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bill to be implemented soonerratherthan later because it wished
gàidhlig and local authorities soonerratherthan later because that would
ensure that it happens soonerratherthan later given that there
a decision is not soonerratherthan later i also remind
this should be done soonerratherthan later i respectfully suggest
7 december pauline mcneill soonerratherthan later i think christine
a phrase such as soonerratherthan later is somewhat loose
rightly quoted the phrase soonerratherthan later it is important
arrive at a conclusion soonerratherthan later largely to address
borne in mind the soonerratherthan later spirit of both
we were to go soonerratherthan later we must go
poverty solo flight i wouldratherbe cloistered than boudoired i
richt impudent neil i dratherbe impudent than dottled at
cloistered than boudoired i wouldratherbe neutered than suitored i
than me and i dratherbe with her and i
in those countries are probablyratherfewer than those applied here
can do beforehand i dratherget ahead of myself than
my sister and me wouldrathergo in winter than in
i see maybe you drathergo into the garden than
question because some people wouldratherhave on going payments than
suggest that spending may beratherhigher than that however we
home robertson east lothian labratherless than that the convener
growth in resources may beratherless than the raw figure
my eyes and i dratherlook like an idiot than
but the structure might berathermore complex here than it
in practice however genres arerathermore complex than this there
understand you people you dratherput up with pain than
i think that members wouldrathersee it than have it
the scottish parliament than arathersimple repetition of yesterday s
than me we have aratherspecial kind of relationship perhaps
old old old i wouldratherstay in than go out
what scares him he dratherstay unhappy than commit himself
than english one possibly itrathersuited canon macinnes who claimed
25 000 per 100 000ratherthan 1 000 per 100
salary i received over 180ratherthan 110 cash because they
that when they are 22ratherthan 12 they could be
of the clerk is openratherthan 14 normal days for
order of 16 per centratherthan 20 per cent i
of the clerk is openratherthan 28 days i hope
4 per cent a yearratherthan 6 5 per cent
i appeal for a fineratherthan a broad brush remember
often turbulent play of crosscurrentsratherthan a broad mainstream for
more guided experience of themratherthan a change of dialect
case from spoken to writtenratherthan a change of genre
a communal system of communicationratherthan a collection of individual
common basic set of lawsratherthan a constitution with the
unitary superstate a new treatyratherthan a constitution would be
parliament will pass the legislationratherthan a date that is
should apply an environmental consentratherthan a discharge consent the
as a distinct national languageratherthan a form of low
cumbersome we need a politicalratherthan a judicial approach because
the executive favours a politicalratherthan a judicial resolution of
mmhm m605: of the periodratherthan a kinna more broad
have remained another iberian dialectratherthan a language in its
subsidiarity is a political judgementratherthan a legal one i
the fishing industry in scotlandratherthan a liability s1m 2898
hare coursing coursing a lureratherthan a live animal the
was in a manufactured scotsratherthan a live language if
simply a stay of executionratherthan a long term commitment
paid me as a proctorratherthan a monitor i knew
an assessment might suggest thatratherthan a moratorium there should
the person perhaps a workmateratherthan a neighbour on whom
view it as an opportunityratherthan a penance tricia marwick
makes an action an offenceratherthan a permitted exception gordon
george bush is a victimratherthan a perpetrator he was
more of an inanimate objectratherthan a person or a
a celebrant should be licensedratherthan a place so that
something neutral a practical issueratherthan a political one however
should have been a doctorratherthan a politician keith said
it comes in a negativeratherthan a positive resolution of
broader approach to the issueratherthan a purely medical approach
of a uk wide restrictionratherthan a restriction that applies
like a twelve inch recordratherthan a s- forty five
contention this is a guidelineratherthan a scientific figure but
on a uk wide basisratherthan a scottish basis simply
have an open recorded voteratherthan a secret ballot on
have an open recorded voteratherthan a secret ballot we
behave like an open democracyratherthan a secret society i
bill of specific sector targetsratherthan a single arbitrary target
that was a midlothian wordratherthan a skye [laugh] m1008:
change was a quantum leapratherthan a sort of shuffle
of the national park arearatherthan a specific constituency of
tend to have a ukratherthan a specifically scottish focus
f1077: mmhm a main courseratherthan a starter f718: mmhm
not mark a step backwardratherthan a step forward there
moving towards an analytic languageratherthan a synthetic language in
so it d be somebodyratherthan a thing f1005: ah
with a ban in scotlandratherthan a uk wide ban
be usin the the fratherthan a wh m999: oh
as targeted specifically at aspiringratherthan accomplished poets after the
are that they disperse foxesratherthan actually kill them hunts
setting opinions against each otherratherthan actually kinda contributing something
worthwhile activity which will enhanceratherthan add to what we
local community s particular circumstancesratherthan adopt top down policies
awareness of how grammar worksratherthan adopting a teacher centred
is well known that priceratherthan advertising is the biggest
executive statement be made beforeratherthan after decision time the
should i think count forratherthan against them that they
four or five a4 pagesratherthan all the documents we
to ban hunting with houndsratherthan also to ban snares
that will flow from itratherthan amending the civic government
castle your door was protectionratherthan an access route f829:
it was a historical dictionaryratherthan an etymological one in
from scotland to another countryratherthan an internal ferry such
new economy as a threatratherthan an opportunity whereas the
plans to meet that strategyratherthan announce the plans today
the freedom of their bikesratherthan annoying the neighbours are
f826: claim to like oneratherthan another as well m827:
share the burdens more equallyratherthan any downgrading the cabinet
really just irritates me [laugh]ratherthan anything else m1007: i
well in my case radioratherthan anything else or perhaps
by means of educative changeratherthan applying punitive sanctions after
be based on footballing meritratherthan arbitrarily set criteria that
be based on footballing meritratherthan arbitrarily set criteria that
opportunity for developing responsive servicesratherthan as a constraint it
a rustic dialect of englishratherthan as a national language
a resource to be developedratherthan as a problem to
voluntary sector organisations as competitorsratherthan as allies in doing
on process and logical sequenceratherthan as in reports on
