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we need a robust enforcementregimebut so does everybody else
of an even more robustregimein terms of monitoring reporting
should not mean that theregimeshould be any more robust
and chemicals is the currentregimesufficiently robust in relation to
coming up with a robustregimeto ensure that the same
we had a robust enforcementregimewe will consult the industry
have a very robust enforcementregimewhat you have been saying
seems to imply that thatregimewould be more robust than
between our testing and monitoringregimeand our competitors regimes susan
considered whether the uk testingregimecan be adapted in ways
a decision on the testingregimecomes through paragraph 8 goes
a change in the testingregimegiven the current wording of
possible changes to the testingregimei intend to commission an
or appropriateness of the testingregimein any other european community
the work around the testingregimeinvolves all the dialogue that
to ensure that our testingregimemeets the standards that are
this issue is the testingregimeof some of our competitors
sheridan s1m 3356 drug testingregimeof the international olympic committee
to ask about the testingregimeso my questions may be
exploring alternatives to the testingregimespecifically the practice of shucking
implications of the new regulatoryregimefor customers supported by fergus
effectiveness of harmonising the regulatoryregimenora radcliffe gordon ld the
consider whether the current regulatoryregimewith separate offices for the
of the skye bridge tollregimein the interests of justice
s1m 1103 skye bridge tollregimelodged on 12 july 2000
irene mcgugan skye bridge tollregimethat the parliament notes the
of improvements to the enforcementregimehas been raised i have
urgency of applying an enforcementregimehaving said that paragraph 9
in place a new enforcementregimeif and when a decision
hope to introduce an enforcementregimethat will be as flexible
how to improve the enforcementregimethere has been continuous dialogue
calls upon the myanmar militaryregimeto open a dialogue with
continuity plans and the operatingregimeeuan robson is the operating
euan robson is the operatingregimein a similar state of
continue to refine the operatingregimethat underlies the bunker until
fish being slaughtered what legislativeregimeshould we have to control
if we have a legislativeregimethat is split between scotland
is that a split legislativeregimewould be unmanageable or possibly
boards of the most rigorousregimepossible in terms of monitoring
in connection with the managementregimeagreed by the european commission
scottish executive whether the managementregimefor deep water species agreed
be aware that a newregimefor fishery management will be
details of how the managementregimefor the fishing of deep
the adoption of a managementregimefor the fishing of deep
new sentencing management and treatmentregimefor this small group of
management or the best valueregimeit could be referred to
legal responsibilities under the statutoryregimefor contaminated land s1w 34916δ
statutory guidance on the newregimefor contaminated land se 2000
to ensure a consistent statutoryregimethroughout the united kingdom in
the beef regime the sheepregimeor whatever is dependent on
cash whether through the beefregimethe sheep regime or whatever
introduced into the new planningregimedr black on the first
spring 2000 that such aregimewas introduced laughter we are
introduced on 1 january thatregimewill give much greater influence
be incorporated into the planningregimedr black as opposed to
in relation to the planningregimein the west end of
be included in the currentregimeof pre school screening business
similar to the taxi licensingregimeunder which a taxi badge
then recommend changes to theregimeto the scottish executive that
gevco until the new fundingregimefor the councils of voluntary
to ensure that the newregimeis taken account of we
carried out under that newregimerather than under an old
conducting them under a newregimethat will come into place
be satisfied with the newregimethe convener i will send
takes account of the newregimethe convener that ends questioning
be available under the newregimethe minister must spell out
under the new structural fundsregimethe scope of the programmes
possible to operate a tieredregimewithout having to amend the
rigorously suppressed under franco sregimebut has been revived in
20 december under an oldregimethat will come to an
you are saying that theregimeis fine the difficulty comes
to state that the pixcregimein scotland applies to the
any plans to introduce aregimeto re regulate the bus
the usa to affect aregimechange in iraq by any
rural scot of the oldregimewas a successful local carrier
the lack of any meaningfulregimefurther notes that the report
apply a best available technologyregimeto aquaculture if not should
today but will the sameregimeapply to other toxins lydia
not need the same fallowingregimehowever i do not know
should be extended before aregimefor adequate maintenance and sinking
the effects of the taxationregimeon charities furthermore she should
have to consider the economicregimein the united kingdom where
scientifically valid for a tieredregimeto come into effect at
provisions and a more lenientregimein scotland of course it
the missing opponents of theregimeduring these years chris s
to the administration or fundingregimeof these schools for at
be advising ministers on theregimemr rumbles other regimes stipulate
amend or replace that proposedregimes1w 26931 mr duncan hamilton
support the imposition of aregimefrom edinburgh which would in
of rivers for which theregimeis different but i am
the announcement of the prudentialregimeis of particular benefit to
rupture as the counter revolutionaryregimeof pitt and dundas tightens
its proposed freedom of informationregimes1o 407 3 allan wilson
my understanding of the feesregimesuggests that typically higher fees
considers that a block feeregimewould encourage additional usage of
time when that amazingly liberalregimewas going on which i
public safety on transport aregimefor public safety operates at
hmos but outwith the benefitregimewere there are also limitations
s it is a repressiveregimef963: mmhm f965: but we
it wasn t a repressiveregimef963: mm mm uh huh

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