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shine an it poors orainas weel richt doon in
div rise en poors orainat s nae a surprise
we rise doon poors therainat s nae surprise blawn
we rise en poors orainat s nae surprise sunday
breet en it poors orainathing soakin weet sunday 7
the day changes poors oraincome nicht sunday 27 temp
day lang it poors oraincountryside flush athing soakin weet
tae keep cool later onraindis poors doon again gey
the mornin it poors oraineence mair en it s
is jist aboot dry enrainfer poors oot o the
wither dis change poors orainin the affa heavy range
a treat en poors orainit maks a body greet
fae the sky poors therainit s monsoon season eence
we div rise poors orainnae ony surprise hale day
preen drap en poors orainoorsel s we div hap
s a gey big changerainpoors doon in the affa
hear fowk cry hale dayrainpoors fae the sky friday
sultry en it poors orainsaturday 11 temp 8 20
richt frosty feel poors orainthis tae me his nae
taewards nicht it poors oraintuesday 26 temp 5 10
dry later on poors orainwednesday 31st temp 4 8
the daffodils plicht poors orainwin blaws fae the east
standin there in the pourinrainan i said tae my
it was it was pourinrainan we were gaun doon
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: pourin withrainf1114: [exhale] f1113: horrible now
f1054: ehm what else torainheavily f1144: pourin bucketin rainin
what about to rain torainheavily m999: pourin f1001: lashin
rain mm or pourin wirainmm f1026: lashing lashing the
pour or peltin peltin wirainmm or pourin wi rain
where is it f1113: pourinrainnow f1114: where is it
something f1113: it s pourinrainoutside now look at it
aye f1053: what about torainto rain heavily m999: pourin
now m1128: [child noise] f1127: therainwas pourin wasn t it
f1113: cause it was pourinrainyesterday wasn t it f1114:
day en licht shoors orainaye taewards nicht it s
taewards nicht a shoor oraincountryside looks bonny jist noo
foreneen it dis poor orainen taewards nicht day clears
day taewards nicht it disrainfriday 20 temp 6 10
dry en taewards nicht taerainit dis try friday 14th
dry bit taewards nicht taerainit dis try saturday 22
taewards night aff gangs therainit s a richt fine
en the day dis changeraintaewards nicht in the affa
an taewards nicht it disrainthursday 13 temp 12 22
day taewards nicht it disrainthursday 29 temp 2 16
taewards nicht it begins taerainwednesday 14 temp 2 5
5 rainfall 17 16 affarainan sleet oot throo the
oot throo the nicht somerainat last blawin intae us
we div rise blawn throorainat s nae a surprise
throo tae nicht changes taerainbit the shoors are licht
16 oot throo the nichtraindis poor clears up afore
5 6 rainfall 6 16rainfae mornin throo tae nicht
friday 27 temp 0 10rainfall 5 16 oot throo
cauld as it blaws throorainfine tae hae roads wi
throo the nicht win anrainhale day nae a welcome
16 ere been a affarainoot throo the nicht as
ere wis a fer suppierainoot throo the nicht bides
16 been a wee suppierainoot throo the nicht bit
rainfall 15 16 an affarainoot throo the nicht countryside
3 16 a fer suprainoot throo the nicht fine
rainfall 4 16 fer suprainoot throo the nicht gran
5 16 a fer suprainoot throo the nicht lays
rainfall 22 16 an affarainoot throo the nicht puddles
16 ere wis a affarainoot throo the nicht weet
the windae athing fer soddenrainthroo the nicht athing doon
s been a fer suppierainthroo the nicht bit the
9 19 rainfall 4 16rainthroo the nicht fer lays
ere s been a suprainthroo the nicht the day
a fyle en it disrainagain monday 2 candlemass day
dis blaw licht shoor orainas the day wears awa
best tae be dry disrainas the day wears bye
o the air tries taerainbit day dis bide fair
bit o change still disrainbit nae in the heavy
jist eence mair tries taerainbit wither dis bide fair
pir o win dis riseraincome nicht och at s
warm an fine wither disraincome nicht time tuesday 5
twice it dis offer taerainday is aboot dry jist
mist en on comes theraindis clear up en back
is weet neen ower dryraindis ease as the day
soor fae the sky theraindis ferrly poor it s
will for the hale dayraindis poor an for me
en aa at eence theraindis poor aye an for
sicht hale day lang heavyraindis poor aye an for
relief en later on theraindis poor doon ere s
fer bit o win anraindis poor efterneen is dry