predicates as in the examplesratherthan as modifiers without any
have effects on the readerratherthan as set structures as
the f641: mmhm f639: decisionratherthan as you say your
benefits by automated bank transferratherthan at post offices potentially
at the september tea partyratherthan at the dinner with
kids active at the beginningratherthan at the end of
protection of children act 1999ratherthan be a new act
come through regulation and guidanceratherthan be included in the
of covert human intelligence sourcesratherthan be included on the
time were barefoot one dayratherthan be teased they hid
to local and individual problemsratherthan because the public purse
as if he had climbedratherthan been carried up to
reviewers bully keats and wordsworthratherthan being a site of
it s it s quickratherthan being clever m1007: yes
people are made to workratherthan being considered a problem
have some sort of discretionratherthan being hide bound by
language can continually refresh itselfratherthan being something that the
you were like at homeratherthan being trailed around with
read the report for herselfratherthan believe the spin from
should call it privileged accessratherthan benefit mr ingram i
this paragraph to privileged accessratherthan benefit that will make
the situation will get worseratherthan better i wonder where
on the balance of probabilitiesratherthan beyond reasonable doubt as
so strange usually in subtleratherthan big ways like the
had opted merely to nibbleratherthan bite still in one
tübingen in the black forestratherthan bochum in the ruhr
to pay off its debtsratherthan borrowing to invest it
for the executive agency modelratherthan bringing scottish homes directly
using a hypothecated budget methodratherthan budgeting by actual student
black broad brimmed hat clipsratherthan buttons women cap green
information by writing a letterratherthan by calling the minister
directed by government under contractratherthan by its own principles
be dealt with by politiciansratherthan by judges in the
worldwide agreement on fair traderatherthan by one on free
in this arena every weekratherthan by some old gonk
agrees that regulating by contractratherthan by statute is not
is being made by sportscotlandratherthan by the executive what
couple who are being marriedratherthan by the local authority
for by the european parliamentratherthan by the scottish parliament
by employees of fife councilratherthan by the volunteer members
of investigatory powers act 2000ratherthan by this bill amendment
by the public petitions committeeratherthan by this committee dennis
better addressed in that wayratherthan by way of the
yes aye m999: aye m1002: ratherthan ca it a baby
be going into capital chargesratherthan capital construction the capital
issue is about revenue supportratherthan capital investment mr davidson
watching brief on the instrumentratherthan changing deadlines we need
text and commenting on thatratherthan checking what the text
creeshy hens for making brothratherthan chickens sheep s heid
has and dois claim dratherthan claimit or claim t
to transitional arrangements and complicateratherthan clarify matters angus mackay
writers as addison or swiftratherthan classical authors as suitably
be impossible in such casesratherthan classify over specifically with
in intelligence assessment and analysisratherthan collection where the ncis
part of a single budgetratherthan coming from the general
such as threats of closureratherthan comments about the bigger
paragraph 47 should be conventionratherthan committee the consultation paper
a few bald words thatratherthan composing slowly in writing
an innocent to be pitiedratherthan condemned so george w
concentrate on agreed problem areasratherthan consider rewriting from scratch
profitability of an individual companyratherthan considering the profit margin
directed towards a useful purposeratherthan consisting of four years
a target for increasing productionratherthan consumption i presume that
at the door to enterratherthan continuing to walk in
on the principle of appropriatenessratherthan correctness correctness implies that
a large group and removesratherthan creates any problem relating
should show it on tvratherthan darts for example when
on a timescale of monthsratherthan days if the sea
initiative in rolling out broadbandratherthan dealing with it from
forms occupy the same momentratherthan defining successive stages or
curious about why lewis macdonaldratherthan des mcnulty will close
as deviations from good englishratherthan deviations from good scots
previous item that we consideredratherthan devote a lot of
be a process of encouragementratherthan dictation from the centre
the more onerous intrusive surveillanceratherthan directed surveillance angus mackay
mainly to royal mail servicesratherthan directly to the post
ahead with 9 august certificationratherthan disadvantage the great majority
practicalities of implementing a schemeratherthan discussing whether the scheme
not be under your auspicesratherthan dissipated under different organisations
this perspective language is unifyingratherthan divisive with cross cultural
one would have skived [laugh]ratherthan dogged m1007: [laugh] f1009:
method of looking at legislationratherthan doing so as an
give protection to the citizenratherthan draconian powers to the
health of the nation seriouslyratherthan dreaming of conference centres
can move the arts forwardratherthan driving them backwards as
to do so presiding officerratherthan duplicate the administrative functions
on an input output modelratherthan e g on survey
vennel s probably enclosed ehratherthan eh the close could
gey cauld affa cauld [inaudible]ratherthan eh use a different
the relevant course at schoolratherthan elsewhere are being presented
by the scottish health ministersratherthan elsewhere we are doing
we get the census rightratherthan embark on a census
choose to stay at homeratherthan endure non smoking pubs
m608: ah right okay m1174: ratherthan english cause we we
from jedburgh sometimes speak jeddartratherthan english i have just
name indeed but a gaelicratherthan english one possibly it
the aims of the billratherthan ensure that organic production
has shown that human errorratherthan equipment error is usually
to the value of benefitsratherthan establish a detailed catalogue
in support of other teachersratherthan exclusively to reduce class
say it that way exhausteedratherthan exhausted f1005: exhausted [laugh]
to support people s juriesratherthan existing local community voluntary
itself f1150: yeah just existenceratherthan f1151: i know definitely
what ye want to sayratherthan f831: mmhm things like
usually in the past hypothesisratherthan fact and social distance
develop in terms of confederationratherthan federation the snp has
such issues helpfully and allayratherthan feed concerns when possible
the car that would criticiseratherthan fellow drivers m734: yeah
we are straying into policyratherthan finance areas brian adam
james precepts flytings are tumblingratherthan flowing because their rhythms
private sector should encompass hmosratherthan focus entirely on them
