thing
or a lassie bairn thernae dout aboot it she
o his ee eilidh thernae dout aboot that he
is true o no thernae dout at thay suin
beig auld computeir whan thernae dout bene monie ither
aye the same thing thernae end til t masha
o wyne at dawin thernae end til the wund
the wey but noo thernae fishin boats in the
massie pull thon aff thernae great shock about this
it s no that thernae ither men but we
maistres wes hiz aveisement thernae menes o transport ower
claes for the heat thernae pleisir in leevin an
fain gang hame but thernae road back from the
weariein at aw gunlöd thernae sign na he stauns
at aw the nicht thernae wattir in here an
fit ower the yett thernae wey back a didnae
toozenbach awricht than eftir weraw deid fowk wul flie
habitautioun amang the tries thaircryed the fowk o the
yaised tae say that therfowk deein noo that hisnae
whitten an idea an therfowk doun in the yaird
fowk an fremmit fowk alikerglorie tae you christ o
meal in the girnel theyrno monie fowk as weill
still thinkin in english werspeakin here aboot fowk that
doun haill wattir an thera pikkil sleet anaw it
doun ablo this place therseivin wuiden kists aw kuivert
sit doun man soliony thertwa universities in moscow an
supported by mr keith hardingrnick johnston dr sylvia jackson
all available avenues including regulationrsupported by alex neil shona
considerable contribution to scottish lifersupported by christine grahame richard
to parliamentary question s1w 6139rsupported by david mundell donald
s government before 26 junersupported by donald gorrie linda
committees lodged 29 may 2002rsupported by donald gorrie roseanna
community in the millennial celebrationsrsupported by kay ullrich michael
borne by scotland s farmersrsupported by lord james douglas
in relation to food safetyrsupported by marilyn livingstone dr
and seeds into the countrysidersupported by michael russell andrew
parts of the broadcasting infrastructurersupported by mr duncan hamilton
before these designations are finalisedrsupported by mr jamie mcgrigor
by the autumn of 2000rsupported by mr john swinney
and international suppliers and consumersrsupported by mr john swinney
during the course of gamesrsupported by mr lloyd quinan
of foot and mouth diseasersupported by tommy sheridan mr
aw aboot it if thera war an awthin gits
olga it s awricht theyraw auld freins alarmed dropping
at the snaw or weraw beirit basho doverin on
carnival pairtie then irena theyraw gaen awa koolyghin masha
sair heid irena alone theyraw gaen nobody s left
daein the wurld tour thaysraw intae an wis stayin
giein it big licks theyraw leavin us yin o
return but for aw thayraye here thair breists aye
hame fae the mill werno sayin they war aw
he kens the gweed thingsrwe wid like tae dae
ll spell murray m ora y and if it
an f and then anran o and then m
come frae the islands likerb s m 13 6
mccoll millar at aberdeen universityrb s m 13 6
the primary grammar book byrbain m bridgewood and the
an stravaig awa fae yourchrist hae mercie m lord
women writers ed by paularfeldman and theresa m kelley
m the queen and hrh the duke of edinburgh
m the queen and hrh the duke of edinburgh
him m doon hairtit disjaskitrhe winna leave us waesome
and glen gairn ballater millarrm 1996 gaelic influenced scots
a laddie the buiks orm ballantyne cullourit the inner
moore 1965 1966 rev grm black 1967 1973 rev
aye i ken everythin honestlyrm k s great come
99 derrick mcclure aberdeen universityrm m s m 7
tangible in north east scotsrm m s m 7
feature among gaelic bi lingualsrm m s m 7
terms of borrowing than styewrm m s m 7
many centuries millar points outrm m sm 7 12
s maybe 250 year auldrm s m 7 12
eh f826: [laugh] m903: mrs bug mm mm f902:
m lift up yer hairtsrwe lift them up until
pynts bein made m ary that s ma name
a dinna ken it wermentiounat i the aire pairt
professionals ken athin thirsels thernocht in speakin scots as
ma back up whan werin companie thegither but for
whan we hae meat thernever aneuch ochone ochanee we
panser i the gairden thermair nor eneuch siller ben
halie mither o god thernaebodie mair content nor me
thay growe the mair thayrthe same from the chinese
mair the merrier soliony thertwa universities in moscow murmers
it really maitter whuther theryae baron mair or less
eilidh she dis that theyraye argie bargiein aboot sumthing
aboot that the noo thersomethin else a hae tae
hir air wey but hersumthing aboot hir that puls
said na na maister thernaebodie here but our twa
in dundee pal but thertwa d s an twa
university soliony which university thertwa universities in moscow andrey
flakes intae ma plate therwhiles yin or twa bleck
the auld meinister expekkit orthis explened the sair onding
whaur is awbodie irena theyrawa hame soliony that s
a cam awa an oorbaith beukit on the first
here an syne anither thera tuith pick this thing
fyne leevin here but therae unco thing the station
s in ma mynd thera poke o taiblet on
sit sit on an thera wund blawin on ma
an at the faw therautumn in ma hert this
no hae t at thera king o demons in
