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got heaps and heaps f1113: r-right your turn wey how
what s happening it sr-it s raining m1092: raining
think it wouldna hurt taer-to rev- it wouldna hurt
rice pudding boiled er bakedr-rice sometimes though i didn
grĂ nnda f982: tha tha sinr-tha m981: tha ach mar
aleevo f638: well i playedr-no i played rounders f637:
do you cool f1155: liker-you know ross [censored: surname] ross
[laugh] f637: oh it wasr-it was good but m608:
who is now in thatr-tv programme river city f826:
m816: that s across ther-aye i know gourock well
across the across the mainr-they had to take off
riding hood m1108: can ir-can i read that one
no after q it sr-m1108: r f1107: then s-
ehm f606: uh huh m954: r-rebus makes it sound more
always looking looking at theser-shoes rivlins an that was
stuff his english stuff isr-is really interesting and his
had to give the firstr-reading of this erm because
like it s got ar-a yellow r it s
i dinnae ken if ir-i really know the answer
still on the throttle reallyr-low revs going over the
f890: [inaudible] f889: it wasr-really lucky to get that
go back and like ir-see i really like going
m642: and he s ar-nice guy m608: mmhm m642:
we had a lot or-there was aye a lot
it erm i can tr-joe is an example when
to erm to be meaningfulr-religions to people er and
scud missile i remember thatr-right away cause erm i
than me m608: they ver-[laugh] aye m1163: so i
a bobby dazzler probably ehr-that s right aye but
and it is i meanr-the month of ramadan is
ball- i mean you hadr-you had there were room
that s round too ar-rectangle f1105: that s right
you would see you dr-well i ve m1008: word
f1089: you did ya weer-there s wee willie winkie
[inaudible] [inaudible] f951: [inaudible] ar-oh a rabbit i think
kidding she s got ar-and he was like yep
then that s like ar-an amazing platform for kind
s on the back m1096: r-rabbits see fitt on it
aa or is it ar-that s a reindeer oh
o folk say i mr-would say roosed fizzin mad
that s rory in ar-f1095: no that s the
much recording when we rer-eating up cheese and onion

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