See this word as a collocate cloud

as unique in relation toresourcesallocated through the police funding
concern at the level ofresourcesallocated to scotland by westminster
how much of the newresourcesallocated to textile initiatives is
22 march 2002 what otherresourcesand support have been allocated
those resources and how theresourcesare allocated how does the
across scotland ensuring that thoseresourcesare allocated on the basis
ensure that proper and adequateresourcesare allocated to improving the
level possible consider what additionalresourcescan be allocated to assist
level possible consider what additionalresourcescan be allocated to assist
the funds allocated for educationresourcesfor looked after children and
malcolm chisholm in general termsresourceshave been allocated although they
presiding officer what proportion ofresourceshave been allocated to a
presiding officer what proportion ofresourceshave been allocated to complete
the scottish executive what financialresourceshave been allocated to improve
plan and has allocated increasedresourcesof more than 55million over
that the much vaunted extraresourcesthat his government has allocated
those areas which would enableresourcesto be allocated through communities
has the executive not allocatedresourcesto ensure the implementation of
particular parts of the ukresourceswill be allocated as the
his appointment and what judicialresourceswill be allocated in order
national strategy developments the additionalresourceswill be allocated over the
police forces demands upon theirresourcesadditional to those normally encountered
older people welcomes the additionalresourcesannounced in the spending review
older people welcomes the additionalresourcesannounced in the spending review
significant proportion of the additionalresourcesappears to be going into
the scottish executive what additionalresourcesare available for investment in
to ensure that these additionalresourcesare used to deliver significant
to ensure that these additionalresourcesare used to deliver significant
additional costs if so willresourcesbe made available from the
the jmt suggest that additionalresourcescould be obtained from a
the provision of substantial newresourcesfor education including an additional
the provision of substantial newresourcesfor education including an additional
donald gorrie s1m 846 additionalresourcesfor grampian police force lodged
jamie mcgrigor s1m 846 additionalresourcesfor grampian police force lodged
welcome the decision that additionalresourcesfor long term care will
in london have received additionalresourcesfor millennium policing and calls
commitment yesterday to make additionalresourcesfor older people a top
on the point about additionalresourcesfor research the fsa has
health that she required additionalresourcesfor richard lochhead there are
pre budget statement additional financialresourcesfor school given the 350
the amounts of additional financialresourcesfor schools in each local
anticipates the recently announced additionalresourcesfor the national health service
the need to provide additionalresourcesfor the united nations body
be the minister mentioned additionalresourcesfor the voluntary sector the
as a result i receivedresourcesfor two additional precognition teams
cabx the need for additionalresourcesin such circumstances is often
executive what additional funding orresourcesit intends to make available
the scottish executive what additionalresourcesit will provide to glasgow
drug enforcement agency the additionalresourcesmade available to agencies within
drug enforcement agency the additionalresourcesmade available to agencies within
work will identify the extraresourcesneeded to fund our additional
whether funding announced is additionalresourcesor whether it is part
area affected nor any additionalresourcesthe designation is rather more
have before they seek additionalresourcesthere is a transition the
a matter of urgency additionalresourcesto enable councils to improve
welcome the additional measures withresourcesto match that the minister
similarly that they need additionalresourcesto tackle the problem we
intend to devote any additionalresourcesto them as christine grahame
it does not have theresourcesto use its additional magnetic
mouth disease and whether additionalresourceswill be available to train
scottish executive whether any additionalresourceswill be made available in
the scottish executive what additionalresourceswill be made available to
all suggest that additional newresourceswill be required for national
you talk about seeking additionalresourceswould it be within the
the davies report regarding bbcresourcesand bbc worldwide believing that
john mcallion s1m 276 bbcresourcesand bbc worldwide lodged on
robin harper s1m 276 bbcresourcesand bbc worldwide lodged on
s1m 276 michael russell bbcresourcesand bbc worldwide that the
that the sale of bbcresourcesand bbc worldwide will also
