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teeth the minute you rereadyactually ready i can hear
nearly ready f1126: yes nearlyreadybit o water here you
ti repent ready ti disclosereadydimps huv kent ti tell
ready m1092: uh huh mereadyf1091: oh you re heavy
it s ready it sreadyf1093: what did you say
f1126: erm nearly ready nearlyreadyf1125: nearly ready f1126: yes
ready nearly ready f1125: nearlyreadyf1126: yes nearly ready bit
or they had everything readyreadyfor when you go the
f1114: eh f1113: right readyreadygo f1114: okay kick f1113:
minute you re ready actuallyreadyi can hear myself stylising
your bed m1094: it sreadyit s ready f1093: what
they all laugh della oorreadylori ready when you ur
come on then are youreadym1092: uh huh me ready
scissors away f1126: erm nearlyreadynearly ready f1125: nearly ready
can or they had everythingreadyready for when you go
[inaudible] f1114: eh f1113: rightreadyready go f1114: okay kick
minute okay my shelley sreadysorry lucy s ready you
ur yis ready ti repentreadyti disclose ready dimps huv
must huv cammy ur yisreadyti repent ready ti disclose
laugh della oor ready lorireadywhen you ur what s
s ready sorry lucy sreadyyou ve got shelley haven
pause naw ken ur yireadyah m nearly there jist
mmhm f1102: piggie s nearlyreadyf1101: where s the rest
t it is it nearlyreadyfitt div you think f1122:
i think it s nearlyreadymum f1121: do you think
ur yis weakened ur yisreadyfur steve ah m comin
somebody cammy healin ur yisreadyti face the fear the
for eight o clock gettinreadyan stuff then we went
say as he s gettinreadyf1025: i wou- ah ah
that time they were gettinreadyfor a i think it
an hammerin an gettin aathinreadyfor his new enchine five
e siderigs gettin e grunreadyfor shaavin neeps it s
eck set aboot gettin thingsreadyfur the comin winter he
the badger stertit gettin thingsreadyhe had the twa sticks
oh ye ve started gettinreadyi ve mair stuff here
to carolanne are we gettinreadyor whit carolanne what s
i ll start getting thingsreadybefore gladys arrives peggy at
they re getting their suitcasereadyf1114: ah look here s
this afternoon they re gettingreadyfor an extra long visiting
had spent a day gettingreadyfor im then awa doon
getting on she ll bereadyfor mairriage maybe by the
getting my good and chattelsreadyfor our christmas visit to
fort glen wednesday 25 gettingreadyfor songs from shows in
a great to do gettingreadyfor the season packin your
glen what a dog gettingreadyfor wedding sunday 23 to
teenie and chrissie are gettingreadyfor work ye ll need
was getting families coming inreadymade somebody for the secondary
morning as we were gettingreadyshe d be like tidy
her raincoat and handbag gettingreadyto leave she had started
the borne i was gettingreadyto turn in when daniel
time when santa s gettingreadyyou see eh f1122: aye
onto the spoon wi mumreadyand in this one f1126:
f1126: nope this is notreadyf1125: let me see that
cake when they re allreadyf1126: i am put in
here f1125: is that itreadyf1126: nope this is not
will mummy help you rightreadyhold on tight f1126: okay
go that s that onesreadyright f1126: and that ones
cakes then f1126: eh f1125: readyto bake cakes wi mum
dottled yet if onybody sreadyfor a home it s
saturday [note: first line scored out] chose fireplace notreadyfor fireplace yet cut hedge
if we re really quitereadyfor it yet but at
edited but was not yetreadyfor publication a completion date
even dressed yet mine sreadyto go away to the
boyter that ship s noreadyto sink yet caird hmm
f1121: not yet okay f1122: readywhat would you like today
eh oh we re noreadyyet f1118: i want that
on the beat newsletter notreadyyet owing to a shortage
on f1139: okay right youreadya bit o sellotape f1140:
rinse okay is that youreadyf1112: no f1111: yes cause
it to you are youreadyf1116: [laugh] f1115: okay you
f1122: okay okay i mreadyf1121: maybe we could take
bike here s another bumpreadyf1136: uh huh f1135: okay
you okay right are wereadyf1136: we go down the
your boiled eggs ll bereadyin a minute okay there
f1054: okay whenever you rereadym1004: my name is george
see if my prescription sreadynow okay f1102: okay i
and that ll be usreadyokay m1096: mm put that
