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the subordinate legislation committee whichraised13 points of substance on
on the points that weraiseda full analysis of the
30 the convener the committeeraiseda number of points on
on the points that wereraiseda response has been received
board the points that wereraisedabout core funding through our
of the points that weraisedabout this instrument was that
the points that i haveraisedand on the consultation process
the points that maureen macmillanraisedare key issues for that
of the points that youraisedas part of the new
the points that have beenraisedby david mcletchie expectations should
answers the points that wereraisedby members the convener we
address similar points to thoseraisedby michael matheson and phil
them other than the pointsraisedby the committee members does
the scottish executive to pointsraisedby the committee on petition
the scottish executive to pointsraisedby the committee on petition
the scottish executive to pointsraisedby the committee on the
begun to address the pointsraisedby the petitioner that has
it to consider the pointsraisedby the petitioners and to
great many of the pointsraisedby the ssstf highlighting the
the points that you haveraisedduring the past two or
a few points that wereraisedearlier everybody recognises the progress
2002 draft the convener weraisedfour points the executive has
of the points that youraisedhave made a difference if
of the points that wereraisedi apologise if i have
specific points that members haveraisedi will ensure that those
those points that we haveraisedidentified and agreed on and
follow up response to pointsraisedin our report scottish further
the points that have beenraisedin the debate as possible
as other points that membersraisedin the debate i have
account the points that areraisedin the paper as they
the key points that wereraisedin written correspondence to me
of the points that wereraisedinitially by mr salmond in
a wheen o thae pointsraisedmaistly by yir guid sel
the points that george reidraisedmany of which were on
mcmahon has said you haveraisedmany points on a particularly
made those points well iraisedmy point in order to
specific points that members haveraisedon follow through and to
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon part 1 of the
bill various points have beenraisedon section 1 we sought
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the bill 2 salmon
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill agricultural
of the bill to pointsraisedon the following bill dog
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill education
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill land
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill land
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill local
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill marriage
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill public
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill salmon
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following bill salmon
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following bill school
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following bill water
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following bill water
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following instrument the
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following instrument the
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following instrument the
consider the responses to pointsraisedon the following instruments the
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following instruments the
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following instruments the
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the ethical
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following the food
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following the pesticides
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the potatoes
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the processed
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the rehabilitation
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the rehabilitation
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following the scottish
the scottish executive to pointsraisedon the following the seeds
from the executive to pointsraisedon the following the sfgs
the points that he hasraisedotherwise we strongly support amendment
petitions the following points wereraisedpe46 petition calling for the
robert brown and murdo fraserraisedpoints about letters of comfort
for consideration no members haveraisedpoints about the first instrument
to the points that itraisedpreviously on the oft report
examine the draft regulations theyraisedquite a number of points
the gaelic language cathy peattieraisedseveral points michael russell for
convener thank you you haveraisedsome interesting points as michael
of the points that weraisedthroughout the process the convener
used english several points wereraisedtomorrow the strategy on gaelic
the points that andrew wilsonraisedwe are not seeking to
points that margo and allanraisedwe need an early and
the six points that weraisedwith it we asked why