for fae the sky theraindis poor monday 26th temp
16 hale day lang theraindis poor of coorse for
for maist o the dayraindis poor richt sorry sicht
soor hale day lang theraindis poor strong win oot
maist o the day theraindis poor sunday 7th temp
is soor thunner an lichtninraindis poor thursday 10 temp
oot o the sky theraindis poor wednesday 29 temp
foreneen it dis poor oraindull an close against the
mornin it dis poor orainen clears up an awa
day it dis poor orainfitba crazy hardie tackle wis
oot richt fule an weetraingangs aff win dis us
weel wither dis change coodraini feel saturday 14th temp
as weel on comes therainices fate it dis seal
wither dis change starts taerainin the affa affa heavy
dis change on comes therainin the heavy range day
wither dis change it disrainin the heavy range saturday
starts awa jist aboot dryrainin the mornin it dis
or mebbe bide dry taerainin the mornin it dis
fae the sooth dis blawrainin the mornin sae bare
later in the day taerainit dis begin tuesday 4th
6 17 tries sair taerainit dis bide dry sin
jist noo an again taerainit dis try friday 21st
dry in the efterneen taerainit dis try thursday 20th
fine an dry bit taerainit ferrly dis try tuesday
nicht it dis poor orainmonday 13 temp 8 8
aboot bide dry bit taerainsair the wither dis try
clairty an weet efter therainsin dis come oot a
temp 6 14 looks likeraintae bide dry it dis
13th temp 4 10 taerainthe hale day it dis
at s a surprise taerainthis day it dis try
aboot dry tae sna orrainwither dis try saturday 11th
mair en it s fairrainagain coodnae bide fair sunday
the mornin en aff enrainagain richt fine atween the
clear up en back taerainagain saturday 23 temp 8
an weet en a suprainday cood be a breet
weet as weel dry enraindoonhearted i feel sunday 5
loup an on comes therainen dry a fyle en
is the win wi lashinrainen it s jist a
o win en ere srainen oot comes the sin
mornin en it tries taerainen the sin comes oot
mornin en it looks likerainere s a spit or
the days a breet steadyrainfyles turnin tae sleet en
fule breet en later onraingangs gey near aff bit
9 14 rainfall 2 16rainin the mornin en aff
be en on comes therainnae gweed tae see saturday
fathom oot ata shoors orainsleet en it dings on
div feel sometimes it srainsometimes fair en come nicht
ony heat en some mairrainthe days a breet thursday
tu fu 712 770 springraina guidlyke rain kens its
switched on rain when therainabated the horse which had
rainfall 6 16 rain anrainan mair rain still fan
rainfall 14 16 rain ayerainan mair rain still fan
7 10 rainfall 6 16rainan rain an mair rain
6 12 rainfall 14 16rainaye rain an mair rain
out simmer rain the augustraincam slantin doon on bonnie
two snowflakes sangs o saaraincauld the wind the rain
rain come when will theraincome the wooden doorknob creaks
set aside when will theraincome when will the rain
outside it s lots ofrainf1089: eh lots of rain
it s gonna rain nowrainf1091: now it s raining
the trees m1094: no therainf1093: rain you get rain
oot here noo m1110: norainf1109: no wind no rain
running outside screaming rain ohrainf807: [laugh] f806: ooh but
rain f1093: rain you getrainfrom the clouds up in
gods and rain much neededrainhave disappeared as it were
of the house rain lightlyrainheavily toilet narrow walkway what
7 c with rain morerainhuh now where did i
the rain in toon therainin toon cams teemin doon
s jyned the navy therainin toon the rain in
really f807: [laugh] f806: causerainis rain to me f807:
freenly spat o rain torainit s very strange that
preparing for holiday rain morerainjune thursday 1 get 3
770 spring rain a guidlykerainkens its saison it kyths
main room of the houserainlightly rain heavily toilet narrow
rain f1109: no wind norainlook m1110: no rain no
rain f1089: eh lots ofrainm1090: we can t yeah
wi a wee shoor orainmaistly dry wi rain noo
4 and 7 c withrainmore rain huh now where
wednesday 31 preparing for holidayrainmore rain june thursday 1
like great angry gods andrainmuch needed rain have disappeared
no rain look m1110: norainno winds f1109: nae puddles
o rain maistly dry wirainnoo an again monday 5
m1092: mmhm it s gonnarainnow rain f1091: now it
[laugh] f806: running outside screamingrainoh rain f807: [laugh] f806:
rain what a lot orainokay m1110: it s very
rattlesteens dinna rain on merainon johnny groat s hoose
