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dark groaning with rack uponrackof tightly cramped files on
airless and dark groaning withrackupon rack of tightly cramped
metal panel to the luggagerackfor illicit travellers then we
room a slatted leather luggageracksuggested untold journeys to north
sat in a siller toastrackthat hid curly feet the
teapot sat on a sillerrackwi curly feet an aa
that would bring me torackand ruin jack all i
i shall be brocht torackand ruin like this haill
vests were stuck to toastrackbones fuck offs were soaped
powkin oot like a toastrackcam shauchlin inaboot sikkin a
he was threatened with therack[inhale] on his release from
another plan of attack therackof knives on the wall
[censored: forename] gave me a letterrackand pen mum and dad
wi dado and tidy coatrackand a glory hole cupboard
inside him somehow seems taerackhis hale body fae inside
left my arms straightway toracka man how great oswald
heresy a sweat upon theracksurpassed the fierce exalted anguish
ll be the twynin riverracksee pirlin an papplin fleein
pay phone book shelves magazineracka large window in one
among rocks an hid taerackma brains so ah got
the club here s theracko clouds an the pairk
modern man could face therackking mammon refinement strings us
d makk a bonnie hatrackbit yer kyte it maun
up on thair ordinar cairdrackbut pit thaim in an
his heid the inquistion srackmicht raxx yer verra shanks
own plate back to arackf1077: no you had a
you ll be off therackthey comprenned fine oor message
tyne a spaul or mebbesrackmasel on the road an
i would be delighted torackmy brain for things that
til himsell wi aw thatrackup thare it wul be
the fowk a hae tirackan mittil malcolm that gauns
it hame on e reefracko an aal rover i
sack barrow happer hopper heckrackfor hay or straw in

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