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feesick ti bring the commontieremeidbut hou cud he cure
re ti bring the commontieremeidmarischal dinna you be takin
agin this ill dispensation anremeidsae brocht ti the commontie
ettles ti bring the commontieremeidsays the abbey maister but
an sae bring the commontieremeidwhit wey will a dae
the roll o honour smaremeidfur a young life snippit
an gie the royal bairnremeidthis gart the heivenlie court
up explodin rockets wi naeremeidan nae relief fit sorra
auld sairs there s naeremeidbrither sae far frae hame
israel the samin thocht oremeidliggs ahint the christian confession
o fowk haein this brawremeidin the navachitta centre biggit
life wis crystal cracked ayontremeidlet slip an shattered chaos

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