antecestors hae gaen bot thera mid gate pit the
temple s sides godfrey levingerlangton mure hae hackit oot
the twae o us thera walthie merchant here cried
the toun o weilands thera wardenrie here tae he
s cauld here an theran awfu mosquitoes here vershinin
enter soliony soliony puzzled thernaebodie here whaur is awbodie
screivit in scots an thera copy o the scots
bluid no for swallaein theyrgraund for byles or beilin
on ten thousan pads therno a fuitmerk yit in
canna jyne the feast therno a leevin sowl forenent
grammar book by e andrbain will provide a much
ages or stages bibliography bainre 1996 the grammar book
review panel consisted of professorre asher professor emeritus of
the review panel professor emeritusre asher university of edinburgh
art and drama and possiblyre national poet what does
transactions 1955 bi the umwhilere scott enteetled borth ick
ick waitter bi the umwhilere scott hawick archaelogical society
q it s r- m1108: rf1107: then s- m1108: e
them son strides s tri d e s m1022:
dinna you gang upbye thera byornar amount o worms
been for the sojers theyra grand lot o fallaes
the sauchtrie burn foirgaun thera lang tradeitioun o aventur
o his left haund thera wee bairn lyin sleepin
faither bein a fisherman thera wheen o fish he
invasions an siclyke tho theraye a fek o puirtith
a havin o pace theraye a sairpent i the
hard won english forbye theraye the shaddae o thon
this verra meinit an wercairriein the kists o bank
of people have f ord but mine s got
the en o the agesrglorie tae you christ o
for us he dee drglorie tae you christ o
deil hame tae think againrglorie tae you christ o
the sin o the warldrgrant us your peace the
wi d wha kens thermibbies a fyow rissoms o
ax a whein quastiouns ormirren gried tho shae kentna
mou devoid o teith thernane o thon ferlies in
he gaed tae the faitherro eident intercessor we wyte
bittoks o meat as therstoks o kail in the
politicians o wad some powrthe giftie gie us to
say o the big letterrthe men wid pit their
bot he anerlie sayed gierthe nem o the twenes
wul cum o t therweirdrie in it an weirdrie
wul cum o it therweirdrie in t an weirdrie
us like god kens usrilk een bar neen baith
the nicht she liggs thernane can gie us wurd
blackwell watson a and clementrd 1983 aberdeenshire gaelic in
gaelic for television and drm1055: [laugh] m1008: said what
cannae mind eh d drs ehm an they ve
i d argie that therstill a muckle i john
they d been skoured theyrthat glossy andrae canna be
m1008: somebody once asked dryou know proving that of
it seems tae me therbeen an awfu daiths in
can mind of now owrninety years and more me
1 refused and 2 grantedrs1w 28503 lord james douglas
away but hesitates malcolm thera hantil wolves an ither
spellins an language but thera muckle want for written
the chafts she demonstrates therane in the stables but
that taen pairt but therstill aye a muckle want
defence scheme to be completedrs1w 11811 mr kenny macaskill
functions membership responsibilities and jurisdictionrs1w 17675 lord james douglas
of the land reform billrs1w 17676 lord james douglas
justice general will be announcedrs1w 19417 bill aitken to
the control of such weaponsrs1w 20830 helen eadie to
application has been decided uponrs1w 28504 lord james douglas
by criminal and civil courtrs1w 28548 bill aitken to
in parliament buildings to daters1w 3623 david mundell to
facilities in the parliament buildingsrs1w 3624 david mundell to
and use of videoconferencing facilitiesrs1w 3625 david mundell to
available to ministers and officialsrs1w 3626 david mundell to
so what these guidelines arers1w 3627 david mundell to
and use of videoconferencing facilitiesrs1w 3628 david mundell to
the outcome of those discussionsrs1w 3629 shona robison to
what has been the outcomers1w 6030 dorothy grace elder
the picts edinburgh nelson wardhaughr1998 an introduction to sociolinguistics
rinnin wattir aye an theranither heivin an yird sumwhaur
an i the feinish theraye a stounin sair heid
byenem tae stick an theraye some watter whaur the
s wumpils furby thon thereneuch siller an ither objeks
morn an strecht eftir werflittin intil the brick warks
wunds blaws an syne thergress again ae day sic
in any month with anrin it because those were
jin an tellt him thermeikle an meikle thenks returnt
a deep breath an werup i da cloods dey
juidge i court bot thairverra thrang an a feir
tail fellaes sayed geordie theraye lang tail fellaes on
may 2000 mr keith hardingrdr richard simpson s1m 812
alex neil mr andy kerrrelaine smith robert brown mr
august pe7 petition from mrrh guild calling for the
20 february 2003 robin harperrmr gil paterson mr lloyd
hamilton shona robison brian adamrmr kenneth gibson mr david
dr winnie ewing brian adamrmr kenny macaskill alex fergusson
winnie ewing mr john mcallionrmr kenny macaskill ms sandra
17 february 2003 robin harperrmr lloyd quinan s1m 3897
mr duncan mcneil brian adamrnora radcliffe maureen macmillan donald
maureen macmillan mr duncan mcneilrpauline mcneill elaine smith rhoda
