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matheson s1m 1248 macmillan cancerrelieflodged on 5 october 2000
sheridan s1m 1248 macmillan cancerrelieflodged on 5 october 2000
1248 fiona mcleod macmillan cancerreliefthat the parliament congratulates macmillan
the withdrawal of water ratesrelieffor charities points on water
that the phased withdrawal ofrelieffrom a range of charitable
is right the withdrawal ofreliefwill have an adverse impact
for example the withdrawal ofreliefwould cost the voluntary sector
glasgow the caring city internationalreliefaid lodged on 16 may
glasgow the caring city internationalreliefaid on the remarkable sum
glasgow the caring city internationalreliefaid that the parliament congratulates
o breathin a sigh oreliefnoo at e main eyn
girl heaved a sigh ofreliefshe was no carefree child
does the splits sigh ofreliefthere s room doon here
charities points on water ratesreliefcame up in the debate
charities that have lost ratesrelieffollowing decisions by the water
have 50 non domestic ratesrelief100 at local authorities discretion
of rates under the ratesreliefpackage announced on 28 march
been allocated to the ratesreliefscheme for the white fish
of a small business ratesreliefscheme would be taken forward
continue with full water ratesreliefuntil the water industry bill
adam s1m 2731 macmillan cancerreliefcancer talk lodged on 12
the parliament congratulates macmillan cancerreliefon the tenth anniversary of
tears of exhaustion tears ofreliefand joy to be alive
elbow i weep tears ofreliefas well as sorrow she
cradle with unashamed tears ofreliefthat was a long time
efficacy of cannabinoids in painrelieffor medical use supported by
not to have adequate painreliefis also mindful of the
cells of pain and thereliefof pain death s entourage
makkin fit wis caad aidreliefdrappies tae the oceans an
involving 40 international development andreliefagencies they do extraordinary work
who are working in thereliefand development agencies around the
encourages the efforts of scotsreliefand voluntary agencies as part
way in moves for debtreliefand urges the international community
properly has focused british internationalreliefon the support of the
at least 80 per centrelieffrom water and sewerage charges
on the phasing out ofrelieffrom water and sewerage charges
elder s1m 2320 water chargesreliefscheme lodged on 11 october
in the fields of povertyreliefcare provision employment and training
churchyard but also for thereliefof poverty during the war
robert barclay allardice for thereliefof poverty for those living
been extremely beneficial for thereliefof poverty of those born
the possibility of council taxrelieffor businesses run from home
budget measures such as taxrelieffor gifts of land and
its policy on council taxrelieffor second homes s1o 3196
companies the removal of waterrelieffor example we must think
plans it has to providerelieffor voluntary organisations from water
of the removal of waterreliefi must therefore ask ministers
water authorities to end suchreliefs1w 10851 mr kenneth gibson
midges galore inside tae getreliefen later on the rain
get inside is a greatrelieffriday 8th temp 14 24
get inside is a greatreliefi ken fit tae dee
a real british summer areliefafter the heavy heat of
member of british airways staffreliefis an understatement he says
into pieces brightly whit areliefagnes relief sadie aye fur
for beth watching the doorreliefis instant sadie enters sadie
brightly whit a relief agnesreliefsadie aye fur a minute
introduced a new more targetedreliefscheme as suggested by the
will introduce a rebate orreliefscheme this year for those
cast winter claes tae getreliefmonday 8th temp 7 10
for fresh air tae getreliefsunday 27 temp 10 10
it in a fit oreliefaifter i d feenished ma
wi nae remeid an naerelieffit sorra s loon inventit
aff some claes fit arelieftrees are affa bonny jist
and germany to the greatreliefof europe s people conflict
troot luikt on wi greatrelieftae see him let aff
watson s1m 629 scottish mozambiquerelieflodged on 3 march 2000
must have come as arelieffor all the little kids
old sowl must be areliefmind my old dear barely
he thocht he wid getreliefamong some bushes bit fin
aboot tae gang tae getreliefi m jock robertson jist
your own university quite arelieftoo to get away from
here as she wis gettinreliefthe order came gordons advance
dutch auction in which ourreliefstaff might be offered 5
will provide a little lightreliefbecause annabel goldie told me
would automatically qualify for transitionalreliefafter 2006 fourthly does he
travels the peace here bringsreliefafter the turmoil of my
some ahin glaiss some inreliefsome in plastic ere wis
who would be in asreliefteachers some of them from
the garvock and also didrelieffor bervie and johnshaven she
her way home from doingreliefin johnshaven and two soldiers
my way down to thereliefpoint to pick up this
the grain into very attractivereliefin the barn below stood
these german translations bring intoreliefis burns s outstanding craftsmanship
brings leslie mitchell into sharpreliefpermanent features of the centre
do such work on areliefbasis would be a performer
book wins much to hisreliefhe would have to give
banked the money for whichreliefmuch thanks life is kind
the executive to maintain thereliefuntil the parliament has dealt
tung scots housomever jalousie marelieftae lair in ae cuttie
moula ye r finndin sumreliefnou faither malcolm ma fuit
been complainin this was areliefbut only for a moment
ironed on the back forreliefcuts and sores white of
their faces and for thereliefof a truth acknowledged p
it wis a sense oreliefjonsar eck hid finally spotted
quickly with a cry ofreliefand agony joan gave one
the order of the dayreliefand happiness though were rare
eyelids is a kind ofreliefi m not letting her
out of character but areliefi seem to have lost
against the wall oh thereliefof action i gave his
that room and oh thereliefof dropping all pretences raising
or three follies a basreliefof ramon llull was commissioned
that the benefits of debtreliefreach the poor supported by
be a common pool ofreliefregistrars which we could use
desk with a sense ofrelieftime to lace on the
of light it was areliefto enter the pub door
and it was quite areliefto leave lovely portrait of
or shipped out with consciousreliefmargaret acknowledged that the boredom
plan and budget all remainingreliefwill be phased out by
had not that was areliefanyway he leant forward and
you know it was areliefehm so i got the
to greet a lass thereliefhe felt was as exhilarating
the night was a blessedreliefhow peaceful it was to
neo cortex it was areliefto laugh with him disguising
substances it was almost areliefto leave the bus to
to but it was areliefto no longer experience a
the brigadier s amazement andreliefbevin agreed wholeheartedly with the
braw needle pompitie sighs withreliefit s your needle wutch
done with her the undisguisedreliefwhen she dies at sixteen
the day at s areliefaboot fower o clock the
be a regent roman catholicreliefact 1829 s12 a regent
both a desolation and areliefthat he became an increasingly
but still it s areliefto know that it wasn
far to my wife sreliefwe have always been let
bacca in spite o thairreliefane s left jalousin hou
each place just sort oreliefmanager m865: mmhm mmhm mm
underfit da gunwale s tiltreliefwhen da green heicht o
town tonight and giving handreliefto countless double y chromo

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