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we have erm er launchedrecentlyis a follow up to
in conjunction with others werecentlylaunched a cd rom resource
and teaching scotland and therecentlylaunched itchy coo project but
ayr homelessness service for theirrecentlylaunched report homelessness and access
years which has been launchedrecentlymaccallum and purves 1995 constitute
that the organisation was launchedrecentlymr mcconnell having the choice
mentioned which was launched morerecentlywas launched at about that
ayrshire coast she also announcedrecentlya 0 7 million award
transport very seriously sarah boyackrecentlyannounced 4 4 million support
example with regard to therecentlyannounced 5 million package for
the scottish arts council hasrecentlyannounced a new children s
facing the future we haverecentlyannounced action that will lead
what impact it anticipates therecentlyannounced additional resources for the
that the parliament welcomes therecentlyannounced clinical trials into the
22 in line with therecentlyannounced european union target ii
resource materials for schools irecentlyannounced funding worth 5 million
scotland similar to the programmerecentlyannounced in england s1o 3244
will be aware of therecentlyannounced joint venture called charis
for research the fsa hasrecentlyannounced nearly 1 million of
is in relation to therecentlyannounced review of scotland s
available to carry out therecentlyannounced review of scotland s
expects the outcome of therecentlyannounced review of scotland s
will be included in therecentlyannounced review of scotland s
invite to participate in therecentlyannounced review of scotland s
task force which the ministerrecentlyannounced will consider the whole
a seminar that i attendedrecentlyand i understand that they
and of successful projects irecentlyattended a robertson fund conference
at first hand when irecentlyattended the annual general meeting
inclusion partnership are emerging irecentlyattended the opening of an
between the industry and scientistsrecentlyi attended workshops that involved
england i attended the launchrecentlyof the celebration of the
i attended gordon rural actionrecentlythat organisation serves the donside
it to be faster werecentlypublished an action plan for
a specific sequence and severalrecentlypublished approaches such as the
talking and laughing about arecentlypublished book sunset song they
have been discussed in variousrecentlypublished materials for teachers such
m74 northern extension following therecentlypublished report by the local
parliament expresses concern at therecentlypublished report of the british
concern the findings of therecentlypublished reports edinburgh and glasgow
nhs boards were established asrecentlyas september 2001 we do
industry the fsa is arecentlyestablished organisation but as we
the university of aberdeen srecentlyestablished research institute of irish
outlet through its pilot projectrecentlyestablished with organisations and producers
the metropolitan police who wererecentlygiven an additional 176 million
century is or was untilrecentlya strange twilight zone of
a popular dish until comparativelyrecentlyand the word is recorded
and those which were untilrecentlydecidedly rural boasts a considerable
do the jackets until veryrecentlydid all the paperback jackets
of the colliers which untilrecentlyexisted here noo this my
was very influential until quiterecentlyif it was a science
writing in female voices untilrecentlyit s just so natural
the russian orthodox church untilrecentlysagorsk was the home of
authorities have said nothing untilrecentlysimply does not hold water
club in rutherglen until fairlyrecentlythe gentleman concerned walked a
produce particularly citrus fruits untilrecentlythe mediterranean coast of france
crowns took place 1603 untilrecentlythis has been an unfairly
i was talking to someonerecentlyand i was talking about
and talking 1998 it hasrecentlymerged with scet the scottish
is now or was mostrecentlyassessed under section 9 of
ltsn in 2000 and mostrecentlyby the ltsn subject centres
appointed by dsfbs 32 mostrecentlyby the salmon and freshwater
orkney this is the mostrecentlydesignated site 6 the management
of reading and writing mostrecentlyhighlighting underachievement by boys in
and two levels and mostrecentlyi ve also been er
that i ve taught mostrecentlyi ve had them for
disability rights commission regularly mostrecentlylast week michael matheson is
amenities that have been mostrecentlyset out in schedule 18
urging by academics perhaps mostrecentlythrough the proposal for an