that any threat to bbcresourcesin scotland will have a
group and ensure that sufficientresourcesare in place for the
scottish executive to make sufficientresourcesavailable to local government to
sufficient books and other teachingresourcesenhance education choices and opportunities
reassured that there are sufficientresourcesin the supporting people proposals
co operatives to devote sufficientresourcesto ensure that such co
offences b there are sufficientresourcesto ensure that those who
to put in place sufficientresourcesto make scotland a safer
to put in place sufficientresourcesto make scotland a safer
that the council has sufficientresourcesto meet people s expectations
rural communities with sufficient economicresourcesto prevent massive migration of
executive has made available increasedresourcesacross the board that is
we have made available increasedresourcesacross the board we have
network will create duplication ofresourcesand increased costs to the
thereby ensuring increased status andresourcesand uniformly high quality services
not only from the increasedresourcesbut from the increased status
done we will provide increasedresourcesfor a spectrum of drug
will consider pe63 on increasedresourcesfor agri environment schemes and
deliver increased prosperity thus providingresourcesfor first class public services
deliver increased prosperity thus providingresourcesfor first class public services
the parliament notes the increasedresourcesgoing into the justice system
end and insert the increasedresourcesgoing into the justice system
we have done that ourresourceshave increased considerably over the
been created using our increasedresourcesover the past few years
this but it takes increasedresourcesparticularly trained professional staff to
delivering more for the increasedresourcesthat have been invested in
matter of balancing and usingresourceswith the increased use of
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 3 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment no 3 scotland regulations
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2001 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations 2003 ssi
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesamendment scotland regulations ssi 2001
the achievement of the targetsresourcesand financial assistance 2 a
the schedule refers to theresourcesand financial assistance that would
2 a statement of theresourcesincluding financial assistance which the
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesscotland regulations 2003 ssi 2003
the national assistance assessment ofresourcesscotland regulations 2003 ssi 2003
the inadequate nature of theresourcesand disposals available acknowledges that
available the management of thoseresourcesand their prioritisation is particularly
in 1999 2000 and whatresourcesare available from this scheme
railway infrastructure in scotland whatresourcesare available from this scheme
and then ensure that theresourcesare available to deliver universal
an important issue what extraresourcesare being made available to
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesare made available to assist
target is to ensure thatresourcesare made available to stimulate
to be pragmatic if theresourcesare not available are we
plans unless growth in theresourcesavailable allows more in due
and local authorities double theresourcesavailable for alcohol treatment and
that will substantially increase theresourcesavailable for core programmes in
scots they also had scotsresourcesavailable in book form and
no real change in theresourcesavailable in the glasgow office
in the community using theresourcesavailable the management of those
scottish executive to make theresourcesavailable to allow early provision
plans it has to makeresourcesavailable to local authorities in
cent by increases in theresourcesavailable to local government and
increasing year on year theresourcesavailable to the health service
participating teachers to pinpoint theresourcesavailable to them in their
comprehensive spending review made theresourcesavailable to us although the
resources and of when thoseresourcesbecome available we welcome the
be delivered successfully without properresourcesbeing made available that is
scottish executive to make availableresourcesdesignate a lead minister and
has dropped significantly and theresourceshave not been available for
best use of the availableresourcesi do not disagree with
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesit is making available to
with members of the publicresourcesmade available to crime prevention
with the level of availableresourcess1w 12219 mary scanlon to
gaelic the need for mairresourcestae be made available in
resources are limited by theresourcesthat are available i am
make best use of theresourcesthat are available to the
financial instrument for fisheries guidanceresourcesthat are available to the
available to the sector offerresourcesthat are complementary and that
