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including sides of the totallrectangleprove subtendents in the partiall
whose equiangularity with the greatrectanglewill proceed such a proportion
it [inhale] in all pranerectangletriangles the ambients are equal
equi angularity with the greatrectanglewill proceed such a proportion
including sides of the totalrectangleprove subtendents in the partial
a square a circle arectanglea a rectangle f1121: no
rectangle very good f1122: arectanglecan i do the shapes
circle a rectangle a arectanglef1121: no what s that
f1122: they re they rerectanglef1121: rectangle pillows like that
re they re rectangle f1121: rectanglepillows like that f1122: aye
well done mm this onerectanglevery good f1122: a rectangle
you is in all plainrectangletriangles and all right angled
pronounced as in how arectangleof zinc about 8 inches
s round too a r-rectanglef1105: that s right you
mix and roll into arectangle8 x 12 put on
you re picking a yellowrectangleare you m1094: mmhm f1093:
going to pick the yellowrectangle[inaudible] m1094: don t know
carefully david drew a bluerectanglewith a single large window
the shape of an uprightrectangleand i doot it wisna
and this one s arectangletoo my one f1105: that
of the legs of arectangletriangle in reference to one
it a rec- f1122: arectanglef1121: well done f1122: a
a third was a closedrectangleit was made by my
i cut maybe a bigrectanglea box f1112: eh you
build a pit a longrectanglewas dug out to a

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