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of the social justice committeerepresentconstituencies in glasgow cumbernauld airdrie
word in my ear theyrepresentconstituencies throughout the country and
leader and my federal leaderrepresentfishing constituencies i am not
of the constituencies that irepresenthas ever even raised that
constituencies and in seeking torepresentour constituents we have made
met to enable me torepresentmy constituents i shall make
constituents i am here torepresentwere satisfied with that answer
have included various groups thatrepresentangling interests in the list
efforts are being made torepresentscotland s interests to united
of the national interests theyrepresentsome of this will come
who or what body willrepresentthe collective interests of sectors
interests of the people werepresentthe deputy presiding officer i
lomond i am here torepresentthe interests of registrars and
argued that the fishery boardsrepresentthe interests of such local
a solicitor so appointed shallrepresentthe interests of the accused
for the scottish parliament torepresentthe interests of the scottish
have no overarching organisation torepresenttheir interests mr mcgrigor fishery
normally in a position torepresenttheir own interests in the
and the members whom werepresentwere putting the interests of
with dogs those whom irepresentare aware of the concerns
first the members whom irepresentclearly have an economic interest
whom we are elected torepresenti recognise that partnership is
to the citizens whom theyrepresentthe key to the debate
of the pensioners whom theyrepresentthose people have been let
completely unnecessary and does notrepresentbest value for the citizens
and the cultures that theyrepresentwere lost or damaged citizens
orthography they re spellings thatrepresentthe author s own regional
orthography they are spellings thatrepresentthe author s own regional
treaty for regional ministers torepresenttheir member state at the
store on them as theyrepresentannually managed expenditure 15 45
budgeted expenditure do these variancesrepresents1w 1988 richard lochhead to
from the exchequer the figuresrepresentthe annually managed expenditure under
changes that have been announcedrepresenta decisive break with the
people in the same communityrepresentchanges in progress the younger
what percentage changes these figuresrepresentcompared with previous years s1w
the changes in waiting timerepresentwhat is the baseline against
not say that the figuresrepresentpfi charges the point that
to have someone along torepresentthe general public interest the
of our role who willrepresentthe public interest when a
members that each member shouldrepresentthe wider interest of the
individual to be required torepresenttheir concerns at an early
in the area that irepresentthere are some considerable concerns
it was not chosen torepresenta particular amount of projects
who do not do sorepresentan enormous amount of patients
from local authorities people whorepresentcommunities who might have an
of the communities that theyrepresentdes mcnulty i shall let
on the communities that irepresentthe isdn infrastructure was a
up in many areas mightrepresenta mechanism for raising moneys
in rural areas would notrepresentan effective use of resources
for the areas that theyrepresenti know most of the
those two areas of activityrepresentspheres of operation in scotland
is developing certain key areasrepresentthe important parts of the
the edinburgh constituency that irepresenti know the area reasonably
confident that the trusts thatrepresentthe area are working effectively
woe and disaster members whorepresentthe area have to strike
as the area that irepresentto be fair to the
when that does not necessarilyrepresentbest value mike watson it
of an increase does thatrepresenti have a subset of
for consideration and does notrepresentproposals by them in any
inspector mike flynn does notrepresentscahd but he is a
think that shetland really doesrepresentscotland i mean is i
that disgraceful propaganda does notrepresentthe view of his government
help taken together those ideasrepresenta comprehensive and helpful contribution
such as those which irepresenti wonder whether the pilot
do those 4 000 applicationsrepresentof the number of applications
trust would those organisations adequatelyrepresentthe interested parties on the
all those things do notrepresentthe revolution that some of
the employers and those whorepresentthe workers that is the
numbers although those numbers oftenrepresentvery acute cases brian adam
body to listen to andrepresentthe problems that might occur
aberdeenshire part of which irepresentthere are problems with the
in fact this did notrepresenta disruptive change because there