mm mmhm f1121: are youreadyto cook right okay right
yes f1141: okay are youreadyto jump big f1142: beans
um um right just abootreadyf1114: [drinking noises] f1113: that good
bounce it back to mumreadyf1114: [laugh] f1113: go f1114:
that ll be you allreadyfor today [cough] f1114: [squeal]
a minute out your armsreadysteady [censored: forename] catch yey f1114:
f1114: go [exhale] f1113: ohreadysteady go f1114: [exhale] [inhale]
m over here f1113: rightreadysteady go f1114: go [exhale]
f1113: go f1114: [laugh] f1113: readywhee again f1114: [laugh] [laugh]
me lukt lik he wizreadyfur a clap wi a
hole wi a steen makkinreadyfur a day s wirk
say thought we d bereadyfur ed perfect timin stew
the morra comes i mreadyfur him wee bit garlic
mendit an the byre madereadyfur the evenin s milkin
aa bide till daybrakk makkinreadyfur the flittin o the
wives loadin cannon grindin knivesreadyfur the stooshie wad ye
fit o the stove heatinreadyfur their dennertime piece as
richt this aipple here isreadyripe fur ye ma dear
noo this ane here isreadyripe fur you ma dear
fi dreamin della git yurselsreadyyou unaw robby wur fur
can catch it right rightreadycome over forward a wee
water [inaudible] right f1111: whatreadyf1112: i just i just
chin up right are youreadyf1136: [laugh] f1135: right up
motorbike go fast f1135: rightreadyf1136: right f1135: right blow
right hand moula ir yereadyfaither malcolm na na for
right beneath where they satreadyfor a quick getaway a
look at this right getreadyfor this we ll have
aye f1131: right are wereadyhere s the roof which
over there right are youreadyi will bounce it to
wait [censored: forename] i m naereadyken this right right ah
[inaudible] f1097: [cough] right youreadym1098: aye f1097: alright do
i think your aeroplanes arereadym1098: aye f1097: right do
f1097: right your peas arereadym1098: [child noises] f1097: right come
see if your gingerbreads arereadym1108: that s nae right
what we ve got rightreadyright here s one [laugh]
accelerator and left and rightreadysteady go m1098: go f1097:
they confuse me i amreadyto bite her right on
f1135: right is that usreadyto go what kind of
and we ll start rightreadyup and down and up
at this book here rightreadywho s this who s
go [inaudible] f1111: are youreadyhere s one for you
the veranda the coffee isreadynow ladies the ladies go
this marses cause they rereadyso i ll go and
the van and they goreadysteady pull and do you
iron crank syne ye wisreadytae go wi yer pair
continuous talk i m aboutreadyto fall asleep not go
of food already cooked andreadyto go for the two
better get cleared up andreadyto go it s a
in act two she isreadyto go out so she
here you go are youreadyto help mum put the
back don t you andreadyyou d go up and
f1121: [answer phone outgoing message] that ain sreadyf1122: that- think that one
this ain first are youreadyf1122: we re just gonna
uh huh f1121: are youreadyfor me f1122: mm not
it f1122: the chocolate isreadyis it f1121: mmhm have
f1122: and then we rereadyto cook mm mmhm f1121:
s my messages are youreadyto use your scanner f1122:
git stew whenever you rereadyed dimps guy wi dey
to cook fann we rereadyf1104: yey chicken f1103: do
ma kimmer says ye rereadyfer the skip a soond
i kin see ye rereadyfir sleepin mr robb bit
re hame but is shereadyfor a lark it s
an snaa come we rereadyfor t wir craps is
is at ye re jistreadyfor winter mair ir less
auld nuisance when ye rereadyhere lemme gie yer face
ye re rea- they rereadym1128: [inaudible] f1127: put in
aaaaa re you co mingreadyor not hide and seek
yum f1097: see they rereadyso fitt else you wanting
we ve got polished andreadytae switch on they re
on agnes that s mereadythen sadie you re gaun
ll be it ll bereadyto turn over what re
now f1111: so are youreadyyes but they re lost
it will f1111: are youreadyyou re rummaging f1112: but
what after my juices arereadyf1121: mmhm are you thirsty
done it f1113: are youreadystand there and put oot
this ains is just abootreadyan aa we ll have
no andy she ll bereadybut if she wisny i
is that is that themreadyf1107: i ken we ll
ll be time to getreadyf1124: i want to get
i ll hae your breakfastreadyfin you come back as