listen to literature for pleasureratherthan for education or instrumental
was asking for financial resourcesratherthan for human resources that
and implement such a schemeratherthan for it to adopt
for the public petitions committeeratherthan for this committee to
play with language since dynamicratherthan forced ideas seem more
play with language since dynamicratherthan forced ideas seem more
er just when when requiredratherthan forcibly ehm put it
f66: that it s stultifyingratherthan freeing f1187: mmhm it
a deviation from good englishratherthan from good scots so
have emanated from inside committeesratherthan from other folk such
to speak from the heartratherthan from the head i
for transport and the environmentratherthan from the transport and
likely to be and thatratherthan fund local authorities to
policy expenditure new national parksratherthan further national parks jmt
we wish to consider thatratherthan give full discretion perhaps
and attractive to the mediaratherthan giving them core funding
the government possibly believes thatratherthan giving up smoking some
try to build that upratherthan go to well trodden
up the pathway now likeratherthan goin up the pavement
and work by voluntary organisationsratherthan going for nice new
work together to resolve disputesratherthan going to war which
these new bodies were parliamentaryratherthan governmental committees see further
water as the measuring mediumratherthan grain gave an enlarged
known as nan or popratherthan grandpa f1144: now you
we were to go willinglyratherthan grudgingly and if we
the jurisdiction of the billratherthan handing them over to
than quhy hath and dothratherthan has and dois claim
public meeting on 11th marchratherthan have everyone coming out
monday night for tuesdays upliftratherthan have it lying around
specific aspects in the circumstancesratherthan have mr nardell opine
over policies and their implementationratherthan have the national parliament
in the parliament building andratherthan have the public sitting
that may be worth consideringratherthan having a complete cut
a letter to the ministerratherthan having the minister appear
to parliament on an issueratherthan having the power of
now be dealt with hereratherthan having to be routed
stay in their own homeratherthan having to go into
that i could follow upratherthan having to start something
change of environment should helpratherthan hinder i ll be
committee would help the petitionratherthan hinder it helen eadie
use that as well m1146: ratherthan hurl but there you
that f1143: yer man f1054: ratherthan husband f1144: [inaudible] m1146:
of changed to suit themratherthan i mean they re
verbs end in e dratherthan i t although he
premises meeting such essential standardsratherthan in accordance with a
their rhythms and onomatopoeic soundsratherthan in attempting to communicate
do with that in januaryratherthan in february simon wakefield
urquhart s imprisonment in factratherthan in fiction was that
lies somehow in the statisticsratherthan in in the texts
statutes now expressed in scotsratherthan in latin use the
needs assessment of each boardratherthan in line with current
a teenage comic strip weeklyratherthan in my more or
changes in england and walesratherthan in scotland at this
be considered in those termsratherthan in terms of whether
one of the committee roomsratherthan in the basement where
a scythe to be hereratherthan in the neep shed
of man s first edensratherthan in the over rational
in in the current dayratherthan in the past mmhm
often written in present tenseratherthan in the past tense
of the people of scotlandratherthan in the sovereignty of
the issue is about interdependenceratherthan independence it is about
with the scottish qualifications authorityratherthan individual colleges within the
committee wants to consider strategicratherthan individual issues our undoubted
blocks of meaning in clausesratherthan individual parts of speech
would approach councils that wayratherthan individually allan wilson does
lied wanting to get inratherthan indulge in a dialogue
to measure outcomes and outputsratherthan inputs as a veteran
the problem which is structuralratherthan intentional follows from the
system many also said thatratherthan introducing major change we
would be classed as directedratherthan intrusive surveillance the bill
would be classed as directedratherthan intrusive surveillance the nub
public pensions agency to galashielsratherthan irvine is consistent with
use of it is iratherthan it is me or
the background in the canonratherthan it s that it
focus of people s attentionratherthan its content cathy peattie
in which it is organisedratherthan its exam standards make
a policy matter for politiciansratherthan judges there is a
a a boyfriend girlfriend ermratherthan just a an an
it that would make senseratherthan just a series of
are aware of and applyratherthan just apply the final
you you re polite f1054: ratherthan just cords m1017: someone
anyway in their right placeratherthan just in the house
social inclusion across the nationratherthan just locally scottish centres
their duties outside their officesratherthan just marriages has been
whether whole life asset managementratherthan just road maintenance is
greater and nurses feel thatratherthan just stemming the tide
three years to work withratherthan just the two that
denholm s just denholm kelseyratherthan kelso f1054: ehm [inaudible]
bill is being introduced nowratherthan last year or the
raw materials of scottish speechratherthan latin and greek and
a positive influence i meanratherthan [laugh] something to m734:
as an additional language ealratherthan learning english as a
the time of the meetingratherthan leave it at the
through an official in edinburghratherthan leave such matters to
resources that will do thatratherthan leaving the burden on
a statutory or other bodyratherthan left to a voluntary
people will always be excludedratherthan legal protection we should
would be to provide guidanceratherthan legislation murdo fraser the
i want to see moreratherthan less of that kind
burn down our city centresratherthan let you government bastards
on wider labour market issuesratherthan lifelong learning marilyn livingstone
obviously designed to be readratherthan listened to [click] [inhale]
you should be reading thisratherthan listening to it [click]
this dictionary is a thesaurusratherthan listing words alphabetically it
account of river catchment areasratherthan local authority boundaries s1w
and networks are often internationalratherthan local makes an interesting
i hope will be shortratherthan long bill butler those
for short questions and answersratherthan long statements that could
really that s the purposeratherthan look back at how
a structured and strategic wayratherthan loosely or on an
s a television m741: yeahratherthan m605: right m741: a
dictu were simply religious reformersratherthan makers of long term
is merely expecting an inquiryratherthan making a complaint we
them to the chamber todayratherthan making us wait for
the english modal auxiliary mustratherthan man maun and the
should be creatures of imaginationratherthan meddlers in serious matters
