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where our present minister therevalastair mckillop now resides and
mrs mary smith the ministerrevalistair mckillop and the local
1995 rev connie philp 1995revalistair mckillop [note: photo: 'rev. john bell deans - minister between 1967-1973.'] [note: photo: 'rev. ian gough - minister between 1974-1982.] [note: photo: 'ordination and induction of rev. russell (centre) to arbuthnott church.']
7408 1 01 eurojust 7rev1 sp 2265 ec ref
408 2 01 eurojust 7rev2 sp 2364 ec ref
408 2 01 eurojust 7rev2 sp 2364 ec ref
ref no 7408 3 01rev3 eurojust 7 instead those
ref no 7408 3 01rev3 eurojust 7 is that
military duty in france therevc dunn his father would
robert moir spence 1903 1912revcharles dunn 1913 1920 rev
fiddes district church [note: photo: 'the tin kirk - 1938.'] therevcharles dunn was responsible for
that the portrait of therevcharles dunn would be hung
to april 1916 1915 therevdunn felt that it was
the group in which therevdunn had been placed would
derby s recruitment scheme 1916revdunn intimated that his engagement
a maid help to pickrevdunn s fruit prepare the
rev peter dunn 1921 1925revjohn s mutch 1925 1933
march 1903 [note: photo: 'inscription inside rev. spence's bible presented to the church on his death.'] [note: photo: 'rev. robert moir spence - minister between 1850-1903.'] 1915revp a dunn offered to
rev charles dunn 1913 1920revpeter dunn 1921 1925 rev
circle when the horse diedrevpeter dunn helped him construct
go to the mackie therevpeter dunn took them from
john s mutch 1925 1933revalfred s barron 1933 1945
information miss ogilvie married therevalfred s barron page 19
alfred s barron 1933 1945revambrose s russell 1945 1951
gifts were presented to therevand mrs spence in accepting
murdoch to introduce his colleaguereviain murdoch i am a
then form a judgment themselvesreviain murdoch i am asking
taken a note of themreviain murdoch i can give
have evidence of such demonstrationreviain murdoch i do not
there is a huge distinctionreviain murdoch i have had
that whereabouts has that happenedreviain murdoch i have heard
you expect of the committeereviain murdoch i have not
from members of the committeereviain murdoch i thank the
teacher after reading the materialreviain murdoch i would be
conduct of education in schoolsreviain murdoch is here to
teach that class is suitablereviain murdoch it is true
they have not seen itreviain murdoch it would be
rights bristow muldoon livingston labreviain murdoch mr gil paterson
that you are concerned aboutreviain murdoch my understanding is
and drugs education in schoolsreviain murdoch no of course
look out for 10 45reviain murdoch no some of
assist children in avoiding abusereviain murdoch no that is
that the materials were okayreviain murdoch some people have
difference between those two thingsreviain murdoch that is difficult
of scotland endorse the petitionreviain murdoch the convener of
in any other age groupreviain murdoch the evidence that
questions that may be askedreviain murdoch the four materials
are being given to childrenreviain murdoch the only evidence
petitions is petition pe427 fromreviain murdoch the petition which
elder lowlights more like itreviain murdoch there has been
and drugs education in schoolsreviain murdoch there is a
is also present i askreviain murdoch to introduce his
you want msps to actreviain murdoch yes there has
a classroom to teach childrenreviain murdoch yes we have
no inscription large bible inscribedrevrobert moir spence 1890 renovation
no inscription large bible inscribedrevrobert moir spence 1890 renovation
6 per annum 1900 therevrobert moir spence d d
ambrose s russell 1945 1951revgeorge a henderson 1951 1964
the minister s name wasrevmutch and there was also
cottage pat mutch bamph croftrevrussell was involved in recruitment
george a henderson 1951 1964revgilbert moore 1965 1966 rev
t forrest smith 1987 1995revconnie philp 1995 rev alistair
rev gilbert moore 1965 1966revg r m black 1967
j b deans 1974 1982revian gough 1983 1986 rev
rev ian gough 1983 1986revt forrest smith 1987 1995
statistical account of scotland therevcharles mchardy describes the local
ref no 9711 1 01rev1 com 2001 292 final
no 8632 01 add 1rev1 sp 2424 ec ref
sewer or lade which therevfergusson in 1839 said was
is interesting to note thatrevfergusson writing in 1839 in
excavated but in 1834 therevjames fergusson of inch was
as far back as 1694revwilliam crystall m a who
burns in germany by therevwilliam macintosh published in 1928
scotland xiv1791 1799 602 therevwilliam shand remarked that none
1 time for reflection therevdr findlay a j macdonald
r m black 1967 1973revj b deans 1974 1982
church in the absence ofrevj scott on military duty
30 pm time for reflectionrevjohn h fitzsimmons parish priest
30 pm time for reflectionrevjohn h fitzsimmons parish priest
conditioning suddenly blossoms rose oorevian macphail s plus fours
become emotionally attached to therevjames macdonald herder s adviser
gaelic by the late greatrevroderick macdonald the mark of
for guild necessities be givenreva russell said that he
in the manse with therevand mrs s russell she
glenmuick tulloch and glengairn therevgeorge brown gives a clearer
their locality birse finzean therevjoseph smith recording information on
o the first compere therevjames currie o reesa macginn
years 1471 and 1491 therevjames sibbald transcribed the famous
in the kirk fan therevjohn geddes raxxed oot his
an blawn snoots an therevjohn geddes wheeched throw the
p 49 given by therevjohn ross minister of lumphanan
m charm wi a carcinomarevjohn skinner 1721 1807 tune
miss [censored: surname] will look afterrevand mrs [censored: surname] dr [censored: surname]
following sunday 9th june therevdavid [censored: surname] welcomed guild members
3 [censored: house number] queen margaret roadrevstanley [censored: surname] secy 4 communal
and vicious attack on therevdavid adams minister of trinity
at fettercairn whose minister therevhunter had been called up
school was built shortly afterrevcrystall s death the old
m going to hallowe enrevat the union fancy dress
i m going to therevf1155: on tuesday night yeah
from the singing of arevclunzie and to have mended
importance writing in 1684 therevandrew symson of kirkinner author
to montrose to hear therevbilly graham the american evangelist
aberdeen deeside district lumphanan therevfrancis donald gives a sample

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