points that margaret doig hasraisedwould it be possible to
in future groups in invernessraiseda number of concerns about
time this morning concerns wereraisedabout certifiers in particular the
to do so concerns wereraisedabout disability i want to
recognised that concerns have beenraisedabout that novelty it is
the concerns that have beenraisedabout the draft census order
brian adam some concerns wereraisedabout the fact that you
about funding particular concerns wereraisedabout the financial impact of
a general election concerns wereraisedabout the point of sale
taken to address the concernsraisedand what steps are being
concerns about blips have beenraisedanecdotally with me and it
the bill those concerns wereraisedat an early stage and
the parliament notes the concernsraisedat the meeting asylum seekers
evolved amendment to address concernsraisedby all parties in the
of concerns that have beenraisedby members from all parts
to individual concerns that wereraisedby members it appears that
the concerns that were beingraisedby people such as bill
in response to the concernsraisedby the health and community
take care of the concernsraisedby the north east and
as a result the concernsraisedby the petitioners have now
address the concerns that wereraisedby the subordinate legislation committee
update the committee on concernsraisedby the voluntary sector and
an additional paragraph on concernsraisedby the whisky industry in
uk lord james douglas hamiltonraisedconcerns about hot pursuit procedures
a number of organisations haveraisedconcerns about that issue several
years the disability rights commissionraisedconcerns about the revised status
october however several members haveraisedconcerns about the timetable during
considered the bill several membersraisedconcerns about the type of
s latest statement of accountsraisedconcerns because it showed that
debate members from all partiesraisedconcerns regarding the impact that
time scale involved abbeyfield hasraisedconcerns since the implementation of
minority ethnic communities have consistentlyraisedconcerns that there remains a
other concerns that were beingraiseddo not feature in the
concerns that mr jackson hasraisedgordon jackson are you suggesting
conflict and concerns have beenraisedhowever i do not think
concerns that phil gallie hasraisedi am sure that he
that those concerns have beenraisedi wonder whether we may
87 the like concerns wisraisedin connection wi scots an
language 87 similar concerns wereraisedin connection with scots and
to be struck concerns wereraisedin evidence that funding streams
model enough concerns have beenraisedin the chamber and by
concerns an issue that iraisedin the justice and home
council has addressed the concernsraisedin the petition it is
the concerns that members haveraisedon the record bill aitken
if those concerns were beingraisedover several months were you
can take susan deacon hasraisedrelevant concerns about the increase
leid 31 107 concerns wisraisedthat awin tae the want
the concerns that have beenraisedthat does not run counter
language 40 107 concerns wereraisedthat due to the lack
public eye however concerns wereraisedthat more still needs to
the concerns that we haveraisedthis morning perhaps all that
taken to address the concernsraisedwhat further actions will be
meps with respect to concernsraisedwith regard to european document
the scottish pharmaceutical general councilraisedwith us some concerns which
before the summer recess andraiseda number of issues arising
the minimum wage michael mathesonraiseda number of issues which
data are collected i haveraiseda number of issues with
the issues that mr rumblesraisedabout defining deprived and impoverished
the issues that have beenraisedabout the contracts because of
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to ask it
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to copy the
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to copy this
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to copy this
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to seek clarification
in relation to the issuesraisedand agreed to write again
the issues that have beenraisedand make the bill more
issues that the petitioner hasraisedand that we should continue
on some of the issuesraisedand to consider these issues
issues that the industry hasraisedand which have been raised
up report into the issuesraisedas part of the future
to address seriously the issuesraisedat each stage we have
particular legal issues have beenraisedbut it is important to
their comments on the issuesraisedby mr mccormack once we
perhaps several of the issuesraisedby pe508 would best be
while opportunities to develop issuesraisedby several interesting female character
civil liberties issues that wereraisedby the bill we felt
legislation to address the issuesraisedby the case of noel
committee some of the issuesraisedby the children were discussed
good argument on the issuesraisedby the consortium which made
consultation on the bill issuesraisedby the consultation exercise power
the 19th september 38 issuesraisedby the consultation exercise the
about the issues that areraisedby the petition and the
on the issues that areraisedby the petition at the