and the parliament reflect theresourcesthat are made available through
the stake based on theresourcesthat we have available we
available on the use ofresourcesthrough the system and on
gaelic the need for moreresourcesto be made available particularly
go and argue for theresourcesto be made available to
further the use of availableresourcesto deal with vacant and
whether it will make availableresourcesto improve the frequency and
2 may ian jenkins whatresourceswere made available to visitscotland
ask the first minister whatresourceswill be available to support
the scottish executive when newresourceswill be made available to
the scottish executive what financialresourceswill be made available to
december 1999 that all necessaryresourceswill be made available to
national health service assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
national health service assessment ofresourcesamendment no 2 scotland regulations
i do not mean financialresourcesalone it is equally important
will have to commit financialresourcesand from where they will
address using the substantial financialresourcesat its disposal michael russell
may be met from existingresourcesfinancial memorandum p8 therefore the
to be struck providing financialresourcesfor the services that i
stimulate the organic sector byresourcesi do not mean financial
the human and the financialresourcesin order to have a
to manage financial and humanresourcesis quite a departure for
parliament should consider supplementing financialresourcesprovided to local authorities by
higson was asking for financialresourcesrather than for human resources
having the human and financialresourcesto meet targets have you
the website and a humanresourcesdatabase that records when people
to nancy baxter in humanresourcesinstead of daniel denver in
greeted by a pert humanresourcesofficer bearing a clip board
resources rather than for humanresourcesthat would allow him to
staff the head of humanresourceswho relayed it to me
details of the integrated humanresourcesworking group report and whether
about the bids for thoseresourcesand how the resources are
implementation is a matter ofresourcesand of when those resources
our conclusions in relation toresourcesare limited by the resources
is no surfeit of resourcesresourcesare scarce and there is
references to a person sresourcesare to resources within the
there is no surfeit ofresourcesresources are scarce and there
person s resources are toresourceswithin the meaning of the
having management responsibility for theresourcesand offices in the region
and high level aims distributingresourcesauditing local management holding last
local management in tayside managesresourceseffectively to protect and improve
regional management has its ownresourcesi would like to know
75 councillor yvonne allan convenerresourcesmanagement committee aberdeen city council
the measures recommended by environmentalresourcesmanagement this report has been
the final report by environmentalresourcesmanagement was published on 30
how the regions apply forresourcesthrough their management plans do
information about the management ofresourceswithin regions to deal with
taking to ensure that adequateresourcesare in place to provide
the scottish executive should provideresourcesfor its speedy completion the
funding formula to provide greaterresourcesfor strathclyde police division a
our ability to provide theresourcesfor that i mentioned a
to commit more and newresourcesin order to provide genuinely
or not provide them withresourcesthe committee must consider whether
to provide them with theresourcesthey need to be even
the funding package to provideresourcesto local authorities over the
in scotland and to provideresourcesto meet the necessary funding
acute hospitals sector has theresourcesto provide the continuing monitoring
scottish executive will provide adequateresourcesto the scottish health service
used to assist targeting ofresourcesand action within the national
for this provision from existingresourcesand calls for a national
national basis including assessing theresourcescurrently devoted to tackling alcohol
national and local staff andresourcesin education social work and
of the scottish national dictionaryresourcesmore closely relevant to schools
on alternative ways of raisingresourcesto finance national parks such
level and the question ofresourcesas well as other points
determine the appropriate level ofresourcesin the future we are
to raise the level ofresourcesso i am almost arguing
the level and nature ofresourcesthat have been applied to
place and what level ofresourcesthis will free up in
such a level that moreresourceswere needed how would that
within a finite level ofresourceswithin the programmes that we
also need to ensure thatresourcesand support are provided so
courts successful considers that furtherresourcesare required to ensure the
that they require support andresourcesto ensure successful community relations