improvement of the a75 mostrecentlythrough the scheme at the
improvement of the a75 mostrecentlythrough the scheme at the
opportunity to visit that projectrecentlya control centre monitors almost
community gardens the project hasrecentlygot its lease and it
teachin scotland an the mairrecentlyroadit itchy coo project but
poems i ve been writingrecentlyhave had more of a
doing a creative writing classrecentlyin musselburgh a woman comes
ehm the writing scotland seriesrecentlythere was the massive success
in their own city irecentlymet a commercial gallery owner
pleased that aberdeen city councilrecentlyreceived the highest award from
garden city where mitchell hadrecentlysettled with his family unfortunately
what discussions it has hadrecentlywith dundee city council relating
answered much has been saidrecentlyabout demographics support for skills
which they have been usingrecentlyand categorise them into sets
contracts has been made onlyrecentlybecause the method of allocating
the usual scawl there hasrecentlybeen a campaign in edinburgh
quizzes and mock tests haverecentlybeen added the feedback from
who provide facilities i haverecentlybeen at discussions on leisure
other literatures scholars who haverecentlybeen drawing the map of
of scottish literature which hasrecentlybeen gaining more official recognition
of scottish history has onlyrecentlybeen given the focus it
ounce about 31g which hadrecentlybeen incorporated into formal english
a national care commission hasrecentlybeen initiated and that not
say that an offer hasrecentlybeen made for the company
predictable but there have alsorecentlybeen record figures for business
an ingres database which hasrecentlybeen redesigned we expect to
the moon which had justrecentlybeen released and made pink
kelvin on westbank quadrant haverecentlybeen repaired this was possible
final suggestion prestwick airport hasrecentlybeen taken over by a
not necessarily old but haverecentlybeen torn out and are
junk the plastic kettle hadrecentlyboiled four cups had been
humour has been pretty cruderecentlyespecially when she s standing
collapse have been dealt withrecentlyi read a statement from
time have been introduced relativelyrecentlyireland is just putting in
really eh i mean itrecentlyit s been worse because
when the braer grounded butrecentlyit s not been that
have been mass nationalist demonstrationsrecentlyit was a pleasant evening
though he d been yellingrecentlyjimmy winced at the memory
been a naughty boy sorecently[laugh] naw aye he is
will and commitment to carerecentlymore emphasis has been placed
have the plans been testedrecentlymuir russell we test them
there has been growing recognitionrecentlyof the need to tackle
in plays which have beenrecentlyproduced ranges from the colloquial
a postcard letter from carolerecentlyshe s been visiting france
only granted university status relativelyrecentlysome have been around in
of measures have been implementedrecentlysuch as the get into
have been disappointed to learnrecentlythat more than half of
deserve you have been sayingrecentlythat your work load should
westminster government has been advertisingrecentlythe recruitment of as many
monarchies within the commonwealth morerecentlythere has been some media
as we have been seeingrecentlyto the teaching of literature
the great in 331 bcrecentlyunderwater discoveries have been made
f1159: they had something thoughrecentlybut they kind of meet
though the practice survived tillrecentlyin such places it died
some feeling even though irecentlyspent a week at sabhal
in a corner all dayrecentlythough i fancied a change
nation to govern itself [audience laughter]recentlythough my young wife and
an infant mistress who hadrecentlyadmitted quite a number of
to a a buddy quiterecentlyan sh- she said since
noticed this funnily enough quiterecentlyeh is the influence of
i hea- i heard quiterecentlyin fact er just i
had quite a few gamesrecentlyjust friendly chatty bridge thats
this was this was quiterecentlym608: this was after radio
quite a few in australiarecentlyone of them was keen
have had some lovely daysrecentlyquite warm and all the
and er sandy mccall smithrecentlyand somebody asked you know
able to record it asrecentlyas 1985 i asked mabel
i asked one crept outrecentlycame his reply as if
asked a series of questionsrecentlyon sips and it appears
the first responses i receivedrecentlyfrom colleagues at the germersheim
i note that we haverecentlyreceived notification on another of
and that we have notrecentlyreceived such a commitment a