veesit rainy rainy rattlesteens dinnarainon me rain on johnny
rain an rain an mairrainstill fan wull it gang
rain aye rain an mairrainstill fan wull it gang
friendly drop of rain therainthat cools us and refreshes
look my wellies out simmerrainthe august rain cam slantin
about a friendly drop ofrainthe rain that cools us
[laugh] f806: cause rain israinto me f807: [laugh] it
aboot a freenly spat orainto rain it s very
it s a lot orainwhat a lot o rain
expressions and i switched onrainwhen the rain abated the
rain cauld the wind therainxmas crackers the wagtail the
m1094: no the rain f1093: rainyou get rain from the
morning was dreich with heavyrainand low cloud which obscured
a good game despite heavyrainbeforehand we win 13 11
the time and very heavyrainfor a few days and
1 16 heavy shoors orainfor maist o the day
wednesday 21 weather still badrainheavy cloud cold good rehearsal
good wednesday 13 to norwichrainheavy get caught in traffic
ve i d been inrainheavy winds all the rest
11 rainfall 16 16 stillrainin the affa heavy range
stops takin in the craprainin the heavy range mair
like a change starts taerainin the heavy range saturday
16 dry at first thenrainin the heavy range slowly
o change doon comes therainin the heavy range thursday
ve been out in heavyrainlike [inaudible] ehm f1054: anything
an heavy tee my forecastrainnoo it maun be friday
that was also if therains comin heavy it s
this time of year heavyrainstarted to fall it cleared
thunner plumps o affa heavyrainthursday 17th temp 12 18
1 sunday communion scouts heavyraintoday patrol at falkland washed
wither turns cool turns taerainan forms mony a pool
as hoor or twa orainfit the wither wid be
wi a fer sup orainin the efterneen wither clears
9 rainfall 5 16 mairrainan fule weet mist as
on the ootside wi therainan weet in the inside
ere s been a afffaraincountryside fer soakin weet again
tae mention the win anrainit s a fule weet
the mornin it s poorinrainweet an damp is tae
a fyle on comes therainwi a fule weet mist
jist gang fer feel lichtsomerainas the day wears bye
the nicht a fer suprainday is fine an fair
s been a lot orainere s a fer bit
as weel some sin anrainfer wabbit i feel friday
been a fer bit orainoot thro the nicht athing
get drookit bei autumn srainan then the wind turns
were laid by wind andrainand a fair tyaave it
yellow for sun green forrainand black for wind under
the dark sangs o snaaraincauld the wind and the
the wind blows high theraincomes dashing from the sky
the wind blows high theraincomes lashing from the sky
weather m608: mmhm m642: pissingraingaleforce wind this is not
the wind has blew therainhas fell life in paisley
wind slounge yer faces wirainin yer mooth she staps
woke wi the wind anrainlashin ma face an ah
winds f1109: nae puddles naerainnae wind nae big puddles
hey ho the wind therainon 9th september 1513 at
der s been wind orrainor onything she gengs in
hae autumn s wind anraintime rins sae fast it
friday 26 to bowling windrainto glasgow to collect bowls
in afternoon of wind andrainto jo for a visit
time of rapid changes fromrainto wind to sun and
cauld the wind and theraintune hey ho the wind
column the wind and therainwas published in through different
for easter vigil sunday 2rainwind a quiet day stewart
get leaky part done butrainwind force me to give
thole september s wind anrainye ll hae tae cope
rainfall 4 16 poorin orainaye eence again fit s
20 rainfall 4 16 lichtsomerainbit affa het as weel
rainfall 4 16 poorin orainfin we div rise canna
rainfall 3 16 poorin orainfin we div rise och
19 rainfall 2 16 lichtsomerainfor the hale foreneen still
6 15 rainfall 1 16rainin the mornin affa fule
3 9 rainfall 3 16rainin the mornin fin we
6 7 rainfall 2 16rainin the mornin it s
6 11 rainfall 6 16rainin the mornin nae a
5 7 rainfall 10 16rainin the mornin the mood
11 23 rainfall 1 16rainor fair it s atween
rainfall 7 16 efter therainroads are like a ice
bide dry i fear forrainan let oot a sigh
s jist aboot dry taeraineence or twice it did
cloudy but dry tuesday 4rainfriday 7 presidents tie saturday
10 dry day bit taerainit tries sair chilly for
12 16 wid ere berainmaybe bide dry bides like
sna dry bit later onrainnae gweed ata saturday 14
temp 10 15 dry orrainnoo it s atween the
1 16 wid it itrainor mebbe bide dry cool
6 10 noo wid itrainor mebbe bide dry i