that they require support andresourcesto ensure successful community relations
stock transfer not go aheadresourceswill be found to ensure
wishes to discuss funding andresourcesat a meeting in may
responsibility for development funding thoseresourcescould be used for any
will tackle that waste ofresourcesdonald gorrie said that funding
to core funding that providesresourcesfor running costs training consolidation
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesin terms of funding and
struggle for sustainable funding andresourcesmany funders offer short term
defer discussion of funding andresourcesuntil then and to concentrate
the issue of funding andresourceswhich inevitably i must talk
an effective use of publicresourcesand when it enables the
list is official and thatresourcesare designed for use in
that a lot of thoseresourcesare for the teachers use
represent an effective use ofresourcesbecause of the current state
04 for the use ofresourcesby the scottish administration and
essential that we use thoseresourceseffectively and in a way
the effective use of publicresourcesfor six ministerial cars to
but the use of unsuitableresourcesgenerally close scrutiny will confirm
balanced use of one sresourcesin a fiscal s area
make better use of naturalresourcesin particular recognises the potential
sustainable use of the naturalresourcesof the area ii to
use much more of theresourcesof verb phrase patterning all
sustainable use of its naturalresourcespromote the social well being
up websites with links toresourcesthat teachers can use during
the use of on lineresourcesthis is not only an
council s use of policeresourcesto collect bus fares from
the sustainable use of naturalresourcesto promote the social and
needs of business use extraresourcesto sustain and improve the
use all of scotland sresourcesto tackle poverty lack of
and tracking the use ofresourceswithin the department is not
presiding officer what classes ofresourcesthere are within the holyrood
image or any lack ofresourceswithin the profession s1o 3249
education system and lack ofresources113 dr mary brennan asks
education system an want oresources113 dr mary brennan asks
develop with that system ourresourcesand those of the district
provided that adequate and effectiveresourcesare applied to the system
facilities ensuring that there areresourcesin our education system to
booking system b targeting ofresourcesto permit locally based marketing
charging system euan robson theresourceswill come through the charging
in which we allocate nhsresourcesacross scotland ensuring that those
on the targeting of thoseresourcesand the required outcomes the
on the results that thoseresourcesdeliver we are focused on
scrutiny will confirm that thoseresourcesflagrantly contradict and undermine the
and introduces a test ofresourcesfor grant applications those are
those are record levels ofresourcesfor key government programmes i
targets and details of theresourcesrequired and those proposed for
europe and partly from domesticresourcesso those schemes are shown
those young people through extraresourcesto develop more integrated approaches
to increase and strengthen ourresourcesto meet those pressures we
for those who have theresourcesto pay but will not
we have focused on targetingresourcesto those who are in
outwith those with lots ofresourceswe must consider how we
fair to assume that thoseresourceswill have been put into
an amendment to the governmentresourcesand accounting bill which is
the amendment to the governmentresourcesand accounts bill which we
matter increasing education and trainingresourcesand ensuring that they are
to withdraw its list ofresourcesfor health education and to
endorsed or recommended list ofresourcesfor sex or drugs education
maggi allan executive director educationresourcessouth lanarkshire lynn townsend manager
support the production of educationresourceswhich encourage language diversity and
they must deal with limitedresourcescompeting demands and ring fencing
problem which must have moreresourcesdevoted to it to talk
must be matched by properresourceshowever that is done cabx
care as well as newresourcesmust be pooled the joint
designed and adequate training andresourcesmust be provided for teachers
patterns skilled managers are requiredresourcesmust be put into that
community care committee specialist careresourcesmust not be withdrawn at
organisations that have more limitedresourcesmust respond to many executive
that we must put inresourcesnot only money or more
we must put in theresourcesthat will do that rather
must address better pay betterresourcesto do the work and
respect must be reinforced withresourcesto enable a variety of
our case in getting moreresourcesand in bringing in more
if we had had moreresourcesand more time it would
ask the executive for moreresourcesif it was felt that
and scaremongering to get moreresourcesindeed what about tony blair
more pay for markers butresourcesof time hardware and software
