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s area b consult thoseregisteredsocial landlords and have regard
9 which mentions local authoritiesregisteredsocial landlords and water and
service bodies independent providers andregisteredsocial landlords as the ombudsman
b specifically excludes reference toregisteredsocial landlords as the ombudsman
family health service providers andregisteredsocial landlords family health service
whereby local authorities can askregisteredsocial landlords for assistance in
first time the concept ofregisteredsocial landlords in scotland and
a local authority and allregisteredsocial landlords in that authority
at end insert or byregisteredsocial landlords in the authority
away from local authorities towardsregisteredsocial landlords is apparently that
tenants of local authorities andregisteredsocial landlords it contains many
choice should be extended toregisteredsocial landlords or to housing
the housing scotland act 2001registeredsocial landlords order 2001 ssi
the housing scotland act 2001registeredsocial landlords order 2001 ssi
the housing scotland act 2001registeredsocial landlords order 2001 ssi
the housing scotland act 2001registeredsocial landlords order 2002 ssi
the housing scotland act 2001registeredsocial landlords order 2002 ssi
information on housing stock 1registeredsocial landlords shall provide information
tenants of local authorities andregisteredsocial landlords there have been
ask about the responsibilities ofregisteredsocial landlords there is an
imposing a duty on allregisteredsocial landlords to co operate
imposing a duty on allregisteredsocial landlords to co operate
to cover the requirement onregisteredsocial landlords to take in
regulating housing associations and otherregisteredsocial landlords we certainly agree
schemes with local authority orregisteredsocial landlords who are the
tenants choice to tenants ofregisteredsocial landlords who were not
regulation of local authorities andregisteredsocial landlords will be of
duties on landlords to consultregisteredtenant groups and other tenants
there is substituted b aregisteredadoption service 10 in section
society there is substituted aregisteredadoption service 6 in section
society there is substituted aregisteredadoption service 7 in section
authority there is substituted aregisteredadoption service an appropriate voluntary
or there is substituted aregisteredadoption service an appropriate voluntary
act there is substituted aregisteredadoption service and b in
adoption society there is substitutedregisteredadoption service and c after
society there is substituted aregisteredadoption service and ii the
there is substituted i aregisteredadoption service from that service
there is substituted b anyregisteredadoption service or any voluntary
adoption societies there is substitutedregisteredadoption services b in subsection
view on practices in theregisteredsocial landlord and local authority
2001 and the rights ofregisteredsocial landlord and local authority
end insert 6 where aregisteredsocial landlord complies with a
30 at end insert aregisteredsocial landlord complies with such
a landlord which is aregisteredsocial landlord is a co
fall within the definition ofregisteredsocial landlord it would be
a local authority and aregisteredsocial landlord may take into
into the affairs of aregisteredsocial landlord scottish ministers may
the period within which aregisteredsocial landlord should decide whether
section 4 insert duty ofregisteredsocial landlord to provide information
where the landlord is aregisteredsocial landlord which is a
where the landlord is aregisteredsocial landlord which is a
where the landlord is aregisteredsocial landlord which is a
where the landlord is aregisteredsocial landlord which is a
of prescribed there is insertedregisteredadoption service has the meaning
inserted 5 in this actregisteredadoption service means an adoption
or iii an adoption societyregisteredunder article 4 of the
below mounted fox hunts nineregistered8 or mounted fox hunts
paper there are ten nineregisteredand one private mounted hunts
number of foxes taken byregisteredfoxhunts 11 some hunts keep
hunt in addition to theregisteredhunts there is one private
the title has not beenregisteredin the land register and
general register of sasines orregisteredin the land register of
where the title has beenregisteredin the land register of
the notice if it isregisteredin the land register or
to the land has beenregisteredin the land register the
whether the person will beregisteredon the sex offenders register
3 april 2002 who isregisteredas having title to hm
and the superior is aregisteredas proprietor specify the title
title number b not soregisteredspecify the title number and
msp is worth one newlyregisterednurse it is unquestionable that
whether or not from aregisterednurse nursing care a2 the
the physical involvement of aregisterednurse or of a medical
end notes that a newlyregisterednurse s salary at 16
the scottish executive how manyregisteredheroin users reside in the
the scottish executive how manyregisteredheroin users there are in
now has around 3 200registeredusers and pledges support for
by a care home serviceregisteredunder part 1 of the
relation to such a serviceregisteredunder part 1 of this
relation to a care serviceregisteredunder this part as they
in the grampian area areregisteredwith national health service dentists