continued exploration of the issuesratherthan moaning like the snp
maybe that would be strangeratherthan moody but eh m1008:
for proceeding in that wayratherthan moving all tenants on
t much and much lovingratherthan muckle and muckle luvand
moffat to answer as heratherthan my other colleague mr
having 20 minutes to speakratherthan my usual four when
the text has no moreratherthan na mair however there
who are 50 or olderratherthan necessarily 70 or 80
small amount of otc salesratherthan nhs scripts which make
disseminating forms of standard englishratherthan north east scots as
be throwbacks to the pastratherthan objective judgments the convener
appreciation of which should enhanceratherthan obscure the rival brilliancies
for standard english speakers tooratherthan of any difficulties arising
newer safer more effective medicinesratherthan older less expensive drugs
with resperidone olanzapine and quetiapineratherthan older medicines such as
on a subject by subjectratherthan on a whole school
a face to face meetingratherthan on any research part
on the council of europeratherthan on anything to do
we should focus on outcomesratherthan on inputs when it
through formula based grant allocationsratherthan on the basis of
was more on the detailratherthan on the bill the
be based on the principleratherthan on the detail any
still at the registered addressratherthan on the offender to
and the impact of globalisationratherthan on the opportunities the
short sections of the poemratherthan on the work as
we cannot do in scotlandratherthan on what we can
how national parks might workratherthan on whether or not
the quality of course offeredratherthan on whether or not
enable police forces to doratherthan on wider issues members
byrnwiga should spring to mindratherthan one based on an
e all dromedaries in generalratherthan one dromedary in particular
an artificially laid scent trailratherthan one generated by a
that we have regular reportingratherthan one off reports to
does something about such problemsratherthan one that ignores them
landed it with two problemsratherthan one under resourcing in
replacing irregular spellings with regularratherthan operating a more or
meet the needs of peopleratherthan operating companies support lifeline
on which see section dratherthan or as well as
speech placing emphasis on projectsratherthan organisations can lead to
plays by moliere and othersratherthan original work the view
who take the important decisionsratherthan others on their behalf
we would use flying registrarsratherthan our usual registration service
of a sense of mischiefratherthan out of principle if
language sketches silhouettes in soundratherthan paint because people could
kinda pal isn t itratherthan pal pal f1005: pal
jobs that still involve nursingratherthan paper shuffling we need
of investment we hope thatratherthan parachuting anything into the
have an interest in disabilityratherthan people who have no
you single out msc placesratherthan phd places were you
on in a language practicalratherthan philosophical standpoint what he
you would prefer the registrarratherthan places to be licensed
think of any other wordratherthan play f1144: kickabout if
degree to which a technicalratherthan policy focused approach would
thought of language choice decorouslyratherthan politically jack s argument
the 16th century writers decorouslyratherthan politically that i m
arose from issues of principleratherthan practicality if that were
to see what may happenratherthan preparing for all eventualities
proposed legislation should be enablingratherthan prescriptive nhs borders was
and the increase in earningsratherthan prices if that link
you should address the issueratherthan procedural matters tommy sheridan
that it is objective drivenratherthan process driven i do
that it is objective drivenratherthan process driven we can
the end of the yearratherthan production of the draft
in a programme for consumptionratherthan production robin harper we
own just so stories thenratherthan providing us with strictly
demands that the scottish executiveratherthan punishing aberdeen tenants for
on behalf of the committeeratherthan pursuing the agenda that
the reductions on the shelfratherthan put in on the
the aims of the billratherthan put the targets on
to identify that second categoryratherthan putting both groups of
more worried about the provisionratherthan putting our minds at
transparency a gearing towards priceratherthan quality and skewing the
be on size and quantityratherthan quality miles of hideous
and the word forms whyratherthan quhy hath and doth
paragraph 2 and so onratherthan reading the paragraph out
lobbyists that should be recordedratherthan receiving something through the
overambitious i use that wordratherthan reckless push on schools
accessibility will be built onratherthan reduced after the bill
separation distances they are guidelinesratherthan regulations they seem to
been done in aberdeen cityratherthan reinvent the wheel alan
yeah m608: mmhm m1174: erratherthan religious more traditional in
commercial exploitation of their workratherthan rely on a system
capacity in the catching sectorratherthan remove individuals from the
of competence at the outsetratherthan repenting at leisure at
is about complementing and supportingratherthan replacing we believe that
or more from their pharmacyratherthan requiring them to go
a petition would be referredratherthan responded ourselves is that
had brought along general materialratherthan restricting the display to
decision to stay in mallorcaratherthan return to scotland i
existing structure we seek evolutionratherthan revolution we are building
case characterized by intellectual continuityratherthan rupture as the counter
the case with urban varietiesratherthan rural varieties mm m017:
aye m999: an stuff ehratherthan sayin close eh [laugh]
the east coast says troosersratherthan sayin trousers f1145: troosers
should be put in placeratherthan saying that the minister
pupil use the past tenseratherthan saying write ed there
excuse for his preferring englishratherthan scots as a poetic
verb inflexion wishith and takithratherthan scots wishis and takis
key word was say byrneratherthan search for totally different
kind of longer term commitmentratherthan seeing themselves as commercial
of sub member state administrationsratherthan seeking to comment on
let the scheme get onratherthan send further researchers out
civic government scotland act 1982ratherthan separate legislation somewhere in
included in the action planratherthan set them on the
that and do it soonratherthan simply follow the shabby
about the poetry around himratherthan simply following diverse models
all appointments to the boardratherthan simply having a scottish
about to commit an offenceratherthan simply letting the polis
that will sustain our communitiesratherthan simply manage their decline
with a significant sexual elementratherthan simply mr hamilton and
be necessary to the billratherthan simply producing a figure
a national tradition is multipleratherthan singular an often turbulent
that hunt by sight gazehoundsratherthan smell like foxhounds hares
of all of us togetherratherthan so much where s