and obviously had more communityresourcespairs of hands that is
country with canada s naturalresourcesshould be more prominent internationally
a more balanced list ofresourcesthat meets statutory guidance and
wife s black hole ofresourcesthe third story is more
inclusion more accurate targeting ofresourcesto areas of poverty and
environment give local councils theresourcesto make public transport more
picture and put in moreresourcesto make the situation better
appropriate we will devote moreresourcesto making secure accommodation better
they were more cost effectiveresourceswould be freed up elsewhere
is being made of publicresourcesmsps continue to make their
been made in relation toresourcesthat have been committed in
up to date offer onresourceswas made the providers of
service sector which directs itsresourcesand activities very much towards
will come forward with newresourcesfor that service as quickly
staff morale and lack ofresourcesin the service i am
health service and local authorityresourcesshould be used jointly older
authorities link budgets and otherresourcesto key service priorities s1w
what goes on and howresourcesare spent in their community
gilmour chemists a switch ofresourcesaway from community pharmacies towards
is saying that the newresourcesfor community care services including
partnership agreements should pool newresourcesin community care i was
the community care disregard ofresourcesscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
the community care disregard ofresourcesscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
the community care disregard ofresourcesscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
the community care disregard ofresourcesscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
activities that the gnp sresourcesare being used to supplement
corpus of old english theseresourcesare used in classes for
properties and recognises that theseresourcescould have been used to
properties and recognises that theseresourcescould have been used to
many schools have used theirresourcescreatively and have worked hard
bodies a huge amount ofresourcesis often used up in
how often they used theseresourcesschools policy on development and
be used primarily to allowresourcesthat currently go to scottish
scots to indicate which scotsresourcesthey had used with their
language teaching and the teachingresourcesused in p6 s2 undertaken
here to consider the governmentresourcesand accounts bill members have
1 european structural funds governmentresourcesand accounts bill scottish parliament
come back in september governmentresourcesand accounts bill the convener
debate on motion on governmentresourcesand accounts bill uk legislation
and delete motion on governmentresourcesand accounts bill uk legislation
million was added to theresourcesof local government but that
have sought to strengthen legalresourcesand that we are engaged
such subjects there are insufficientresourcesand training opportunities third there
if it is implemented extraresourcesare also needed to tackle
is satisfied that adequate scientificresourcesare being applied to the
implemented as and when theresourcesare identified the budget includes
as a result and becauseresourcesare limited we decided to
98 hilary mccoll awns thatresourcesare no infinite but says
98 hilary mccoll acknowledges thatresourcesare not infinite but says
and a feeling that theresourcesare not suitable they are
fees and recognises that suchresourcesare part of the biggest
fees and recognises that suchresourcesare part of the biggest
maintenance which is what theresourcesare supposed to go to
resourcing the official report ifresourcesare the problem the convener
such of that person sresourcesas are specified in or
legislation would impact on ourresourcesbecause the offences are relatively
richard grant at the momentresourcesfor improvement grants are included
executive is trying to aggregateresourcesfor industrial estates that are
part of the executive howeverresourcesfor our development programme are
that there are budgets andresourcesin europe that could be
communicate in scots if culturalresourcesin scots are no longer
a better way of targetingresourcesover time because there are
real term increases in healthresourcessince 1999 which are supporting
real term increases in healthresourcessince 1999 which are supporting
try to anticipate all theresourcesthat are needed including it
people initiative will deliver theresourcesthat are required if the
contains a clear list ofresourcesthat are suggested as useful
be allowed to spend theresourcesthat are to be redistributed
are unproven which soak upresourcesthat are urgently required by
they are best using theresourcesthat they have before they
they are not just teachersresourcestheir nature is that they
development group we are committingresourceswe are committing legislation and
place a value on theresourceswhich are involved in its
