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provisions in the bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
international criminal court bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
the criminal justice bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
the criminal justice bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
provisions in the bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
of investigatory powers bill whichrelateto devolved matters should be
provisions in the bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
provisions within that bill thatrelateto devolved matters should be
of investigatory powers bill whichrelateto devolved matters should be
restricted to those matters thatrelateto devolved scotland the issue
and owner those definitions alsorelateto definitions in the scotland
so far as those provisionsrelateto matters within the legislative
assume that the capital chargesrelateto other matters indeed i
consider certain tenancy matters thatrelateto quality issues however as
must focus on issues thatrelatedirectly to the responsibilities of
draft the pages that wouldrelateto our responsibilities are pages
government policy its responsibilities willrelateto regulating the management functions
are other specific provisions thatrelateto criminal proceedings in which
and how do the provisionsrelateto other fuel poverty initiatives
case with the provisions thatrelateto sentencing and reporting restrictions
bill s provisions do notrelateto the jurisdiction of the
place in scotland those provisionsrelateto the securing of justice
amendments to the provisions thatrelateto the tribunal that was
the language features referred torelatedirectly to the kinds of
the passage but these onlyrelateto actual features of the
of grammar vocabulary and pronunciationrelateto features of his her
research or administrative functions whichrelatedirectly to the business of
point although it does notrelatedirectly to today s debate
sections 16 to 23 whichrelateto the provision of conveyancing
confusion over the sections thatrelateto tobacco advertising in newspapers
services to which those functionsrelate4 regulations under subsection 1
are likely be those whichrelateto accuracy and language resource
that a lot of themrelateto resource accounting and budgeting
into precise rules the rulesrelateto education judicial authorities administrative
laws procedures or rules whichrelateto individual cases where they
but those issues do notrelateto amendment 104 amendment 104
right for our questions torelateto general issues about what
available on budgets as theyrelateto issues of gender ethnicity
s stance on petitions thatrelateto local issues is not
covering paper that does notrelateto particular planning issues sportscotland
that in another the issuesrelateto poverty in urban areas
generally only some of whichrelateto the issues about hmos
issues on our agenda todayrelateto transparency subsidiarity although i
the issues to which theyrelatewere debated at length in
projects also enable pupils torelatethe language of school to
our future minding our pastrelateto cultural projects for which
with other school projects andrelateto shetland s history and
loan entitlements at dates whichrelateto college timetables s1w 6018
appeals the emergency appeals thatrelateto university and college entrants
powers of seizure as theyrelateto certain united kingdom bodies
the postcomm proposals referred torelatemainly to royal mail services
for doing so does thatrelateto cases prior to april
economic development especially those thatrelateto scottish enterprise and highlands
effect which seems especially torelateto the detail of the
uniplex whereby the individual wouldrelateto local people in one
to in sub paragraph 3relateonly to the provision and
though the majority of theserelateto the provision of information
they face whether those problemsrelateto enforcement to dealing with
edited or those parts thatrelateto potential breach of the
some of the main concernsrelateto those i want to
motion to which these entriesrelateamendments amendments to motions s1m
manage finance it did notrelatea great deal to people
that we must deal withrelateto opencast mining pe346 from
the bill to which theyrelateis not reached during the
the bill to which theyrelateis not reached during tuesday
armed forces bill as theyrelateto the ministry of defence
armed forces bill as theyrelateto the ministry of defence
research are provisional because theyrelateonly to the first year
which the strategy is torelate3 a health board must
which the strategy is torelate3 a health board must
politics in which parties wouldrelatedifferently to each other we
which the eu institutions canrelatemore effectively to the citizens
is clear that other targetsrelateto areas in which government
the reasons for that feelingrelateto the culture within which
by the executive which willrelateto the three categories should
day rule and cct alsorelateto these regulations which we
i would like to raiserelateto funding and in particular
be that some questions willrelateto the evidence that we
sets of written evidence thatrelateto the oral evidence that
manageable proportions and it mustrelateto the remit of the
the figures in the tablerelateonly to the recess period
figure of 400 candidates wouldrelateto only one component as
are binding on themselves theserelateto the community and volunteer
that this point does notrelateto the time after you
about general principles as theyrelateto the echr but when
to alasdair the percentages thatrelatespecifically to our agriculture services
all sorts of things thatrelateto our work but what
in the paper as theyrelateto scotland and the parliament
robust enough for regimes thatrelateto other toxins alasdair morgan
at the rhyme scheme andrelatethat to the development of
know for example how torelatethe pounds of the assizes
children will be able torelatetheir local dialects the normal
in the schedule and shallrelatethem separately to each category
if it is proposed torelatethem to scotland it would
of buildings standards when theyrelateto access for disabled people
days of the parliament theyrelateto days when the office
of him i can neverrelateto he goes all soggy
joining up the regulations thatrelateto lice levels and the
changes particularly the ones thatrelateto lifelong learning and ict
something that might want torelateto me it was a
mr wood the costs thatrelateto pfi and ppp are
this stage they do notrelateto scotland if it is
i said letters of comfortrelateto situations involving some deficiency
better guidance on how torelateto tenants but by revisiting
mcmillan my comments did notrelateto the comparison of the
and how the group willrelateto the executive the parliament
beyond the age of 60relateto the fact that people
the figures would not thenrelateto the proportions that were
a number of measures thatrelateto the security and welfare
public bodies and how theyrelateto the stakeholders with whom
leg side medium pace bowlerrelateto the topic of cricket
that it is how irelatethere is nothing wrong with
provide the human touch butrelatein ways that are accepted
howe er this huz taerelatetae wittins that huz jist
line the yin theory taerelatethe means o production tae

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