to the benefit of criminalsratherthan society generally the use
their own nation s historyratherthan someone else s s1w
was quick m1008: mmhm m1055: ratherthan something that was br-
elephant of the scottish executiveratherthan something to which you
and thank yous in thatratherthan speak them she would
the bill that general shopsratherthan specialist shops should have
emphasis is on pressured areasratherthan specific types and sizes
forward a programme of substanceratherthan spin and instructs the
advice to schools on implementationratherthan sqa regulations it has
at a junction said relaxratherthan stop throw the purdah
should be seen as partnersratherthan subjects in inverness the
has focused on one issueratherthan surveyed the big picture
the present tense i sratherthan t h for example
that we could offer himratherthan take the carers away
that puk wants to backratherthan taking an individual school
meet the bill s requirementsratherthan taking other measures that
i propose that we writeratherthan taking up our and
wherever we should set milestonesratherthan targets and we should
is to do with goalsratherthan targets would you say
uphill to the next bendratherthan tediously follow it round
to provide permanent and suitableratherthan temporary accommodation to homeless
to provide permanent and suitableratherthan temporary accommodation to homeless
focus was on physical conditionsratherthan tenancy management the licensing
is probably gonna go downratherthan than than up m605:
view as regards devolved competencyratherthan that of the detr
the remit of this committeeratherthan that of the rural
per cent in the contractsratherthan the 1 6 per
dry series on the wineratherthan the ale pint each
important as the outcomes soratherthan the assessment driving the
new projects eligible for supportratherthan the availability of funds
tabloid end of the marketratherthan the broadsheet end des
management budget in 2001 02ratherthan the budget provision for
safety executive and uk legislationratherthan the building scotland act
cone who worshipped the motherratherthan the christ but i
bill deal with the issueratherthan the contempt of court
the committee as a wholeratherthan the convener alone which
recommending our involvement in pukratherthan the creation of a
to 3 s4 to 6ratherthan the cur- current model
the landlord should have appliedratherthan the date at which
the fleet and onshore sectorsratherthan the decommissioning of vessels
course could have been followedratherthan the despairing dive they
for speaking a community languageratherthan the education system valuing
the european union s levelratherthan the european union making
the responsibility of fife councilratherthan the executive or any
that it was the parliamentratherthan the executive that forced
give their aunt s addressratherthan the grassmarket f1054: mm
greater ae man maun sufferratherthan the haill jingbang that
that still stands i suspectratherthan the hill club at
and usability for the disabledratherthan the implicit references in
where the money is spentratherthan the income and expenditure
should appeal to the emotionsratherthan the intellect the three
proposals to privatise meat inspectionratherthan the issue being left
be sought against the ownerratherthan the local authority we
big mistake to use eydpratherthan the longer form perhaps
person in a rural arearatherthan the luxury that it
things such as wheatstone bridgesratherthan the modern technology that
down that line of regulationratherthan the more limited regulation
the asian community this timeratherthan the muslim community and
to create an appropriate responseratherthan the negative one of
i intentionally use the verbratherthan the noun is often
i intentionally use the verbratherthan the noun is often
their right and and ermratherthan the other person f963:
the meps coming to usratherthan the other way round
more like paws you knowratherthan the pals f1143: mmhm
that mandatory licensing is havingratherthan the personal views of
authorities should license the personratherthan the premises keith jones
if we licensed the individualsratherthan the premises we would
people the countryside agency definitionratherthan the previous post office
should be uk wide legislationratherthan the proposed scottish legislation
here the english w hratherthan the scots q u
handled using a sewel motionratherthan the scottish parliament having
protect everybody on the groundratherthan the senior officers who
point should take the longerratherthan the shorter one the
the distribution of the cakeratherthan the size of the
out to be data managementratherthan the software or the
at as an enjoyable additionratherthan the sole experience pupils
governance of the cultural sectorratherthan the specifics of what
an issue for the executiveratherthan the sqa as margaret
control of the scottish executiveratherthan the sqa will allow
which rhymes on the unstressedratherthan the stressed syllable rhyming
the regulations that concerns meratherthan the suggestion that three
the writing and project sideratherthan the technical arm i
train was leaving the localratherthan the tourist train with
in south glasgow the toiletsratherthan the users are disabled
small businesses and so onratherthan the usual suspects and
them it the proper nameratherthan the ye know these
s the swearing word connotationsratherthan the you know the
manufacturers on a uk basisratherthan three or four times
and runs for three monthsratherthan three years but i
changes through the review processratherthan through an immediate response
written texts for definite purposesratherthan through de contextualised activities
schools through public private partnershipratherthan through government borrowing s1w
be tackled through specific schemesratherthan through universal regulation what
talk aboot flingin a stoneratherthan throwin a stone just
worth making use of itratherthan throwing it away to
people and use mainly logicalratherthan time connectives e g
policy objectives would the executiveratherthan tinker at the edges
to be treated with dignityratherthan to be patronised i
talk and learn about educationratherthan to be spoken for
it went to fund recyclingratherthan to deal with general
writers who want to communicateratherthan to express themselves f1187:
natural heritage jobs to invernessratherthan to galashiels inverness has
with in one uk billratherthan to have a separate
complaints are directed to usratherthan to him mr ingram
designed to encourage brand switchingratherthan to increase consumption do
progress as quickly as possibleratherthan to ing and fro
agility of the hound 29ratherthan to kill the hare
exam system and to interveneratherthan to leave everything to
prefer to take that riskratherthan to let the provision
money being given to crewsratherthan to owners is based
who are regarded as homelessratherthan to people who are
simply to drive up costsratherthan to produce extra output
resources to develop their applicationsratherthan to risk pursuing them
to encourage existing local organisationsratherthan to set up new
referring to the registration authorityratherthan to the district registrar