the background to the issuesraisedby the petition pe108 petition
its inquiry into the issuesraisedby the petition pe14 by
the fact that the issuesraisedby the petitioner would be
been taken on the issuesraisedby the report the review
monopoly issues which may beraisedby the sale is based
key issues and questions wereraisedby the scottish tourism co
valid issues that have beenraisedby this scottish parliamentary committee
wider issues that have beenraisedby women about what they
evidence on the issues previouslyraisedcommittee meeting 8 october 2002
significant issues that jackie baillieraiseddennis canavan falkirk west given
issues that i think brianraisedearlier on this would be
the issues that tavish scottraisedgive members some sense of
the issues that nick johnstonraisedi speak as someone who
the issues that could beraisedin connection with the amendments
informing him that the issuesraisedin his petition are addressed
mr harvey on the issuesraisedin his petition it was
mr harvey on the issuesraisedin his petition it was
convention on human rights issuesraisedin legal proceedings under section
on the issues that areraisedin paragraphs 19 and 20
main issues that nurses consistentlyraisedin particular 40 per cent
agreed to take the issuesraisedin petition pe106 from frank
parliament to readdress the issuesraisedin petition pe352 in relation
also the issues that areraisedin petition pe430 is that
and comment on the issuesraisedin petitions and read other
in relation to the issuesraisedin petitions pe462 pe463 and
the number of devolution issuesraisedin scottish courts since the
on the issues that wereraisedin that report the report
review of the main issuesraisedin the consultation exercise and
following sections discuss the issuesraisedin the consultation exercise the
intent b incorporate the issuesraisedin the consultation exercise the
the issues that the parliamentraisedin the debate in april
2001 should address the issuesraisedin the letter the committee
a response to the issuesraisedin the petition committee also
a response to the issuesraisedin the petition committee also
on the issues that areraisedin the petition in particular
the petitioner on the issuesraisedin the petition pe112 petition
a response to the issuesraisedin the petition pe116 petition
legislative status of the issuesraisedin the petition pe120 petition
seeking clarification on the issuesraisedin the petition pe122 petition
for response to the issuesraisedin the petition pe126 petition
a response to the issuesraisedin the petition requesting that
leaves us with the issuesraisedin the petition that pertain
a response to the issuesraisedin the petition the committee
lanarkshire council on the issuesraisedin the petition the executive
in relation to the issuesraisedin the petition together with
their views on the issuesraisedin the petition we have
seeking comments on the issuesraisedin the petition with a
its comments on the issuesraisedin the petition with a
its comments on the issuesraisedin the petition with a
be to consider the issuesraisedin the petitions and to
of the issues that wereraisedin the presentation become important
worth exploring two issues wereraisedin the working group one
the issues that you haveraisedin your report i remind
continue to explore the issuesraisedincluding whether to delay the
social security however we haveraisedissues about the lack of
direct experience to bear andraisedissues however many of the
members business debates members haveraisedissues on behalf of interests
the gender issues that cathyraisedjob creation and so on
have my doubts local authoritiesraisedmajor issues during the consultation
of scotland epilepsy scotland hasraisedmany issues it says that
number of other issues wereraisedof which christine grahame raised
on the issues that wereraisedon 11 september we agreed
issues that the committee hasraisedonce we begin to examine
michael matheson and christine grahameraisedone or two issues there
the issues that have beenraisedor are starting to be
of issues that have beenraisedor if it is the
wish to debate the issuesraisedor that any subject committee
phil gallie mentioned pauline mcneillraisedother issues and i will
no opinion on the issuesraisedquite simply they have neither
to the issues that wereraisedregarding the 2000 diet and
improve such consultation peers haveraisedseveral substantive issues about cross
of the issues that wereraisedsuch as notification periods and
council comhairle nan eilean siarraisedsuch issues with me as
monitor progress on the issuesraisedthe committee agreed to consider
to cosla councils have notraisedthe issues of allotments as
parliamentary issues that i haveraisedthe ministerial answer on 13
facie case on the issuesraisedthe only exception was in
or issues that have beenraisedthe process has enabled the
issues that fergus ewing hasraisedthe scottish needs assessment programme
important issues that the inquiryraisedthere is no doubt that
the issues that have beenraisedthose include crucial issues such
margaret nicol yes the eisraisedthose issues in several forums
problem last year we alsoraisedthose issues within the higher
the issues that architects haveraisedthrough the royal incorporation of
few issues that members haveraisedtoday and which the transport
