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they had tae start andre-hi- ra- hi- put them
gadgie gadgie was another onere-referring to just a person
quick f831: aye a- ire-aye uh huh yeah ye
bulletin last week i justre-i just used f831: aye
everything s ie an itre-m842: that s it f831:
thirty six hour missions flyinre-reconnaissance m608: thirty six hours
in and that f1148: ire-like i used to really
lovely f1148: cause i neverre-you know actually really thought
a the name for are-a somebody born in hawick
sleep same thing f1054: somebodyre-somebody read this in perth
suppose i suppose the morere-remote the place you stay
don t know it sre-we re running out of
ain blue f1089: it sre-red m1090: red f1089: right
mind you you have tore-sit an read it an
i ha- i m reallyre-wantin to read this today
m762: and i didn tre-i mean at the time
little f963: mm mmhm m762: re-reference to some legend you
clean now f1112: i mre-f1111: what about you f1112:
f807: tiny f806: ehm ire-i remember wh- when my
us aw oot f638: butre-remember the [censored: surname] sisters f640:
m1094: [inaudible] f1093: it sre-er children in need today
just didn t i justre-refused to use them in
recipe books f1122: a fewre-has it melted yet mum
no ah it was are-eh a shaving thing was
areas of the curriculum allre-being reviewed even if the
eh an taighe tha curre-rathad ann a bheil m981:
s eh aristocratic patron whore-who we know that hay
i don t get there-and i oh right you
it and not kind ofre-resolve it you know not
t think of any otherre-repeatable words [laugh] [laugh] f1144:
of reinventing the wheel orre-repeating what other people have
then you ll get are-revolting flavour and then f814:
like our take on retardre-m944: that reminds me naw
fun erm and that wasre-apart from all the sort

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