questioned whether they in factrepresenta form of social control
is the fact that theyrepresentthe personal element as powerful
that the amendments do notrepresentany change in policy in
which did not appear torepresenteither snp policy or a
of social affairs who officiallyrepresentministries and ministerial policy positions
be independent they will notrepresentthe member states from which
they feel they have torepresentthemselves in a particular way
that the executive has maderepresentreal progress for all concerned
pupil stephanie wiseman who willrepresentscotland s young people at
company if so who wouldrepresentthe scottish executive mr mcconnell
out in the rome statuterepresentthe latest word on what
are alternate members all 4representthe uk parliament the uk
18 judges with which torepresentall the legal systems properly
some of which equally clearlyrepresentdistinctively scots pronunciations ai in
which help oppress women andrepresentgreed nationalism and capitalism is
hunting with dogs which irepresenthas consulted widely as a
i live and which irepresenti hear quite a lot
to some extent such relationshipsrepresentideal situations which take no
accounts of local authorities whichrepresentmore than 100 million of
currently has 139 signatories whichrepresentmore that two thirds of
a joint council which willrepresentthe four scottish universities the
of correctness and ugliness ultimatelyrepresenta response not to their
be the first female torepresentdumfries i am not the
the past they do notrepresentnew investment in response to
that the results do notrepresentthe candidates potential fairly this
and the resource that theyrepresentolder people want to be
powers in the bill theyrepresentour determination to ensure that
anything i wanted they alsorepresentthe language as it is
i think that they nowrepresentthe most common mechanism whereby
aberdeen during 1888 and theyrepresentthe surprisingly pragmatic and non
of iraq recognises that theyrepresentthe true voice of the
year to several organisations thatrepresentdeaf people additionally there is
individuals elected to serve andrepresentthe people of scotland in
was given on how torepresentthe vowel in words such
do the new provisions simplyrepresenta continuation of the work
two of the branches wouldrepresentsaxon into english and anglian
english and then aberdonian dialectrepresentthe french of paris and
no great difference whether yourepresentthe x sound in nicht
believes that the new arrangementsrepresenta major contribution towards that
could also be seen torepresentblood so could have presaged
have the dramatic power torepresentthe spoken voice particularly the
than the level that wouldrepresenta danger to wild fish
in direct speech dramatically torepresenta provincial scotsman that will
in the region that irepresenta sewage plant is causing
report estimates that this wouldrepresentbetween 1 and 2 based
ye may the mair vivelierepresentthat persoun quhais pairt ye
agreed that the convener wouldrepresentthe committee at the conference
in the constituency that irepresentthe deputy presiding officer answer
that freud later introduced torepresentthe workings of the unconscious
that are typical or thatrepresenttypical responses richard lochhead i
of an industry association torepresentthe many service companies dependent
version of beowulf it mayrepresenteither an oral poet at
motion from a parliamentary committeerepresenta defeat what happened to
scottish parliament is thought torepresenta progression of the foster
in direct speech dramatically torepresenta provincial scotsman a technique
dummy wrapped in sacking torepresenta sleeping toddler 3 actors
9 narrator 10 actors torepresentfactory machines 6 friendly factory
you don t need torepresentm741: yeah you re right
convener should issue letters andrepresentthe committee s views to
is still entitled to publiclyrepresentthe nation little s relationship
in scotland was appointed torepresentthe views of the off
accompanying the papyngo seems torepresentthe younger lyndsay full of
selects a young person torepresentthem as a youth m
course by using scots torepresentthis man s poem somehow
large doll in sacking torepresentthomas as a toddler being
morroig there was nothing torepresentvyborni no photograph no momento
in the tobacco industry werepresenta density of workers in
scottish budget represented or willrepresentin each year from 1999
singer squaddie and jyner dinnaerepresentthe acme o ceevilisation i
individuals electit tae serve anrepresentthe fowk o scotland in
tested items the scores belowrepresentthe results achieved by 119
licences or as newsagents werepresentabout 25 000 outlets in

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