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kitchie an greetin in megramsays bosie wheeshtie wheeshtie lassie
telt her ma an megramsayaboot the bruises she d
sterted tae prig wi megramsayan her mither fur halloween
safety o the kitchie megramsayan her mither sally hid
washin tae dae like megramsayan minnie s mither trauchled
because jock dow an megramsayare coortin an if jock
the tellin o stories megramsaycappit thon wi tales o
an the kitchie deem megramsaycried aa the big fowk
ootside door the maid megramsayhid born the brunt o
an it wis dennertime megramsayhid fulled the ropes wi
the licht september win megramsayhid telt minnie that fin
sheetin fite hares an megramsayhid the guttin skinnin an
a wee whyle efter megramsays feet cam up the
he come yon day megramsaysaid fur he maun hae
its fuskers the neist megramsaysighed luikin efter ither fowks
addit the rasp o megramsaysnorin efter fit seemt an
sandwiches an fancies wis megramsaysteenhillock s kitchie deem and
sacked him ay an megramsaytee fur a fool vratch
her cousin isie an megramsaythe maid fur the last
dampit doon wi dross megramsaywadna let minnie awa till
a free haun fur megramsaywinna leave the hoose eence
on this ae nicht megramsaywis in chairge o the
wi birssled stovies an megramsaywis new back frae the
warmth o the kitchie megramsaywis ower at the sink
eighteenth century use via alanramsays collections of sixteenth and
popular song tradition with allanramsays song collections the evergreen
planning for modern usage edinburghramsayhead press maclaren ian 1895
planning for modern usage edinburghramsayhead press mcclure j d
his significance as successor toramsayand fergusson burns himself was
poetry of his earlier countrymenramsayand fergusson in this she
which include his immediate predecessorsramsayand fergusson pivot any point
scots music poems by allanramsayand robert fergusson ed by
the printed poetic forms oframsayfergusson and burns it also
english counterparts successors of allanramsaysuch as fergusson burns scott
from the time of allanramsayat the beginning of the
grandfather clock and an allanramsayportrait worth 9000 the vicar
in the time of allanramsayscots was starting to be
of scots spelling robertson 1973ramsayalso introduced unnecessary apostrophes into
and galt tended to followramsays spelling ideas and the
ed by carol anderson edinburghramsayhead press 2001 17 35
hazel anderson admin support patriciaramsaysteve simeon fraser mclain jenny
outdated practices of the makkarsramsayturned to english and embarked
in the 18th century underramsayferguson and burns a hundred
a revival took place underramsayferguson and burns then again
shepherd 1725 the line fromramsaythrough burns and scott all
abbotsford charles murray rt honramsaymacdonald sir thomas jaffray sir
derived from a common ancestorramsayhimself employed a system of
nicola glasgow snp swinney johnramsaynorth tayside snp t thomson
john lauder yer guidfaither sramsaythe provost o edinburgh ye
and the foundations laid byramsayinverbervie at a cost of
of year but in cliveramsays they actually sit out
later in the 1870s deanramsaywas still able to write

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