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do for burns is torecognisehis importance and not just
i hope that we canrecogniserobert burns s importance in
for the scottish parliament torecognisethe importance and popularity of
for the scottish parliament torecognisethe importance and popularity of
cap more flexible and torecognisethe importance of development in
part of work experience placementsrecognisethe importance of education for
gaelic as follows i fullyrecognisethe importance of gaelic as
parliament and the scottish executiverecognisethe importance of rolling out
into the voluntary sector werecognisethe importance of the voluntary
with each other we willrecognisethe importance to scotland s
languages minority languages included andrecognisetheir importance in a world
s contribution does he notrecognisethat the whole process of
of a determined process torecognisethe bard s unique contribution
us all the opportunity torecognisethe massive contribution that the
independence of the sector werecognisethe outstanding contribution that is
also important that those partnersrecognisethe potential financial contribution that
the national park however snhrecognisethat the role of land
during international nurses week torecognisethe central role of nurses
to come is that werecognisethe extent of the role
motion that exhorts us torecognisethe important role of the
that the scottish executive shouldrecognisethe pivotal role that the
a partnership approach and torecognisethe role of pharmacies in
of the motion as werecognisethe role that europe has
that the motion did notrecognisethe role that the parliament
is equalised across scotland torecogniseand meet the needs of
with the devolved administrations torecogniselocal needs there are 1933
definitions and that we shouldrecogniseneeds whatever definition is used
labour led executive those policiesrecognisepeople s needs in areas
not complacent however and werecognisethat much more needs to
ben wallace the scottish conservativesrecognisethat there needs to be
needs to be done werecognisethat we have set a
disabilities make sure public authoritiesrecognisethe distinct needs of people
involved with voluntary organisations andrecognisesustainable funding as an absolute
voluntary sector in scotland werecognisethat important distinction 16 17
raffan said rather we shouldrecognisethat the voluntary sector can
as much as possible werecognisethat the voluntary sector has
policy developments we want torecognisethat the voluntary sector is
for the voluntary sector werecognisethat there is a problem
view members across the chamberrecognisethe significance of the voluntary
important to acknowledge that werecognisealso that action across a
oldfather it is important torecognisethat employment legislation is not
it is also important torecognisethat from the child s
it is important also torecognisethat many of the political
over it is important torecognisethat the first thing that
members it is important torecognisetwo things first members all
european union that citizens easilyrecognisehowever we must face up
matter and the minister mustrecogniseit my final point is
those wider terms we mustrecogniseolder people s value to
make a difference we mustrecogniseon today s evidence that
has overruled that we mustrecognisethat although the bill is
simpson no the parliament mustrecognisethat even people in national
own right the minister mustrecognisethat if the parliament expresses
everybody has said we mustrecognisethat the civic participation event
three other languages we mustrecognisethat there should be positive
the census debate we mustrecognisethat we are a white
crop of candidates we mustrecognisethat we are into the
for such organisations we mustrecognisethat we cannot always come
their behalf we must alsorecognisethat we will not serve
our new scottish democracy mustrecognisethe culture and speech of
of gaelic however we mustrecognisethe reality of the situation
sector for granted we mustrecognisethe tremendous amount of good
sector and volunteering strategies werecognisethat older people in rural
highland council and that werecogniseall its good work however
relevant local authority areas werecognisehowever that that is primarily
meetings to be signed irecognisehowever that that would add
whole judicial process however irecognisethat in that case the
on tobacco advertising however werecognisethat tobacco advertising does not
at this stage however irecognisethe issues that you raise
within the profession however irecognisethe points that janis hughes
scottish executive whether it willrecogniserenfrewshire council s case for
the case we need torecognisethat if a project is
i have said that irecognisethe case for supporting the
question on income while werecognisethe strength of the case
is it too early torecognisewhether that is the case
that is the problem irecognisethat the minister for health
that the scottish executive shouldrecognisethe scale of the problem
problem the convener we allrecognisethe very efficient job that
languages in this way willrecognisethe claims of pupils commensurate
european union member states thatrecognisetheir native sign languages that
has been excluded does herecognisemy plea that separate and
taking place does the ministerrecognisethat dentists in aberdeen provide
the report does the ministerrecognisethat if free personal care
the labour government does notrecognisethat it is amazing mrs
a whole does the ministerrecognisethat many employees in the
to objective 1 does herecognisethat securing such an outcome
in my constituency does sherecognisethat the paper industry has
dr ewing does the memberrecognisethat what he says on
throughout scotland does mr grayrecognisethe fact that one company
public funding formulas do notrecogniseaberdeen s deprivation which is
can first mr russell shouldrecognisethat arts funding i am
as addressing funding issues werecognisethat charity law in scotland
through targeted project funding torecognisethe impact that the disease
two employees we need torecogniseas executive officials did to
addresses the need to arecognisesmall businesses as the engine
