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area is known as aregioneach region elects 7 msps
kent as a region ilkaregionelects 7 msps that is
known as a region eachregionelects 7 msps who are
area is kent as aregionilka region elects 7 msps
advisor fur scots in grampianregionas a resource fur skweels
the bowlin green the grampianregionbus we hired tae ging
adviser in scots with grampianregioncurrently consultant with the north
the grampian area because theregiondoes not have assisted area
old administrative districts of grampianregionin the kincardine and deeside
said that in the grampianregionnaebody spicks that language nora
from horsburgh i 2 grampianregiontaken from o dell and
in grampian highland and islandsregionthat job was different because
the member s constituency orregion6 overnight expenses allowance 1
his or her constituency orregion6 where a member has
allocated to each a parliamentaryregionand b parliamentary constituency and
been from each a parliamentaryregionand b parliamentary constituency specifying
been from each a parliamentaryregionand b parliamentary constituency specifying
an office within the constituencyregionfrom which a member was
an office within the constituencyregionfrom which the member was
a between the constituency orregionfrom which the member was
msps in their constituency orregionin a local place sic
msps in their constituency orregionin a local place such
a constituency and b parliamentaryregionin each year since 1998
public in the constituency orregionof the member c the
between his or her constituencyregionor main residence and edinburgh
b within that constituency orregionundertaken in support of the
them loch by loch andregionby region we also need
by loch and region byregionwe also need more definitions
difficult task in the sollerregiontake the station for example
favourite house in the sollerregionwas son angelats standing proud
so here in the sollerregionwhere so many germans have
11 hendry 1997 north eastregionincomer influence as a variable
11 hendry 1997 north eastregionincomer influence as a variable
still are in the highlandregionfor example the same vehicles
out early in the highlandregiongiven that it started in
resources and offices in theregionthe crown office is organised
and organised groups themselves theregionwas very popular with executives
and families with out ofregionborn children and parents payne
families originated in the centralregionsome children preferred glaswegian speech
broken down by a parliamentaryregionand b court s1w 15045
years broken down by parliamentaryregions1w 15047 richard lochhead to
capita and broken down byregions1w 33279δ sarah boyack to
one office in a particularregionand b to meet constituents
the particular needs of theregioni intend to visit the
9 where in a particularregionmore than one regional member
problem in the north eastregionpaying particular attention to a
a particular issue or lawregionscotland is divided into 8
a particular issue or lawregionscotland is dividit intil 8
the north east scotland parliamentaryregiona were marked no proceedings
north east of scotland parliamentaryregionare able to make bids
really the aspect o oregionregional accents you know and
member or members for thatregionprovided that all members concerned
social class from a certainregionfor instance the rural dialect
growth in the north eastregionof the distinctive dialect that
airdrie and the central scotlandregionbut from a geographical perspective
mother joan [censored: surname] at centralregionin stirling all the small
unusual seat of the centralregionof italy the mind boggles
in the central scotland electoralregions1w 16823 linda fabiani to
part of the north eastregionof scotland which sustained both
differences specifically in this smallregionas the general history of
view scotland as a constitutionalregionin our nation s history
2 funding notes that everyregionof england has been provided
stateless nation or a constitutionalregioneach provides a different prism
sheriffdoms apart from glasgow eachregionhas a network of procurator
in scotland is in theregionof 500 million each year
scots speech peculiarities within theregionre the diphthong ei this
to localise a character byregionif not yet by class
long lasting peace in theregion11 motion without notice alasdair
applies in relation to aregionmentioned in section c of
job was different because theregionhas 15 procurator fiscal offices
top 6 over the testregionas a whole he found
of the committee visited everyregionof scotland including of course
decline of gaelic in theregionthe place names show few
stands to lose in theregionof 250 million a year
could save somewhere in theregionof 300 lives a year
41 or less the testregioncovered aberdeen banff and buchan
other disused line in theregionthere are parts where bridges
rate of something in theregionof 1 000 per 100
been paid something in theregionof 22 000 for the
knowledge of doric in theregionhe also explored the status
scotland that great rugby lovingregionduring the 1969 70 south
the mid scotland and fiferegionspoke of the trade off
stop us from leaving theregionf1155: [inhale] was it not
architecture and technology of theregionare still common to us
to maintain peace in theregionafter the jacobite upsrising of
managed a plantation in theregiondavid 1900 1967 retired to
o linguistic development in thisregionfrae areas further sooth dae
in a tour of theregionin 1769 thomas pennant considered
seven fe colleges in myregionlike margaret jamieson i am
significant way employ in theregionof 1000 full time staff
is linking up with theregionof sachsen anhalt in germany
a fierce sun in theregionof steiermark that the prolific
cables through the beauforts dykeregionof the irish sea in
end in kirkcaldy in theregionthat i represent a sewage
with individual fiscals in theirregionto present a management plan
tourist related businesses in theregionwhich have an immediate requirement
and kelvingrove my local cityregionbut then i think not
have been granted to theregioni must say that dumfries
as has been discussed theregionof upper deeside which forms
fiscal service staffing levels byregionand table 5 gives information
as tuscany and the basqueregion4 relationships with european countries
outside the speaker s ownregionan appropriate form of standard
meet the demands of theregionconcern was expressed that a
when the economy of theregiondeclined the solution was to
the economic problems of theregionlodged on 3 june 1999
to smooth demand throughout theregionthat involves distributing the people
services for people throughout theregionwe will continue to do

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