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intends to use an inflationrateof 3 3 while for
council tax well above therateof inflation and cut services
quite correctly pegged at therateof inflation and we should
had pay rises below therateof inflation for six of
the promised settlements above therateof inflation over the next
executive what it estimates therateof inflation will be in
that in future years therateof inflation will be the
the state pension an inflationrateof only 1 1 will
project on reducing the suiciderateamongst young men has received
project on reducing the suiciderateamongst young men is staffed
project on reducing the suiciderateamongst young men s1w 28587
project on reducing the suiciderateamongst young men s1w 28591
that in scotland the suicideratefor males and females of
own lives why the suicideratein scotland is increasing why
had on the claimant unemploymentratein glasgow kelvin since may
with almost the lowest unemploymentratein scotland and it has
regional cohesion long term unemploymentratepeople living in jobless households
share very long term unemploymentratepersons with low educational attainment
already suffering from an unemploymentratewell above the national average
first minister the uniform businessrateis quite correctly pegged at
would like the uniform businessratepoundage parity with england to
by restoring the uniform businessratereducing business regulation and effecting
freeze on the uniform businessratethat will begin next april
by returning the uniform businessrateto the control of local
on the sterling euro exchangerateand the demand on the
months because of the exchangeratedifferential does the minister propose
rough guide to current exchangerateis 200 rupees 1 00
rupee what s the currentrateof exchange from dollar what
for a big as therateof exchange heads low in
of the sterling euro exchangeratewhich prevailed during 1999 before
scottish executive what the collectionratefor non domestic water charges
may 2000 the non domesticratescotland order 2000 ssi 2000
april 2001 the non domesticratescotland order 2001 ssi 2001
april 2002 the non domesticratescotland order 2002 ssi 2002
april 2002 the non domesticratescotland order 2002 ssi 2002
may 2003 the non domesticratescotland order 2003 ssi 2003
may 2003 the non domesticratescotland order 2003 ssi 2003
may 2003 the non domesticratescotland order 2003 ssi 2003
of the current unfair waterratesystem for domestic customers with
late payment of commercial debtsrateof interest scotland order 2002
late payment of commercial debtsrateof interest scotland order 2002
late payment of commercial debtsrateof interest scotland order 2002
late payment of commercial debtsrateof interest scotland order 2002
contract was an appropriate commercialrates1w 10864 mr kenny macaskill
that the scottish cancer survivalratedoes not remain lower than
for everyone on the lowerratehas the minister calculated how
for a slightly lower startingrateif they could continue to
of them get the lowerrateof 37 even if westminster
that that explains the lowerrateof decline in tobacco consumption
or b lower the basicrateof income tax s1w 15093
subject that the television paymentrateof 3 50 per day
the group recommended a flatratepayment of 90 a week
exclusion these are low incomerateafter transfers with low income
low income threshold low incomerateanchored at a point in
point in time low incomeratebefore transfers distribution of income
to a significant non returnratedistorting the data on income
income faces a marginal taxrateof 40 per cent but
still based on the currentrateof basic income tax s1w
the income question the responseratewould be higher we are
in america the census returnrateis 98 4 per cent
the scottish executive whether therateof financial return assumed by
which leads to a higherrateof non return thirdly and
ask the scottish executive whatrateof return is envisaged for
rural development the scottish waterrateof return scotland order 2002
on future changes to therateof return since making the
involving private finance and therateof return that private partners
involving private finance and therateof return that private partners
water authorities and what actualrateof return was achieved for
ask the scottish executive whatrateof return was set for
assumption it made of therateat which council tax charges
they suffer a marginal taxrateof 40 per cent but
effect face a marginal taxrateof 40 per cent which
untoward effect on the collectionrateof council tax or other
2nd rate britons or 2ndrateamericans when you think of
about whether they re 2ndratebritons or 2nd rate americans
non verbal features including speechratepausal phenomena and utterance length
please note the special lowratefor everyone who books by
a 30 per cent churnrateas there is in the
a 50 per cent successratei call scott barrie scott
cent and in australia therateis 91 per cent it
famous 3 per cent attritionrateis also rather spurious when
cent fall in the responseratethat results from there being
which is equivalent to theratefor higher rate taxpayers for
to the rate for higherratetaxpayers for every extra 1
may there is a specialratefor 100 for students and
100 million cutting the businessratepoundage to the level of
100 million cutting the businessratepoundage to the level of
100 million cutting the businessratepoundage to the level of
test of 1997 the responseratedropped from 57 4 per
target adult population at arateof 30 per year in
for three years at therateof 4000 per annum 6
of attendance allowance at therateof 55 per week giving
adverse response on the responseratebut mr wallace mentioned that
real fears about the responserateif it is included and
the impact on the responserateit is perhaps helpful to
in some ways the responseratethat one gets for tests
negative impact on the responseratetommy sheridan has already mentioned
to below the united kingdomratein the course of the
to below the united kingdomratein the course of the
to below the united kingdomratein the course of the
at higher worried by therateof decline and eager to
were the effects of therateof introduction of higher still
6450 and not the higherratewhich has been abolished through
whether the current take uprateof influenza vaccines is acceptable
should probably double the currentrateof pay that would cost
scottish executive what the currentrateof staff turnover is in
i m late my pulserateruns staccato i may just
that we must pay theratefor the job let us