addresses the need to arecognisesmall businesses as the engine
we need the vision torecognisethat and to create a
many submissions mr mcaveety irecognisethat there is a need
followed the guidance anyway werecognisethat there is a need
scotland is very valuable werecognisethe need to ensure that
literature and language i certainlyrecognisethe need to help the
14 years all members wouldrecognisethe need to take a
there is a need torecognisethe scots language to measure
english one can also perhapsrecognisea spoken standard comprising the
studies british history should alsorecognisethat britain was first in
of play we can alsorecognisethat playing with words in
and unintended consequences we alsorecognisethat those involved in the
also to be encouraged torecognisethe moral implications of behaviour
consumer society want i alsorecognisethe principle behind the right
of the european charter torecognisegaelic and to recognise irish
to recognise gaelic and torecogniseirish in northern ireland and
we as a parliament shouldrecogniseallows us to ensure that
two calls first we shouldrecognisebsl under the european charter
free pairty we ll mibberecognisehim when we see him
you ve we will notrecognisein this company drunk f1009:
because we don t yetrecogniseit it remains possible that
a more rounded perspective werecognisejamie stone s intention and
into the parliament we shouldrecogniselocal government officials value and
fellow man s frailty werecogniseour countryside our experiences and
any future european wars werecogniseourselves as europeans as many
will be decided today werecognisethat a commonsense approach to
been addressed more generally werecognisethat as the survey shows
were implementing european legislation werecognisethat brussels cannot have a
her patients we have torecognisethat kind of dedication the
reflects the fact that werecognisethat local authorities have very
19th and falling we shouldrecognisethat many of the countries
should make a difference werecognisethat more immediate action is
will not repeat them werecognisethat much of the increased
invest in that reform werecognisethat our health service is
to create we have torecognisethat the argument about the
no one solution but werecognisethat the challenge is a
in the near future werecognisethat the oft report is
said in my statement werecognisethat the programme of work
terrorism and crime because werecognisethat the proponents of terrorism
that that should happen werecognisethat the purpose of approaching
hear enoch sitima because werecognisethat they carry something that
of older people but werecognisethat this is a coalition
we may at first notrecognisethat this is in fact
so we ourselves should simplyrecognisethat we are human in
margaret ewing moray snp irecognisethat we are moving close
i hope that parliament willrecognisethat we have been prepared
the point that we shouldrecognisethat we sometimes play on
the first minister and torecognisethe historic event that we
all citizens 6 because werecognisethe historical and cultural arguments
church of scotland we dorecognisethe potential implications for the
lifelong learning lewis macdonald werecognisethe traffic pressures on that
that we discuss volunteering werecognisethe unsung heroes about whom
can be improved and werecognisethe value of such arrangements
a duty on landlords torecognisewhat we are calling registered
from other recent legislation irecognisefrom the minister s opening
i ask the minister torecognisethat as keith raffan pointed
would like the minister torecognisethat rural scotland has special
broadband roll out and irecognisethat the deputy minister for
that the scottish parliament shouldrecognisebsl as a language in
annual scottish parliament awards torecogniseachievement in diverse areas of
certain verses areas that irecognisegod is speakin to me
annual scottish parliament award torecogniseentrepreneurial achievement and the transfer
s own parliament did notrecogniseit as such surely scotland
the scottish parliament to arecogniseparental alienation syndrome as a
represented in the parliament torecognisethe positive work that is
to the presiding officer torecognisethe will of the parliament
scots that irene mcgugan mightrecogniseand includes words such as
ither scots sangs a wadrecognisemaist o the words as
children they don t actuallyrecognisethe words but they like
i stress again that irecogniseand believe passionately that maternity
that sportscotland takes steps torecogniseand encourage scotland s sporting
i ve read that irecogniseeh ye know fae streets
always says that she canrecogniseehm you know the norwegian
to welcome the initiative andrecogniseits merits i wish that
to take place and irecogniseno argument for changing that
second resolution requesting that countriesrecognisesign language was passed in
over only s he canrecognisethat a particular field of
i am the first torecognisethat all the initiatives that
consideration of the bill irecognisethat and say it with
on a fee basis irecognisethat as adam says there
team but they have torecognisethat certain team players have
wis feenished bulldog carney wouldrecognisethat easily though he might
as them and do notrecognisethat europe is not apart
know i f1144: pals f1143: recognisethat f1054: just a wee
dealt with speedily and effectivelyrecognisethat for the most persistent
know much old english torecognisethat grammatically this kind of
east lothian is outstanding irecognisethat i made a public
for sport and culture willrecognisethat in the preface to
there is a willingness torecognisethat it now has a
job satisfaction mrs mulligan irecognisethat janis hughes is making
financial burden in order torecognisethat many women who leave
that item in private irecognisethat my first act as
series of questions but irecognisethat others want to come
are elected to represent irecognisethat partnership is something that
thought you know oh irecognisethat person from somewhere else
to order notification those provisionsrecognisethat persons who commit serious
scotland mary scanlon so yourecognisethat pharmacists are facing uncertainty
