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velvet incubating a brood ofrazorblades better to be a
car additional press type getrazorblades friday 4 to aberdeen
opened trap twa raws orazorsherp teeth that cud takk
had been usin an openrazoragainst a comb to to
mouth with its row ofrazorteeth was incredibly gentle and
you couldnae huv slid arazorblade between yeese withoot cutting
around my ears an openrazorrubbed against my neck an
against my neck an electricrazortamed my beard oil squirted
that creep into the cloudsrazorwire protects religious glass from
is left staunin lik arazorshell on the shore an
where the animals wi sharprazorteeth kin hide dimps sits
the barber wielded the straightrazorabove his head no seƱor
to here wi an openrazorf632: [laugh] f646: [laugh] because
he sighs again gets therazorrasping doesn t say another
with a mind like arazorand a sardonic sense of
heid it s lyke arazorpuddok that l be the
frae his chooks wi arazorthe fattest rattens in leddrach

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