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prices the 7 000 figurereflectsa change in those prices
prices for the three excursionsreflectsthe fact that entrance charges
part o the culture quhilkreflectsscotland s history waiy o
of the four language skillsreflectsthe perceived importance of each
i mean i think hereflectsauthors in a l- in
i stress that the tablereflectsour best estimates at present
evidence is suppositional but itreflectsa widespread although not universal
only 18 pages long thatreflectsthe fact that we are
teaching guide of 1269 pagesreflectsthe prevailing climate in scottish
which values young people andreflectstheir aspirations and needs youth
accident of nature rather itreflectsbounty tamed and improved by
spending on mental health servicesreflectslocal needs s1w 15103 mary
a needs based formula whichreflectsthe needs of the devolved
proofed to ensure that itreflectsthe needs of the disparate
is already in legislation andreflectsthe 1997 act the 1997
over the past year itreflectsrecord levels of public expenditure
level that authorities set thatreflectsthe concern that some levels
negotiation or plea bargaining thatreflectsthe fact that generally speaking
the voluntary sector our reportreflectsthe fact that much work
time scale for licensing whichreflectsthe fact that the required
authorities and that for rslsreflectsthe fact that we recognise
some extent the non participationreflectsthe difference that has arisen
believe to be good itreflectsthe extent to which politicians
number of agency nurse staffreflectsthat options such as self
felony and slaughter chaude mellereflectsa very real difference in
her mother as always shereflectsnobody in all the world
budget scotland no 2 billreflectsnot only a record level
an executive achievement it directlyreflectsthe very hard work of
staff accept and understand itreflectswhat is expected of them
about how to deliver thatreflectsthe management culture i am
to 27 000 cases thatreflectsincreasing efficiency but sadly it
humorous and the best poetryreflectsthe sentiment expressed by burns
uk national action plan accuratelyreflectsscotland s approach to tackle
up a languages plan whichreflectsthe communities they serve place
given as davis comments burnsreflectsthe marginalization of being working
that i have just listedreflectsthe core interests as represented
meeting in december 2002 thatreflectsboth the best achievable deal
some three percentage points thatreflectsa view that is held
everything that type of commentreflectsthe point of view of
the quality of the booksreflectsthe economic state of the
on social inclusion 2001 2003reflectsthe uk s existing strategy
ensure that the access codereflectsthe detailed analysis that the
scottish executive website the reportreflectsthe broadly positive experience that
that members agree that thatreflectsthe committee s report into
donald gorrie the draft reportreflectsthe discussion that we had
the availability of health servicesreflectspeople s lifestyles and takes
bothy ballads each of themreflectsa particular society and its
f963: it really sort ofreflectsthat in in very good
on a transitional order thatreflectspractices at westminster the issue
as it is as itreflectswhat is in the order
been impressive much of thatreflectson you this has been
introduced on 19 january itreflectsour commitment to using all
ethnicity as he said itreflectsa listening parliament however some
convener what kenneth macintosh saysreflectswhat everyone else on the
a form of spelling thatreflectsas faithfully as possible without
of time remembering that shereflectsechoing the introduction to the
agri environmental support measures certainlyreflectsthat even if we were
a cross sectoral project thatreflectsthe aims of the scottish
60 million that more properlyreflectsthe degree of permanent disadvantage
a wider area this responsereflectsthe feeling that there are
the instrument as annabel goldiereflectsin her letter we have
referred to in no wayreflectswhat i experienced during the

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