there oneyroads ah ll bereadyfor turnin the heel by
aye so it ll bereadyfor us to cook fann
the gairden wis dug anreadyi ll be doon the
and then they ll bereadym1096: can i can i
f1107: well that s themreadyso they ll just cool
tess uh ll hae awthinreadythen wiv got a celebration
ll ha e to stanreadyto throw yoursel atween me
on tight to the reinsready[trotting noises] we ll dae a
you asking she ll bereadywill she no andy she
your boat till she wasreadybeaumont i never said that
sorry ass have your ticketsreadyfor inspection please bellowed one
your son while i getreadyfor the fray once more
said that s your heatinreadyfor the winter jonsar eck
are you taking that offreadyfor your bath f1112: i
f1093: you going to getreadyfor your bed m1094: yes
like kyle you ve beenreadyfor your test for three
it now get your [?]leg[/?]readyit was a nice afternoon
have you got your paintbrushreadythen f1124: uh huh f1123:
[note: to baby] oh now mister manreadyto hae your tea f1142:
think you have to bereadyto make your pitch to
this is done you arereadyto throw in your old
one when your clothes werereadyyou insisted on ironing them
girse grun hid been madereadyfor saain neeps an the
radio as the staff madereadyfor the day paradise the
door an as she madereadyfor ti sleep thare cam
shilpit an hir mither madereadyhir shroud syne an auld
when i m good andreadyif he hasn t made
landed flat on the pagereadymade 13 her poems are
these are best not adoptedreadymade but rather work best
just rush oot and buyreadymade flooers and stick them
whole is a film setreadymade for a director so
existing old word it arrivedreadymade from outside shetland canada
amongst children who mainly wearreadymade garments swyte sweat and
reached the bruce faimily madereadytae step doon ooto the
testing pupils when they werereadywas made of course that
and home made short breadreadywhen his peripatetic van drew
tell thaim ti git sumreadyan het for me irena
ti speak we maun makreadyan wurk for it vershinin
aince the nicht mak youreadyanither drink for ma guidson
cuzco we got up andreadyfor a 9am start this
see if my visitor wasreadyfor a reviving carajillo coffee
ye m1092: [child noises] f1091: youreadyfor a sausage m1092: mmhm
of 103 and was poisedreadyfor admission to hospital in
hair aglint and great bosomreadyfor aggro just writing about
diligently priming that great railingreadyfor all you enthusiasts to
the edge of the chairreadyfor anything he went mumbling
to salsa as i gotreadyfor bed i switched on
mr duncan s ashes werereadyfor collection if i d
premises are there and arereadyfor companies to move into
five ear aal they werereadyfor cutting so you can
night ida hidmaist pub shopsreadyfor da last roond stengle
how many people have beenreadyfor discharge from an nhs
common services agency on patientsreadyfor discharge in each year
000 beds occupied by patientsreadyfor discharge is further concerned
or twa an it wisreadyfor drinkin i suppose it
a pen and a questionnairereadyfor each candidate you will
through the education system arereadyfor employers to take advantage
the like the house isreadyfor groups and individuals you
heech an turned bonnie yallareadyfor hairstin music s teller
a laid thair dirks ootreadyfor him he coudna miss
the net intae the watterreadyfor him whan withoot ony
saturday nights as he getsreadyfor his vegas voyage i
the new grant should bereadyfor implementation as soon as
me she just wasn treadyfor it dropped out took
dream aboot it an makreadyfor it he haes ti
return home before i wasreadyfor it i am not
t feel we were quitereadyfor it i don t
body was determined to bereadyfor it noo that s
i just wasn t quitereadyfor it with f1150: yeah
rose so quickly lothario wasreadyfor it with his digital
bright we wouldn t bereadyfor it would we koestler
e can wis foo anreadyfor its shoogly run back
a bead on somebody getreadyfor ketchup in a low
ootby ah m mair norreadyfor ma sleepin bed cum
are you ma- are youreadyfor me mm i need
the maggie jean isn treadyfor me tonight so i
into a neatly shaped bingreadyfor measuring because he was
that i had to bereadyfor more unpleasant happenings like
fand twa coal secks leftreadyfor neist time wi it