the issues that have beenraisedtoday particularly interpreting which makes
on the issues that itraisedwe asked for details of
and access issues that wereraisedwere similar throughout the country
that the issues that wereraisedwhether in the borders or
the issues that i haveraisedwhich are responsible for a
issues that fergus ewing hasraisedwhich is why we will
the issues that have beenraisedwhich should be brought to
the issues that it hasraisedwith the executive there seems
scotland that said brian clarkraiseda broader issue that makes
the one issue that israisedall the time particularly by
the issue that was constantlyraisedand highlighted in our evidence
on that issue which sportscotlandraisedand which bruce crawford has
how an issue might beraisedat a committee for discussion
whether the issue could beraisedat interview and secondly if
key issue that has beenraisedat nursing conventions and elsewhere
members business debate on thimerosalraisedawareness of the issue of
an issue that i haveraisedbefore i noted brian monteith
macintosh a small issue wasraisedby judith gillespie of the
i should clarify the issueraisedby malcolm chisholm and brian
one issue that has beenraisedby many of the minister
streets safer another key issueraisedby the children was the
social justice to an issueraisedby the committee in relation
social justice to an issueraisedby the committee in relation
because that was an issueraisedby the minister for justice
mr macintosh another issue wasraisedby the representatives of the
issue that donald gorrie hasraisedfiona hyslop donald gorrie makes
the issue that i haveraisedi conclude by welcoming the
imrie an issue that wasraisedin another subject committee is
an issue that has beenraisedin the chamber in recent
convener the issue has beenraisedin the consultation mr mcgrigor
one particular issue currently beingraisedin the debate on tourism
issue of research which wasraisedin the debate substantial research
legitimacy an issue that israisedin the motion the issue
dragged into the original issueraisedin the petition because it
an issue that you haveraisedintroduce a bill to change
issue in september and youraisedit continuously until april but
is an issue i iraisedit mike was there eh
the issue that he hasraisedit seems to me to
ensure that that issue israisedmr mcgrigor what about the
and the issue has beenraisedon several occasions there has
who has contacted me hasraisedthat issue nicola sturgeon will
i represent has ever evenraisedthat issue we maybe want
another route local authorities haveraisedthat issue with us and
is raised the executive hasraisedthe cost issue we have
of the issue that israisedthe executive has raised the
and figures mr macintosh youraisedthe issue in september and
on individual learning accounts weraisedthe issue of access and
rented sector cathie craigie youraisedthe issue of being able
linda fabiani and john scottraisedthe issue of fees and
to my mind when heraisedthe issue of information for
volunteer development scotland helen eadieraisedthe issue of mainstreaming we
mr macintosh many people haveraisedthe issue of marking and
the past few months haveraisedthe issue of pay however
would be inappropriate irene oldfatherraisedthe issue of reasonableness and
take an intervention johann lamontraisedthe issue of regulation and
usability my colleague linda fabianiraisedthe issue of relaxations class
echo those sentiments linda fabianiraisedthe issue of section 9
for my amendment angus mackayraisedthe issue of significant risk
as possible fergus ewing alsoraisedthe issue of the relationship
water directive which minister hasraisedthe issue when and what
glasgow but glasgow city councilraisedthe issue when it first
to historic buildings i haveraisedthis issue in the chamber
important issue that has beenraisedthis morning and which everyone
the issue that i haveraisedtoday the convener we will
however one issue which macaulayraisedwas examined in the deeside
economy another issue that wasraisedwas the speed of change
engineering another issue that wasraisedwas whether more master of
about the issue that iraisedwe may find that i
place the issue might beraisedwhen sheriffs are being interviewed
the public gallery when iraisedwith hector currie the issue
issue which many people haveraisedwith me we are examining
people in the port haveraiseda petition to have the
the matter as it wasraisedin a separate petition the
although the matter was firstraisedin the petition it has
the convener several people haveraisedthat point if the ombudsman
several more specific questions wereraisedthe first of which concerned
trout effect on wildlife separaiseda concern that some measures
of concern that the ministerraisedabout the main point of
a concern that was beingraisedby a number of individuals
concern at the serious allegationsraisedby reputable organisations and individuals
pay scheme that concern wasraisedby the registrars as well
serious concern that the committeeraisedian jenkins the wee problem
follow each concern that wasraisedin early april to find
wallace on three occasions iraisedmy concern about where the
or informal networks concern wasraisedthat unless the teaching of
the act 114 another concernraisedwas that whilst bsl could
the matter has however beenraisedand there is no legal