temp 11 18 wull itrainor mebbe bide dry tae
outside and start with torainlightly kenny m1017: poor teem
nicht gran day shoors orainaffa licht monday 16 temp
or twa tries sair taerainbit bides affa raw friday
affa affa swear tae changeraineence mair in the affa
tae me is affa strangerainfor the day in the
affa dull an affa cauldrainfowk gang aboot twa fauld
is anither day withoot onyrainit affa close wipe the
bonny shoor or twa orainnae affa mony december monday
gruws affa wild shoors orainwi win fae the wast
i rise nae win naerainat s a surprise tae
rise this day eence mairrainblawn intae us it coodnae
we div rise nae mairrainnoo at s a surprise
the nicht nae sign oraina richt welcome sicht hale
think tae mysel it srainafore nicht weel i wis
er s a drap orainat nicht midges jine in
a ll send ye gentlerainat nicht sae ye wull
aifter a nicht o shooeryraine day wisna bad jist
his ultra violet rays anrainilk nicht jist whit it
bony an bricht shoors orainroon aboot nicht monday 14
afore nicht it begins taeraintee friday 24 temp 6
pleasantly it s gey lykerainthe nicht 1st murderer lat
9 16 wi win anrainthe nicht wis a breet
bad cold to bed earlyrainall day 16 saturday working
16 thursday weather still mildrainearly today show troubling us
wednesday 21 temp 2 1rainfall 6 16 cauld sooth
sunday 18 temp 1 4rainfall 6 16 i did
16 dull an grey nooraini div forecast keep my
temp 9 22 6 16rainis my forecast for the
4 16 noo wid itrainor wid it nae in
temp 9 16 win anrainsays yon mannie on the
forward contents the win therainaberdeen gulls singleton fledgling annie
touchet it it wis erainan e win in e
o man an win anrainfou laich on the river
wis gey swear win anraini cood ferrly hear fin
win wi a shoor orainnae a monsoon sin shines
the win drappit richt doonrainof coorse comes tumlin doon
mid foreneen on comes therainoot o the sooth win
2005 the win an therainpoems 2004 serendipity poems story
some time aff gangs therainstill strong gusts o win
altho the midges and therainbide aye no tae mention
clear cooler day it coodraini div fear wednesday 20th
east yes it looks likerainjob description fit wye div
a preen drap later onrainmy heid i div shak
close as weel spit orainnoo an again i div
clears up later on thenrainagain saturday 12 temp 3
temp 10 20 wid itrainor wid it nae pir
stairs at central 5 saturdayrainall day mild to contes
boot turns into a holerainevening saturday 24 on repair
13 present flu bad eveningraingood meeting though 19 saturday
thursday are held up byrainhere till saturday to new
pack up s m illrainin torrents 9 saturday norman
early to bed 28 saturdayrainsleet showers don t get
mornin i wakened to therainm865: uh huh mm m952:
on sna on comes therainmelts sna awa friday 10th
a bit boring friday 12rainmost of evening to ncre
internal friday 28 day offrainon off clean car to
her face has cleared uprainon off friday 28 to
yeah m636: every friday hailrainor shine m608: mmhm m636:
except immediate family friday 14raintoday get caught in shower
and ran outside to therainand i just sat there
just ran outside to touchrainf807: [laugh] f806: that is
my wee desk as therainlashes down outside thunder the
now twelve twenty a mrainlashing down outside oh before
going inside and outside torainlightly m1019: drizzle drizzle f1018:
you know it s lashingrainoutside or f1027: [inaudible] bucketing
the morning usually in therainwhich f965: outside f963: yes
a shoor or twa orainbrichtens up an comes oot
at playground delighted with carolineraincomes on so home with
6 10 on comes therainjist for a change in
cafè watching t v butrainkeeps on 10 sunday to
quiet day watching t vrainsunday 27 to edinburgh to
bonny jist noo drap orainwull kill the stue sunday
stornowa iv coorse it disnarainaa e time files ere
ti the depths o thatrainbarrel wid huv made me
richt dithery mood wid itrainnoo maybe it cood sin
scrat the heid wid itrainor nae fit a surprise
wid be doon fin therainwent aff try as he
that is a creosote therainwid hae rin doon the
the sky cleared and therainslackened then for a change
yeese here noo sunlicht skirlsraindiddles the yirth birls yeese
ll be as richt asrainin a wee whilie noo
noo aa better richt asrainnae hairm dane ye brocht
s a fresh feel wirainnoo an again clears up
bounces ferns rush to genuflectrainand the winds of day