materials comply with the morerecentlyapproved guidelines issued by the
heard them referred to morerecentlyas bafties that s- seems
shops in inverness and morerecentlyin dingwall notes that shopmobility
services act 2000 and morerecentlyin the police reform act
or even vanilla sky morerecentlyin the spanish version or
and laura riding and morerecentlymichael douglas and his wife
willie s prayer and morerecentlypieces in the seb designated
voluntary sector we have morerecentlyplaced an increasing emphasis on
of read you know morerecentlyread people like kelman and
on upper deeside much morerecentlythan was the case in
the older days but morerecentlythe breem was pulled out
by the department and morerecentlythe scottish further education funding
macauley 1947 harris 1963 morerecentlythe work of elley and
place outside palma and morerecentlythey have organised the annual
themes have allowed some teachersrecentlyto stretch more able readers
farewell to the chickens irecentlyheard by the way of
scrabbling around for funds irecentlyheard of one small organisation
roof ehm one i heardrecentlyin fact [laugh] describing a
ve heard the first 2recentlyotherwise it s in cowhand
it was introduced i readrecentlyabout hygiene regulations that will
argyll and bute council hasrecentlyagreed to fund a citizens
support that the minister hasrecentlyallocated to the sector therefore
dry measures it has onlyrecentlybecome clear that the surviving
has come to my noticerecentlyeric liddell won a gold
issue that jack mcconnell hasrecentlyfocussed on as part of
committee has taken for examplerecentlyi spoke to the deputy
transport and lifelong learning hasrecentlymade pronouncements on and provided
northern college which has alsorecentlymerged with the universities of
keep it local campaign hasrecentlyopened a combi store in
perspective professor christopher smout hasrecentlyposed the question if we
education and outreach service hasrecentlyproduced a video entitled let
bbc radio scotland which hasrecentlyrun a scots language week
that the executive has maderecentlywas on the return to
from a similar funding crisisrecentlyat the national stadium hampden
is targeted in that wayrecentlyi examined the funding announcements
to continue negotiations indeed asrecentlyas last week james barbour
shetland the scottish arts councilrecentlyawarded shetland another schools craft
of university status came asrecentlyas the 1990s these institutions
the facility of choice irecentlycame across some examples of
came to my notice fairlyrecentlywhich is the hidden economy
stages learning and teaching scotlandrecentlyconducted a consultation on education
no juist waled elements therecentlypassed education disability strategies an
not just selected elements therecentlypassed education disability strategies and
new arts group who ehmrecentlyand er primary sevens along
of archduke albert who hadrecentlybecome his fiancée juan march
to you the msp whorecentlydecided to do something personally
friend the count who hadrecentlyexchanged his estate in scotland
there was somebody i metrecentlyfrom luxembourg who was saying
those who because they haverecentlygraduated will start their probation
hauliers and farmers who haverecentlyprotested at grangemouth and elsewhere
hauliers and farmers who haverecentlyprotested at grangemouth and elsewhere
the specialist nurses who wererecentlyrecruited to work in our
support for our athletes whorecentlyrepresented scotland so well at
friend who had stayed hererecentlythe señora was the last
clothes officers in the arearecentlyand he had compared the
died in this area asrecentlyas 1981 makes crathie a
apprehended in our immediate arearecentlybecause of the number of
of the proposal however irecentlyspoke to a local area
committee it was confirmed asrecentlyas yesterday today we have
found guilty have walked freerecentlybecause of technical difficulties with
for rural branches that haverecentlyclosed or are likely to
have come into contact withrecentlyinclude the perthshire association for
people have said to yourecentlyoh i got fed up
have enjoyed it thoroughly therecentlyrefurbished biggin is for adults
while discussions about rsa haverecentlytaken place with several such
words you would have usedrecentlywould you still be using
to such challenge as seenrecentlyin lanarkshire s1w 1138 michael
at westminster such as thatrecentlyproposed by lord forsyth of
such as health boards toorecentlywith regard to money from
two strangled ferrets which hadrecentlyescaped from a tumble drier
whae s had a shockrecentlyhiv ye goat yer leg