this can be done tworesourceswhich are obviously necessary are
above to define the expressionresources5 local authority arrangements for
account of the availability ofresourcesand local authorities ability to
executive how it ensures thatresourcesearmarked for local authority provision
there was a reduction inresourcesgoing to local authorities which
local authority and nhs boardresourcesor from the learning disability
of detrunking and ring fencingresourcesto allow local authorities to
of the plans in allocatingresourcesto local authorities under the
concerns relating to local authorityresourceswere expressed in written evidence
so that they have theresourcesand skills they need to
extent of need and theresourcesrequired to meet that need
sport have access to theresourcesthat they need to implement
such as the need forresourcesthe committee should be alert
need with the provision ofresourcesthe independence of the voluntary
panels and give them theresourcesthey need to reduce youth
act etc 3 disregarding ofresourceswhen determining whether to make
mental disorder 3 disregarding ofresourceswhen determining whether to make
led to us altering ourresourcesin glasgow it is an
be a waste of ourresourcesit is a skills base
efforts our powers and ourresourceson striking an appropriate and
least some parameter of ourresourceson your second question about
crown office our director ofresourcessandy rosie completes the team
concerned deferring our discussions aboutresourcesthe purpose of today s
sought to strengthen our staffresourcesto deal with that type
a way of getting ourresourcesup to strength to meet
shock even you no newresourcesand no prospect of any
including new information and trainingresourcesfor carers of pre 5s
the constant reliance on newresourcesso my report highlights the
the budget at the newresourcesthat have been announced for
executive has allowed the sameresourcesto be announced as new
however they propose that newresourceswill be necessary for core
and what form these newresourceswill take s1w 17732 richard
when the majority of theresourcescome through the plans to
in balance with environment andresourcesextend the season through development
the planet from loss ofresourcesthrough pollution and heedless urbanisation
to work that shift ofresourcesthrough that certainly will not
of disadvantage and put inresourcesthrough the gnp we have
scheme funded through their ownresourcesto enable tenants to purchase
valuable parliamentary time and publicresourcesfor yet another public relations
existin linguistic heritage integratin languageresourcesin scotland wi public policy
information and educational publications andresourcesto promote public understanding and
integration of scotland s languageresourceswith public policy priorities development
to put in any extraresourcesfrom his own budget does
would be happy to putresourcesin to gather intelligence where
nothing has changed the considerableresourcesthat we have put into
the structures procedures staffing andresourcesto be put into place
stuc executive s proposal thatresourcesbe offered to all companies
of each language bibliography ofresourcesconsulted scottish executive ministerial action
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesit provides directly to the
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesit will apply to the
ask the scottish executive whatresourcesit will commit and what
scottish executive drawing on theresourcesof the minister for enterprise
commitment to using all theresourcesof the scottish executive to
executive how much of theresourcesset aside for the motorola
haund the noo bibliography oresourcesspeirt at scots executive meenisterial
the scope of the manyresourcesthat the executive has to
ask the first minister whatresourcesthe scottish executive is making
the executive with all itsresourcesto respond to the committee
the executive with all itsresourcestwo months to respond to
o the scots language teachinresourcescollogue tae be hauden in
communicate in scots gin culturalresourcesin scots isnae produced ony
control of scots english languageresourcessensitivity to literary traditions folk
scots certainly has the linguisticresourcesto be extended to cope
doubt that scots has theresourcesto cope with any dramatic
agency forum which could targetresourcesdiscuss possible solutions to these
agency forum which could targetresourcesdiscuss possible solutions to these
these objectives we will transferresourcesfrom measurement to achievement by
how it will re allocateresourcesdedicated to the glasgow housing
age groups we will extendresourcesfor gps and physiotherapists to
will add feltmaking to sharedresourcesfor teaching creative textile techniques
will be doing with theresourcesin the round my answer
student will also find helpfulresourcessuch as the basics of
bigger languages which have betterresourcesthe process will be extremely
will defer the discussion onresourcesto a later date christine