white michael russell robin harperrs1m 200 mr kenneth gibson
off with them irena theyrgaen sits down on the
gills enter natasha natasha theyrsayin we soud stert a
sicna plenishin naither wes thera besom the houff wes
ben it s like thera bodie see i the
is he mittilt gunlöd thera hantil bluid on him
enters ringan to nanse thera maister rintoul at the
fresh from the sea tora mcphee f718: mmhm f1077:
which is still there calledra mcphees who were er
thai cry thaimsells internaitiounaliss thera mouthfu thai tak thair
in the back kitchen thera pikkil cauld mutton in
wal in the coortyaird thera pikkil wattir in the
the pure ordinances tho thera puckle fie gae to
she holds her tongue thera sherp airn spyke jags
lairnin kettrens a lesson thera whein macdonalds whyles gies
in 1986 the whole ofrand a considerable part of
of pennsylvania press le pagerb and tabouret keller a
wul be a son werbaith howpin for a son
writin prose a message forrburns from a mouse och
that say car f1101: arcar mmhm f1102: piggie s
f1107: q- m1108: q arf1107: and then and then
menace m1098: menace f1097: arfor rascal it s round
cotgrave had a special symbolrfor those words in his
my own copy of irgalperin s stylistics at a
got a r- a yellowrit s got black things
a carter and waggoner torkennet a civil wee man
beside it that said capitalr[laugh] so it was a
maybole past and present byrlawson 1885 with a glass
as he can for thermonies the time that a
town and the biography ofrmorrison crosshouse being a native
you know with a capitalryou know the colonial administrator
back intil the sea therae storie at the selkies
consonant the back or gutturalris rather frequently met with
that s skunnersum olga werhaein roast turkey for the
free online co uk wervexed the wisna the room
little house harpin the secondr1976 also found that subordinate
vols 1 5 london fasoldr1990 the sociolinguistics of language
for scottish literary studies robertsonr1993 the scottish language project
of language oxford blackwell fasoldr1994 the sociolingustics of society
culture and sport committee waterhouser1999 lost in care the
homo sapiens sapiens 18 hewsonrand kolb hh 1974 the
contents pe445 petition by stellaranderson calling for the scottish
investigation into the use ofras spoken by employees in
of the more general issuesrbrazier the constitutional position of
english tongues and the scholarrg craick has conclusively demonstrated
beddit faar the kye waurrglorie tae you the bairn
romaine uses the term postvocalicrin the limited context of
of the war signed elizabethrlady mary arbuthnott was involved
s tale 744 752 thermonie things that kythes efter
variable with the boys usingrmore often romaine makes the
nationalities frae aa the warldroon chorus oh the gordons
for says the elder therplenty things about the cloister
foundation in the work ofrs jack andrew hook and
providing funding for the projectrs1m 3733 robin harper christmas
at the lisbon eu summitrs1o 1516 26 linda fabiani
of the fallen stock schemers1o 6419 23 fiona hyslop
gs i au ng thrthe findings were that gs
findings on the use ofrwere that the 10 year
the very reverend dr hughrwyllie lately minister at the
academy romaine s 1974 postvocalicrin scottish english sound change
m1098: er queen robot f1097: ris for robot s is
british english london arnold macaulayrk s and trevelyan g
he lacked high seriousness frleavis s dismissal of scott
general public 1 see badgerr1999 nature conservation information centre
have good dinner at brcanteen 10 sunday to 8
ehm when i was atrg i t i came
spech of reminisence given byrmorrison at silver wedding of
severe overload can be addressedrs1o 438 27 christine grahame
time for reflection reverend margaretrforrester minister of st michael
integrated information strategy for scotlandrs1o 207 6 johann lamont
london hodder and stoughton mclellanr1990 linmill stories edinburgh canongate
floor and made it tor213 where [censored: forename] was surrounded
assessment of their use ofr54 of men under reported
by middle class mothers hasanrand williams g eds 1996
speakers do not now pronouncerbetween consonants and this pattern
jamie in talking verse edrcrawford et al st andrews
of bilingual children in carterred knowledge about language and
research findings reported in carterred knowledge about language and
of scotland bill be passedrfollowed by stage 3 of
purity and danger routledge 1969rgirard le violence et le
and only correct pronunciation ofrin all positions also when
1978 study she explored postvocalicrin one area of edinburgh
it is chic to pronouncerin words like car and
initiating and furthering such changerlessness would seem to be
must note need tha irneed görlach 2002 106 some
15 thomas carlyle letter torpeacock of 14 september 1840
writing in september 1840 torpeacock of lübeck who had
john west of scotland snprradcliffe nora gordon ld raffan
18 february 2003 robin harperrs1m 3922 united states of
college of commerce in glasgowrs1o 5853 29 donald gorrie

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