and we showered and gotreadyfor our final evening meal
that the bill will bereadyfor our next meeting do
to have a draft reportreadyfor our return after the
filling in holes making bathroomreadyfor painting to easter vigil
and olive trees and vinesreadyfor planting over there caged
discrimination in the nhs wasreadyfor publication in november 2000
fourth solo album pale riderreadyfor release the dad of
the dogs themselves are alignedreadyfor release to pursue the
old eh liners that wasreadyfor scrappin m608: uh huh
members interests order should bereadyfor september or october next
it was locked on andreadyfor serving its purpose in
good loon i m justreadyfor something neil off i
like a spring her nebreadyfor spearin she bous hersel
reveal dark red glistening clodsreadyfor spring grass planting they
clock an he d bereadyfor t aifter his early
cheese we were mair thanreadyfor t bit back tae
three sections the student isreadyfor the assessment which requires
off and that was youreadyfor the day though porridge
it is gonnae be aareadyfor the end o april
roon an states i mreadyfor the first een pancake
pledge to have every scotreadyfor the jobs of tomorrow
trinidad alas nixe was notreadyfor the long voyage of
this warld an no lykereadyfor the neist but the
recharge her batteries and bereadyfor the next eight or
a stock o ile drumsreadyfor the purpose she puts
helping grannie island get alecinareadyfor the show sighed mr
the next bed i wasreadyfor the undertaker mysel an
i m not at allreadyfor the work it contains
oor alexander an towser werereadyfor their breakfast ey turned
dickens before i was reallyreadyfor them i suppose you
soon i have to bereadyfor them she opens the
so that they will bereadyfor them when they occur
pleasure 12 monday get tacklereadyfor tiel 13 tuesday fishing
was mister james boyle andreadyfor transfer to the special
his good mother and beenreadyfor trouble and do you
the stage bicycles and pramsreadyfor use perhaps rubbish bins
wun and then it wasreadyfor use when a hill
would get these carbide lightsreadyfor you and he would
i will have the gardenreadyfor you fin jonsar eck
find out what i havereadyfor you i clenched a
in 1930 and they werereadyin 1932 for some reason
for mass colin has breakfastreadyon return leave 2 20
the beuk by ye forreadyreminders noo up tae date
in the nhs have beenreadytargets for politicians the service
i can get the bedsreadythats all the news for
rod an heuks at thereadythis is ower much for
schedule to get the informationreadyto be distributed for comment
hydrofoil was blowing its hornreadyto leave in compensation for
end of november he wasreadyto set out for the
best tae get the porrigereadybit often trippin ower a
tuesday same again get shelvesreadyjuly 1 wednesday catherine coming
f1104: because it s getreadylook i ve got the
asda and get so manyreadymeals especially when there s
a filie tae get thingsreadyon a weetichtie day ey
thing is just to getreadyto engage because whatever comes
that she l aye bereadyti blaw in his lug
the wattirsyde afore they warreadyti chynge inti tottie littil
ah l be guid anreadyti luik daith strecht in
little herts lugs pented flatreadyti rin fir life itsel
stew want ti respond cammyreadyti share yur thoughts cammy
ti us steve ah mreadyti speak bit dinnae look
do so when they arereadyand in response to issues
shout you when it sreadyf1100: [blows raspberry] [singing] come on
asks no question when shownreadymoney the transaction was completed
that when the cyaaks werereadythey were also covered with
be time when i wasreadyto discover the town which
the heroine sits modestly byreadyto intervene when gladys gets
when i m good andreadyto teach him words like
and have a preliminary reportreadywhen we come back in
side when the stuff wasreadyyou could eat it hot
f1117: here now is shereadyto play baseball f1118: yeah
s lines an indentures aareadyweill here s our kizzen
hold hold on tight youreadyf1136: uh huh f1135: backwards
by the time it wasreadyf810: uh huh f809: but
eh enchine mountin s aalreadyan eh bolts fitted till
haven t you is shelleyreadyf1112: eh f1111: is shelley
f1112: eh f1111: is shelleyreadyf1112: i havena got the
