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call for the culling ofraptorsin our view the petition
the report members indicated agreementraptorslicensed culling pe187 11 30
public transport passenger safety pe59raptorslicensed culling pe187 quarrying pe225
allow limited licensed culling ofraptorsmaureen macmillan who was appointed
association on the culling ofraptorsthe committee will consider a
to allow licensed culling ofraptorsunder the terms of the
allow limited licensed culling ofraptorsunder the terms of the
view that shooting or cullingraptorswas an option we thought
far as shooting or killingraptorssuch as pricking eggs or
such as tactics to divertraptorsfrom the grouse those tactics
a matter of balance betweenraptorsand the grouse population it
protect the grouse population fromraptorshave not been investigated as
rspb want to produce moreraptorsi appreciate the reasons for
increase in the number ofraptorssnh and the rspb want
in examining methods of stoppingraptorstaking homing pigeons that situation
the petition on pigeons andraptorsthe convener that petition is
and that the number ofraptorswould rise to compensate for
of the increasing numbers ofraptorsthe petition requested a derogation
in the population of certainraptorsmay have been at the
of wildlife such as birdsraptorsin scotland it would be
that it intends to killraptorsonly in areas where the

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