about the matter it wasraisedat stage 1 and i
the matter since it wasraisedat stage 2 but it
is critical the matter wasraisedat the conveners liaison group
welsh as the matter wasraisedat westminster christine grahame it
anyone thinks that the matterraisedis a particular problem do
a matter that you haveraisedlodge an amendment to a
disability rights commission has notraisedthat matter with me but
munro and charles kennedy haveraisedthe first matter of paramount
not get our way weraisedthe matter again a year
reality of the situation iraisedthe matter at the social
i was careful when iraisedthe matter not to say
negotiated nationally derek miller iraisedthe matter on that basis
committee or have we simplyraisedthe matter the convener the
given every time that youraisedthe matter when your members
that reply because when iraisedthe matter with him in
on that matter earlier iraisedthe point that ombudsmen might
dealing with the matter heraisedwe will also be able
parliament to complaints that wereraisedbristow muldoon in the response
other minority languages was alsoraisedin the consultation process glasgow
officer twenty minutes ago iraiseda point of order about
to the point that youraisedabout the difference between the
about shabby deals donald gorrieraisedan important point about the
addresses the point that wasraisedby christine grahame both christine
that was not a pointraisedby the stuc in its
mr quinan although ben wallaceraisedhis point under this section
a point that mr gallieraisedi am not suggesting that
point that johann lamont hasraisedof course class sizes are
first point that phil gallieraisedon prisoners clothing the present
second point that phil gallieraisedrelated to removal from association
census provides des mcnulty alsoraisedthat last point quite a
george lyon and others haveraisedthat point in the debate
so i know that youraisedthat point on 11 november
areas one point that wasraisedthat was quite funny well
addresses the point that philraisedthe final point relates to
next one tricia marwick iraisedthe point a wee while
of the working group haveraisedthe point that appeals should
a witness the convener youraisedthis point with me the
recorded that point could beraisedwith the minister to summarise
point of order i haveraisedwith the procedures committee the
crime squad however questions wereraisedabout how that could be
noting here questions have beenraisedabout the performance monitoring of
external assessments questions are alsoraisedabout validity and reliability it
to questions that have beenraisedalready david davidson asked a
the wider questions that wereraisedby john mcallion a core
some of the key questionsraisedby the bill scottish salmon
five of the main questionsraisedby the salmon conservation scotland
the institutional questions that areraisedby the treaty of amsterdam
the questions that we hadraisedhe has been very co
received in answer to questionsraisedin debate we have received
elsewhere which was that peopleraisedquestions received reassurances and nothing
the questions that simon watkinsraisedwe would hope to receive
some of the questions heraisedwith me on the telephone
earlier and that it wasraisedcontinuously it seems to have
as a whole fragmentation wasraisedearlier amendment 75 will allow
the problem with markers wasraisedin september 1999 or earlier
the practical objections that wereraisedto earlier versions in particular
justice committee meeting the scvoraiseda number of matters that
access to information has beenraisedby a number of members
assessment of how money israisedas well as how it
continued their journey money wasraisedby means of a play
of the decade it hadraisedenough money to fund a
executive how much money wasraisedfrom fiscal fines issued in
by which money can beraisedis the holding of a
they took money oot ehmraisedmoney an took this money
the bervie games until theyraisedmoney to buy their own
ask why they were notraisedduring the extensive consultations members
on sepa that maureen macmillanraisedmembers indicated agreement the convener
transport and the environment committeeraisedmembers might wish to be
ownership nor have difficulties beenraisedthrough our members we could
spend it has awareness beenraisedamong employers about the importance
with our system has beenraisedand we are due to
to those that have beenraisedby nick johnston and margo
raised and which have beenraiseddirectly with me as the
1981 how much has beenraisedfrom any such sales and
been hand picked to beraisedfrom field bondage to a
the enforcement regime has beenraisedi have stated at every
a factor that has beenraisedin today s discussion the
villages had been born andraisedon deeside but their parents
parliament s expectations have beenraisedonly to be dashed by
zoo or c has beenraisedor released for the purpose
been a problem that wasraisedoutwith and within the sqa
the centre of which araisedstage had been erected the
injury actions which have beenraisedunder the existing procedures it
occasion that it has beenraisedwe have looked into the
the items that have beenraisedwhich i will take back
the expectations that have beenraisedwill not be met by
the problems that have beenraisedwith me have been dealt
notes which nicola sturgeon hasraisedalthough i was reassured when