eh eh f1125: this onereadyshake shake shake shake shake
[laugh] m824: no m822: sittinreadyto pounce eh f606: [laugh]
preparations and it will bereadyby the time you need
fall [inaudible] this one sready[censored: forename] where you going m1096:
or you can fry itreadychopped into small pieces drain
will ah git the picnicreadydella silence della hear you
come on then are youreadydo you want a shot
stairs and that s youreadyf1100: but millie s waiting
m- [microwave bleeps] mum is itreadyf1141: yes dinna you touch
[inaudible] f1142: it s notreadyfitt number do you press
you got the game allreadymm m1094: mmhm i think
do our necks are youreadyone hand up and we
lovely in my face f1111: ready[rubs face in hands] now you do it
dem an you mak claesreadyta dem an you bait
teethies and that s youreadythat s a clever ain
take me home i demandedreadyto blast you out of
with dad and i wasreadyto hit you good and
say well beastie are youreadyto pull come awa than
there you know are isreadyto to erm engage with
up off the quay areadywishin you could hear the
down f1089: fall down m1090: readyyou sta- you start that
tangerine then is it allreadym1094: i m going to
fae the well a mreadynoo tae hae a shot
ah hae aw ma luggagereadytae ah m sendin ma
m doing that this weekendreadyto be typed on monday
if they can find mereadyf1112: so we are going
ensure that the parties arereadyi refer members to the
to ensure that they arereadymiss goldie that is helpful
hare are transported in cagesreadyto be released so that
ay are bussie boune busilyreadyto cleinge it thence so
women in scotland who arereadyto help those who suffer
and she says are yousereadyto order now m1007: [laugh]
its socket his eyes arereadyto water mother wouldn t
the figures are rough andreadywe included the information in
better see if she sreadyto come oot she goes
learnt tae hae the teareadyso that ye were in
aye had a fag lichtitreadytae burn aff the big
an ye d tae bereadytae clear oot fin e
gaun aboot scrubbed up anreadytae dee operations nae wye
team o javans war nooreadytae gie ower their stravaig
may her mate be ayereadytae gie them a fricht
he micht hae bin gewttinreadytae gyang tae the kirk
drug makkin him dwaumy nearreadytae gyang unner the knife
e feet o yer horsereadytae haad em on skytin
horse in the stable makkinreadytae harness it teetle the
s hoose ropes oot anreadytae load up be wi
haadin on tae ma bykereadytae look s if i
t nae unless ye wisreadytae pick caff oot o
open hole he wis makkinreadytae pit the ferret syne
look at ye bit ayreadytae rin as ye pech
the menzies hid bin makkinreadytae roup ooto tullynorth they
the machines aa clean anreadytae stert production jist as
an [censored: forename] as they makreadytae tak their vows tull
2 syne the corn wisreadytae thrash an pit intil
masel eence an i wisreadytae try ma strinth an
bit it wis richt nearreadyan i doot it hid
a bit maybe she sreadyto talk it out now
there fae elsewhere and areadygot freddie my steady freddie
the bill as they gotreadyto leave the many limbed
butter an it wis nearreadyshe wis washin t wi
car cause it wasn treadyso she had f1154: oh
i think she s maybereadyto make love i risk
she was no carefree childreadyto throw caution to the
chrissie thanks jim she getsreadyto work alongside georgie georgie
at least she wis ayereadywi wise advice in times
suin s ma drink isreadysyne gae til yeir bed
healing laughs stew whenever yurreadyed silence ed as ah
morn jek ah l bereadymaister wul ye be wantin
his own he d gonereadyto enjoy a good tuck
but this time geordie wisreadyan wrappit his fingers roond
nichts ontil i corn wisreadyfir cuttin and bindin and
modal verb system wis areadyin place in aulder scots
table that s us asreadyas we can be ower
scottish data has to bereadyby the end of march
wad be aa feinisht anreadysyne on the chancie day
teachers however we must bereadyto act quickly on the
a walking stick as ifreadyto be called away at
soviet union and more thanreadyto be confused i had
to determine what business isreadyto be dealt with at
helpless living things lie scatteredreadyto be gathered up into
that the programme was notreadyto be implemented there was
