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staffing levels hours roles andresponsibilitieshaving to undertake non nursing
on expanded roles and increasedresponsibilitiesi am sorry that the
outline what the roles andresponsibilitiesof a scottish children s
guidance on the roles andresponsibilitiesof incident control teams s1w
on greater roles and greaterresponsibilitiesthan ever before but the
and the new roles andresponsibilitiesthat it introduces to advance
should ask about sepa sresponsibilitiesas far as i am
the review of sepa sresponsibilitieshas not yet concluded and
the review of sepa sresponsibilitieshas not yet concluded we
the share of the devolvedresponsibilitiesand comparing that share with
and the parliament s devolvedresponsibilitiesi do not think that
that fall within our devolvedresponsibilitiesin this case primarily but
the scottish executive the devolvedresponsibilitiesof the scottish parliament overlap
that come under the devolvedresponsibilitiesthe ministry of defence the
that would relate to ourresponsibilitiesare pages 15 16 18
that relate directly to theresponsibilitiesof sub member state administrations
comment on government policy itsresponsibilitieswill relate to regulating the
regard to the division ofresponsibilitiesbetween the deputy first minister
regard to the division ofresponsibilitiesbetween the deputy first minister
authorities and schools take theirresponsibilitiesin that regard seriously donald
of state for scotland whoseresponsibilitiesin this regard lie now
authorities are carrying out theirresponsibilitieswith regard to flood prevention
to buy that they haveresponsibilitiesas well as rights when
to establish clear rights andresponsibilitiesfor regions with legislative powers
to look at rights andresponsibilitiesin adoption in terms of
turn to the rights andresponsibilitiesof sub member state administrations
long term care rights andresponsibilitiesof the royal commission chaired
primarily be on rights andresponsibilitiesparticularly those of parents as
our interests in rights andresponsibilitieswe can decide at a
relation to the division ofresponsibilitiesin pursuit of a balanced
relation to the division ofresponsibilitiesin pursuit of a balanced
lists or housing lists statutoryresponsibilitiesmust come first when households
to carry out their legalresponsibilitiesunder the statutory regime for
look in because the statutoryresponsibilitieswill have to come first
had a fair share ofresponsibilitiesto execute at the time
drawn between the state sresponsibilitiesand those of the elderly
citizens versus the duties andresponsibilitiesof the state to detect
long term legal and financialresponsibilitiesand costs to the public
it will take within itsresponsibilitiesin the short term business
ask the scottish executive whatresponsibilitiesit has in relation to
authorities have very different democraticresponsibilitiesand may therefore need to
household formation and the newresponsibilitieson local authorities and housing
to local authorities on theirresponsibilitiestowards children in need under
make a statement on devolvingresponsibilitiesto schools as part of
make a statement on devolvingresponsibilitiesto schools as part of
to deal with their newresponsibilitiesfor homelessness under the housing
prepared to take on moreresponsibilitiesand are capable of doing
environmental safety in discharging myresponsibilitiesin this area i take
ask the scottish executive whatresponsibilitiesit has to take forward
fund to take over theresponsibilitiesof the uk wide new
members to take on specificresponsibilitiesto meet representatives of different
tenants buy they take onresponsibilitieswe have tried to ensure
nurses to take on moreresponsibilitieswithout giving them the training
used for party purposes cresponsibilities1 a member has a
understanding of the relationship andresponsibilitiesbetween the scottish executive and
a different set of politicalresponsibilitiesthe westminster government is doing
several different venues people haveresponsibilitiesto honour financial commitments that
as part of its culturalresponsibilitiesit has had with the
as part of its culturalresponsibilitieswith her majesty s government
and having kids you haveresponsibilitiesbut i think sometimes i
is much wider in itsresponsibilitiesand its financing mr davidson
including its remit functions membershipresponsibilitiesand jurisdiction r s1w 17675
more of fatherhood and itsresponsibilitiesbut breast feeding for ever
to be reminded of itsresponsibilitiesto the whole parliament as
with its full range ofresponsibilitieswe took action on that
the authority will discharge theirresponsibilitiesunder this section 7 the
coalition they should accept theresponsibilitiesand disciplines of government and
the regions are involved theirresponsibilitiesand the practical arrangements and
lives and through their caringresponsibilitiesand they must understand the
receives clear information on theirresponsibilitiesbut beyond that we must
point out to people theirresponsibilitiesfor repairs to and maintenance
to face up to theirresponsibilitiesthe executive could have supported
1855 they have all thoseresponsibilitiesthey know their patch however
not one of our directresponsibilitiesas a national agency it
which also relates to ourresponsibilitiesdr murray we have seen
to a number of ourresponsibilitiesfor example section 4 1
sir david has undertaken hisresponsibilitieshe has chaired our proceedings
sector i have described theresponsibilitiesof action 2000 the information
issues she will have specificresponsibilitiesfor fisheries but because we
on reserved issues and theresponsibilitiesof uk ministers we are
order to implement these newresponsibilitiess1w 27465 john scott to
be for fulfilling any suchresponsibilitiesand what consideration it has
and safety executive also hasresponsibilitiesin that field applications for
it has to increase theresponsibilitiesof community pharmacists s1o 4680
will be offset by increasedresponsibilitieswhen a person has been
of a scottish minister withresponsibilitiesin this area notes that
should have been given thoseresponsibilitiesas i understand the amendment
that they would have continuingresponsibilitiescosla supports that measure because
because of my equal opportunitiesresponsibilitiesit is evident to everyone
to include questions on caringresponsibilitiess1w 1148 shona robison to
changes to the post sresponsibilitiess1w 23113 shona robison to
departments and bodies will haveresponsibilitiesfor policies for scotland in
ask the scottish executive whatresponsibilitiesit will have for the
extra burdens and the heavyresponsibilitiesthat many of them have
regional management responsibilities with operationalresponsibilitiesas procurator fiscal of the
existing personnel to assume specialistresponsibilitiesfor people with sensory impairment
the other bodies with similarresponsibilitiesin the health service to
carries with it duties andresponsibilitiesmay be subject to such
by the 24 officials withresponsibilitiesrelating to the bee keeping
departments or agencies with ruralresponsibilitiesto the scottish highlands s1o
fiscal who combines regional managementresponsibilitieswith operational responsibilities as procurator
through the scottish executive sresponsibilitieswe are able to use
organisations we should divide upresponsibilitiesand create a system of
like to ask about theresponsibilitiesof registered social landlords there
very much one of myresponsibilitiesthe committee would be welcome
he goes on from hisresponsibilitiesas presiding officer to act
as staffing or allocation ofresponsibilitiesin the organisation there is
of course there are coreresponsibilitiesfor any community local economy
will remain open staff andresponsibilitieswill inevitably be reduced expresses
the cost of the directresponsibilitiesfor homelessness but consideration of
off me now and theresponsibilitieslie in the hands of
home the reality of theresponsibilitiesof early parenthood addressing the
ministers in respect of internationalresponsibilitiesset out in the international
ehm here s the teachingresponsibilitiesgo away and write go
class and privilege richts andresponsibilitiesgreig alswa pleys about wi
and all the muckle greatresponsibilitiesit brings wi it rae
and given my accounting officerresponsibilitiesit seems sensible for me
thing be just power bringsresponsibilitiesthe world s not owned

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