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council lg 00 1 3reporterdonald gorrie east renfrewshire lg
council lg 00 1 5reportersylvia jackson 5 abolition of
renfrewshire lg 00 1 4reportertrish godman aberdeen city council
by taking evidence appointing areportercorresponding with the executive and
an inquiry by appointing areporterthat would not be appropriate
feelings very seriously appointing areporterwould be a very good
taking we should appoint thereporteror reporters and find out
is that we appoint areporteror reporters to carry out
petitions and to appoint areporteror reporters to take evidence
that we should appoint areporteror reporters to take the
macmillan if we appoint areporteror reporters we can address
committee agreed to appoint areporterto attend the meeting of
consider whether to appoint areporterto replace mary mulligan 6
appoint john mcallion as areporterto the finance committee 10
mcnulty s suggestion that thereporteror reporters pay site visits
principal reporter scottish children sreporteradministration on its inquiry into
victims 1 where the principalreporterhas received information about a
a what action the principalreporterhas taken in the case
of eighteen years the principalreporterhas the same meaning as
person and b the principalreporteris satisfied that i the
by a child the principalreportermay provide any information about
43 insert provision by principalreporterof information to victims 1
work mr alan miller principalreporterscottish children s reporter administration
deep sorrow the glasgow heraldreporteralready mentioned still recalls after
fortune was witnessed by areporterfor the then glasgow herald
will hear from its disabilityreporter2 2003 european year of
draft report by the disabilityreporter4 fair for all the
gil paterson msp as disabilityreporterbe kept informed of developments
of the appointment of areporterfor sexual orientation and disability
that gil is the disabilityreporterfor the equal opportunities committee
appointed as the committee sreporteron the petition reported to
mining i hope that anyreporterthat may be appointed would
committee appointed john mcallion asreporterto monitor the position of
popular music as the appointedreporterwas no longer a member
b the scottish children sreporteradministration c the scottish qualifications
although we have had areporterfor race issues and one
its race issues group whosereporteris michael mcmahon 19 and
report from ken macintosh mspreporteron the holyrood project 3
robert brown msp as areporterto the finance committee s
kenneth gibson msp as areporterto the review group on
consider the appointment of areporter6 inquiry into the crown
ken macintosh who is ourreporteron the holyrood project on
job is specifically financial thereporters remit was to examine
hope that part of thatreporters remit would include bringing
make copies of the inquiryreporters report into the lingerbay
to the executive by thereporterto the planning inquiry that
maureen macmillan as our originalreporterwish to comment on the
will discuss the revised draftreporters report prepared by maureen
committee will discuss a draftreporters report by dennis canavan
present was david davidson asreporterto the finance committee apologies
seems appropriate to invite areporterfrom the local government committee
might be appropriate for thereporterto identify a couple of
i ll become your sportsreporter[laugh] m608: uh huh m1174:
aberdeen to become a cubreporterwith aberdeen journals and later
a report from karen whitefieldreporterfor voluntary sector issues it
issues as the committee sreporteri outlined those issues in
consider a report from itsreporter4 gaelic language scotland bill
consider a report from thereporternot before 2 00pm 4
the committee will consider areporters report on organ donation
until such times as thereporters report on the 6th
consider a paper from thereporterjohn farquhar munro 2 aquaculture
at our disposal perhaps thereportercould and should have considered
areas the committee considered areporters paper on petition pe
may wish to nominate areporterto take the action forward
course of action for thereporter5 parliamentary debate the committee
a briefing paper from itsreporteron this subject nora radcliffe
to the scottish children sreporteragency from procurators fiscal in
who i understand is thereporterfrom the local government committee
this committee and the officialreporterto leave the chamber 12
that richard simpson was ourreporternew members will have picked
edward kirton 53 told ourreporterwe have made every effort
of who will act asreporterto expressions of interest from
on the choice of thereporterin a local plan public
down with erm the chiefreporterand and says okay well
in posh because the portobelloreporterdid erm a an article
would be difficult for areporterto complete the work in
television some time ago thereporterwas out on the street
supervisor sounded like a newspaperreporterannouncing an exclusive we ve

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