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for those attending hospital andreceivinglife saving treatment in glasgow
for those attending hospital andreceivinglife saving treatment in glasgow
466 sex offenders are currentlyreceivingany treatment to stop them
many convicted sex offenders arereceivingtreatment and how many such
not for the purposes ofreceivingtreatment for a mental disorder
not for the purposes ofreceivingtreatment for a mental disorder
personnel in scotland are currentlyreceivingtreatment through the nhs in
knew through resubmission and throughreceivinginaccurate presentation lists that the
costs money i ve beenreceivingvacancy lists from the british
while the standards committee isreceivingassistance from an adviser appointed
an executive party they arereceivingfinancial assistance in the parliament
is to be regarded asreceivingthe assistance of an adviser
include a person who isreceivingthe assistance of the fire
what percentage of a peoplereceivingcouncil tax benefit but not
to council tax benefit despitereceivingrelated benefits such as housing
leads to delays in peoplereceivingtheir entitlement to council tax
1999 the attainments of pupilsreceivinggaelic medium primary education in
1999 the attainments of pupilsreceivinggaelic medium primary education in
where we may not bereceivingthe full benefit such a
scottish projects that are alreadyreceivingadvice and support through the
the advice that people werereceivingand that that advice has
your submission that he wasreceivingconflicting advice at that stage
provided support funding to studentsreceivingan award under the scheme
number of student award holdersreceivingdisabled students allowance in each
many such students are currentlyreceivingthe bursary and how much
baits and lures regulations afterreceivingan application by a dsfb
main requirements are that afterreceivingan application to make regulations
transferring authority to another thereceivingauthority 2 the contract of
or in relation to thereceivingauthority 4 subsections 2 and
between the person and thereceivingauthority has effect from the
of this paragraph to thereceivingauthority on that date and
would be concerned about somebodyreceivingan epistle through the post
should be recorded rather thanreceivingsomething through the post 10
the age of the personreceivingthem particularly young people better
[note: pictures inserted here in original] i look forward toreceivingfeedback and welcome further discussions
how they look forward toreceivinginformation of what is happening
of the organisations that arereceivingfunding through the scottish executive
that individuals i are notreceivingor ii have not received
we will probably still bereceivingsubmissions we will have received
addition the number of peoplereceivinga home care service has
and the number of acutereceivingbeds across the city and
a structured network of organisationsreceivingregular information on the convention
acts in respect of peoplereceivingthe sort of information to
is a criterion for itsreceivingsupport it is important that
at lasswade people who arereceivingpalliative care will have to
this morning i have beenreceivingrespite care one week every
that the most vulnerable arereceivingthe care that they need
perceptions but if members werereceivingmany representations from the public
force of this section werereceivingsuch services in residential accommodation
b above and b onreceivingpayment from the community body
under way we are stillreceivinganecdotal evidence about dissatisfaction with
under the tree some rememberreceivingbeads or a small silk
executive whether police forces arereceivingany specialised diversity and hate
with records of needs arereceivingappropriate educational provision s1o 322
the submissions that we arereceivingin the consultation period and
and why some sufferers arereceivingthe necessary medication free s1w
or indeed which we arereceivingthe one place where the
not so good on thereceivingend [laugh] f1009: yes m1055:
going to be on thereceivingend of her sulky texts
ms but who has beenreceivingbeta interferon since february they
the only member who isreceivingit we need to consider
scotland who wish to continuereceivingtheir benefits pensions payments and
inadequate for hosting athletics despitereceiving120 million from the uk
and of being prevented fromreceivingcommunion within the church of
from willies shop disheartened atreceivingfor our halfpenny a try
overdoses from illegal opiates whilstreceivinglegal opiates in prison in
victory badge arch middleton remembersreceivingone from his mother [note: photo: 'mitchell's garage, stonehaven advert.']
perch shaking his hand andreceivinghim joyfully going on making
to the reduction of acutereceivingcentres to only two for
for the delay in membersreceivingthe bill the deputy presiding
some areas we have beenreceivingdaily phone calls on that
been lying on the tablereceivingno response we can take
two of the stations werereceivingthe signals partly over land
the clerk of justiciary onreceivingthe form shall take the
area payments results in claimantsreceivingless than they will this
our 50s we suddenly startreceivingsaga brochures we resent them
had the first scottish airmailreceivingcachet applied the cover s
weekend i had a problemreceivingit and had to get
it means the same thingreceivingstolen property if it had
local government the process ofreceivingplans allows the executive to
hearing in the hope ofreceivinga fiscal fine that was
in the south of scotlandreceivingthe european structural fund grants
nineteenth century he is nowreceivingmore serious scholarly attention as

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