and give them the necessaryresourcesto do so members will
about how they will deployresourcesto handle that evening lewis
take and the planning ofresourceswill become easier when a
not be pulled on suchresourcesbecause that leaves people in
of old english grammar digitalresourceson cd such as romanticism
hoping to kind of shareresourcesup until such times that
important they have brought theresourcesaround one table in order
try hard we have theresourcesas you know the comprehensive
a scotland s renewable energyresourceshave been recorded as being
the nursing profession too fewresourceshave gone into training people
if it is interested onresourcesi have mentioned that we
and the general handling ofresourcesi may have got this
be given the support andresourcesof which they have been
not all charities have theresourcesor time to meet regularly
10 march 2003 what theresourcesproblems have been that have
that we now have theresourcesto do it and we
committee does not have theresourcesto do that we have
do not necessarily have theresourcesto do the many interesting
you do not have theresourcesto look into the matter
authorities do not have theresourcesto monitor properly what is
i have not got theresourcesto pin things down but
may result in the sameresourcesbeing spread over a larger
pit that would leave fewresourcesover for reform that is
area with over half ofresourcesspent on drugs now devoted
over and above the capitalresourcesto build the facility the
how the organisation uses itsresourcesand whether it is appropriate
questions starting with one onresourcesi am wondering about how
scotland and then allocate theresourcesaccordingly interestingly according to the
due to the lack ofresourcesand agrees that an entirely
to meet their targets otherresourcesand finances would also be
organisations to divert considerable staffresourcesand time to the accessing
to recommend inappropriate and irresponsibleresourcesand to condone their continued
commitments of money and otherresourcesand to define the reporting
may be able to targetresourcesas nora radcliffe suggested at
people is to target scarceresourcesat wealthy pensioners let me
was going to be onresourcescosts and priority i think
involved b the amount ofresourcesdedicated to drug users c
to improve services and directresourcesfor that key part of
lead to an increase inresourcesfrom 45 million to 60
plans it has to allocateresourcesfrom the 17 million underspend
i want to ask aboutresourcesi had not understood that
presumably be concerned with providingresourcesinformation and advice to help
of shift of thinking andresourcesis starting to appear the
exc- explore with regard toresourcesnow the curriculum design erm
one reason relates to theresourcesof the court another is
committee to call on theresourcesof the uk civil contingencies
access to income and otherresourcespersonal family social and cultural
it won t drain yourresourcesregards to all love [censored: forename]
facilitate access by all toresourcesrights goods and services e
given to gaelic and theresourcestargeted at gaelic speakers but
require some redistribution of existingresourcesthe convener i wish to
do and then deliver theresourcesto achieve it it is
services to be planned andresourcesto be distributed according to
the creation of practical communicativeresourcesto change the policy seems
neither the time nor theresourcesto cope with the constant
solution in order to redirectresourcesto deal with the urban
throughout scotland to pool theirresourcesto develop their applications rather
it is a waste ofresourcesto draft totally separate legislation
when considering the allocation ofresourcesto dumfries and galloway police
require a large amount ofresourcesto enforce it fully i
for all open up informationresourcesto every citizen and offer
be possible given time andresourcesto extend the deeside study
s representatives can effectively targetresourcesto meet needs and to
6 june did not allocateresourcesto particular parts of the
they re expected to prepareresourcesto prepare courses so for
in fear targeting or restrictingresourcesto the most needy requires
the parliament should not devoteresourcesto this sort of claim
scottish ministers to progressively redirectresourcestowards effective treatment rehabilitation and
scottish ministers to progressively redirectresourcestowards effective treatment rehabilitation and
or autobiographical texts and mediaresourceswith literary genres to explore
that perhaps the director ofresourceswould like to comment on
from scotland s renewable energyresourcess1f 1463 4 mr john
much of the person sresourcesa as may be prescribed
be sikkin information on educationalresourcesan wyes o deliverin thon
it is a toolkit ofresourcesand activities that may be
an appalling waste of voluntaryresourcesas that person could be
with its counselling experience andresourcescan only be good anyway
that there would also beresourcesin that budget for improvement