how many childminders are currentlyregisteredand how many childminders were
houses that should currently beregisteredand to enforce standards before
scottish executive how many statutoryregisteredhealth professionals currently practice homeopathy
people in scotland are currentlyregisteredon methadone programmes for drug
how many patients are currentlyregisteredwith general practitioners according to
compulsory purchase power to purchaseregisteredland compulsorily 1 where a
interest in land has beenregisteredunder section 34 above for
a community interest has beenregisteredafter section 56 roseanna cunningham
if the member has aregisteredinterest which relates to the
any interest in what britishregisteredtobacco companies do in these
scottish executive whether the centralregisteredbody scotland charges voluntary organisations
that said yes we areregisteredby all the following organisations
recognise what we are callingregisteredtenant organisations those organisations would
scotland will become the centralregisteredbody for the processing of
be available for a centralregisteredbody i am pleased to
that body or person isregisteredor applying to be registered
links between the person lastregisteredand the superior so as
or managed by a personregisteredin respect of it under
officer that person should beregisteredin the same way as
registered or applying to beregisteredof an individual to act
act 2001 asp 00 andregisteredunder part 1 of that
with any development management schemeregisteredagainst the development under section
grampian area who have patientsregisteredwith them under national health
many school age children areregisteredas having autism either as
how many drivers of foreignregisteredcars caught speeding by police
and how many childminders wereregisteredin a 1999 2000 and
small number some 32 ofregisteredsign language interpreters in scotland
the total number of teachersregisteredto teach in primary schools
a member state and isregisteredby virtue of a qualification
a member state and isregisteredby virtue of a qualification
member is returned from aregisteredpolitical party s regional list
lobbyists and msps to beregisteredthat relates to having a
will be his or herregisteredlocal address for correspondence 2
galloway health board area isregisteredwith an nhs dentist s1w
subsection 1 above may beregisteredand the order shall take
ensure that they keep theregisteredinformation up to date and
the road haulage association beingregisteredand the managing director being
including those who escaped beingregisteredbecause of being sentenced before
and the managing director beingregisteredif he interacts with us
before the constitutive deed isregistered3 the scottish ministers may
deed is granted and dulyregisteredwhich cannot be before the
whether by recorded delivery orregisteredpost or by ordinary post
sent by recorded delivery orregisteredpost schedule 12 mr jim
has not been matriculated orregisteredwith the lord lyon s1w
weddings are carried out byregisteredcelebrants who include church of
1995 there are 11 500registerednurses who no longer work
be the same people whoregisteredthe event registrars undertake much
london as he will beregisteredthere and i will have
that the individual should beregisteredthere would be nothing to
all and has not beenregisteredin the minds of any
believe that the parliament hasregisteredits will on the bill
this northern name inglis whichregisteredits distinctiveness from southern english
offender is still at theregisteredaddress rather than on the
to decide what is aregisteredroute and leaving it to
sabhal mor ostaig will beregisteredas a training provider for
be aware of forged cancellationsregisteredcovers with vignettes from the
here as i ll beregisteredhere i m just hoping
required the individual to beregisteredi do not think that
visa and passport to beregisteredwith the police and finally
overseas convictions to be automaticallyregisteredwithin scotland on their release
among the things that areregisteredas i said letters of
eh the- their births areregisteredin argyll eh their f606:
the benefit of the communityregisteredas a charity the centre
veesitin coroner unnatural daiths beinregisteredas caused bi wild beasts
trust around 1960 and bothregisteredas scottish charities in 1988
in the parliament as aregisteredparty because they fall below
peer bairns he went anregisteredtheir names as morgan an
game it didn t getregisteredbecause he forgot to press
very clean the doctor iregisteredhere with gave me a
population university of bristol 8registeredwith the master of the
notification of foreign travel byregisteredsex offenders the scottish parliament
but failed to get [censored: forename]registeredthe other non moscow university
supported a constitutional treaty andregistereda desire for greater publicity
you know was taken inregisteredand everything and at play
yesterday s temperatures in britainregisteredbetween nine and nought degrees
project erm and he sregisteredblind although he s not
jurisdiction over british and americanregisteredcompanies surely they could actually
of the jerry built townregistereddumped our bags and grabbed
waited and waited while kseniaregisteredme but failed to get
landlady and she went andregisteredthem at f718: uh huh
bsl 44 mr brian monteithregisteredhis dissension from paragraph 119
efter i was born anregisteredme himsel ca ed efter

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