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in a fictive landscape morereminiscentof an arthurian legend mammon
of stringy white hair somewhatreminiscentof boiled spaghetti he ushered
nevertheless there is a dreamyreminiscentquality about her voice which
a look round other booksreminiscentof archie s heyday caught
at hand in a mannerreminiscentof corsewall castle at the
nicht bangin aboot back intoreminiscentmood i loved washin i
medical practices such comments arereminiscentof the racist remarks of
it was altogether far tooreminiscentof er a psychology report
uses a ballad form highlyreminiscentof a music hall song
6 an attack which isreminiscentof robert fergusson s roughly
to time the meeting wasreminiscentof renfrewshire council at its
over recent months has beenreminiscentof that day ayrshire has

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