o hail or sleet orrainaw lee lang day the
wi a licht shoor orainday is fine an maistly
712 770 18 clear eftirraindo 19 day daws ower
12 wet days is stillrainevery second or third day
be washed every day hailrainor f637: that s right
crossed her fingers that therainthat hid threatened aa day
day it wis poorin orainthe day efter that wis
take day off 17 tuesdayraintoday busy at work caroline
wul suin be richt asrainagain but ye d better
ah m as richt asrainagain thenks ti yeir guid
she l be richt asrainshe l never ken she
alane in the dreich drizzlyrainwi a haar richt doun
s 1 3 an theraincam doon music an the
[laugh] f1089: look at therainit s bucketin doon m1090:
to be drooked in therainlike rat doon a drain
doon m999: mmhm f1001: lashinrainm1000: aye aye m999: i
the cornpark flattened doon birainmaybe mitherin s like that
pink flamingo loch the dreichrainpiddles doon cairryin roon his
hauf wye doon the steeprainruttit roadie worn roch bi
fae my hoose an therainwis stottin doon fin i
nae ging oot into therainagain she sighs nostalgically mental
it tae keep the therainan that oot before aa
linn tells fit the saftraindid yer lauch reels oot
streikit oot listenin til therainfawin on the ruif o
oot o the wast blawsrainintae us wi a icy
oot tae the dark anrainma lad like the stooks
us weel oot o therainnou sails are aaricht on
shouthers for ti keep therainoot nae warm houss to
oot tae the dark anrainstepped oot tae the dark
ti keep oot the blashinrainthink on the puir birds
ye been oot in therainyeir een is aw weit
a hammock launches aff likerainsikkin a puddle it makks
droon yer blethers are haversrainstottin aff tin fear drums
back tae aunt florence therainstottit aff the reef o
wi soon at least therainwis aff fur at the
killing a spider will bringrain[note: photo: 'may smith, nellie riddoch and maggie aitken outside the arbuthnott shop during a school girl reunion in 1988.] chapter 6 trades travelling
pack up slowly again beatrain82nd ourselves at loggerheads again
ra- it had started torainagain and everybody just got
[laugh] f806: when it didrainagain it stopped you see
guys dimps is in therainbarrel again exit stew silence
weather broke yesterday and theraincame we can breathe again
gray but in delhi theraincams again an again an
7 and read strong windsraingale force winds yet again
up but a see therains lyke ti stert again
bonny an bricht wi therainfine tae see the trees
lacquer enveloped me like finerainmy first communist haircut 3
baby doing fine 1 tuesdayrainsleet today i stay in
aince mair do 33 springraindo 34 traivlin norlins do
that empties hills o acidrainand mother nature s nae
ken it s gaun taerainaye ye dinna need nae
blue turns cool an taerainit did try nae a
month ata the washing linerainna na at s nae
na na at s naerainsaid jonsar eck tae himsel
nae pick o cloud norraintime hauds its braith the
gress eftir a shour orainah haed a mukkil blek
lot an wi a suppierainan a wee bit o
slight drizzle a smirr orainan if it was that
scrat my heid think orainan o sna i m
o the whaup throu hailrainan snaw may ilk hen
as weel licht shoor orainautumn time i feel tuesday
awa the miles heedless oraincauld wins or muscle cramp
word a big plump oraincomin [laugh] it s lovely
hash on kate there sraincomin ower the back o
there was a sign oraincomin she lies back exhausted
wheenge aboot a drap orainfor tho it perks up
the pagoda the smirr oraingethers inti draps that dreip
it wis the soun oraingreetin a brukken bell or
o it [laugh] sheep sraini m a wee sheep
smog that drappit blue greenrainin smoodrachs o wersh mochieness
the kiss o life blindingrainjeez said jessie see that
wi here a hint orainkeith nests o shiny raindraps
stank eftir a shour orainmalcolm it soonds kynd o
there micht be spots orainno cloudbursts mixed wi thunder
and the reglar patter orainon the windae pane no
efter a week o teeminraintae fin the watter in
whit s a smidgin oraintae the wee hoose in
derkenin cloud the spit orainthe burnie bigger growes the
risin ay douncome o ferlierainthe carline dawdles blythelike see
bowden brae a smirr orainwas fallin that bid tae
muckle pot a drap orainwis aa he got till
see an mirksome s therainyatterin o puggies ay apes
s stark an bare taeraina marvel aye that folk
her ringlets listenin tae therainbatter teetle the windae peen