drugs the real growth inresourcesmay be rather less than
sharing with us its scarceresourcesannual general meeting biscuits on
interest in language and itsresourcescan contemplate the decline o
record planned tasks milestones achievementsresourcesand costs for the holyrood
all guaranteeing adequate income andresourcesfor a decent standard of
the provisions of significant extraresourcesfor dealing with the problems
the provisions of significant extraresourcesfor dealing with the problems
should also consider making theresourcesfor improvement and repair grants
similar situation occurs in theresourcesfor less favoured areas did
affairs txu for solway offshoreresourcesmr john beattie senior risk
calls from organisations for furtherresourcesthe scottish council for voluntary
demonstrated that with the properresourcesand the right action it
carry out is connected withresourceslice monitoring is not carried
empowerment is still elusive withresourcesremaining tightly controlled by the
some routes with ring fencedresourcessarah boyack i certainly do
it ain t matched withresourcesthat is all it is
what is the trend withresourcesthirdly although this was meant
problem with a lack ofresourceswhen we took away the
term future of the naturalresourcesand enable the pursuit of
result of a lack ofresourcesand that the current impasse
great strain is placed onresourcesand the skills of people
is where the issue ofresourcescomes in professor richards i
the parliament notes where theresourcesfrom the sale of psychiatric
is because the test ofresourceshas involved a detailed package
marriage is completely sidelined theresourcesignore the real option of
provision of free and variedresourcesin the form of websites
despite the shortage of someresourcesin the shops if they
a general fall in housingresourcesis hindering the ability of
that the pool of lotteryresourcesis rapidly decreasing that in
gives a clear list ofresourcesit is not a balanced
in manuscript form and theresourcesof even the best funded
would deliver a set ofresourceson farms that was consistent
not waste a lot ofresourceson translating things when that
s a lot of goodresourcesout there it s it
trisha mcauley head of corporateresourcesscottish consumer council 4 genetically
the provision of the necessaryresourcesso that offenders in all
selections of prose background historicalresourcestapes of music a topographical
is the only list ofresourcesthat has been published on
at a fair distribution ofresourcesthat takes account of changes
headed by the director ofresourcesthe regional procurators fiscal and
ask about the smoothing ofresourcesthroughout the highlands and islands
conservation and sustainable exploitation ofresourcesunder the common fisheries policy
and sustainable exploitation of fisheriesresourcesunder the common fisheries policy
responsibility and a lack ofresourceswe hope that the housing
including it and other supportresourcesthe convener what response has
and matched by any necessaryresourcess1m 2965 pauline mcneill river
and matched by any necessaryresourcessupported by mr stewart stevenson
disregarding entirely a person sresources3c in subsections 3a and
it is important in directingresourcesand determining the priority that
nora radcliffe s1m 264 policeresourcesand special events lodged on
264 ms sandra white policeresourcesand special events that the
would determine the strategy allocateresourcesand support individual projects across
introduce waiting lists because theresourcesand the legislation exist as
games and work out theresourcesand the rules that would
and thesaurus and the manyresourceson the sesll web all
suitably qualified staff and shareresourcesusing broadband links developed across
done about it and asresourceswe re all concentrated in
infrastructure was often weak thatresourceswere inadequate and that organisations
council has spent all theresourcesit possibly can i know
that s way beyond myresourcesthere s not a scrap
comes straight from the teachingresourcesi think that the majority
still a major strain onresourcesin that council it ill
back position when we seekresourcesit is crucial that the
in long stay facilities theresourcesthat exist across the board
uphaud the makkin o educationalresourcesthat upheezes diversity o leids
finance initiative philosophy because theresourcesderived from the private sector
poorest communities benefit disproportionately fromresourceslater in my speech i
the full erm curriculum erresourcesas i ve said before
provision o free an sindryresourcesin the form o websites
the true growth in realresourcesis perhaps 4 per cent
a review a commitment onresourcesa bill in this parliament
an wyes o deliverin thonresourcesi ve wirked in near
memmership comatee report bibliography oresourcesconsultit annex a extracts frae
know an there s aresourcesproblem there just gettin haud
writing or group methodologies imaginativeresourceswere also created at regional

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