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or discharge of community burdensrelatingto sheltered or retirement housing
or discharge of community burdensrelatingto sheltered or retirement housing
or discharge of community burdensrelatingto sheltered or retirement housing
or discharge of community burdensrelatingto sheltered or retirement housing
on environmental and planning issuesrelatingto water treatment plants 6
on environmental and planning issuesrelatingto water treatment plants the
on environmental and planning issuesrelatingto water treatment plants the
the environmental and planning issuesrelatingto water treatment plants this
and to providing banking informationrelatingto criminal investigations although matters
young people and on mattersrelatingto culture and sport and
fully trained volunteers on mattersrelatingto drugs teenage pregnancies abortions
minister for transport and mattersrelatingto environment and natural heritage
those elements of the petitionrelatingto health matters finally the
consider and report on mattersrelatingto housing and the voluntary
consider and report on mattersrelatingto local government and which
to criminal investigations although mattersrelatingto money laundering and financial
and publishing research on mattersrelatingto rights of children for
consider and report on mattersrelatingto rural development agriculture and
consider and report on mattersrelatingto school and pre school
consider and report on mattersrelatingto school and pre school
consider and report on mattersrelatingto the administration of civil
consider and report on mattersrelatingto the administration of civil
external affairs and on mattersrelatingto the arts culture and
july 1999 to discuss mattersrelatingto the governance of scotland
july 1999 to discuss mattersrelatingto the governance of scotland
is addressing the difficult mattersrelatingto the internet we are
islands transport authority when mattersrelatingto the powers of that
and secondly sepa on mattersrelatingto the work of the
consider and report on mattersrelatingto transport which fall within
travelling expenses and overnight expensesrelatingto travel commencing within scotland
travelling expenses and overnight expensesrelatingto travel to brussels strasbourg
the following functions a functionsrelatingto education in schools b
public library service c functionsrelatingto fire fighting that is
to carry out its functionsrelatingto gaelic that arise under
registration of elections e functionsrelatingto the conduct of elections
functions to amend the lawrelatingto the national health service
functions to amend the lawrelatingto the national health service
education in schools b functionsrelatingto the provision of a
case of fire d functionsrelatingto the registration of elections
lead department on general issuesrelatingto algal toxins that it
to its investigation of issuesrelatingto class and especially national
too easy to pass issuesrelatingto disabilities to the social
we ensure sustainability on issuesrelatingto disability how do we
deprived areas there are issuesrelatingto ensuring that we can
in both gender and issuesrelatingto her country is implicit
a wide range of issuesrelatingto its delivery of lifeline
conservatives are experienced in issuesrelatingto massive levels of unemployment
it has to introduce legislationrelatingto mental health issues other
from the committee on issuesrelatingto petitions pe 422 by
that they experience particular issuesrelatingto poverty today fewer than
has been consulted on issuesrelatingto prisons since 1 june
identified any distinctly scottish issuesrelatingto rail safety including the
to 21 address various issuesrelatingto recess questions we note
visitscotland to discuss various issuesrelatingto scottish tourism i last
issues identified above policy reviewsrelatingto scottish tourism it is
detail its policies on issuesrelatingto smoking and tobacco s1w
find hmos will identify issuesrelatingto standards when they decide
relevant issues of religious equalityrelatingto the act of settlement
the nature of citizenship issuesrelatingto the crown and the
issues and were on groundsrelatingto the european convention on
peter hain mp on issuesrelatingto the future of europe
to some of the issuesrelatingto the local authorities and
investigate a range of issuesrelatingto the methods of diagnosis
and act on any issuesrelatingto the promotion of road
public interest in the issuesrelatingto the scottish transport group
forum for consideration of issuesrelatingto travelling people which would
it has any environmental concernsrelatingto pollution caused by sellafield
and there might be implicationsrelatingto the european convention on
50th anniversary of the conventionrelatingto the status of refugees
50th anniversary of the conventionrelatingto the status of refugees
50th anniversary of the conventionrelatingto the status of refugees