that drapt saft as theraini d use them tae
s aboot aw naw therainit s cam oan tae
tae inside an ootside torainlightly m1012: smirr a smirr
this it aye seemed taerainloretta an you enjoyed it
tae see a puckle snarainof coorse sees sna washed
in a hauf gale anrainon oor midsummer veesit tae
tae sheet us a drappierainquine said faither fin morven
an the thunnerbird wad gieraintae aa the lan aroon
bus shelter wytin fur theraintae clear jawsgaun back an
tae the grun bi therainthat the binder cudna haunle
about 5 hours of freezingrainlittle clear hailstones really yesterday
cobwebs yet still intact therainmight tap with its myriad
have a lovely afternoon therainstops still cloudy but we
a bit in his errainyou know about sadie how
these words for eh forrainan he finished off and
not pliable i never tanrainis water off my back
while words drip off likerainit all depends on your
weather was miserable although therainkept off it was very
slid down her face likerainoff a window and shadows
by two bridges carries offrainwater and melted snow which
off it was pouring withrainwe had very varied weather
gress lies daggit wi newrainan mensefu leir retours ti
far dysentry kept company wirainas big s dubloons aside
dimps dimps like wi therainbarrel cammy the dimps an
fin aathing wis sypit wiraineence inside it it swallat
birsslin beaches or drookt wirainfit if yer hyne abeen
no it s spitting wiraini ll hae to go
cause it s chuckin wirainm1096: oh i see f1095:
is that platchin weit wirainnaebodie haes been able ti
an blustrin winds wi blattrinrainrattle upon the windae pane
syne anither wis drookt wiraintill feech sic weather he
a shooer and a steadyrainwi never hae this gies
cold and darkness watching therainbeat down and the clouds
tucked tightly between his legsraincontinued to dribble bleakly down
large wicker basket the intensifyingraincontinued to dribble bleakly down
was the retreat well theraindidn t half come down
kelly in singin in therainfurther down the street buskers
are rubbled the pitiless monsoonrainruns down mens faces even
s by the chair greyrainruns down the window s
because as you must rememberrainstarted to pelt down in
a room of mist andrainthe drip down steps to
till it ripples like therainan you ma fair wee
i call it sheep srainit s that wee sheep
s that wee sheep srainit soaks you when it
all right sadie right asrainshe s got a wee
so [laugh] it was goodrain[laugh] m865: right ehm now
it s gonna make itrainnow f835: i i woke
for there has been norainnow for these three months
f1093: mm clouds with therainnow i ve got a
and looked at it therainnow just a drizzle but
now were dripping dankly withrainthe room was unheated and
seen till let e caalrainan snaa come we re
come in out of theraincalled for a final whistle
hall thailand when will theraincome the mortgaged moggy a
the wreath robby feel araindrop della let it come
when it was going torainand pink when it was
see it for aa therainand snow f1102: i ll
like the snow and therainand stuff f835: it is
because it had started torainand the country there is
stottin yeah we say therainaye it s stottin aye
i call it sheep srainbut i don t know
after several days of torrentialrainbut it s getting colder
we should thank the healingrainbut look out there it
provided that it does notrainchristine grahame what is wrong
digger says it s gonnaeraindella robby hands the wreath
just to emphasise it theraindied gently away thinking about
it s actually pishing ofrainf1054: [laugh] f1143: [laugh] f1144:
yeah yeah it s spittinrainf1054: mmhm f1144: or drizzle
don t want it torainf1113: no at least it
it f1054: what about torainheavily m1022: well a sudden
drizzle you know eh lightrainis drizzle it s just
careful it s going torainisn t he mmhm mmhm
hoose hyne ootower the searainit dreepit frae the slate
a drop in centre forrainit rode my childhood dreams
why hide it s justrainit s fantastic but they
but it wasn t rainingrainit was raining something more
ears it is going torainkilling a spider will bring
but it s supposed torainlater that should get rid
hoose in skye let itrainlet it hail let it
erm let s see torainlightly what it s doin
lot i ve never seenrainlike it rains here it
the bbc said it wouldrainloretta i dinna ken i
because it s going torainm1092: [inaudible] [child noises] f1091: and