strategy members are right torecognisethat pharmacists are implementing the
i ask the committee torecognisethat reality by supporting the
on that malcolm chisholm irecognisethat sentence from the explanatory
the same that fails torecognisethat south of the border
on release from custody andrecognisethat support may be needed
the environment stewart stevenson irecognisethat the bill is part
missed any phil gallie irecognisethat the bill was rushed
i am pragmatic enough torecognisethat the concessions that the
the past five weeks irecognisethat the debate has been
that surround the issue irecognisethat the discrimination inherent in
will be brief because irecognisethat the effects on scotland
to make and although irecognisethat the matter is reserved
to address this issue irecognisethat the person who is
have a simple question irecognisethat the public petitions committee
signing or subtitles why irecognisethat the scope of the
not try to do irecognisethat the scottish compact with
of those who responded irecognisethat the system will work
in this balancing exercise andrecognisethat there are reasons for
scottish executive ms curran irecognisethat there have been delays
tolerable standard but it willrecognisethat there is a category
legislation governing this matter irecognisethat there is a real
both business is beginning torecognisethat there is an untapped
have made significant achievements butrecognisethat there is still some
to rural policy all ministersrecognisethat they have a responsibility
the new opportunities fund torecognisethat while devolving grant disbursement
made which even people nowrecognisethat you know f963: mm
that most people begin torecognisethe bits that do work
that were used did notrecognisethe deprivation that exists in
question is still hanging irecognisethe difficulties that face planners
supporting production to those thatrecognisethe economic social and environmental
exercise showed that many peoplerecognisethe positive aspects of the
england in that context irecognisethe work of the convention
that mr neil failed torecognisethe work that has been
it take so long torecognisetheir necessity given that they
a phenomenon that you wouldrecogniseyourself alastair lacking money but
an experience many women wouldrecognisespender s essay addressed the
an opportunity for us torecogniseand celebrate the work of
i think ehm i wouldrecognisebeing used just as a
not used to having torecogniseit given the lack of
here but yes i wouldrecogniseit if somebody used m1007:
i said to her irecogniseyou you used to be
the major institutions did notrecogniseour language and culture as
called for member states torecognisesign language in each state
question is [laugh] do yourecogniseit [inhale] in all prane
district and regional councils whorecogniseour existence and respond fairly
who revere the landscape andrecognisethe chthonic in nature at
the 1950s who can trecognisethe joys of falling in
the highlands who didn trecognisethe name of douglas gordon
following will help the readerrecognisewho is being referred to
following will help the readerrecognisewho is being referred to
16 months i do notrecogniselack of assertiveness as being
being at home like yourecognisepeople on the street and
keep repeating it until membersrecognisethe facts of the situation
as required english teachers willrecogniseconnections here with their own
while it is reasonable torecognisestandard english as a unique
because the formulas do notrecogniseaberdeen s deprivation the deprivation
step to repentance is torecogniseour faults only then can
ve not done is ehrecognisescots under part three of
seek often they do notrecognisethe relevance of information until
ken neil nor did herecogniseme frae twa year syne
lilian why did i norecogniseyou as you really are
load of misinformation i couldrecogniseas rubbish even with my
uh oof uh which irecogniseas the prelude to a
kind of literature do theyrecogniseit as scots the cherrie
school geometry you might justrecognisethis as pythagoras theorem if
want from local facilities irecognisethe concept of a strong
the local delivery level andrecognisethe nuances and the uniqueness
steps it is taking torecogniseand address the increase in
he was bright enough torecognisea familiar pattern emerging he
the balladeer s ability torecognisean arresting phrase and to
the regulatory failure to bothrecogniseand prevent significant damage to
and how it intends torecogniseand promote good practice in
what plans it has torecogniseformal qualifications in herbal medicine
long standing ambition locally torecognisehis achievement the centre was
readers and writers began torecognisehis worth and in the
face i learned fast torecognisemy carers so green so
socially disadvantaged they seek torecogniseprogression by building from standard
2001 the treaty aims torecogniseprotect and promote regional or
his fairnly i began torecognisesome of his problems he
in scotland have come torecognisethe benefits of having a
current reward structure fails torecognisethe extra burdens and the
lacking to enable me torecognisethe killing of the father
milestones to address disability issuesrecognisethe rights of unmarried and
a differential pay structure torecognisethe special problems in scotland
the scottish football association torecognisethe strength of opposition to
employment growth henry mcleish irecogniseallan wilson s point it
m1021: aye yes i irecognisesome o them an all
see what i mean irecognisethe argument behind what john
of other lifestyle choices irecognisethe different views about the
word on the bill irecognisethe necessity of reporting restrictions
fast changing world and willrecognisethe undoubted talent of scotland
was appalled he could hardlyrecognisein the snatches of scandal
groups for carers and crecognisethe extent of alcohol and
he really obviously wouldn trecogniseme but you know how
specifications fully provide for thisrecogniseafter school and breakfast clubs
separate shops archie didn trecogniseone name among them and
left hand side f1155: mayberecogniseit uh huh it s

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