do better and pay theratefor the job scotland must
above the retail prices indexratebecause it is a labour
wi men whaur wad yerateyeirsells a wunner aiblins ye
that it is a secondratelanguage compared to latin effectively
degradation here sat the secondratethe down at heel the
second language at an acceleratedrateunder school conditions such an
second language at an acceleratedrateunder school conditions the need
of any fall in therateof new business start ups
the valuation for rating decapitalisationratescotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
early next year the presentrateof funding will deal with
next year at a cheapratethe convener no is everybody
blacked out again at anyratethe next thing i remember
that portion is made theratebeing such as may be
emphasis to individuality at anyrateafter friday i had a
e stair at a fairratean it pick dark i
diminished at a painfully slowrateand was always topped up
goes maggie at the samerateas sheltered housing dates maybe
tae beat at sic aratebelieve me a can hardly
a stiff breeze at anyratebut no a headwind the
acquit mysel or at anyrateexplain mysel lilian oh you
pressure risin at a affaratefit did a war correspondent
russian for all at thisrategod knows we must learn
wi us at the uncoratehe is cummin awbodie in
still framework at an acceleratedratehowever in all cases where
it to 50 at thisratei will never catch up
appropriate or decorous at anyratein both poets we see
fully mair common at onyrateit s only in the
bein selt at a affaratejonsar wis suprised at the
bein hauled at a fastrateo knots in till eh
day compared to the dailyrateof 1 at perth royal
get ours at the russianrateof about 3 00 the
to aim at and therateof editing to be sustained
his anxiety at the slowrateof production though he conceded
still closing at the disturbingrateof two a day depriving
was colvin himself at anyraterls wrote colvin in june
harvested at source the goingrates as follows in pounds
the dyke at sic arateshe caad doon the tapmaist
margaret will onywey at therateshe s goin mother whit
are at the local callratesupported by shona robison fergus
he really was at anyrateuntil he smiled he was
and norman blood at anyratewe know that by the
covenant the convener at thisratewe will be out of
another word going at thatratewhich even the very drunk
his bed at an affaratewull you get up an
the support information the highratecare component of disability living
to consider but the highratecare pays for both day
night care whereas the middleratecare pays for either day
only reasonable that the middleratecare which was 37 was
scotland has the highest attritionratefor nurses in the uk
regrets the relatively small designationratein scotland given our outstanding
passed scotland has the highestrateof tobacco deaths in the
ensure that scotland s growthraterises in the way that
to feel is the goingratefor translation simply to get
body masssage and the goingratein ayr s about twenty
or 0845 278 1999 localratecalls via rnid typetalk textdirect
or 0845 278 1999 localratecaws via rnid typetalk textdirect
vehicle allowance means the maximumrateset for local government under
standard local authority scales theratewill vary from council to
last year is that therateof post office closures is
year was caused by arateof something in the region
to increase the take uprateof such vaccines s1w 32355
define the relative eu povertyrateas the proportion of individuals
in line with the maximumratein respect of vehicles over
attendance allowance receive the toprateof 55 and that some
was expressed that a flatrateof 60 000 for strategic
been a growth in therateof application as well as
rural network to stop therateof closures the postal services
be able to vary therateof contribution of proprietors to
returns to morale and therateof drop out of people
heritage lottery fund the punishingrateof editing was maintained from
government with regard to therateof excise duty applicable to
concerned about the take uprateof fiscal fines which varies
that the present annual mortalityrateof gaelic speakers far outstrips
are determined to accelerate therateof health improvement and to
to successive conservative governments therateof home ownership is more
notes with concern the 25rateof misdiagnosis of epilepsy as
areas cannot be overemphasised therateof pupils moving on to
executive what the clear uprateof recorded crimes was a
glasgow ssp given that therateof reduction of child poverty
duties and impose a nationalrateof remuneration i understand that
nurses address the drop outrateof student nurses which is
benefit such that the marginalrateof taxation can be as
bring down the damagingly highrateof the pound and end
and so to improve therateof work on the dictionary
to be a very poorrateone of the most important
mileage allowance means the maximumrateset for employees of the
march 2000 the drop outrateamong nursing students is 25
go in public esteem nursesratevery highly however in job
result in a reduced completionratewhich is not a price
worry that the take uprateamong the elderly is too
able to reduce the churnrateclearly the continuing need for
had almost doubled as theratefor 6 months was first
target is that the survivalratefor assisted small businesses should
less the same as theratefor edinburgh because after the
information on the overall passratefor modern apprenticeships and a
50s work force the employmentratefor the over 50s is
macdonald will find that theratethat she quoted for dumfries
thomsom responsible for some firstratetongue twisting songs that brilliantly
wurd frae him a firstrateceivilised bodie yin o naitur
roughly 5p is the flatrateit would get you practically
centres ltd has put itsrateup to that that explodes
as a result the recoveryrateis faster and greater and
the bill reduce that churnrateis there sufficient financial provision
wedo james models do notratealliteration and the modern word
taking to improve the convictionratein rape cases s1f 1670
wis fair pleased wi therateo progress an jist pickit
taken to reduce the murderrates1o 2738 27 michael russell
f1049: her husband and herratethe checkout operators [laugh] it
how it will improve thatrateolder people also want to
lands or wynd e erratea mention altho in truth
duty and impose a nationalrateon it mr mcmahon earlier
slaw tae a snail sratean stop o a suddenty
fae school furst it thisrateagnes you shouldnae wind carolanne

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