better to say that clearlyratherthan to use the language
hunt and kill wild mammalsratherthan to use them to
back to the scottish parliamentratherthan to westminster that is
a tendency to provide informationratherthan to withhold it if
that may cause serious concernratherthan transferring state secrets or
and control of coastal enrichmentratherthan treating aquaculture in isolation
visited longriggend could see thatratherthan treating people the way
of the project to dateratherthan try to meet a
[censored: surname] advises a rolling buffetratherthan two sittings ladies will
out under that new regimeratherthan under an old system
of the treaty of maastrichtratherthan under title 3 of
why many scots are unableratherthan unwilling to pay council
dae it at the tableratherthan up at the unit
made the total effect degradingratherthan uplifting the same was
of learning they have reachedratherthan upon a requirement to
would be for that committeeratherthan us to take such
the production of the searatherthan uses it simply as
write with their right handratherthan using their left hand
had not got to themratherthan using what is perhaps
available directly to voluntary organisationsratherthan via local authorities s1w
straight to industry from schoolratherthan via university is there
writing or contacting the ministerratherthan via written questions it
situations not of their choosingratherthan viewing constitutions as iron
to respond quickly to needsratherthan wait for the lumbering
scots texts in primary schoolratherthan wait until secondary school
clothing for specific recreational activitiesratherthan wearing specified clothing the
pinned him down as dundeeratherthan west coast anything that
they think they ought toratherthan what they want to
did he give the bookratherthan who did he give
problems with bad private landlordsratherthan with bad private landlords
diversity is regarded with pleasureratherthan with suspicion the relationship
be done with those billsratherthan with the housing scotland
was long preoccupied with abstractionsratherthan with the perennial concerns
answered within 10 working daysratherthan within 14 days i
her poems begin with imagesratherthan words 9 and it
these are sort o termsratherthan words f1026: than words
if you re writing downratherthan writing it and that
are interested in becoming writersratherthan writing something f1187: mmhm
more difficult to define spokenratherthan written standard english because
them because they re iconicratherthan yeah m762: yeah or
for the industry for decadesratherthan years as the minister
components of a proper mealratherthan yet another snack f1038:
better than others it isratherthat burns had a unique
most teachers in england andratherlater in scotland to reject
1946 victoria a spray doorratherlike a guillotine was later
the offence leaving aside theratherobvious one of having 20
adopts a voice for sarahratherenglish happy birthday mother must
erm anything but a arathererm far back er english
on the whole they areratherless divergent from standard english
or scottish standard english butrathermore or less of the
thing tae speak i scotsrathernor i common standart english
scots or english i dratherspikk scots it s quicker
a couple of english namesrathersurprising as it is a
issue the second difficulty wasratherdisconcerting and emerged particularly in
should dial 999 they wouldratherbe called out even if
a secret one that seemsratherstrange surely we should behave
one machine gun like lessonratherthe focus should be carefully
should supply our nationals orratherthe people living in our
cheap as keith raffan saidratherwe should recognise that the
to use wilfull reasonis proceedingratherfrom passion nor reasoun gif
people consider it word picturesratherconcrete poems language sketches silhouettes
21st century a language orratherits last remaining speaker dies
was a state language theratherloose system of spelling used
something else such as thatrathernice spanish suggestion the defenders
then felt something wet andratherslimy like a greasy chip
original text more closely isratherdifferent here but before i
interesting if we could receiverathermore detailed statistics about the
will only cover up thoserathermore fundamental problems will she
people of the city arerathermore likely to show up
additional resources the designation israthermore of an accolade there
urquhart s more obvious characteristicsratherthe reverse but he must
like to clear up theratherbizarre point about retailers being
said boswell who had alwaysratherfancied being in uniform he
is not therefore being ignoredratherit has been judged that
snh is wrong they wouldrathersee national parks as being
i think that i wouldratherwithdraw because being silent is
cold through his pants trousersratherand cleared his throat what
to the summer palace throughratherdismal flat countryside dismalness probably
enough bed drive in throughratherdreary suburbs with huge apartment
through to b o wasratherlike breaking into colditz after
a feeling that companies wouldratherput people through an apprenticeship
regulatory frameworks so i wouldratheraddress the first part of
doubt we would have beenratherannoyed if there had been
a platform man i wouldratherbe a listner to one
f1025: [?]just comes[/?] f1024: i wouldratherbe wearing all of that
possible but your point isratherbogus i would like to
brother culture we scots wouldrathercontinue to eat shit great
they purely aspirational would youratherhave ambitious targets that you
will say that i wouldratherhave aspirational targets i think
the convener the petitioners wouldratherhave both committees behind them
key enabling role i wouldratherhave less discussion in the
to that authority i wouldratherhave some uniformity in some
the system informal i wouldratherhave terms of reference is
have to say i wouldratheri f1025: [?]just comes[/?] f1024: i
he s he would muchratherknow exactly where it s
know it it was aratherobscure word would have been
would f606: yeah [laugh] f828: ratherpay an go away tae
open to ridicule i wouldrathersee the document be given
again he hates confrontation wouldratherstay put hunched over his
four years however they wouldrathertake on graduates who they
million would that not berathertempting for the executive that
that feeling utterly i wouldratherthat the staff had shouted
that are attached i wouldratherthat we raised awareness of
the report contains i wouldratherwait until it is published
on the petition i wouldratherwait until we receive that
be a scots influence butrathera gaelic sound quite common
mischsprache a hybrid tongue butratherone where scots the dominant
speak orcadian i must admitratherthat scots but ehm m865,:
the first stanza is inratheruncompromising scots and the second
the past we have takenrathera cautious attitude on such
not traditionally included such measuresratherthey have compensated owners for
on them however one wasrathertoo tired to notice such
for clothing such as thoserathervaguely defined by phrases such
finds the work absorbing althoughratherdifficult on the physics side
into the work of aratherless fashionable roster of artists
you like his work isratherlike wanting to meet a