heritable creditors under the provisionsrelatingto assured tenancies in the
taken away the existing provisionsrelatingto tenants choice those still
no provisions in the billrelatingto tenants in the private
a range of funding provisionsrelatingto the payment of grants
that over time the provisionsrelatingto the regulation of local
that framework are the provisionsrelatingto the scottish secure tenancy
required on planning application formsrelatingto the address and location
to homelessness there are proposalsrelatingto the various tests that
new section to cover workrelatingto various enforcement notices the
is the primary consolidated actrelatingto housing there are also
of service provided and thoserelatingto local housing strategies and
and wales legislation the lawrelatingto allotments is contained almost
review law policy and practicerelatingto rights with a view
intends to clarify the lawrelatingto suicide in scotland by
brief introduction to the lawrelatingto wild salmon fishing in
poem the first two documentsrelatingto my life a lesson
1250 release of executive documentsrelatingto the examination results crisis
swinney release of executive documentsrelatingto the examination results crisis
memorandum notes or other documentsrelatingto this meeting s1w 26365
to review the current legislationrelatingto repossession of private dwelling
provide details of any conditionsrelatingto the current or future
to take final decisions themselvesrelatingto the current review of
of the current tendering processrelatingto the management and maintenance
of the current tendering processrelatingto the management and maintenance
title a series of criteriarelatingto institutional governance and management
some difficulties within flour cityrelatingto worldwide financial and management
scotland 12 will tackle problemsrelatingto access to all land
also acknowledges that many problemsrelatingto accessibility isolation and the
be an uplift in problemsrelatingto bone mass depletion furthermore
for example although the problemsrelatingto the scro checks have
to correspondence from the committeerelatingto petition pe 346 by
nfus for any further commentsrelatingto the petition as well
that petition last a paperrelatingto the petition is being
numerous policy and strategy reviewsrelatingto scottish tourism over recent
whether the recent court decisionrelatingto temporary sheriffs applies to
website the most recent minutesrelatingto the meeting of 12th
concern the poor policy advicerelatingto glasgow provided by scottish
to local authority education departmentsrelatingto school policy for supporting
modifications to advice and proceduresrelatingto allotment provision are required
and the provision of informationrelatingto previous convictions prior to
understand the economies of scalerelatingto the provision of plant
a part of the motionrelatingto a particular member or
ehm scots not you knowrelatingto any particular area u1028:
qualities and in particular qualitiesrelatingto gaelic or scots michael
no authority to investigate complaintsrelatingto financial banking services or
local authorities more general concernsrelatingto local authority resources were
is of each local authorityrelatingto the total interest charges
it will transfer all casesrelatingto agricultural holdings disputes within
be within the specific definitionrelatingto intrusive surveillance but it
it will make any recommendationsrelatingto the review of the
parents will be given informationrelatingto mercury levels side effects
and provides some background informationrelatingto the following motion due
includes objectives for 1999 00relatingto the information flows across
crown office files and informationrelatingto the resulting murder trials
in scotland on uk legislationrelatingto scottish territory lodged on
the misuse of drugs legislationrelatingto the possession of cannabis
verses poem this content althoughrelatingto death in battle is
bodies publish all business plansrelatingto private finance initiative and
bonds and ensure that rulesrelatingto public private partnerships enable
the years erm particularly thatrelatingto gaelic erm and i
to design and implement policiesrelatingto gaelic local authorities to
of language mrs scamler whenrelatinga story told to her
competence of the scottish parliamentrelatingas they do to the
branches close another important considerationrelatingespecially to rural post offices
of what was required andrelatingmore to the individuality of
for any other valid reasonrelatingonly to the business of
respect for the caballero afterrelatingsome of their adventures to
those accused appeared on chargesrelatingto a house breaking b
of an assignation statement bothrelatingto a scheme on the
confederation but many moslem innovationsrelatingto agriculture and horticulture were
with her majesty s governmentrelatingto alternative models for securing