was alright it didn trainthat much it was only
wrong with dundee in therainthe convener would it be
ye ken mist and andrainthere and oo ca it
missing age age is likerainyou can t stop it
with equine imity sun andraina horse is an honest
darkened the room an innerraina weeping haar like dauchau
wattir an awfu place forrainan macleans an whit wad
he lowps in frae therainan thumps aroon ma cranium
almichty storm there wis teeminrainan thunner an lichtnin aa
with one week s pitilessrainand an outsize leek which
hags the mist an therainback hame whaur the sauls
an she s right asraingo wash yer face an
an storm an snaw anrainhad dune fell wark an
windows a black an therainlashin against them you would
which include an excess ofrainmidgies boredom absentee landowners and
sae bringin hailsum winds anrainraxit braid his luvin mercie
sisters in their airt therains an incantation the licht
grein for daith whan therainskails doun an draks intil
s ye cd watch erainspittin on em an hear
712 770 clear eftir therainthe faw an cloud on
has brocht the sun anrainthegither they hae wrocht magic
broon soil an sun anrainthere s ower much work
gloamin taigi deer i therainthrie cries ir heard an
she peers an lik therainuntentit faws hir tears from
his blast and hail andraindoes blaw or the stormy
drizzle or spi- or spittinrainexactly the same i wouldn
fair or foul maun deerainmandala i hae left a
thur years oan ice irainor snaw did ill lick
pavements mirrored the passing queuerainpelted gaberdines or wetted calf
thunner fyre flaucht or inrainsecond witch whan the hurlie
feet in ghaistly claes orrainthe tattiebogle the tattiebogle wags
luv or grievin like smarainwauchts throw their consciousness like
awa fither or no erainwis batterin at e windae
shining a shower of goldenrainalive in her youth like
want to go see therainand i was like no
raining i was like awrainfantastic f807: [laugh] f806: and
oh we don t getrainhere much i was like
sheet going deeper in likerainon a window tears began
like to drown give overrainthat s quite enough we
farming country that smelled ofrainwashed clover and looked like
s tackety boots in therainand when the waster mrs
pronto stew s in therainbarrel dimps that s mah
dimps that s mah fuckinrainbarrel you ll pae fur
so i often say teemingrainbut that s not that
s blustery wins in maryculterraindreeps splooter far pinewids staun
raining oh no not himrainf1091: he s not going
in the shins in therainfor twenty minutes that s
earth s ozone layers wholerainforests toppled at frightening speed
part s a drop ofrainin a farm bucket one
percy says oh look therains stopped and percy s
blackie s perspective soft smallrainsits lightly on my back
there s caul there srainthe skies weir hodden grey
s relentless grin dripping withrainwhite knuckles gripped the howdah
threw you out in therainget out of our f965:
arrive at marchmont just beforerainget tents up cath kids
haed never been anerlie therainbydes the same aye haill
is foraye smouderin the smawrainis souchin aye i the
ower e steens at erainhid sypit they werena hashed
against the sudden onslaught ofrainno need joan decided to
me m1110: ehm no norainouts to here mam f1109:
no match for the torrentialrainyet john kept pressure on
getting gradually cooler absolutely norainyet though i m told
mercedes hubcap shelters from theraina tyre curls up with
ma days throu the smawrainah ryde ma cuddie on
followed by three weeks ofrainand back on with the
hut and ate as therainand cloud passed over us
crowd cheered jubilantly unfortunately therainand play stopped without their
leaned our backs into therainand waited in the darkness
was a ride in therainand we were grateful we
nail a kettle fills withrainbehind the nettles sun slips
pane wyvin moosewabs in therainbrakfest toast is bleck as
[censored: forename] in her new plasticraincape already ripping at the
not rot you nor theraindecay why are you not
f1093: clouds m1094: with therainf1093: mm clouds with the
happy the corpse that therainfalls on silence krista laughs
searched low and high whilerainfell pouring frae the sky
ma hunkers in the dreipinrainfor oors on end raxin
the middle of the amazonianrainforest her mentor was eleanor
circle the wattle fence sycamoresrainfrom the skies futures rustle
