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a responsible medical officer thatresponsiblemedical officer f any curator
or the specified person sresponsiblemedical officer malcolm chisholm 60
patient s carers and theresponsiblemedical officer mr adam ingram
2a above may be thatresponsiblemedical officer mrs mary mulligan
and the period that theresponsiblemedical officer proposes to specify
the certificate and c theresponsiblemedical officer s reasons for
the revocation and b theresponsiblemedical officer s reasons for
the certificate and b theresponsiblemedical officer s reasons for
be discharged from hospital theresponsiblemedical officer shall not revoke
if the patient has aresponsiblemedical officer that responsible medical
granted the patient had aresponsiblemedical officer the person appointed
confident individuals effective contributors andresponsiblecitizens and it s very
successful learners er effective contributorsresponsiblecitizens and so on and
want to highlight is theresponsiblecitizens aspect cause under there
eh more able citizens reflectiveresponsiblecitizens is to develop those
successful learners effective contributors ermresponsiblecitizens that will determine how
which you are not directlyresponsibleat least i take it
to but not currently directlyresponsiblefor adoption services we cannot
that you are not directlyresponsiblefor it can you confirm
we have not been directlyresponsiblefor such a study of
colleague don giles was directlyresponsiblefor that with the appointments
else self control means beinresponsiblebein responsible means bein an
control means bein responsible beinresponsiblemeans bein an adult bein
than equipment error is usuallyresponsiblebusiness motion the presiding officer
the presiding officer has beenresponsiblefor the parliament staff and
the pathways are for theresponsiblebody and how independent assessment
after all has been theresponsiblebody no the parliament the
budget and a single bodyresponsiblefor commissioning the committee did
which body will ultimately beresponsiblefor enforcing safety standards on
the national body in scotlandresponsiblefor the development accreditation assessment
dictionaries limited the body nowresponsiblefor the dictionaries and the
or by any public bodyresponsibleto him or his successors
united kingdom body and isresponsibleto the uk government and
public agencies that are currentlyresponsiblefor and have the remit
executive whether any minister currentlyresponsiblefor any aspect of environment
the difficulties who is currentlyresponsiblefor reviewing the guidelines and
the archduke whom she heldresponsiblefor the death of her
any persons who may beresponsiblefor the death of ian
premature death of the architectresponsiblefor the holyrood project enric
bodies for which it isresponsiblefor each of the past
that bodies that are ultimatelyresponsiblefor implementing legislation have a
the bodies that will beresponsiblefor the oversight of the
bodies for which it isresponsiblehad a a budget overspend
control if a the personresponsiblefor the dog is able
control again he had aresponsiblejob that he d proved
that essentially means we areresponsiblefor advising ministers on issues
jack greig as the personresponsiblebut from his evidence you
applied only if the personresponsiblefor authorising or applying them
defective product how will theresponsibleperson in the newspaper chain
1 the spcb shall beresponsiblefor supervising members adherence to
b the member shall beresponsiblefor the protection and security
so appointed shall not beresponsibleto the accused a solicitor
the preserved rights transfer ofresponsibleauthorities scotland regulations 2002 ssi
the preserved rights transfer ofresponsibleauthorities scotland regulations 2002 ssi
methods local authorities will remainresponsiblefor ensuring that building standards
of local authorities making themresponsiblefor producing good health local
with the authorities that areresponsibleparticularly with the commissioners of
for which local authorities areresponsibles1w 24775 tricia marwick to
t want to be heldresponsiblefor breaking stuff and f812:
manager were held to beresponsiblefor the loss by permitting
for a fairer more fiscallyresponsibleand more democratically accountable system
in the united kingdom theresponsibleauthority was the centre for
for which that committee isresponsiblecoming from that committee it
taxes for the orderly andresponsibleconduct of their protests and
taxes for the orderly andresponsibleconduct of their protests and
health in scotland and isresponsiblefor 13 500 deaths a
whether the outbreak has beenresponsiblefor a decline in business
each authority is to beresponsiblefor a ensuring that the
i have raised which areresponsiblefor a significant proportion of
almost there the minister isresponsiblefor a very great deal
level of government that isresponsiblefor a wide range of
executive which agencies are primarilyresponsiblefor addressing the needs of
available to tackle the algaeresponsiblefor amnesic shellfish poisoning asp
states that ministers will beresponsiblefor appointing the given number
markers which unit head wasresponsiblefor appointing the markers david
the whitehall department that isresponsiblefor benefits is in communication
contact the editor editor isresponsiblefor bracketed catty comments note
with members committees should beresponsiblefor carrying out an initial
and industry those ministers areresponsiblefor co ordinating responses to
the public petitions committee isresponsiblefor commenting on procedure we
let the people who areresponsiblefor delivering the service on
april and august were youresponsiblefor drawing up the agenda
european heritage we are allresponsiblefor encouraging the language and
officers are to be largelyresponsiblefor enforcing the new provisions
area government will therefore beresponsiblefor ensuring this accountability and
scottish executive whether a postresponsiblefor equine matters will be
robertson who was the ministerresponsiblefor fisheries for a further
far too many people areresponsiblefor fishing within the eu
is recognised as being predominantlyresponsiblefor furthering education in the
the scotvec people who wereresponsiblefor handling the data for
see from the legislation isresponsiblefor his or her registration
each elder should be personallyresponsiblefor his own area as
will however continue to beresponsiblefor identifying and nominating individual
maist new laws an isresponsiblefor important areas o public
most new bills and isresponsiblefor important areas of public
a senior member of staffresponsiblefor internal and external gaelic