work one day so reallyrathernice [laugh] f122: oh brilliant
young men and women apparentlyratherreluctantly involved in voluntary work
academics are trying to workratherself consciously within the white
academics are trying to workratherself consciously within the white
not adopted ready made butratherwork best if created together
mmhm m865: but they rerathercritical about this one now
around still world news isratherdepressing one of carole s
mmhm f1123: paint a beachratherf1124: that one f1123: you
are several but one sratherfamous by lorimer f951: there
1456 a translation albeit aratherfree one of honoré bonet
off one s clothes butratherinappropriate now after that we
questions the leading one wasratherjolly but a bit of
1952 a mention for aratherneglected figure one of the
the new hotel but someratherpathetic neglected ones including one
there the electric cooker orratherthe shell of one was
her tutor mr [censored: surname] isratheruseless to be honest one
damn monday bad beginning withratherboring tour of hideous university
and the local authorities wereratherbusy with elections the result
east of scotland with therathercrass slogan not all careers
back or guttural r isratherfrequently met with in the
with all these possessions wasratherfun at first the situations
so decided to see thatrathergorgeous stations with white marble
mrs mcfarlane was sleekly stoutrathergreasy and black with a
pleasant enough flight had aratherhalting conversation with a bulgarian
a small slight terrified figureratherlike a lavatory brush with
suburbs with huge apartment blocksratherlike american life insurance buildings
end up with a climateratherlike eastern canada another thing
lines no mess it sratherlike taking a bath with
and she returns with arathersad looking hen s feather
without a fight they drathertake themselves out with a
doon ra watter i amrathertaken with this expression it
teacher here to trace orratherto reconnect with her roots
seems to be er aratherunpleasant preoccupation with with violence
although not with great enthusiasmratherwith a touch of realism
with what may be orratherwith what is as probably
them er er which isratherembarrassing when you see them
erm which i thought wasratherodd er but it doesn
say ad nauseum but erratherover uses the the phrase
er well i d reallyratherreserve er judgement about that
sort of thing er itrathertainted our view of aberdeen
er g- gaelic for funratherto primaries children they come
you know we d muchratherbe sittin in a room
why f806: cause i dratherget like lots of them
m608: yeah m1163: i drathergo to aldi s or
to the casino i dratherm815: [?]i haven't[/?] m816: lose ma
you know i d muchratherread about damaged individuals individuals
in law though i dratherring it up boyter you
rabbits i said i dratherstay between book covers hang
also another word which isratherdifficult for most people ehm
older people otherwise we orratherother members will be in
dwarfed the people who arerathersmall though making up for
serious youngster who lectured herrathersolemnly about the people of
church for each event atmosphereratherspoiled by too many people
what it means in contextratheras a lexicographer does many
you will consider attendance thereratheras a means of making
a little staggered and uncertainratheras they were making conversation
be as this is arathercold room we will have
because driving at night wasratherdifficult as car lights were
as a result it isratherdifficult to make comparisons i
arm and missed the busratherexciting as i had to
in glasgow as trero treronratherf1077: uh huh and there
be imposed or engineered butratherfostered and supported as naturally
glasgow con as the ministerratherhumorously and not without a
figures in the paper arerathermisleading it looks as though
then was as geoffrey sampsonrathernicely puts it the british
subject but its reply wasrathernon committal as a result
was bearded and bespectacled andratherred as he cantered along
street as it has lookedratherrun down over the past
some of the views wererathersimilar as were the pinks
think that regulations are requiredrathera simple enabling bill that
response to bill aitken sratherimpolite comments about jackie baillie
1 of the bill seemrathervague and ambiguous although i
because we tend to speakratherslowly f1009: mmhm m1008: yes
inch painted or carved snowrathercold great treat our free
tim horton s doughnut orratherdonut shop open all night
not angry or unpleasant sheratherenjoys it chrissie there s
bad habits of reading orratherfailures of reading linger here
he had the confidence orratherimpudence to pretend to fear
which given its content orratherlack of content was always
answers or shouting in aratherludicrous fashion yes or no
get a cheese pizza orratherpizzette from a stall for
bounds he and i orrathershivers and shakes in my
was foreign or native werathersuspect that undue attention was
said becoming christ like orratherto become christ like we
now first school tomorrow orrathertoday i want to be
little gifts though i wasratherembarrassed about offering them at
the 3 hour ones areratherexhausting and i leave them
it s a bit likerathera metaphor for real life
officer you are wearing aratherfetching purple tie rather like
central scotland ld i feelratherlike an actor in a
including an extra strong kindratherlike brandy that evening we
a rather fetching purple tieratherlike hibernian football club s
finnish countryside was lovely andratherlike sweden lots of new
voluntary sector development fund whichratherlike the department of trade
is a self sustaining mechanismratherlike the fur of a
was interested to learn thatratherlike the shellfish the figures
into m608: mmhm m078: perceptionsratherlike the the sense of
it nick johnston it isratherlike when the first railways
intrinsic magnificence they were alsoratherprone to statements like in
hands then started to undressratherslowly like a toddler who
ice cream here a stickyrathersour affair like their natural
like many members i wasrathersuspicious of it i am
another christmas it will berathera sad season for you
it it seems to beratheran unusual subsection richard grant
[laugh] so they can beratherboisterous which alison didn t
us it proved to beratherdifficult to get theatre tickets
not be nice but heratherliked her plastic farmyard another
and art seemed to beratherstagnant though there must be
these regulations appear to beratherstrange perhaps the officials got
that there will be polycultureratherthere will be individual cage
wrong stories that have beenratheralarmist can draw their own
mackay these amendments are unfortunatelyratherlengthy but their purpose is
wisdom of old men butratherof their folly maybe the
all enclosed which makes itratherdepressing also smelly nasty smells
side we have also beenratherheavily taxed in plotting lines
also seriously concerned about therathernarrow definition of maladministration that
cent attrition rate is alsoratherspurious when the figure is
effect and is also usedratherunusually in it was a
i wish to address aratherdangerous trend in the way
concerns by way of complaintratherit wanted to highlight the
two hours late for ourratherindefinite date i didn t