colonies in america has alsoraisedin the public eye the
the equal opportunities committee hasraisedparticularly dialect i hope that
the finance committee has consistentlyraisedperformance targets i will provide
successes and benefits it hasraisedstandards protected tenants and given
on mr kelly has nowraisedthe question of markers johann
susan deacon des mcnulty hasraisedtwo separate but obviously related
specific question that bruce crawfordraisedand request that the minister
you did m903: but thatraisedanither question are ye daein
an obvious question to beraisedas to which world is
to follow up the questionraisedby mary mulligan and others
the exam the question israisedof the balance between internal
disabled people the commission alsoraisedthe question of replacing mandatory
about promotion of brands youraisedthe question of targeting advertising
in that context we haveraisedthe question of the regimes
that is really why iraisedthe question the recommendation to
yes we do after youraisedthe question we wrote to
the question that is oftenraisedwith me by the low
progress the question that benraisedwould be better dealt with
if such an action wereraiseda local authority would certainly
go away those were allraisedand the sqa took away
made lake 100 chiefs whoraiseddissent at its building were
s parents were born andraisedin the philadelphia locality it
morning s press expectations wereraisedover the past eight weeks
they were asked maureen macmillanraisedthe cost implications which would
their parents were born andraisedthere entire classes of pupils
faces in rural communities wereraisedthose included difficulties with transport
minister entered the debate andraisedthe prospect the hope of
the convener is awareness beingraisedof the fact that disabled
possible the convener i haveraisedthe sports hall target with
many colleagues and i haveraisedin this chamber those teething
such a suggestion to beraisedlater when people have had
the axe not dropped merelyraisednow he would have to
am glad that you haveraisedthat mr hamilton such advisers
exceptions that have to beraisedwithout specifying any burden on
about economic compensation which israisedby a lot of people
a boy he was partlyraisedby an aunt in a
parliamentary committee will not beraisedby another committee hugh henry
smell like foxhounds hares areraisedby beaters and driven into
depth later but it wasraisedby everybody there are problems
it will replace the revenueraisedby fisheries trusts in crofting
revenue may need to beraisedby invoking the scottish parliament
made to proposals was alsoraisedby many respondents the asfb
general complaints which are notraisedby msps but appear in
into a field or areraisedby people walking across the
different there are practical difficultiesraisedby the amendment every authorisation
whereby the capital expenditure israisedby the consortium that builds
a run of salmon wasraisedby the rics asfb and
with the judicial review actionraisedby the royal society for
amount of revenue to beraisedby the scheme s1w 27364
and notes that the fundsraisedby the scheme will help
are also involved the problemsraisedby the surveillance of known
all three its bright skirtraisedby the tide a plump
there and by doing soraisedexpectations that it is commonly
of the taxes that areraisedin scotland are spent by
by this committee and notraisedin the press first adam
a little shocked by araisedvoice from the undead you
the basic pension should beraisedhowever i am astonished that
stuart duffin awareness is beingraisedabout both business is beginning
of public insurance liability wasraisedi am not sure about
on a maitter ye haeraisedintroduce a bill tae chynge
i would rather that weraisedawareness of those needs took
which i assume it alsoraisedwith the executive the council
votes of no confidence beingraisedevery 10 minutes but in
people or is awareness beingraisedin terms of disabled people
the possibility of arguments beingraisedin the courts on this
31 december 2002 euan robsonraisedthe idea that the executive
on which the case israisedand that rule 43 8
s desk sat on araisedplatform which meant no one
operations was worked out whichraisedthe age of agricultural workers
the voluntary sector which witnessesraisedtime and again during the
raised of which christine grahameraisedtwo or three paragraph 48
course of events matters areraisedwith the appropriate authority which
voucher system for asylum seekersraisedin the social justice committee
470 000 plus total wasraisedfrom many small donations and
skirts lang at that timeraisede styoo she wis baith
yesterday that the first ministerraisedexpectations in scotland and then
landfill tax believes that revenueraisedfrom landfill tax should go
to that lassy i veraisedher as weel as i
our sins and that godraisedhim from the dead we
and the topic that israisedmost often is the sutherland
you make of that iraisedmy eyebrows of what oh
them moreover expectations that areraisedshould be satisfied we will
companies the university of aberdeenraisedthe fact that developing smes
is interesting that the ministerraisedthe spectre of local pay
nearly 100 000 scots thatraisedtheir voice against any attack
in local government finance wasraisedthrough the council tax that
the practical difficulties that areraisedwhen we try to telescope
