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foraye ma fier foriver thatrainsthat faa an the wins
sae fine dry an brawrainsin the efterneen turns affa
affa het i div feelrainsin the efterneen wi weet
the opposite o that [inaudible]rainsreally lightly m1146: smirr i
founert wi june s fellrainsan niver a blink o
dull an driech an itrainsas weel damp an miserable
jist hinging fer soakin weetrainsaa day cood mak abody
pool table so fin itrainshe cood tak some o
tum up for the bookrainsa a day weet in
weather station and when itrainsheavily a ticker tape comes
fell snaw an the sullenrainswidna gang awa i cudna
did blaw aye an itrainsthe hale bloomin day ana
shifts the sna then itrainsin the heavy range ferrly
an affa grey en itrainsfor the rest o the
fair en come nicht itrainseence mair tuesday 7 temp
future o fairmin if therainsdon t wash away all
tuesday 1 temp 2 16rainsfae mornin throo tae nicht
spring he muses that aprilrainsshall sure prepare for freshness
never seen rain like itrainshere it just pelts down

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