fact that she is feelingratherwonky today i welcome our
us today seems to knowrathera lot about the matter
press and journal and arathersilly allegation about my department
speaker of aberdeen about aratherwell dressed lady might go
go phil gallie i amrathershocked that a senior queen
go back to square 1ratherthey are issued when there
who eventually drove us backratherperilously on wide dark almost
and i thought it soundedrathera hoot so i decided
on 24 november which seemsrathera long time after we
back indicating that she talksrathera lot mother gilbert wilson
across what i thought wasrathera nice quote from the
east fife ld this israthera strange debate to sum
a department store a hugeratherbarren grubby place the goods
the duff was [laugh] arathercoarse term for it [laugh]
ago i was making arathercrude distinction between if you
shoes except for a fewratherdaring pairs of pointed toe
husband robert colquohoun died inratherdramatic circumstances while preaching a
are ye enter bessie aratherfrail 84 year old she
this is based on arathergrisly highland tale set in
that members will recall aratherheated debate last spring on
for a ring we repliedratherirritably we were hot and
shona robison that is arathermisleading statement i do not
albeit that it is arathernice place the alternative was
a friend the dialogues wereratherstilted and so i m
reading this may appear arathersurprising statement there are striking
of a magazine soviet womenrathersurprisingly for a nation which
of years on two occasionsratherthe european parliament is a
bought me a couple ofrathertight vests the trip stills
hed ae drink problem aeratherwaesome story n masel a
hure there is a finalratherweaker cry from shona moula
they say here i mratherconfused just now maybe i
f951: yeah m865: these areratherrare examples now at the
but neil is now lookingrathershame faced neil i m
am now beginning to feelratherwonky i think that that
even had the original nowratherworn model of star trek
really doing anything just feelingrathersort of [sigh] what shall
we start looking at theratherattractive holidays that they offer
that mrs warrington we getratherconfused when we listen to
s club outings etc feelingratherguilty we were passed in
scotland in light of theratherhurried statement that we have
to avoid some of theratherstrange occurrences we have seen
think that that limit israthertoo high the convener we
debate down south was perhapsratherunfortunate in general we welcome
we returned to fredericton andratherwarmer weather most of the
coming to life from herratherbrooding silence and jumping up
in scotland that list isratherdifferent from the list of
in the washroom it seemsratherhysterical from this distance well
apart from the mainline travellersratherthe butter and breadness the
have any guidance on thatratherconfused situation and the difficulties
seem to have nativised incomersratherthe opposite effect seems to
that i remarked on isratherbogus will you clarify what
there beaumont yes it isratherclose in here lilian don
to secure funding albeit inratherdifferent circumstances it is surprising
the situation for gaelic isratherdifferent to that of the
uh huh m017: this isratherimportant that in f718: mm
afternoon s debate it isratherironic that there will not
not changes of executive ministersratherit is the taking of
today mr wallace that isratherobvious the motion before parliament
of the section is currentlyratheropen so i suggest that
mobile again naturally it isratherpainful and the knee very
lobbyist the person is definedratherspecifically the convener i understand
to do so which israthersurprising given that murray is
however the political situation israthertense down there at the
no defence it is importantratherto recognize the complex networks
mabel hildebrand the subject israthertoo complex to address in
the ombudsman s role isratherwoolly the public think that
baby bear respectively they areratherbattered but still nice and
current facilities there are fourratherdilapidated bin shed areas in
convener you are absolutely rightratherthen considering this document page
walked right on to itratherembarrassed lord arbuthnott handed her
fruit on the last dayrathernaively the food improved considerably
these parts of speech butratherto focus on how these
for mr wilson to referratherglibly if i may say
city council to reconsider thisrathercrude income generation scheme which
to afford it it seemsratherextravagant that s all i
to hay s spirited ifratherfree rendering saying no modern
didn t seem too upsetratherglad i suspect to escape
during the eh to liveratherin auchinleck m636: auch- auchinleck
hand the fynnest stuff botrathersum slycht cloth to susteine
in the designation hierarchy butratherto provide special governance arrangements
had to rearrange my plansrathervalentina informed me i was
of that time scale wereratheralarming for the enterprise and
were cafes but they wererathercrowded and dirty and the
grubby place the goods wereratherdull and materials poor bulky
the minister s arguments wereratherspurious he says that it
that but i m naturallyratherapprehensive i ll talk it
theatre together but i wasratherapprehensive when i learned that
in school so that wasratherdifferent f965: oh when i
stricken victims i am feelingratherguilty for i fear that
that s not the caseratherhe says it s that
viral infection ooh that sratherposh f833: no that s
masel and eh ye knowratherregret that i didnae get
parks in england and walesratherthey suggest that the national
human body in its totalityrathercertain properties of certain parts
of religion and atheism somerathercrude exhibits contrasting religious atrocities
re always wearing in myratherdim mental picture of you
works in terms of phrasesratherin terms of single words
not an accident of natureratherit reflects bounty tamed and
industrial progress and sounded ofratherspecialised interest and instead went
the claims of the teachersratherthey teach an institutionally sanctioned
hole in the door heatrathertoo much of it seems
m feeling lonely again andrathertired but both will wear
waiting for some interesting butrathervulgar silver and gold items
nineteen eighty seven it wasratherfamous at the time and
[laugh] f1037: i was feelingratherfat [laugh] it was delicious
literature it was an oddratherstrained evening i got wound
anne s for christmas iratherwish i was coming home
was in primary six anratheryoung at the time there
crowd i struck red squareratherbeautifully moon and flood lit
i do not make thoseratherextravagant claims lightly members share
i spent shopping for foodrathertough meat for goulash dried
collect the semi packed luggageratheran antique bumpy aircraft and
up an egg dr johnsonratherenjoyed himself afterwards the two
strode into the studio tallrathergaunt and brisk in his
studying in moscow moscow hotelrathergrotty peeling plaster no hot
official report will show theratherlong pause between my question
t wearing my bra myrathernecessary bra it turned out
start she reads my scrawlratherslowly moving her lips she
ower her black stockings anratherunsucessfully ower yon extra thick

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