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shop and there was arestaurantdownside down the stairs from
breakfast in a near desertedrestaurantthe downside was that we
congratulations to the three chimneysrestaurantcolbost on the isle of
farquhar munro the three chimneysrestaurantthat the parliament offer its
finding instead a pleasant rooftoprestaurantthat did three vegetarian courses
on the where the vegetarianrestaurantused to be uh huh
a meal at a nearbyrestaurantagain the meal was surprisingly
and ravioli at a nearbyrestaurantcusco had been celebrating all
meal at a nearby japaneserestaurantduring the meal the lady
we stopped at a roadsiderestaurantone of many for a
the others in the hotelrestaurantfor a very pleasant meal
we went to a touristrestaurantwith balalaika music quite pleasant
the situation with the newrestaurant[censored: companyname] on gibson street the
information recommended to us arestaurantin la paz with typical
lead us to a typicalrestaurantthis ayul obligingly did but
a meal at a goodrestaurantwith a lovely view of
ate together in the roublesrestaurantafter a slight hiccup when
ate at the family runrestaurantnext door the waiter pulled
yeir lane in sum mukkilrestaurantin moscow athout seein a
s or the gret moscowrestaurantma dear fallae ah fairlie
speaking i was in arestauranteh in a hotel last
approved as a hotel orrestaurantit will have gone through
a pub tae a licensedrestaurantthen tae a hotel m608:
from lighting up in arestaurantor a pub i am
us our lunch in therestaurantarea before it was my
have their lunch in arestaurantnear the embassy the food
couple hae biggit a smarestaurantin fit wis the original
cup throughout the attitude ofrestaurantpersonnel seemed to be let
there was a a lovelyrestaurantit was ma brown s
m941: once f940: at eachrestaurantm942: but only glasgow and
actually they re lookin forrestaurantreviewers in the list m941:
time without food but chineserestaurantis the answer saturday 5
just doon fae de chineserestaurantnext ta john [censored: surname] f960:
of german tourists tonight therestauranthas an arab theme the
wealthy husband he ran arestauranton the mainland she taught
stage and i had arestaurantcoffee shop and the one
would you go to arestaurantm1048: i i know [laugh]
we were going to arestaurantm1048: [laugh] i know we
the st vincent street barrestaurantis a million miles away
in the street at arestaurantor at sporting occasions practising
the stone steps to therestaurantthe sound of ohms drifted
steep stone steps to arestaurantwhich commands one of the
adam left behind mount laviniarestaurantarabian nights behind the palm
music as i opened therestaurantdoor they called it paradise
ingredients in the food andrestaurantindustries products and menus are
guide dogs into the parliamentrestaurantdoes the committee endorse a
supper at eduardo s fishrestaurantin the harbour perhaps from
is proprietor of a fishrestaurantmiss pat with her endearing
cathedral in an open airrestaurantit is one o clock
classy air through in therestauranttables are cubed off into
open as a upmarket caferestaurantthe premises have been taken
out to dinner at arestaurantcalled the attic across the
lola slunk away through therestaurantbut continued doodling leonardo da
the outstanding success of therestauranthas been achieved through a
to get a drive throughrestaurantright erm m818: aye m819:
constructed with ground floor licencedrestaurantand basement car park entered
us staggered down to therestaurantto check out the action
i saw somebody in arestaurantin durham i went up
again into the night therestauranthuari did not look promising
hour or so till therestaurantclosed at 10pm and we
at the back of therestauranti had noticed the pair
the whole point of arestaurantreviewer is they don t
ve not worked in arestaurantso i don t know
being recognised by the magazinerestaurantas one of the best
a complex of dorms plusrestaurantand showers built to cater
impact that such a prestigiousrestaurantcan have on the local
[?]awful[/?] f813: for like arestaurantor something [laugh] m811: no
discuss the matter with therestaurantmanagement and get enough msps
but now he has thisrestaurantand knowing the misery of
chatting and then since therestaurantbelow was becoming crowded boozy
trust s planned 66 seatrestaurantand shops and what assessment

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