by and the brose isreadyto be supped the milk
of noel ruddle will bereadyto introduce on 1 or
joint construction learners should bereadyto move on to construct
group in edinburgh will bereadyto report on its conclusions
indian girl is to bereadyto sail the day efter
the indian girl will bereadyto sail the day efter
endurance and they can bereadyto take forceful action to
ony proper food apart faereadymeals m942: apparently they ve
the programme before they werereadywe were pleased by the
either but this close toreadyso so almost finished is
bladder so full i wasreadyto pee the pyjamas once
his housekeepers and himself justreadyto father another bairn on
if the indian girl isnyreadyto sail by the day
ordinar fishers an were geyreadyhaundit at heukin a saumon
some authorities were perhaps notreadythe demand from the public
t think to have somereadyat all in this large
since we weren t quitereadyto sleep together we had
think that s the piecesreadywait [?]a wee bit[/?] sit there and
mark oor meat s ayereadyefter dark if late we
if it was electrostatic andreadyto give off sparks at
m944: oh wait keep itreadythat s me the idiot
or less shuckt in areadyand deid ye know which
planned fully resourced and fullyreadybasis that was not the
an age till dinner wasreadythe fire was out or
the eiffel tower he wasreadyto mount the loop to
and bell ringing i wasreadyto stop there but having
the three weeks i wasreadyto strangle him gladys g
higher still was evidentially notreadywe pointed out episodes in
has been produced and isreadywe would need to start
of wine with its tapreadyout and some paper cups
my crutch my teeth feelreadyto fall out it s
and baby bop s allreadyf1117: is baby bop all
f1117: is baby bop allreadyf1118: he s doin [inaudible]
rights of all nations whilereadyto defend the rights of
because an extension is notreadyalthough the situation with binny
the millennium threat is scotlandreadyat the end of the
the millennium threat is scotlandreadyaudit committee 8th meeting convener
it is a rough andreadyestimate robert brown the executive
draft of the uk napreadyin april it is as
threat and asking is scotlandreadymr muir russell permanent secretary
fitt is y- is yoursreadynoo f1101: the lady s
through once the toast isreadyput it on a plate
the millennium threat is scotlandreadythe convener mr andrew welsh
speaks at s us abootreadythe fridge is empty and
please the denner is richtreadythe r a pie koolyghin
talk from bono and isreadyto rock again with a
possible the aspiring chorister isreadyto try darting furious glances
envelopes evie s coat liesreadyover the back of the
biled ham it s areadypeggy teasing her nae tatties
the wind s near fiercenessreadyto plunge the furious hillside
into each other s eyesreadyto spring again into the
tuesday 28 trident car notreadyevening friday 31 to aberdour
a b bq morven stoodreadynot sure whether to extinguish
in an academic environment withreadyaccess to colleagues and services
providers and other users havereadyaccess to intelligence on current
in a rural environment withreadyaccess to milk on the
receive those people should havereadyaccess to the necessary medical
try to have the reportreadyby the beginning of october
serried hills stand to attentionreadyto brave the onslaught confident
slit nib over the pagereadyto mark off the scores
importance of having the premisesreadyto move into has been
sitting awake in a refugereadyto protect a young woman
rosy dawn and i amreadyto steal away to catch
16 march 2000 33 mspreadyto water down foxhunting bill
there goes my chunce oreadysteady cook tho i see
the green whaur he studereadyat the drums an standarts
backs an bare legs warmreadymen came the command fae
in airdire find place bowlsreadyapprox 8 weeks lunch at
a national assessment system offeringreadycomparison of results between schools
da hud oor haversack awreadyfrae the night afore wae
a few graith equip makereadygrip arrest hainin preservation hechts
broken urban demotics as areadymeans of communication at the
a digitised form presents thereadyopportunity which the strictures of
meet shi jin his lancereadypresentit the twa horsemen yokit

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