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the balbutt estate raw uponrawo biggins mair suited tae
the eyn hoose in therawo semi detached brikk biggins
quarry lay the balbutt estaterawupon raw o biggins mair
is a stagnant pool withrawah mm sewage swilling in
unquestionably more salubrious than therawinput that the sewage has
in at one end andrawsewage sluicing out of the
a huge stagnant pool withrawsewage swilling in at one
cabbage graham had never tastedrawcabbage before but he just
minogue the stuff tasted likerawcabbage graham had never tasted
made porridge with oatmeal sprinklingrawoatmeal over the porridge once
made porridge and gave yourawsowens instead of milk but
o straaberries an raw uponrawo daffies wytin tae be
draws ticht aathegither raw uponrawtae whustle an bicker the
muckle tunnels o straaberries anrawupon raw o daffies wytin
clatterin choirs draws ticht aathegitherrawupon raw tae whustle an
been turned roon cauld anrawaffa chilly for june tuesday
it s affa coorse anrawaffa hard tae tak in
win still affa bare anrawbides dry wi a touch
affa bare an a bittierawcanna compleen december efter a
is bare an affa affarawdurin the day wither dis
tae rain bit bides affarawfriday 27th temp 6 14
day bit affa cauld anrawhale day lang sooth win
the day feel affa affarawmonday 10th temp 3 5
in the efterneen turns affarawmonday 3rd temp 5 5
turns oot affa roch anrawnoo an again there is
bit it s affa affarawthursday 10 temp 4 6
dry cauld an affa affarawwednesday 23 temp 3 1
11 fae the north rochrawwin dis blaw affa bare
there are huge areas ofrawbare ground where nothing has
the mornin sae bare anrawlater on win dees doon
roch maks the day feelrawthen there is a shoor
see appendix iii 21 forrawdata children were vague on
booklet iii 17 iii 25rawdata spreadsheets phoneme scores iii
carrots coarsely grated 2 ozrawpeanuts or walnuts roughly chopped
brown 1 chopped onion choppedrawpotatoes add meat cooked seasoning
and it is devouring itrawblood flesh and bones each
mattit felt for sillie wawsrawflesh is aw ma meat
fan you re dealing wirawflesh it s tough it
set oot for caird srawit wisnae faur an he
the tap o caird srawmicht weel ken whit it
the pend doon caird srawwis biggit up wi sand
in the trade of foodstuffsrawmaterials and many finished goods
transform millions of tonnes ofrawmaterials into marketable products giving
the camp that takes therawmaterials of scottish speech rather
of coal and steel therawmaterials of war led to
generate millions of tonnes ofrawmaterials suitable for transformation into
in the course of collectingrawdata from the participating subjects
test after setting out therawdata in spread sheet form
it wis cauld it wisrawan it wis clorty it
fine day feel cauld anrawsunday 19 temp 0 15
an dry gey cauld anrawsunday 3 temp 4 12
4 hard boiled eggs 1rawegg 12 oz sausagemeat browned
the fermer fed him onraweggs an gallons o milk
f1107: you ken why causeraweggs are nae good for
sliced salt pepper 6 ozrawshrimp 6 oz frozen peas
a bad day wi arawnesty blast friday 27 temp
dry bit a wee bittierawsunday 27th temp 5 7
and familiar wool as arawmaterial for creativity in schools
men and becoming the mererawmaterial of picture postcards the
12 conclusion having assembled therawmaterial the final chapter will
win maks the day feelrawbonny in the efterneen wi
v rose rashes n rushesrawn row rax v reach
v roar randie a wildrawn row redd v tidy
mr gil paterson s1m 1468rawdeal for glasgow lodged on
government which had a veryrawdeal in the previous settlement
the school children getting arawdeal with teachers going on
at s nae surprise geyrawday wi a shoor or
fule an weet day israwnae sign o ony heat
their breakages their cracks asraws the day they hit
always black on the outsiderawin the middle and often
when dished up in platesrawmeal was often sprinkled on
ah coudna stammik onie mairrawanes sae ah haed the
dinna eat mair o thatrawstuff m1108: why f1107: cause
war booed an overload orawemotion ye cud skirl and
her hauns war rubbit reidrawfrae bein steepit in the
like gowden guineas in arawbut frae upstream there cam
frae a cadaver a halerawo recipients cud at eence
o his officiars frae therawsteppit forrit a hie meinister
her and home lay toorawand tender to the piercing
to clean its wounds toorawfor tenderness too sore for
at the tap o therawan up the first ootside
the waur o swallaein aerawleech but ah dinna think
my licht pickt up therawo corks bobbin in the
licht latcht on tae arawo corks streitcht across the
forman whan shei convertit therawo cottages thit wur kent
whan a leukit alang therawo fock a tent at
luiked at her cardi arawo rompin rhombuses lowpin ower
deen yer writin luiks likerawo spiders lyin deid aa
ee thon mornin wis arawo wee stumpit bits o
o the glitterati efter therawsalmon wis communin wi a
dozen sledges aw in arawan everybody sat on t
heich sunflouers aw in arawin the back gairden the
heich sunflouers aw in arawin the back gairden the
get us at the auldrawcurious tae ken whit the
besides ma airms are burntrawred wi the sun worse
glivs ice matted haands redrawwi pooin apo kiarr inbye
beith pit and the weerawof houses built to acomidate
rug from the grey streetrawand bleak my ma had
pit me i the bakrawti mak me haud ma
shape his fingers were reedrawbut jonsar got satisfaction oot
then breeks in a perfitrawa pegged jist richt tae
aff ye till ye rerawtae the banes ye wouldna
a lot more kind ofrawbluesy like than m959: yeah
be rather less than therawfigure implies i made a
creepin up the ship srawbi crooked wynd an lane
ledges an rocks feelin therawspuckle on johnny dool s
ither sister margaret fund themrawnakit thegither in their faither
their rare musicianers in arawthey lichtit doun ilkane afore
visualise herself tossing him arawhaddock as she had seen
home and get bags ofrawwool and get going ideas
dutiful hostess scrubbed her knucklesrawon the washboard s metal
it would be a newrawwound the hurt of her
his dog is fierce andrawone by one the city
knuckles wrang his tweed caprawone summer the smiling river
in dog like fashion halfrawand merely softened over the
spreading along the shore israwwith life like a corpse
scratchy school socks rubbin mirawsteve scotty where ur yi
he gaed intil in arawbut no the ae ane
dougal duthie by name arawcheeked boy with a tangle
in such a welter ofrawfeelings about you not knowing
at wes set in arawon a stane bink beikin
and beat them to arawpulp it was really good
been hidin ahint the auldrawaa the time we were
to go down if thisrawmarket proposal were to go
talent it s not thatrawsome of them some of
but when he came therawfaced knacker with his knuckly
heid and to the barrelrawand right on to the
boiled on oblivious to thisrawdomestic disaster time froze or
study by parrott godfrey andrawpublished in tobacco control which
the wolf pack circle therawpoem bolder wolves press almost
tasks required to prepare therawslips for editing and afterwards
the eighty four drawers ofrawslips for t z this
hills not forgeting the kennetsrawthe five roads the big
air just plain cold andrawand feeling as if it
it and hellishly exposed andrawi was beginning to think
erm people that have gotrawtalent it s not that

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