could be running ppp schemesrelatingto buildings or infrastructure in
incomparably higher level the contributionrelatingto burns in the englische
it before publication the passagerelatingto burns was apparently written
grants in respect of activitiesrelatingto child care and family
silent solitary of the coincidencesrelatingto chopin it s so
petitions 453 498 and 499relatingto consultations by nhs boards
of the scottish homes powersrelatingto development funding are to
sometimes people have wonderful plansrelatingto disability but the voices
the proposals such as thoserelatingto double jeopardy are contentious
national park plan the recommendationsrelatingto each of these areas
another target for example targetsrelatingto ethnic minorities and people
or all of the lossesrelatingto flour city international inc
similarly with the massive proposalsrelatingto glasgow mr davidson i
wrong the following show difficultiesrelatingto headwords modifiers and qualifiers
would be appealing on everythingrelatingto higher still therefore as
the sections of the billrelatingto implementation of the european
public body include a thoserelatingto its internal processes and
speech or tricks of writingrelatingto its sound when read
on being represented at meetingsrelatingto justice and home affairs
rather than creates any problemrelatingto making the judgment more
complained about and what rulesrelatingto msps conduct it is
evidence on stage 2 amendmentsrelatingto offences aggravated by religious
that part of the motionrelatingto one of the appointments
executive how many court casesrelatingto organ retention are currently
me of the statistical detailsrelatingto pandemics and about why
exclusion we take six indicatorsrelatingto place and individuals one
bill sets out additional measuresrelatingto police co operation data
lancet oncology on respiratory illnessrelatingto pollution in the air
directive 2002 c 48 27relatingto port ownership and operation
amendment to the extradition billrelatingto postponing bringing into force
budget covers and what expenditurerelatingto prisons and other establishments
of any developments in technologyrelatingto publishing or distributing by
the scottish secure tenancy thoserelatingto regulation which are closely
it came to its determinationrelatingto scotland the convener we
the inclusion of a questionrelatingto scots in the 2001
some of the new terminologyrelatingto scottish devolution may appear
of prosecutions fines and sentencesrelatingto such offences will he
to one of them thatrelatingto temporary approvals in your
a fine selection of itemsrelatingto the 1948 guernsey issue
we have taken so farrelatingto the areas where the
the 24 officials with responsibilitiesrelatingto the bee keeping profession
is clear from the paperworkrelatingto the bill that we
for the release of papersrelatingto the central scotland police
s speech the sewel motionrelatingto the crime international co
a further set of criteriarelatingto the institutional research environment
majesty s government during discussionsrelatingto the memorandum of understanding
under that subsection whether circumstancesrelatingto the person in question
support groups of clinical standardsrelatingto the post mortem process
c have codes of practicerelatingto the prevention of discrimination
deficiency from a while backrelatingto the question whether completion
to demand that all powersrelatingto the regulation and taxation
interests which they may haverelatingto the relevant subject matter
is from the scottish organisationrelatingto the retention of organs
meeting pe283 sorro scottish organisationrelatingto the retention of organs
inflexible application of the guidelinesrelatingto the scheme s boundaries
received by the scottish officerelatingto the scottish adjacent waters
the fishing industry s concernsrelatingto the scottish adjacent waters
line 28 and insert paragraphrelatingto the scottish medical practices
for the awarding of contractsrelatingto the storage of rendered
finances and taxation and questionsrelatingto the succession arising in
acquitted of causing malicious damagerelatingto the trident missile programme
out any function or dutyrelatingto the use of the
serving prisoners to publish materialrelatingto their crime s1w 29291
years further notes that datarelatingto this condition is not
recently with dundee city councilrelatingto urban regeneration s1o 3241
them a series of questionsrelatingto what europe means to
touched on the conflicting evidencerelatingto whether sea lice should
apparently caused much amusement byrelatingthat the ghost of the
began the second round byrelatingthe difficult and dangerous efforts
mixed comically with a narrativerelatinga sexual encounter the english
poetry is concerned for whenrelatinghow mr gurdon ran away

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