wind the laddie s faitherraiseda blame on him i
keep the lids on potsraiseda wee bittie when i
english such as on araisedbeach certainly urquhart s english
synthetic english like on araisedbeach for example and urquhart
from my seat on araiseddias at the back of
the headteacher was born andraisedin coull educated locally on
beild the auld man thairaisedon hir dumpin on the
report back on the mattersraiseds1w 34329 andrew wilson to
he tcyauved on the lanraisedsons an gowd barley far
or are starting to beraisedthis year are kept on
england james douglas hamilton whoraisedthis was minister in the
sign secretary the auction hadraised1555 48 3 181 lots
inti ingland an the suddronraiseda het trod ti herrie
few survived the slaughter langraiseda tassie toast tae hail
an oxford dinner had onceraiseda toast to the next
informations aw species o argumentsraisedaboot the historical legitimacy o
the earl o bothwell faraisedan airmy aa the lairds
the loch aince free maryraisedan airmy as did the
water tae the brim heraisedan then a fire ablow
to allow objections to beraisedand considered properly the incident
june 1930 at braemar butraisedat the farm of daldownie
a high bank of theraisedbeach loomed over the main
greek temple smored amang willowsraisedbi the laird hissel fur
of 470 000 was actuallyraisedfor the appeal the minutes
the sum of 24 wasraisedfor the summer outing carson
if the income threshold wasraisedfrom 10 000 to a
is the level of revenueraisedfrom the charges levied against
to plan the curtains areraisedfrom the windows and door
from the jungle trumpeting trunkraisedhe roared asserting his legal
duguid the chiel fa draisedhim it wis like somebody
wis blythe at this anraisedhis gless in thenks the
the inverbervie district the totalraisedin kincardineshire was 164 390
services the level of revenuesraisedin scotland or of the
and rule attitude i wasraisedin the borders where all
one eighth of the sumraisedin the inverbervie district the
the cream overflowed then heraisedit to his lips and
forearm with the back thisraisedmy happiness to a level
strike fire flake heezed israisedor hoisted the waukrife oor
vile liquid lap against theraisedpavements and you step back
ordinar subject is to beraisedthank god you hae the
chairmanship of mr andrew bladesraisedthe funds to erect the
let life take over iraisedthe glass again to not
had polished the wood andraisedthe grain into very attractive
hid bin drawn the feerinsraisedthe ploo hid bin oot
european year of disabled peopleraisedthe profile of disabled people
the sale o christmas cairdsraisedthe siller for the scout
took part and 7 wasraisedthe stonehaven journal of march
the rest of the teamraisedtheir game and the outcome
research against the amount currentlyraisedthrough charitable donations s1w 24863
regarding the allocation of revenueraisedthrough transport taxes to rail
made the lamiter walk heraisedup the deid luve wis
of accumulated rainwater to beraisedwith minimum effort when the
with a growing entourage iraiseda gulliver book to crush
later a well with araisedcircle of stone nearby a
form a circle with handsraisedelbows almost touching pace 8
looks at mother with eyebrowsraisedlittle liar comes fiona s
was sold in sections andraised4 1937 miss stewart was
in wrath no voice wasraisedin reply and after a
bare an his left haunraisedabeen him fat are ye
first britannica article angel hadraiseda few eyebrows in seeming
mind this year when weraisedentry charges slightly above inflation
not a line and weraisednot a stone but we
any i said mr scottraisedan eyebrow perhaps at hearing
in monsoon mud demobbed heraiseda family peace pumped contentment
in an english voice iraiseda finger and he muttered
funding area tourist boards israisedand is discussed in some
how safety standards can beraisedand maintained in scotland s
vi a fairly lonely voiceraisedin eloquent opposition to this
altar neil hid bin lanesomeraisedin glesga syne relocatit tae
distribution of all tax revenuesraisedin scotland but for fiscal
smeddum o a queen iraisedmy haun in pairtin as
vanished into files i neverraisedlogging off time halleluja homeward
got there they had bloodyraisedit to 50 at this
i came to traumatized iraisedmy dazed head it felt
you must you shall beraisedto a higher level deana
2 million worth of aidraisedfor kosovo and conveys its
his tormentor s face heraisedhis right fist memories of
terrifeed this littlin he draisedas his ain wad faa
mist an eccentric laird hadraiseda temple there marble beside
square each plaza had araiseddais where a band held
heroes war gweed each baddieraiseda jeer nae back seat
d get a bite atraisedan reedent e skin bit
o faitherless squallin geats wisraisedbi mithers nae muckle aulder
side e watter jist araisedblock o solid ice an
linin s got a shroudraiseddivorce costs mortgage tax lust
s ower wi mysie bruceraisedher eyebroos at yon an
doing it very slowly heraisedhis hand his forefinger came
knight and joseph turned andraisedhis hand without a smile
he kent it na heraisedhiz heid an sein at
anent a maitter ye haeraisedlodge an amendment tae a
short title a query israisedover commencement orders including transitional
as gibbon vividly describes sheraisedprotective mental and emotional barriers

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