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thought was we didn trealiseat the time but looking
s sorry he didn trealisei d leave him he
m642: cause i didn trealiseit it was like being
road again i didn trealiseit was a dodgy pilot
and maybe they didn trealiseit was going to be
last one i didn trealise[laugh] erm it s like
s new i didn trealisemissionary work extended as far
but she she didn trealiseshe was speaking gaelic when
f631: right god didn trealisethat f689: a sort o
to you you didn trealisethat f963: mm [inhale] yes
one [inaudible] i didn trealisethat i thought they continued
then we didn t evenrealisethat it had gone twelve
an stuff i didn trealisethat it would be a
things okay i didn trealisethat m1174: yes yeah yeah
oh right i didn trealisethat m827: soon adds up
was ok i didn trealisethat the problem was dragging
many us voters didn trealisethat when it mattered so
f745: yeah i didn trealisethere still were any people
was appar- i didn trealisethis but it was him
her i just didn trealisewho she is m1048: and
stuff f812: i didn trealiseyou could get figures kids
f1049: i didn t evenrealiseyou d got up m1048:
know pretend you didn trealiseyou know but you just
a result i began torealiseover the winter and into
began to blend and torealisethat the incomers weren t
and more people began torealisethe scale of the event
encourage all local authorities torealisethe full potential of allotments
be given every opportunity torealisetheir full potential fuller access
road if they are torealisetheir potential lewis macdonald the
cowbag f1043: which he didnaerealiseeither aye which was just
aye f637: and they didnaerealisei couldnae see the lines
you wurnae there i didnaerealiseyou d be that upset
ways that we don trealisef963: mm right m762: and
ways that you don trealisethat they would have behaved
unpalatable stuff which made yourealisewhy reading cinema theatre are
and i just won trealiseand that has happened before
disfigure her neck and irealisedon t ask how that
force winds yet again andrealisei wouldn t be on
know what you don trealiseis that writers when they
saying continue which made merealiseour climb wasn t over
they don t seem torealisethat i am not joking
yeah definitely f1150: and thenrealisethat they can t stand
f641: yeah f639: and irealisethat you can t say
[cough] cause he doesn trealisethat you need a certain
they don t ac- actuallyrealisethis for quite a long
re obviously too thick torealiseyou can t use emulsion
of england or something yourealiseactually how close f963: mm
me a meal then irealisei actually really like food
knowledge so that they canrealiseto the full their ability
too heavy a head torealiseit was a puzzle for
always been seeking money irealisenow only too well that
house was too stupid torealisethat doing so would have
books but erm we werealisethat there s too much
for years i did notrealiseit had a final verse
the tragedy is difficult torealiseon thursday morning i did
bad mm f122: did yourealisethat glenelg s a palindrome
andrew wilson i did notrealisethat i had deteriorated to
me now little did irealisethat i was poised at
left home i did notrealisethat soap was supposed to
would be delayed did yourealisethat that had implications for
start ringing did you notrealisethat that would jeopardise the
possible that he did notrealisethat the song was by
the time she did notrealisethe significance of that decision
hybrid instrument i did notrealisewhat a hybrid instrument is
subjected unfairly to surveillance irealisethat the important words there
it is important that theyrealisethat what will happen this
voluntary movement in housing torealisewhat a singularly important task
authorities wanted to make othersrealisethat licensing was serious and
in dundee all local authoritiesrealisethat there is a benefit
polite nowadays or if theyrealiseany better that the old
nation if they d onlyrealisebit they ve nae appreciation
were prejudice free perhaps theyrealiseintuitively as milton has observed
they listened properly they wouldrealisethat i m perfectly serious
bother they might not evenrealisethat if they are taking
once they get older theyrealisethat it has its advantages
a card scheme they alsorealisethat there is a benefit
bill is passed and peoplerealisethat they can get married
see the product coming andrealisethat they can market it
not think that many peoplerealisethat they have it perhaps
change their view although irealisethat they will have the
sae as they can richtrealisetheir ability tae unnerstaun english
arrived at vancouver airport torealisethey had forgotten the name