could learn from the parliamentrecentlyi had two very different
they had a thing justrecentlyin an lanntair in stornoway
some of them sited veryrecentlyanother anti litter barrier must
to james boyle although boylerecentlysigned up for another three
a a thing with sandyrecentlyand er sandy mccall smith
this ridiculous thing that happenedrecentlywhere you know there s
about this that appleringie thingrecentlywhich is a word i
but as this was onlyrecentlydiscovered by one of the
trade union we amalgamated onlyrecentlywe will raise awareness of
activity task force which reportedrecentlyproduced a series of recommendations
that i am the veryrecentlyappointed preses of the scots
a visual aid however havingrecentlyfought my way through all
not confined to the bordersrecentlyi made a visit to
because i was involved asrecentlyas june of this year
about these issues we alsorecentlyheld a meeting of the
fool about andrew macphail myrecentlydeceased room mate victim of
meet local need i wasrecentlyinformed about a long worked
f631: so you got marriedrecentlylouise tell us about your
a better it s gotrecentlya sort of better reputation
got a new laptop justrecentlyand i ve got that
one that s got popularrecentlyhasn t it f1027: aye
got aff her legs m999: recentlyoh f1001: no a long
ins reported in some flatsrecentlyso remember and keep your
morale higher i was thererecentlyand i thought it was
torness nuclear power station wasrecentlyfined 15 000 for dumping
i believe that it wasrecentlyincreased both universities were doing
years for women as wasrecentlyreported those figures are sadly
local authority roads as wasrecentlyseen on the a68 near
is but i was toldrecentlythat the services within the
25 from prescription charges asrecentlyproposed in the welsh assembly
in shawlands but i justrecentlymoved to partick f746: oh
wis over that way myselfrecentlycheers the noo matthew original
scots tones accentuate the positiverecentlyaccording to the advertising gurus
a simmer skweel in scotsrecentlycpd in aiberdeen hosted twa
the committee s convener saidrecentlythis is the first census
of strengthening the system inrecentlypassing the criminal justice scotland
scotland s finest with itsrecentlyrestored medieval banqueting hall delegates
become deeply automatic psychological researchrecentlycarried out in norway suggests
is a welcome innovation irecentlycarried out work on the
mostly out of print itrecentlyrevised an anthology burns for
thirteen and table topping lochnawrecentlymuch expanded with an impressive
when his pen flew offrecentlywith the national shrinkage of
we all call in tradespeoplerecentlyi considered installing a gas
radio frequencies stopped being jammedrecentlyi plan to incorporate information
s gaelic conference in nairnrecentlyi visited sabhal mòr ostaig
for other members but irecentlystarted getting saga magazine sent
fairly quickly when i checkedrecentlythe health board advised me
corner of bratislava i visitedrecentlythey say it will one
for the holyrood building irecentlytook part in a videoconference
schemes apply for example irecentlyvisited peebles in ian jenkins
of the voluntary sector irecentlyvisited the castlemilk economic development
the reversal of this trendrecentlyrecorded and notes the further
is still in his 20srecentlya girl of 19 a
opencast site in that neighbourhoodrecentlya substantial part of my
body the terms of therecentlyadopted european charter for minority
and a young german couplerecentlyarrived and unaware of any
the burning eyes of therecentlybereaved they began a dark
of allander institute fai 2002recentlycompleted a seafish fisheries departments
of the solway harvester sorecentlyreturned for burial to their
it a lot of thochtrecentlysince you cam hame especially
shop requirements that were introducedrecentlyafter the e coli outbreaks
their water pipes were replacedrecentlyand today the inspector is
on gibson street were overturnedrecentlyand within 24 hrs the
a an article on merecentlyand my neighbour rang the
declares that king juan carlosrecentlyawarded the restoration a prestigious
yer finger in a doorrecentlydoes oniebodie cry a prescription
see an exhibition by arecentlyrehabilitated soviet artist pavel filonov
be saddened to learn thatrecentlythe death occurred in a
played in the scottish parliamentrecentlyand on saturday there s
overgrown and the woodlands eitherrecentlyfelled or wild and unproductive
the french prime minister srecentlypublicised views on scottish beef
the convener the swedes agreedrecentlyto install five megabyte connectivity

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