the scottish executive who isresponsiblefor investigating cases of alleged
dlo b state who wasresponsiblefor issuing a 19b notice
disposed of and who isresponsiblefor its disposal s1w 1958
gaelic language and to beresponsiblefor liaison with interested organisations
the appointments and committee unitresponsiblefor making the appointments mr
establishing it and have beenresponsiblefor many of its most
since the devolved administrations areresponsiblefor many of the policies
universal stature no adam wasresponsiblefor me a little sleeping
it s because i mresponsiblefor me whereas on the
staff and a named individualresponsiblefor monitoring its implementation develop
2003 recognises that tobacco isresponsiblefor more than one in
being achieved aitken was alsoresponsiblefor overseeing the increased computing
settlement making the local authorityresponsiblefor paying for nursing and
is the provider and isresponsiblefor paying turns them down
managers and clinicians who areresponsiblefor providing the service agreed
in the sqa and wereresponsiblefor running more than a
15 years and who isresponsiblefor setting and monitoring these
and 21 units i wasresponsiblefor seven units in my
penmanship of george bruce thomsomresponsiblefor some first rate tongue
of local enterprise companies areresponsiblefor support for business activities
city and believes that thoseresponsiblefor taking the final decisions
enterprise and lifelong learning departmentresponsiblefor that alan fraser yes
i wis in a wayresponsiblefor that rumour skailing about
do not know who isresponsiblefor that whether civil servants
has been taken regarding thoseresponsiblefor the 2 year delay
industry is in no wayresponsiblefor the algae which cause
which of its departments wasresponsiblefor the awarding of contracts
a minute that he wasresponsiblefor the biggest money spinner
owner or anyone who wasresponsiblefor the building i would
the rev charles dunn wasresponsiblefor the building of the
and make the industry itselfresponsiblefor the carrying out of
climatic and hydrographic changes areresponsiblefor the changes in plankton
statistics mr hamilton who isresponsiblefor the collation of the
any issue who would beresponsiblefor the cost s1w 34844
do if one holds oneselfresponsiblefor the creation of the
the various partners that areresponsiblefor the delivery of scottish
are also thought to beresponsiblefor the disappearance of the
til them an tae beresponsiblefor the effeck o yer
to them and to beresponsiblefor the effect of your
biological weapon sites may beresponsiblefor the illnesses known as
and islands development board wasresponsiblefor the infrastructure on bute
to find out who wasresponsiblefor the leaks i have
fiscal each procurator fiscal isresponsiblefor the management of his
david elliot jack greig wasresponsiblefor the management of the
cattle and what agency isresponsiblefor the monitoring of the
european steering group which isresponsiblefor the planning and implementation
and labour governments that wereresponsiblefor the programme before the
holyrood progress group was notresponsiblefor the purchase of the
of the 1980s she becameresponsiblefor the revising stage of
the names of the contractorsresponsiblefor the storage facilities s1w
in 2002 the bòrd isresponsiblefor the strategic overview of
state for dcms will beresponsiblefor the uk government s
1920 the district council becameresponsiblefor the upkeep on the
those of us who areresponsiblefor the voluntary sector have
airport and who will beresponsiblefor these costs s1w 22084
is welcome that the ministerresponsiblefor this piece of legislation
the very least the ministerresponsiblefor tourism should have this
the street she s notresponsiblefor what he does gordon
between them these two areresponsiblefor what is nowadays called
to the people who wereresponsiblefor writing the consultative steering
industries for which it isresponsiblemust make some assessment of
alan fraser my unit isresponsiblepurely for the pathfinder project
to provide a more sociallyresponsibleservice and calls for a
to provide a more sociallyresponsibleservice and calls for a
areas for which they areresponsiblesupport a robust parliamentary committee
3 a member will beresponsibleto the spcb for his
volume for which aitken wasresponsiblewas published in 1965 the
areas for which she isresponsiblewe have focused on targeting
cruelty legislation however as aresponsiblebacker of the bill the
the proposed legislation to beresponsiblebecause manufacturers would compete on
to margaret hodge the ministerresponsibleat westminster to ensure that
2000 recognises that the ministerresponsiblelord falconer should resign and
we should also advise theresponsibleminister that that is what
powers on behalf of theresponsibleminister to influence land management
a response to the ministerresponsiblethe committee will take evidence
to provide a right ofresponsibleaccess in scotland the petitioners
to high quality efficient andresponsiblepublic services supports developments to
public insert including appropriate andresponsiblesporting and recreational use michael
war we are together asresponsiblegovernment managing the practicalities of
relatives spoke many of thoseresponsibleare still alive and free
judicial process to bring thoseresponsibleto justice and to do
were probably among the mostresponsiblelandlords since then the scheme
anyway tricia marwick however anyresponsibleemployer has a no smoking
carried at the expense ofresponsiblelandlords have you given any
establishing a gaelic development agencyresponsibleto the executive and the
i would be the moreresponsibleby virtue of my age
price reduction would not beresponsibleconsumers would be totally uninformed
or forgotten by the peopleresponsiblei know it would be
be clear about what dividesresponsiblepoliticians from the nationalists we
we fully support reasonable andresponsibleregulation people should be properly
sport is integral to healthyresponsiblecommunities developing self confident individuals
uk a broad range ofresponsibleexpert people is doing the
how it is promoting theresponsiblegrowth of air travel in
it is not the onlyresponsibleparty perceptions about the lifestyles
temple militant islamic factions wereresponsibleflashback based on an eyewitness
run s estacca intelligent educatedresponsiblea devout catholic and attuned
training while holding down aresponsibleand stressful job at the
of youth justice action officersresponsibleto the court charged with
you hear yursell pat aresponsiblegrown up wummin stuck wi

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