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i presume that diversity toreflectclimatic peculiarities will be permitted
be english but it willreflectthe diversity o the community
many languages and dialects thatreflectthe historical and cultural diversity
range of languages the languagesreflectthe linguistic diversity of the
delivering it is unlikely toreflectan interest payment on capital
resource based system does thatreflectthe capital that is tied
the payments for capital chargesreflectthe consequences of decisions that
or whatever the agencies figuresreflectthe cost of that capital
with credible enforcement powers toreflecta basic need for accountability
building warrant enforcement notices toreflectchanges made by amendment 21
and credible enforcement powers andreflectthe need for basic accountability
would like the remit toreflectour interests in rights and
in this respect those policiesreflectscottish interests as well as
that the relevant regulatory bodiesreflectthose scottish interests in respect
that the relevant regulatory bodiesreflectthose scottish interests in respect
the national park body shouldreflectlocal circumstances snh favour the
as drafted did not fullyreflectthe circumstances under which local
raptor working group does notreflectthe particular circumstances and problems
misuse of public funds andreflecta fundamental contradiction to eu
any is a time toreflecton how the eu and
the eu s achievements andreflecton its aims peace freedom
eu wide basis and theyreflectthe fact that crime and
throughout the eu those measuresreflectthe need to tackle crime
of the theatre is toreflectthe cultural mores of the
into our personal health plansreflectthe differing cultural gender and
sector it is right toreflecton the fact that 500
rurality i ask him toreflecton the fact that all
goal it is important toreflecton the fact that the
including youth disorder will shereflecton the fact that the
committee s report ministers shouldreflecton the fact that voluntary
access to services which mustreflectthe fact that different people
the council of ministers toreflectthe fact that in the
to the lead committee shouldreflectthe comments that were made
individual recommendations it seeks toreflectthe consistency of comments and
today the convener we willreflectthose comments in our report
substantial and just recommendations toreflectthe respect and value that
just for a moment toreflecton the types of crime
it is important that wereflecton the situation as we
the international situation we allreflectthat the war in iraq
simplistic scheme that did notreflectthe difficult and complex situation
that the prisoners paintings actuallyreflectyour command of the situation
etc european commission 2000a thesereflectthe multidimensional nature of the
including drop in centres toreflectthe unpredictable nature of mental
meetings the minutes do notreflectthat if you were being
yet the minutes do notreflectthat the minutes are anodyne
causes of the holocaust andreflectupon its consequences and vows
were lodged perhaps you couldreflectupon that when you see
for enjoyment and or toreflectupon the writer s ideas
ensuring that projects and strategiesreflectaccurately the particular issues that
in particular and we mustreflectthat in our analysis the
been found again as wereflecton those two stories of
they face our spending plansreflectour use of both those
the board meetings do notreflectthat those issues were being
needing nursing care those sumsreflectthe current average costs for
threshold and the curriculum shouldreflectthose aspects of his life
those woolly words do notreflectwoolly thinking on the part
which we are trying toreflectalong with the concerns that
on the issue trying toreflectsusan deacon s views and
of inescapable adjustment the plansreflectmy earlier announcements on modulation
local supervisors would have toreflecton what issues were to
the period 2000 2005 andreflectthe issues identified above policy
are inadequate and do notreflectactual need for example i
which we will need toreflectbefore making our final submission
few days we need toreflecton the matter i also
we need questions that willreflectthe ethnic religious and social
welcome we also sought toreflectin our evidence taking the
to 9 of the paperreflectour discussion in june the
lobbying the draft aims toreflectour discussion of 10 november
but it is important toreflecton what the bill will
the convenor would reply toreflectthe committee s view that
hmi s view did notreflectthe reality that most of
accountable officers we can thenreflecton that evidence to find
the report is intended toreflectthe depth of evidence and
the committee may want toreflectand report on it the
official report col 3821 toreflecton the idea of a
the provisions of the billreflectthe 11th report by the
anybody and that does notreflectan open and democratic scotland
and does the language appropriatelyreflectthat choice tenor is the
good faith i want toreflecton this morning s debate
that the debate will positivelyreflectthat 15 32 tricia marwick
years this final debate shouldreflectthat when the scottish parliament
you are talking about mightreflecta change in the tenor
that such a gesture mightreflectbadly on him billy was
which the minister might usefullyreflectshe should think of what
original decision the process willreflectcareful consideration of all the
been used later we willreflecton any improvements that can
presiding officer will no doubtreflecton some of the trials
benefit to scotland we willreflecton that bill aitken probably
officer the parliamentary bureau willreflecton that however some people
wonder whether alex johnstone willreflecton the same difference in
expect that the committee willreflecton what you have said
will the monarchists among usreflectthat that may be the
and social exclusion jims willreflectthe common objectives agreed at
the letter is written willreflectthese different purposes a poem
end of the process willreflectwhat is actually needed in
spent on conversion in scotlandreflectmoney taken out of a
response and encourage it toreflecton some of the broader
is incumbent on me toreflecton that issue i assure
edinburgh would he care toreflecton the folly of closing
however is an opportunity toreflecton the good things the
commitment by the minister toreflecton the possibility of a
stevenson i would like toreflecton what has been said
your fellow presiding officers toreflecton what took place this
increase or decrease would necessarilyreflectthat that is based on
on how the budget proposalsreflectthe policies and priorities of
achievements and goes on toreflectthe record level of public
o the highest quality andreflectweel on the diligence o
and psycho geriatric specialties whichreflectchanging patterns of care dr
characters in pantomime these rolesreflecta denigratory attitude to the
and are not intended toreflectany pecking order as there
showing that variables do notreflectdifferences in equal measure in
a uk recommendation would notreflectthe difference in the judicial
whatever but that would notreflectthe seriously distinctive systems in
have a new title toreflectthat role members also asked
items of a kind whichreflectgood employment or workplace practices
country native place names whichreflectthe history of the country
the certificates that youngsters receivereflectthe impractical manner in which
definitions or institutional arrangements mayreflectthe preferences and priorities and
minister lists in this notereflectalphabetical order of portfolios and
useful and informative and wouldreflectan understanding of the weight
that are themselves complex andreflecthigh levels of inter connectivity
in believing that dialect formsreflectlinguistic impoverishment and incompetence macdiarmid
states that calls to seniorlinereflectolder people s confusion about
because of that they canreflectsomething of the ways of
145 it is interesting toreflectthat modern scots used in
the new regulations was toreflectthat the position is under
that we can do isreflectthe mixed opinions about the
ensured that the guidelines fullyreflectthe patient s perspective i
the executive and the parliamentreflectthe resources that are made
that lochside with time toreflectto dream to listen to
to suit english or toreflectthe complexity of the language
were consistent and seemed toreflecta remarkably stable speech community
head and stylish art toreflectit day and night were
by amending the preamble toreflectthe bill s objectives more
and indeed the wider curriculumreflecta commitment to improving the
to make sure they canreflectability to pay and review
of goods is rising toreflectincreasing transport costs further notes
quality of transport information toreflectintegrated services for people with
the function of dictionaries toreflectpast spelling practices or malpractices
the msps are selected toreflectthe balance of the various
the msps are selected toreflectthe balance of the various
increased by a third toreflectthe change in the statutory
a regular census is toreflectthe changing status of the
ability of the board toreflectthe opinions or demands of
and civic importance as toreflectthe parliament s status and
beside carefully arranged cowrie shellsreflectancient human awe in the
such as domestic abuse andreflectthe differing needs of victims
home after hospital treatment theyreflectthe true risk and catastrophic
hall it wis time taereflecti myn weel in ma

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