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sei thaim cleirlik bot heraxedabuin z heid wi the
sojers wes chermed a haunraxedower ti the lum an
fur exempil whan the laberleithenraxedthe pynt whaur ruth wuidna
bi the tyme the tulyieraxedglesca the scotch perlament hed
protestit tammas hiz sister botraxedoutby the duir o the
found the trunk i veraxedmy back haulin t oot
the forth brig whan weraxeddalmenie the wes a gryte
ivry sowel sair deen sraxedoot a year a micht
that standart grade arrangements ainlyraxedtae urdu tho there a
skin leopard has breathed anraxedits lang spine the fields
in the mixture and aabodyraxedin wi their speen hopin
much aboot it i juistraxedower an liftit the bunnet
passage like a snake anraxedoot i micht manage tae

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