bear eye wink do irealisethey re real this is
she sniffs do the othersrealisethey react to it in
soun bit fit they didnarealisewas that he had a
accept the issues or torealisewhat they are we must
to university but i onlyrealisenow that when reading burroughs
as the group approaches irealisethat it is only the
no look only when peoplerealisethat the power of withdrawing
it s only now yourealisethat what you were reaching
i do think that yourealisef963: mm mmhm yeah m762:
four years younger now irealiseit was because you were
lecture i mean now irealiseit was so theoretical and
yes provided ah mm irealisenow that he d probably
of their families i nowrealisethat osteoporosis is not something
against that mindset we mustrealisehow instinctive it is as
s boundary the committee mustrealisethat registrars do much more
businesses must be encouraged torealisethat the training of their
ensure that consumers and businessesrealisethat disabled people are good
take criticism erm most peoplerealisethat if you bother to
to the environment people wouldrealisethat it is unjustifiable environmentally
success and that people willrealisethe opportunities that it offers
it and to make peoplerealisewhat we are trying to
folk in toryglen that doesnaerealiseexactly what is goin on
do that what everybody shouldrealiseis that disability can come
not do very much torealiseit but that has changed
farm fish we should alsorealisethat after major investigations and
reacting to short deadlines irealisethat at times the bill
to the fore lilian irealisethat beaumont you understand there
m999: an an ye drealisethat eh no no that
briefly on certifiers because irealisethat i am at the
at the football field yourealisethat i have no obligation
committee business the convener irealisethat i moved on quickly
my present enforced isolation irealisethat i was no longer
week in the lane werealisethat it covers mysie walsh
be active in scotland irealisethat it might not be
villains of the piece irealisethat most of that is
the poor solicitor interruption irealisethat poor solicitor is something
me a wee while torealisethat she was carryin on
mary scanlon no chance irealisethat sylvia jackson is desperate
should be considering service irealisethat that extends enormously the
were able to discriminate andrealisethat that was what was
islands lab does the ministerrealisethat the advent of nhs
chopin sand graves suite irealisethat the publisher is tomas
short comfort break because irealisethat the room is not
burns at higher level irealisethat the specified text question
this stage alasdair morgan irealisethat the sums do not
still share that belief torealisethat the tremendous advances that
with it but it shouldrealisethat the voluntary sector is
of the scottish media torealisethat there were around 2000
children through discussion came torealisethat these instructions were different
to look after her werealisethat this is impossible but
than a secret society irealisethat we are operating under
build alasdair morrison and irealisethat we cannot rest on
scottish mountains helped me torealisethat we humans make a
i would like them torealisethat what is involved is
english and you ll suddenlyrealisethat you re s- groping
that possibility open members willrealisethe practical difficulties that are
destroyed by colonialism that yourealisethe scale of the cultural
noo twartree years laetir irealisedt whit wiz goin on
them betty has come torealisethis ower the years so
die tonight john d yerealiseif i die tonight in
o william burroughs i didnarealiseit at d time but
dark place it made merealisehow afraid i was about
know your number you dorealisei could end up getting
fower aff the grun irealisemaist aiberdonians are smaaer than
course the minute the bastardsrealiseyou know what i mean
sense for the industry torealiseexactly what the guidelines are
again because you sort orealisejust what s going to
it took me ages torealisewhat all these marks on
up the signs sufficiently torealisewhat was happening in the
the wilderness you begin torealisehow close everything in europe
called growing up you willrealiseone day said my mother
done this before you dorealiseour presence could exacerbate the
create conditions where scotland canrealisethe benefits of working at
s just kinda makin bairnsrealiseit s legitimate as well
us quite some time torealisewur father had a first
case ye micht succumb anrealisethe time has come tae
oot beth has begun torealiseher mistake is hiding out

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