at prestwick and the inevitablerainhad a decidedly sleety quality
headed into the night therainhad stopped i was glad
jim i hope that therainhas perhaps dispersed some of
parliament and protesting in therainhe is asking for answers
turned black because of therainhe sort of nodded a
cath kids arrive in theraini kick myself for not
ma tears fell lyke therainin the mornins thay sent
ll soon be right asrainin the mushroom woods small
and on buses in therainin the winter to travel
cot empty one cot fullrainis blearing the window gumming
the public domain even therainis often english a shower
seen from the train arainlashed bough low lines of
mm f1026: lashing lashing therainlashing against the window f1024:
bed p m legs sorerainlater tommy kyle loses the
fugit i tempus fugit iirainmandala temporary warmth the yellow
recaa in ilkie life somerainmaun faa i m the
symbol of american power therainof course has its own
scissor grinder whetted by therainold aberdeen a yew tree
the hoose is that therainon i asked somewhat sarcastically
hear the light patter ofrainon the tent and unzipped
leavin the monastery do 41rainon the wattir do 42
of lu yu 1125 1209rainon the wattir in the
the moisture in and therainout then after 2 months
suddenly as thin spears ofrainpierced the clouds and then
his brukken bunnet the hillrainpours frae the lang dyke
shimmer and glow momentarily therainshe noticed was over and
the by pass with therainsoaking my tee shirt and
umbrella domino dots the darkrainsows the earth fern is
puddle domino dots the darkrainsows the earth heron stands
skies clouded over and coolrainsplattered my forehead the scene
the dutch pink and therainstotting on the roof is
the two whole minutes ofrainthat may visit the desert
remind myself of the pissingrainthe clouds of midges the
ir eydent eftir the langrainthe desert trees skail thair
lanesum bens eftir the newrainthe forenicht is fresh afore
comin in just efter therainthe real scent comin frae
the gardens thoroughly despite therainthey were cllr john [censored: surname]
bus shelter waiting for therainto ease and relishing the
brolly a mac pity therainwas inside and not out
a rainbow leaked the fallingrainwas radiant bright drops of
more distant valleys below therainwas sporadic [censored: forename] in her
if in sympathy with therainwater began to trickle slowly
of the steading to catchrainwater which was nice and
in the gowden gloamin therainwes lyke sae monie silken
mirk wattir i the teiminrainwhyte horses skiffin afore the
sea of mud but gentlerainas portia said brings blessings
as if you re arainforest with a pop tune
m as far as lossiemouthrainp m but we go
have been brylcreemed by recentrainthen flecked with dandruff sheep
thirty five different words forrainhaven t they [laugh] f1054:
kalahari they love a gentlerainfae hevn that starts at
hours instead of 125 andraincontinued up we had 3
slowly hope your spell ofrainhas cleared up too by
we start with pam torainlightly f1024: [click] [inhale] i
help with food 21 mondayrainshowers this morning start to
clipper a nice pub mildrain9 wednesday plumbers begin to
that choice may be arainof terror upon manhattan if
tree deadly deposits of acidicrainand aerosol chlorfluorocarbons maintain giant
sky of glowering cloud bringsrainand before your very eyes
inches of decomposing slush inrainand fog more snow is
i ve also said teemingrainbut i take that from
we ve done toilet donerainheavily done narrow walkway done
[inhale] f1054: what about torainheavily madge f1025: eh pour
f1054: okay ehm good torainheavily then f1011: mm m1013:
know f1024: bucketing f1023: bucketingraini ve said that i
yeah i know f833: gonnarainin south east england today
yeah eh and to torainlightly m1008: drizzle ehm spitting
february everyone says we needrainnot this heat and sun
drunk pregnant attractive insane moodyrain[reads through list of words] i think we ve
to pluscarden then to elginrainstarts but go to davids
was raining something more thanraintranslucent white globs of thing
of these days [inhale] ehrainwas coming horizontally being eh
schemes in new developments collectingrainwater in homes to reduce
devices for example our wordrainwould contain three syllables by
i ve even said bucketingrainyou know f1024: bucketing f1023:

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